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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Saz from England said:
Im here. BOOOO !!!1 Kurt Cobain Rocks. Hi mike, lizi, claire, n charz, n Zario. I have a lot of friends! I LOVE KUR COBAIN . dis is such a gr8 site

lizi from England said:
lol funni oi saz read wat i said bout agree wth da fact dat ppl judge ppl dat r different!!!

mike from England said:
yar where is saz shews pissed off again

lizi from England said:
lol weres saz oi saz hellooooooooooooooooooo

mike from England said:
im ok lizi bored in ict but u know cows u r next to me

lizi from England said:
hey mike sup?

mike from England said:

lizi from England said:
i totaly agree wth u its well anoing when ppl judge u. its lk all coz ur a grunger or ur different they start on u!! its lk wat da fuk u doin its lk fuk off!!!!

lizi from England said:
heeey ppl iys lizi hey saz hey claire hey chaz n all da otha ppl i dont no dis is a random website. neways nirvana rock there music is totaly kl da best song is smells lk teen spirt lol n da song by weird al smells lk nirvana dat is such a kl song!!

lizi from England said:
heeey ppl iys lizi hey saz hey claire hey chaz n all da otha ppl i dont no dis is a random website. neways nirvana rock there music is totaly kl da best song is smells lk teen spirt lol n da song by weird al smells lk nirvana dat is such a kl song!!

saz from England said:
when i read through it all I can see that we are all actually making the same points- we all disagree with arguing so why do we still carry on ?

claire from England said:
i totally agree wiv u kat i wish it woz more like dat 2 n evry1 wud stop judgin over people bcoz dey mite be younger or have different views, i think that evry1 on here sud be able to say wot they want without thinking that they will be judged for wot they say or who they are!

Saz from England said:
I really dont understand why we are all arguing at the end of the day we all love Nirvana in our own ways but its completly the same outlook in the end - (well most, except for intruders). hi claire, hi charlotte!

Saz from England said:
I really dont understand why we are all arguing at the end of the day we all love Nirvana in our own ways but its completly the same outlook in the end - (well most, except for intruders). hi claire, hi charlotte!

Saz from England said:
I really dont understand why we are all arguing at the end of the day we all love Nirvana in our own ways but its completly the same outlook in the end - (well most, except for intruders). hi claire, hi charlotte!

claire from England said:
hi saz hi charlotte, will it aint our fault (or hu eva ur tlkin bout) 4 bein born wen we were it aint our fault dat we aint like 19 or sumfin

Saz from England said:
is ayone there at the moment? Claire dnt apologise for being you. If you dont agree with her will den dats ur prob dont make a fuss bout it. And before u slag her off for her spelling why dont you take a lesson in slang?

Saz from England said:
is ayone there at the moment? Claire dnt apologise for being you. If you dont agree with her will den dats ur prob dont make a fuss bout it. And before u slag her off for her spelling why dont you take a lesson in slang?

Will from usa said:
Look I am not saying that it is your fault that you were born after or when Kurt died,I\'m saying that alot of the things you all say sound like what young people that haven\'t listened to Nirvana long would say,instead of people that actually have been alive long enough to have meaningful thoughts.

Nikki from US said:
I don\'t understand what the hell people are getting amp for on a webpage but hey thats you. I just simply want to say that Kurt has had lots of influences on my life and his music has really helped me through some hard times. Not like you care im sure you young and immature people on here fighting are just going to start talking shit about what I have to say because your young and have nothing better to do right. yea thats great. have fun.

kat from England said:
yeah natalie, when you stop judging us then maybe we might listen to your advice. plus the only time i said anything to lauren was when i asked her a question, and it was not meant in a judgemental way, if you look back you will see that it was written in a very polite manner. also, please stop telling me what to do, if i want to stick up for people then thats my business. i dont come on here with the intention of offending or sticking up for anyone, its just sometimes i feel sorry for all these people who i have talked to, and they have been really nice to me, getting slagged off. it just makes me mad. p.s as i said in my previous message i meant no great offence to you i was just defending someone. i truely hope that i did not offend you, but i will ask you again, to please stop judgeing us. hopefully, this site may then become a more relaxed place, where people dont feel scared and intimidated to post messages.

achoo times two from England said:
good start sarah, to the point

Sarah from UniTeD sTaTeS said:
Nirvana showed soOo much effort in their lyrics without even trying. Kurt is and always will be missed but the history of the whole band will be remembered and loved also. I know what you\'re thinking..im 15 i have no clue what the lyrics tried to tell us but yea i do and they\'ve helped me through soOo much...i just hope everyone understands that their are younger people who love and respect older music...

achoo from England said:
charlotte, your doing it again. Why are you apologising, you haven\'t offended anyone, you have just bored us all to death with the same old soppy weird and obbsessive crap. See normally i wouldnt take what you say seriously or to heart its just you bang on about it religiously and then make it out to be what kurt would want - and this is where i and many others get cross. If you really cared then you would shut up with \"who killed kurt????\" \"shall we all cry on his death anniversairy and listen to all his records\" \"shall we make a protest against courtney?\" grow up, if you knew anything about him you would know, like will said and i have said, THAT HE HATED IT now, can we talk about perhaps the songs, the meaning of some of them and generally not kurt solely .

Martyn from Wales said:
Happy Birthday Kurt! Peace, love, empathy....

Lindey from Canada said:
I see how some of you think that all of Nirvana\'s fans who are around 14 are all obsesed and think that liking Nirvana makes them cool, because there are SOOO many girls like that at my school, but not all of us are. I like Nirvana because they have made some really great music, they had some really great opionions, they are artistic and inspiring, and i like their lyrics. I didn\'t start liking them to be cool, im a guitarist, and my teacher gave me the Nevermind tape, and i loved it. This was a really long time ago.I don\'t care if liking Nirvana makes me \"cool\" or whatever. i don\'t want to be \"cool\". so stop labeling all of us younger Nirvana fans, we don\'t all worship Kurt. we couldn\'t help when we were born.

bea bauw from Belgium said:
Wishing you a happy 38th birthday, Kurt.

Rach from England said:

Rach from England said:
Oh, so Natalie, of course you\'re not judging us without knowing us or anything? Your\'e telling us to stop judging Lauren without knowing her, and here you are calling as nerds adn you dont know us, so drop the act and follow your own advice! And Lauren, why cant you execp the fact that we like Nirvana too ? We all have to dace it, we have something in common - we all are Nirvana and Cobain fans.....why cant we just leave it as that? As much as somke of you may hate it, we all have our own thoughts and opinions on Kurt, Nirvana and Kurts death, we just have to deal with it and respect others opinions.

666 from England said:
kurt will always be missed and loved by his fans old and young and on days like today why do ye fight? we\'re all here for the same reason - we all like nirvana!!! just my mumblings.kurt you are missed happy birthday R.I.P

Natalie from usa said:
Sorry I kinda lost my place. where was i? oh yeh, Kat, Rach and 666 are a bunch of nerds who come on here \"speaking their minds and stuff\" it is pathetic! You are all good for nothing and stop having a go at Lauren!! She may be telling the truth about Kurt!! GIVE HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT!! You cannot judge people when you dont know them!

Elsa from Iceland said:
Happy Birthay Kurt Cobain :) ehh hann hefi ori 38 years old ef hann vri lfi

Natalie from usa said:
Why thank you Nunya, i just say what i feel is right. i dont like getting my ass kicked on a website. I accept your apology charlotte. and to Kat, GET A LIFE! stop sticking up for people

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh I know what you mean, Will, i am sorry okay? Yes I am only 14, i am 15 in a few months. I don\'t say Kurt is God or what have you. I just say what I feel. I dont mean to get into cyberfights or whatever. I am sorry Will. I really am. i dont want to offend anybody on here. you are all cool people and i enjoy hearing what you have to say in this mixed up universe. I think it is great that people from all over the world can talk on one site. I dont want to fight. I hope we can be friends, Natalie and Will. I\'ll speak soon, Charlottexxx

nunya from England said:

nunya from England said:
Look I agree,all someone has to put on here is that they like nirvana and then they will have people saying oh your so intellegent and deep.It\'s gay ,stop sucking asses people,Kurt didn\'t suck anyones ass.

Will from usa said:
Charlotte,actually I didn\'t that mean against just you, really all of your names kind of go together,I mean\'t that the stuff pretty much everyone on here puts,none of them seem deep,or thought through or noteworthy I\'m tired of people kissing each person that says Kurt is gods\' ass,and calling them deep.

Will from usa said:
So your only 14? Is that how old all of you on here are? No wonder you say the things you do. Maybe in a few years you will grow out of your idolizing rock stars phase.

Charlotte from England said:
Thanks Will. Now i know what you really think of me. I am sorry that I was so little when Nirvana were really big. I don\'t only care when someone dies. It was unfortunate that Kurt died when I was 3, to young to know what really goes on in the world. I didn\'t ask to be born then, i\'d rather be born before Nirvana were around and feel their energies first hand. I am sorry that you think of me like that Will. I guess you are entitled to your own opinions. Thanks to Lindey and Kat for sticking up for me, you guys are cool. Hi to everyone, i hope you are okay. Happy 38th birthday Kurt, don\'t be depressed, Kurt wouldn\'t have wanted that! Speak soon, Charlottexxxx

Lindey from Canada said:
Today would have been Kurt\'s birthday. Today im not sad that hes dead, im happy cus he was alive. Today should just be about being happy that someone so amazing was actually born and inspires so many of us. Anyhow thats what i think.

Lauren from usa said:
Rach,Claire,Charlotte,XLindsX,Lindey,666,jenny,Elise and Crystal are all dirty vaginal cleansing products.Kurt hates all of you.He is so mad at yall for talking shit to his baby(me)!

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
To Odin speer,nobody said that Courtney herself killed him,but they think that she hired someone to do it for her.Odin,go to hell.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
I agree with who ever said that people need to stop praising charlotte,her veiws are just like every other dumbass little kid who wasn\'t a fan when they were actually around but are obsessed with them now because he died and they think that liking him makes them cool.Obviously she doesn\'t actually care about him or his band but she is just a morbid little narrow minded girl who only cares when people die.Kurt, in reality,hated being famous and hated people calling him god and idolizing him.He was a guy,who was talented but didn\'t handle things well.I\'m sorry that he died but he lived for 27 years,those are the times that count,not after he died.

Odin Speer from Olympia, WA said:
Courtney Love did not kill Kurt Cobain. She was in Los Angeles with Frances Bean at thye time he killed himself.

Odin Speer from Olympia,WA said:
I want to let all you Nirvana fans off the hook, Kurt Cobain went to Heaven, Jesus is his best friend. God told me one day that he loved Kurt Cobain, He would never send him to Hell. That David Grohl and Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love will burn in Hell for what they did to his memory and how they screwed over his fans. Franny Cobain, your Daddy is in Heaven you will see him very very soon!

kat from England said:
dont worry rach, i agree with you. so . . oi, natalie. charlotte has just as much right to be on this site as you do. so please stop telling people how to live their lives because as far as i am aware you are not some kind of non-existant god so top acting like one. plus, loads of people like charlotte, and although she doesnt always have the same views as me she is not a dumbass. just because her theorie doesnt fit in with yours doesnt mean shes wrong. when did you become the expert all of a sudden? and as for the age thing, she was not being P.C, she was being fucking intelligent. what did you expect? now, in future could you please keep your little sniping coments to yourself because lots of people like charlotte, and she is not a loser. so just coz people had a go at you on this site it doesnt give you the right to critize other people and their personal opinions - if you dont like them then dont fucking read them! (i hope i have not caused any great offence to you in this post, i am just sticking up for a mate and trying to make this site less of a fucking battlefield!)

243f83dj3jpodwekfhfhfhf9439 from England said:
and my first message wasn\'t posted to you charlotte, this one is

lydia from USA,TN said:
yeah, people like amanda really need to let it go..he killed himself, even though i\'d like to think that he didn\'t, but think about his depression. courtney may be a bitch, but i truly believe he wasn\'t murdered.

Jim from USA said:
you people need to learn how to spell.

Alex from England said:
and im also sick of his death being celebrated.

Alex from England said:
yeh, natalie, u really need to get a life.

243f83dj3jpodwek from England said:
amanda, yeh u can the effect isn\'t instantaneous and if he already had the shotgun in his mouth, it wouldn\'t have been a problem. He knew what he was doing with heroin, and he had it planned. Out of interest, why do you all think you know better than the people who really knew Kurt; if they really doubted the fact that he would commit suicide, dont you think they would have something done? and charlotte, dont know if you have noticed but this site isn\'t about Kurt\'s death, one page out of 20+ is - then why the hell do you think we all wanna hear you constantly talking about it, as if there is nothing else to discuss. Im sure Kurt and krist and dave also would be real glad that all you can think of talking about on this site is that.

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey to Natalie, it really pisses me off that you can be so judgemental of Charlotte, you can\'t call her a loser because you don\'t know her. She has some very good opionions. Also, i just realized that kurts birthday is tomorow. Wow, days go by to fast.

Amanda from USA said:
I think that Cobain was murdered. Because after injecting 3 things of herion, ur incapasitated, and you cant pick up a shot gun and shoot urself in the head!

Rach from England said:
Hey, how is everyone? To Natalie, i think you\'ll find that the majority of people on this site to like Charlotte, and appreciate her veiws. Anyway, i dont want to start and argument or anything, i just want to stand up for a friend. Hope everyone be okie xxx

amy from ireland said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT COBAIN!(20/2) you will always be remembered....RIP you were always a great person, when each year passes you will be remembered even more

Natalie from Usa said:
I am sorry if I offended anyone with my question. I just wanted to know how old you all are. Is that so wrong? There is no need to have a go at me Charlotte and Christian! God, people these days!! They are so P.C!! I mean why is everybody PRAISING Charlotte on her views? They SUCK! She is just a dumbass who needs her tongue out of Will and Christian and Rachs ass!! She is fuckin loser! Get off this site, Charlotte! No one likes you here!!

Charlotte from England said:
To someone from England who posted a message to me - I express my opinions because it is a human right to do that. And if you actually read my post properly, it said \"i\'m not saying she killed him and i\'m not saying she didnt kill him\" The truth is - I dont know what to believe! As I said to Rose - after answering her question about why no one likes Courtney - and I told her. There is so much evidence stacked against her. I do know quite a lot about their relationship as well. There is a film dedicated to the biggest rock \'n\' roll couple of the nineties -Kurt and Courtney. I am sorry if you felt offended by my post. As I have told people before, I have strong opinions about this case and I can get really really bitchy about it. I am sorry. Hi to Rach(glad you are feeling better!) Dani, Will, Christian, 666 and to Tom, I read your post and I agree. I\'ll speak soon! Love you all loads and loads!! -Charlottexxxxxxx

tom from Canada said:
NIRVANA was and still is the best rock band ever!!! i have so much respect for them,.,kurt cobain R.I.P. you will be missed always,.,never forget ya,.,even though i didnt listen to your music when i was lil cos i just simply didnt listen to music often i now dont go through one day without listening to NIRVANA it helps me get through one day at a time,.,\"its better to burn out then to fade away\" (i agree..) NIRVANA will always rock and will never die in there fans hearts,.,oh well what ever nevermind\".....

mUhAmMaD iZwAn from Malaysia said:
i just want to says that...kur cobain is my idol cause he is a leader grunge...and i\'m a grunge boy..he is the best guitar player in the world....thanks

mUhAmMaD iZwAn from Malaysia said:
no coments about it....

Hether from England said:
His wife drofe him crazy.

Hether from England said:
His wife drofe him crazy.

Hether from England said:
His wife drofe him crazy.

Chris from USA said:
age doesn\'t matter, even though half of you motherfuckers werent even born when kurt was alive.

kat from England said:
yeah lauren, o.t.t does stand for over the top, thanks rach for clearing that one up for me. glad nirvana cheered you up!

joey manson from England said:
i put a spell on you

x93m109m0eimdo from England said:
charlotte, innocent until proven guilty - applies for everyone and seeing as you know so little about kurt and courtney\'s relationship, i dont think you should express your opinion as often as you do. It gets boring. And to all of the people who think they are nirvana and kurt fans by obsessing over him, writing his name in their arms etc - well get a life, your not fans, your just losers. If you really knew about him, then you would know that he didnt want that anyway.

Agnes from England said:
I am confused

crazy rabbit from England said:
hey.its been nearly 11 years since my God, Kurt Donald Cobain died and it still hurts. I have his name Carved into me in various places and each of them is sacred. He is always with me in my heart. If i could tell you one thing Kurt Cobain, it would be that you\'re a fucker but i love you

anna from Germany said:
hey @ all! what`s going on in the neighbourhood? i just want to say that kurt cobain is still the best!i love him untill i die and longer! and if someone wants to write with me,than please mail!

Rach from England said:
Hey everyone! Hope you are all well, Nirvana did cheer me up the other day :D Hey 2 Dani, Charlotte, Will, Kat, 666 etc, you guys make this guestbook really enjoyable to read! Loves you all xxx P.S- O.T.T stands for Over The Top

will from USA said:
do you mean opp yeah i\'m down with opp.

Lauren from usa said:
i really don\'t know what o.t.t. stands for.

AF425 from U.S.A said:

kat from England said:
em lauren, no offence or anything, but dont you think your\'e going a little O.T.T with the whole going through courtney trash, asking her for one of kurts flannels? i mean no offence by thing, i just think its a bit . . . obsessive.

Lauren from USA said:
Have any of yall been thru Courtney\'s trash?I\'m going to try to contact her and see if she will give me one of Kurt\'s flannels.

666 from England said:
yo guys just wanna say hi to Rach,Charlotte,Dani,Christian and everyone else here thats all for now so ill talk soon c yas........

X_LINDS_X from Newfoundland, Canada said:
b\'ys i didn\'t say that who the hell is that!!! really believe me plz!!!! i really like this site and i wouldn\'t want to say shit like that ... plz believe me i havin \'t been on for like to weeks i just came on !!!! and i thionk u guys are cool plz u have to believe me im not just sayin this!!!! omg this is sick who the hell is that mean!!! really grow up and leave me the hell i alone!!! i never did anything b 4 to ofend anyone b4 so why would i strat now ... i sound like a baby but it\'s true i no u won\'t believe me but plz....

cat from hu cares nirvana rok neway said:
NIRVANA ROCK!!! ne1 hu sez diffrent obviously has neva listened 2 ne of dere songs!!! its stupid co half da peeps in my yr dont even no hu kurt cobain was, nevamind hu nirvana were, yet dey claim dat dey suk! how unreasonable is dat!!! Kurt woz great, and u cant rly blame him 4 killin himself, coz he woz like rly depressed, even tho we all wish he hadnt!!! kurt lives on, and as long as peeps listen 2 nirvana, he will live on!!! smells like teen spirit rox - and da muddy banx of da wishkah is da best album eva yh???? rock on dudes!!

Dani from England said:
Hey again people, To Rach,Kat,Charlotte,666,Lindey,Kay and everyone who had been posting interesting stuff! Ohj and to the dude who made this site, you are a legend, this site rocks! -DaNi-