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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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rita from greece said:
Kurt Cobain is the Best.his wife myrdered him.I will remember him forever.

rita from Greece said:
nirvana is the best group i've ever met.Kurt Cobain was murdered by his wife.We always remember you.!

nevermind from Germany said:
Hi, I'm looking for Nirvanafans all over the world!! I'd be sooo happy if somebody 'd write me a mail!! Just write to Nevermind88@gmx.de!! Kurt Cobain, we'll never forget u!!! ;)

Joshua from USA said:

chris from manchester from England said:
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jade from England said:
shutup you fuckin wanker dont speak to me like that you are all dick heads lol kiddin hi every 1 how u all doin

Jade from England said:
i think that this website is shite

kurt sucks from usa said:
rest in hell you cross dressing fag motha fucker you suck so much dick it aint funny

kurt sucks from usa said:
kurt cobain sucks ass...grunge sucks ass to how retarded this sight is the fag is dead get over it i hope he burns in hell forever just for being so gay

Angela from usa said:
Grammar and spelling mistakes, not a problem but Maybe you should try to gather some more relevant info about Kurt Cobain before writing a "not so true" biography.

Ziggary E from England said:
NIRVANA ROCKS!!!! R.I.P Kurt, your music lives on forever.

Alejandra Garcia from United States said:
Kurt is still alive in the eyes of his fans!! And that will never change!!..NEVER!!! He is and always will be THE KING OF GRUNGE!!...and a LEGEND!!!...and a hero.

Ann from Serbia said:
his site is great!And Kurt Cobain will live forever!!!

Charlotte Ford from England said:
Heyy..Kurt was a fucking ledge..and it dont matter how he died..its wat he did for music while he was alive that matters!! RIP Kurt xx

dakota from usa said:
i agree with sarah cohen i think that she had him killed or did it herself shes a fuckin bitch y she did it i have no fuckin clue but she pissed off alot of pple but no matter what he is still alive to some pplelike me.

dakota from usa said:
i love kurt cobain and i think that his music is great i really like this site that someone made its great.

Viad22deos from USA said:
Hi all! sad asd a sd as Bye

block from England said:
what up

^sarah cohen^ from israel said:
nirvana rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kurt is the most sexiest man that was ever on this planet!!!!

^sarah cohen^ from israel said:
courtney love i hate you so fucking much i cant stand you you killed kurt you took him away from all his fans too bad that there bitchs like you in this world! if you think that you took kurt from us then your wrong cuz for his fans he is still alive!! you bitch i ucking hate you!!! love you kurt from sarah cohen!

grunge girl from England said:
kurt your my hero !

grunge girl from England said:
kurt i luv you so much your my man luv you to death ^**^courtney love you killed our grunge king(kurt)^**^! kurt cobain your my angel!!! one day when i will die i will be with you in heven me and (all nirvana fans!) (i hate courtney love)

Richard Mortimer from Canada said:
Nirvana Rocks!!!!!!!!!

ricky lalonde from canada said:
good stuff buddy.kurt is my favorite and your site has alot of stuff.

Kristy from Australia said:
Kurt is my hero.

Soph from England said:
Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain. The evidence is staring at us in the face and yet NO ONE will do anything about it. Big bummer.

holmes from England said:
um this is Matt Taylor............i love you too

strange to die from dream said:
hey julia if you would you could have my icq number here it is 251-423-237 byebye strange to die NIRVANA 4 LIFE R.I.P. Kurt

Julia from Germany said:
Hey i am Julia from Germany, your site is so cool! Do you have icq? Can i have your number???? NIRVANA RULES!!!! JULIA

Raymond from USA said:
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP

Bekki from England said:
Im glad to see work is still being done on the case, i believe the murder theory and i have managed to convince a large proportion of my friends, (not many of them even knew who Kurt Cobain was until meeting me!, (They arent well educated)) keep up the good work! im pondering whether to buy your manual, i probably will in the near future.

Dave Shanley from Ireland said:
Nirvana are the greatest band ever..........

sandra ruiz from United states said:
i looooved his music its soo sad he left us !_!

e m from England said:
NIRVANA ROCK! they always will do and kurt cobain lives in every fan r.i.p kurt cobain

Adil from India said:
kurt cobain has the voice of GOD and he will live on forever

eldeecee from USA said:
After 10 years why isn't there any pictures of the crime scene or from a autopsy?

e m said:
I love nirvana they will never be dead and kurt cobain has influenced my life and i get chills when i hear their songs. this site rocks because people who really care can shout out. r.i.p. kurt cobain

serena sinclair from canada said:
no doubt it was Courtney love, i mean like get real guys.. the internet even has proof of her wantings of him dead, like for say www.justiceforkurt.com soo much proof there, audio proof too, about how much she thought he was a loser, or how she was obsessed with his Will. Yes, you're all right.. she did love him, but hated him at the same time. Courtney's jealousy killed him, but like they say Courtney.. what goes around comes around. Kurt isn't dead, he lives through his fans. and there's revenge involved, in time. REST IN PEACE Mr.KurtCobain

--*serena from Canada said:
hey guys, just stoppin by to see the guestbook. if any Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fans wanna chat and add me on msn, add me to you're account, reversed-sern.ihuax92@hotmail.com. Thanks Tons, rest in peace kurt..see you soon=)

daniel harpham from England said:
wat up every 1

serena from canada` said:


Chill from England said:
WOW! There are a HELL of a lot of sad people in the world, I pity all of you :P

emma from England said:
ur mad rude but guesswot its funni!!! keep tlkin dirty but dont be a player!!! hahahahahaha xxx

nirvana rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from England said:
every1 who has a problem with nirvana /kurt should fuck off ,this site should be used by nirvana fans only kurt is a legend rip nirvana rock so u chavs who hate nirvana should piss off adios amigos

Melissa Yelland from England said:
would like to see pictures of his house where he died.

kerry mc daid from ireland said:
kurt i love you and you r so fit! i wnt 4get u u rock!! xkezx

Troy from Canada said:
Very interesting/informative site. Just curious whens' the last time it was updated? once again cool site!

Jamie from canada said:
theres more to it than just the lyrics..

Alanson34J from Uk said:
Hello Bye

fuhgwaz from MALAYSIA said:
great site....grunge not dead...

bean from England said:
do you think nirvana would have liked mcfly? lol i think kurt cobain would : )

Antuan from Latvia said:
Excellent site, added to favorites!! I believe you will have a lot of exciting times ahead in your future with the web! I am also webmaster and I like this one!Thank you!

malin from sweden said:
I love kurt cobain my msn : mallan1992@hotmail.com

malin from sweden said:
I love kurt cobain

Isi from Germany said:
I love Nirvana

harry from England said:

Pam from USA said:

betta1 from Ameristan said:
I like female lesbians who hate dicks (read: Kurt) just like me.

Carly Brown from U.S.A said:
If Kurt was still alive i would fuck that sexy beast

abillionminutes from Iraelia said:
Kurt is a dick and I hate dicks for I am a lesbian

Sophie from norway said:
I love the biography on this site, but do somone know if "the owner" of the site has copy it from somone? or has he right on his own? Love Nirvana

Ron Cobain from England said:
Great site.....love the Biography

hbeq371@yahoo.com from US said:
ringtones free

david ryan from Ireland said:
kurt i love you i love you i love you

xtenchsoft from England said:
Hi G'night

Ally from England said:
Mtv.com is good. Just type in Nirvana into google search and go down the list of results to find mtv.com. its got video's, biogs and loads more! Hope i helped :)

aiden from norway said:
hi! is it someone that knows a site with the Biography of the whole band? Msg mail, Thanks!

Ally from England said:
Firstly, stop spamming, its sad and pointless, and secondly, who gives a shite about Tiger woods! This wonderfull page is dedicated to Kurt! God he was a sexy beast! lol. Luff you forever Kurt! xXxXx

zora998 from Slovakia said:

Karpenia Rudolf from USA said:
Hi all Keep On! I just like to say that your website is absolutly brilliant!

james from England said:
wtf is this site all bout full of racest and stuff its just soooooooo wrong !!!!!!!!james

haha from England said:
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Dom Jones from England said:
block party are beta than anyone since nivana & the rest,get to no it!

Domo from Mancheter,England said:
i like to wait to see how things turn out,if u apply some pressure!!!!!!!!

Dom J from England said:
check scratchy vs wiley of limewire baby,rollin deep

Dominic Jones from England said:
hows it goin people,mrs robinson cover aint kurt,sounds like an altar boy,anyway kurt tha redneck rules,i love tha guy hes brilliant,and always will be

courtney from United States said:
Kurt Cobain was a legend that will always live on through music and through our hearts.........

Harry from USA said:
Excellent site, very helpful, thank you for sharing, keep up the fine effort and excellent job.

gonzalo from peru said:
hi...this site is so cool and great i like it....grunge is culture and is freedom i like..nirvana,babes in toyland ,bikini kill,mudhoney,mr epp,green river,mother love bone,tad,600 school,jad fair,and all riot grll see you ....

Chris from United States said:

Jasa from U.S. said:
Kurt cobain is by far the sexiest man to ever touch the face of this earth!

jessica from England said:
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Jade from England said:

ess@yahoo.com from USA said:
Tolle Seite! Hat mir sehr gefallen. Weiter so!

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boneislandson from England said:
what is this shit

juxtapose from England said:
Its is a great shame that a lot of people use this site for their own little "in" jokes and to vent their abusive tendencies. Have some respect this site isn't about you, its about a great band and a talented man who died in very sad circumstances. Obviously none of the individuals who use this site for their own ends has ever been close to someone who has died in such uncertain circumstances. If they had been, and they had some integrity, and respect they wouldn't behave in this way. I think your anger is very misguided and an insult to Kurt Cobain and all those close to him. Have some empathy; when someone close to you dies in tragic circumstances a natural reaction is to protect the facts and protect that person because they can no longer speak for themselves and lets face it the facts are knowbody elses business so why tell the world. I would'nt because there are too many ill informed people like youselves willing to speculate and judge. You have no right to judge those who were around him or to speak for him. Its good to see that Nirvana and Kurt Cobain live on in our memories, they are one of the few bands that deserve rememberance in rock and roll history. Have some respect.

Blue_Eyed_Kurt from Australia said:
I love Kurt! I agree with the people who say he was killed cause I've read everything there is to read on kurt and watch every documentary there is to watch, but whatever I believe kurts dead but he lives on through his music which inspired a generation and is still inspiring people today. Kurt is a god and doesnt matter how many years pass I'll always love him. Kurt will live forever in the hearts of the people who love him. R.I.P PEACE LOVE EMPATHY

emily from Canada said:
hey this site is cool

jack hemsley from England said:
if u got msn add me n this is da best webi ever

Matt Lawson from USA said:
Nirvana is the best band ever.