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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Charlotte from England said:
kurt fuck off.i mite fuck like a bunny.but im not ur bitch.

Charlotte from England said:
For fucks sake..stop it!! What is the harm in chatting to someone? What have you taken too offence?

kurt from perv said:
pedo perv .ok its me

Charlotte from England said:
you r disgusting kurt //dont you ever speak to me agan .your just a friggin pedo.stay out of my life you perv..

Charlotte from England said:

kurt from England said:
luv ya to hunni XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX *kiss so get yer fuckin panties off n lets fuck//has yer cunt cleared up yet?

Kurt from England said:
yeah sure I do..so, y\'all up for swapping picks charlotte?..luv ya xxxxxx *kis,kiss*

Charlotte from England said:
Don\'t worry Kurt, I know when it is really you typing and I hope you know when it is me typing. Hehe Tyyl hunni luv ya XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX *kiss kiss*

Kurt from England said:
Then bugger off and stop saying it!

me from England said:
u make me sick u tossers

Kurt from England said:
They are and i\'m not gay thanks....

kurt from England said:
anyone up 4 gay sex?

me from England said:
i like nirvana they r the best

Kurt from England said:
okay thats just sick..oh and Marla Lester..yep he was a great man..great musician

marla lester from united states said:
i love this man with a passion. he is my idol, and it is a shame that such a great person had to go so soon.

kurt from England said:
i will do more than that babe im goin to fuck your mother as well...*kiss kiss*

brittanee from England said:
brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com ,,,,when i see u hun u can giv me a good fistin..

Kurt from England said:
We gotta e-mail and get away from this bullshit and dumb ass retards who think there clever..and use my name..oh its so funny..fuck off..

Kurt from England said:
I dident type any of this shit you fuckers!!..When I find the person whos doing this i\'ll rip your fuckin arms off!!..hi charlotte..whats up hun??..whats up Brittanee??luv ya xxx

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
Im not ashamed...im just a slut...fucking retard........... *kiss kiss kiss and a million more kisses* XxXxXxXxX

kurt from England said:
well now we all have an s.t.d.. lets all fuck..brittanee i will send you some nude pics..is this you email addy brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com can you send me some back. *kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss* on the lips ... but not on the pussy lips...to many sores...charlotte it dont mater about your vaginal odors *kisses a million times* can you still do fanny farts?you sound cool.XxXxXxXxXxXx Brittanee have you eva sucked off a dog? its alright britannee, you dont need to be ashamed. hop in the shower your still cool.can a watch you frig?you dont need to be ashamed. *kisses a million times*

charlotte from England said:
you know, about your nasty vaginal secretions. *kiss*

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
why would i be ashamed?!?!

charlotte from England said:
its alright britannee, you dont need to be ashamed.

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
omg you guys are just soooo frickin funny!

kurt from England said:
well, tell you what, how bout you both let that shit dribble into a jar and mix it with a spoon so i can drink it. thats so fucking hot.

brittanee from u.s.a said:
gee charlotte, dont worry about that, i have the ssme problem only i have to see a doctor and i cant wear normal underpants but oh well, your still cool *kiss* xxxxxxxxxxx

charlotte from England said:
Just to let you know first off before we meet kurt, i have really bad vaginal odors and sometimes this weird green clumpy stuff drips out but you sound like your too cool to let anything like that bother you.*kiss* xxxxxxxxxx

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
aww thanx i luv ya guys!

Kurt from England said:
I did e-mail you charlotte...I gotta go so i\'ll post a message from college tomoz..ttyl hun *kiss* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
I gtg and hop in the shower, see you laterz Kurt, *kisses a million times* XxXxXxXXxX I love you.

Kurt from England said:
well charlotte..y dont we swap pics atleast we know we r who we say we r right?xxxxxx

Kurt from England said:
haha thanks charlotte..wow i luv ya! *kiss a hundred times* xxxxxxxxx..your SOOOOOOOO sweet!

me from England said:
u make me sick u bunch of wierd people u have never seen each other and still u wnt 2 go out wit each other u could be dating a man/women for all u know so dont go out wit each other !!!!!!!!

frsaaaaaaaaa from Englandrttr said:

frsaaaaaaaaa from Englandrttr said:

Charlotte from England said:
I have just been called ugly though..so yer cute is better than ugly XxX

Charlotte from England said:
Aww thanks, then you will like me cos i wear a lot of grungy stuff! lol. aww glasses? i used to wear them! hehe they are cool. You ARE hot! lol..hehe I love you too XxxxxxxXXXxxxxxXXXXx

Kurt from England said:
wow you sound hot too..I know some grunge wearing girls as mates but they sorta turn me on haha..those kinda girls do..well..I wear like really small black framed glasses for close up stuff but not usually..girls say im \"cute\" not hott haha..I luv ya! xxxx (altho i\'ve been called hott)

Charlotte from England said:
Im quite short! lol! about 5\"5 and i have brown hair and green eyes, i normally wear really grungy stuff and you sound really very hot! Luv ya *kiss kiss and millions and millions of more kisses* XxXxXxXxXx

Kurt from England said:
Oh okay:(..me? 6ft mabye a bit more..(Sorta Krist Novaselics build)..usually wearin blue jeans..a t-shirt (Kurt shirt) or one of my 2 Nirvana jackets...shortish black/brown hair (im growin it) i had it dyed blond a bit ago..annnnd i got blue eyes..u?..love u a million times more *kiss kiss Kiss kiss kiss* XxXxXxXxXxXxX

Charlotte from England said:
umm, I have no idea! lol..what you look like? Love You *kiss kiss kiss and a million more kisses* XxXxXxXxX

Kurt from England said:
hehe yeah that\'d be awsome..sooo..when we gonna do this? *kiss Kiss kiss kiss* XxXxXxXxXxXxX

Charlotte from England said:
Yes we really should..i think we should get on so well! Luv Ya *kiss Kiss kiss kiss* XxXxXxXxXxXxX

Kurt from England said:
hehe..we really gotta get together sometime hun *kiss,kiss,kiss,kiss,kiss* xxxxxxxxx luv ya..

Charlotte from England said:
Okay then cool..hehe...wow! hehe..i luv you soo much! *kiss kiss kiss* XxXxXxXxX

Kurt from England said:
Yeah it was me charlotte..I\'d luv 2 too:)..*kiss,kiss,kiss,kiss* xxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Oh yer and we should go out shouldnt we? Lol..luv ya so so much *kiss kiss* XxXxXxXxXxXxX

Charlotte from England said:
And Kurt, if that comment about us goin out sometime was you, yes i would love too :) Luv ya *kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss* XxXxXxX

Charlotte from England said:
Hehehe yay im loved!!! lol..luv ya Kurt! *kiss* XxXxXxXxXxXx

Kurt from England said:
*kiss,kiss* forgot haha xxxxxxxxx

Kurt from England said:
See Brittanee I told you she wouldent had said it!..luv u too Charlotte xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Okay one thing, Brittanee, I would never say a bad word about you, honest..I think you are so cool..please you gotta believe me! and Kurt, i could never be as cute as you hunni *kiss* Luv You soo soo much!!!! Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kurt from England said:
look sorry dude..I mean I look like Krist/Kurt (A cross really) and I can sing like Kurt but dont try to be someone else, just be yourself..I dont go round sayin \"i\'m Kurt\"..i\'m not him..i\'m me..and I olny use the Kurt name because its a nick name from when in my band someone said do come as you are in his voice so I did hence the nick name...

Kurt from England said:
What do you mean if it spreads!???!???!...its a darn public guestbook..dont leave bull shit that isnt true and dont say \"if this spreads your dead\" what you going to do type at me??!

Kurt from England said:
Oh really...oooooh fuckin bull shit and I know its Krist dammit!..tell me things I already know..oh sorry I ALREADY NEW....

kurt from England said:
if this spreadsa you are dead but yes it is me kurt cobain livin in west bridgford nottingham. it is krist not chris novoselic so fuk u

Kurt from England said:
oh look someone used my name to type something dumb..why am I not surprised because there tossers...sorry Jez ignore the wanker who used my name..thank you..

niranjna from america said:
let us see funky videos and get funky

kurt from England said:
jez do u fuck?

Mateo from United States said:
I love Nirvana!!! May Kurt Cobain rest in peace.

Jez from England said:
hello i dunno wot the fucku r going on about so can some1 fill me in kk

brittanee from England said:
nunya if you wanna chat email me brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
hey whoever keeps posting my name up is frickin funny lol, and to bad my dad is fucking dead you fuckin asshole i hope you fuckin die and go to hell!

Kurt from England said:
shut the fuck up Nunya if you know whats good for you...

nunya from England said:
is that what daddy told you? fucking slapper.

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
hi nunya,,,,i cum from just below my waist.... where do u cum from....asshole...

nunya from England said:
god, you guys are all a bunch of bullshit drama kids with no fucking lives! \"Oh dont kill yourself cuz i will too, even though ive never met you\" god, where the hell do you people come from?

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
aww thanx!

nahuel duran from villa gesell,argentina said:
aguante scott en v

ariel shurmann from England said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
that soooo wasnt me but that was funny!

Kurt from England said:
Wtf!??!...Charlotte u wanna go out sometime?

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
say what u want ok i sleep around..but hey who cares.. charlotte maby someday i will sleep with you? lets get it on babe

clarice ohagan from ireland said:
this is a very good website

Kurt from England said:
Brittanee dont go..c\'mon its all cool.

Kurt from England said:
Brittanee dont go..c\'mon its all cool.

Brittanee from u.s.a. said:
dude ive tried to be nice but peeps keep fucking talking about me so obviously i have to start bitchin at them i mean im not som1 that just sits here and has peeps talk about me the way they do so w/e bye

Kurt from England said:
I saw a comment about the bombings in England..I was in the US then so thanks to those people..and i\'m glad yer alright charlotte:p..*kiss* luv ya xxx

Kurt from England said:
c\'mon..be nice to each other..I dont think charlotte would put that its porbally some jerk messing around..and if not well..charlotte AND Brittanee be nice..oh and if your up for it charlotte hahaha *kiss* xxx

Kurt from England said:
Charlotte y dont we go out sometime??..and brittanee i\'m sorry..

Kurt from England said:
Charlotte please be nice to Brittanee..and Brittanee dont worry K..its probally that Mel using Charlottes name.

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
im 13 and fucked 20 guys lol dont you think i would be pregnant

Charlotte from England said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
haha im up for sex cool lol

brittanee from U.S.A. said:
brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com //////up 4 sex

Charlotte from England said:
ok slut youv had more pricks than a dartboard..fuckin slapper...your just the town bicycle...whore...go get fucked...*kiss* bitch

mark lanegan from England said:
IS THERE ANY REAL NIRVANA ORGANIC LOVERS? i doubt it,but anyway if you are heres mi adress sugarfuzz_77@hotmail.com

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
and charlotte i was talking about kurt cobain you dumbass about the whole oh kurt cobain is mine thing my god

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
and im a fuckin lez uh huh ok w/e then how come ive had 20 boyfriends?