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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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kelly from England said:
courtney love fuckin rules n if u dont think so go suck cock


PEACHEZ from Nashville said:
Wat\'s up what are you lookin for?

ME from England said:
hehe yeah mia..funny, no kelsey dont judge fans because of their beleifs okay. I dont beleive SHE killed him because they both loved each other, i\'m not saying someone dident kill him but not courtney. I dont beleive that just like leave her alone okay, please. i\'ve read those books too

Kelsey from U.S said:
I love this site... it is amazing!! I dont like the comments of people who have wrote about liking Courtney... SHE KILLED KURT COBAIN!!! anyone who is a true fan should kno that jus by the evidence!!

Conrad (the gremlins) from usa said:
RIP Kurt Cobain u fucking rule................Fuck that fucking bitch courtney love that whore killed kurt

mia from ireland-where were all drunk and green. said:
aw,people i love valentines day!i think its real thoughtful the fact u ave encouragment to say suff and think bot stuff u wuldnt dare on other days..lik people can tell u wat they realy feel ect.mmm,maybe im jst werd.im kinda bord at the moment i wish this was msn coz it jst feels lik im talkin to myself.hows bot insane?i really wish it was the 80s.u no the movie almost famous?,that movie is so good.well i wish it was lik that again the way bands had to make it on their own so they had to be so creative,passionate,raw,somewhat troubled,driven and talented that there music was jst like the product of such perfection that it had no choice bt to be genuis,not lik all that american idol shit and mak me a super star ballox,or wat ever th fuck it is.Sorry ventd anger and frustration.i jst wish it was abot the music again and not the fame and money.it makes me crazy.mia xx

ME from England said:

suzi from England said:

ME from England said:
Who killed kurt cobain..a BOOK you must read if you can..LAST DAYS..a film you must watch

dennis from Sweden said:
Who killed Kurt Cobain?, A movie you must see if you havent already seen it:D R.I.P

dennis from Sweden said:
Who killed Kurt Cobain?, A movie you must see if you havent already seen it:D R.I.P

dennis from Sweden said:
Who killed Kurt Cobain?, A movie you must see if you havent already seen it:D R.I.P

dennis from Sweden said:
In loving memory of Kurt Cobain, and Nirvana the greats band ever to exist. R.I.P

britt...... from usa... said:
i got two cards from my friends...

ME from England said:
Yeah, I got a card lol..dunno who from, not really botherd to be honest, rather she just come over. happy val\'s day

britt from usa said:
happy valentines day kurt...*sigh*valentines day sucks

ME from England said:
Awsome! I got that too.. www.kurtsequipment.com

The Dutch Kurt Cobain Website from Nederland said:
Coming soon: www.kurtcobain.nl !!!

Big Pussy from USA said:
Big Pussy Lips! Monster Clits!

...whatever...britt... from usa... said:
yea i got it in the HUGE red book.

ME from England said:
KURT F***IN RULES!!..so does like courtney i mean shes kinda nice in her own way

VIOLA ALWAySHI from Emerica said:
ThAnx for the web site it f***ing rocks. kurt is the all time greatest musician on this planet

Ulga from Norway said:
hey guys nirvana was und awesome band i wish i could\'ve seen them und concert

ME from England said:
Goodluck dan..yeah theres a picture of me chris n ant or Kurt, Krist n Dave on my bebo page..its a nice band but we dont do self praise very often and theres probally lots of bands better and if they want to take the attention go for it but we love music and we\'ll play for ages sometimes..we love it. look me up on bebo if you want n like add me or something i\'m the colchester institute..thats England, Essex, colchester institute then students and you\'ll see three guys i got the blond hair. hehe

mia from ireland said:
u ave a tribute band ME?? that fuckin ledge.tell me bot it?p.s good look with ur band dan.

mia from ireland said:
hey ME,i live in dublin,i was in london last week,jst thought id say since u live in england.i really lik it coz londons so diverse and kinda apeals to my curiousty.cool,do u ave a bebo site so do i,that website is the shit everyone should ave one.i no its lik everyones favourite bt i adore the man who sold the world ,kurt sings it in such an deep sorrowful way and hes voice is all painfull,its so sad people go forever to soon. mia xx

Dan from Wales said:
Hey! Huge Nirvana here. I love Nirvana they still rock my world. Any fans wana talk email me please :-) One day if my band works out i hope i\'ll meet Dave Ghrol and Kris Novoselic. PS: I also have Kurt Cobain\'s journal. Its good & sad.

ME from England said:
Are they his origional journels?? that\'d be so awsome!

ME from England said:
That rocks Britt..I got his journels in like one red book hehe..its great

Britt from usa said:
I got Kurt Cobain\'s Journal its awesome!

charity73 from saskatchewan said:
nirvana is .......

cheepez73 from saskatchewan said:
i love nirvana.......so oes my sister....and charity73.

charity 73 from canada said:
lake of fire is the best song ever!!!it reminds me of paul!

Raeven Ramirez from Canada said:
i love this site. i love nirvana. i love kurt cobain. it was smart to do this!

ME from England said:
mia I cant beleive it, I mean this person has got a couple of his guitars two were never used and they wanted to get rid of them..I think it was either one of courtneys people or that man that used to set up the equipment..i dunno but I am soooo happy!!!! Ireland?? cool i\'m half Irish, what side (North or south Irish) South myself..although I live in England, and was born here hehe..Kurt is amazing I mean he was a smart, funny person AND he was a lyrical genius..I have a pic on \"bebo.com\" of me an my nirvana tribute band lol..KURT RULES!(I agree mia)

mia from Ireland said:
eh, omg!ME from england ur so lucky.uv got his jagstang!?! really thats jst so amazing.im sure that set u back a couple of euros,well pounds.i dont no wat i think abot courtney anymor,i used to hate her wuith a heated passion bt now i kinda realise that she made kurt realy happy,he loved her and she gave him frances who he adored,so now at least hes left a piece of him behind.so we shuld be happy for that.i really beleive in wat comes round goes around and if she did have something to do with the murder,of which we all no the circumstances of then shell get her dues. Personaly i wuldnt excatly want the guilt of killin a man who is a deeply troubled genuis,my lover,husband,and daughters father. i think we shuld be tank ful for the time he spent on earth and the good he did.he obluviously was to good for this earth and its people to stay with us. mia xx

michael from united state said:

ME from England said:
Okay, okay!!..13!! got it, christ hehe..His body was found 3 days after he killed himself right? says it was moved on the 8th of April apparantly anyway

Morningstar from usa said:
Drugs are a waste of time. They destory your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem -Kurt Cobain-

Zen from usa said:
Courtney love did it she killed kurt!!! May his soul rest in peace as of April 5,1994! I love you Kurt

Brittanee from usa said:
shes 13!shes my age!!DUH!

ME from England said:
Frances must be 15-16 now..shes got kurts smile.

ME from England said:
I think courtney\'s kinda nice in a way..I mean she gave this kid in florida kurts fiesta red Jagstang and now i\'ve got it, its arriving on Monday..i\'m like so happy..thanks courtney and thanks kurt

nincho from georgia said:
NIRVANA 4 ever and kurt 2. kurt I LOVE U

waffle from Canada said:
masterofpuppets from pluto u can fucking burn in hell u asshole kurt was a true fucking poet so smoke on that i agree that metalica kicks but thats all i agree with go back to pluto and go jerk off yourself, bcuase thats all your fucking good at, and while you are at it, you\'d might as welll go fuck your mom, yeah you heard me, YOUR MOM! and fuck your dog too (or wotever u have on pluto.)and andrea u can do the same courtney rocks GO BLOW UR SISTER!!you fucking whore!!

wendy from florida from usa said:
i love u kurt

steven from England said:
i when to sattle for a few week last year and the first thing i done was went to washington lake bovld on the way there in a taxi my whle body was shaking and i finally got and standing outside hes house and i thought to myself this is the closes iv got to him and tears running down my face , and i when to to the park i sigend the bench and when under the bridge while listening to something in the way and it just feel very emotional under there i just couldnt believe i was under and seen how much kurt when throught under this bridge , on the brigde i wrote \" its so damp down here i dont think i would be here where you was , hope to see you soon in a better place steven \" , by the last day i didnt want to leave seattle and we missed are earily flight which gived me long to spend with kurt .

Sue Fiene from United States said:
I like many others don\'t believe Kurt killed himself, however I do believe eventually he\'d a over dosed to death anyways! It\'s truly ashame that man with so much didn\'t get to stick around and really live his life. I like millions miss you Kurt & will always love you. Rock in peace!

Raven from usa said:
hi people what are some of your favorite bands except Nirvana

ME from England said:

Ryan from USA said:
Maria from the institute is a stupid whore!

ME from England said:
irland rocks hehe..but not as much as kurt ofcourse

mia from ireland said:
i avent been on the site in years jst thought id leave a mesge for my old mate neutron!!hey if ur out there.peace love and empathy. mia xx

DAN FICKE from England said:

Cathy Littlefield from North America said:
Hey! What\'s up? I moved from alabama 5 months ago. I live in Idaho right now. But any ways I\'m in love with Kurt Cobain and i don\'t care what anyone says but my friends and i think Kurt Cobain was murdered we really hate Courntey Love. I have read so much about him it feels like i know him i just wished i met him. It sucks really badly that people thinks he killed himself. Peace, Love, Empathy Cathy R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain

sammy from New Zealand said:
Well i haven\'t writtenin here in ages lol.But KURT IS AWESOME!!!very very yummy he was:)

ME from England said:
Has anyone heard \"marigold\" by Nirvana?!..if not do, its good

ME from England said:
Ya wot?

Gani from England said:
imran ganiiiiiiiiii

ME from England said:
He rules, he\'s a master of music and a genius

Krystof from Czech republic said:
Kurt Cobain is the best guitarplayer on the world. Krystof.

Nilkantha from Nepal said:
I like 16 yrs girl to fuck

Heather from USA said:
I love him

Imogen from England said:
Kurdt Kobain died to get away from everything yet he still lives on. Kurt cobain died from insanity. In a way I think his alter ego killed as much as all the rest of that S**T going on in his life. I love Kurt cobain not Kurdt Kobain.

harely from canada said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best let him rest in peace

harely from canada said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best let him rest in peace

harely from canada said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best let him rest in peace

harely from canada said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best let him rest in peace

harley from England said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best let him rest in peace

Susan Hart from United States said:
I\'m bi-polar too and I just wish that Kurt had been on the proper medication, maybe then he could have avoided the illegal drugs and the depression that ultimately cost him his life... He will be missed.

Nick from USA said:
I enjoyed your site. It\'s good to know there are still people holding true to Grunge. My friend and I have started our own page with this site as a link. Keep up the good work!

ME from England said:
Kurt is a rock god and hes a bloody good fella if ya get to know him..good philosophy

ME from England said:
Just a hey..and for some reason i\'ve ordered a new guitar pedal, distortion grunge for 40.99........like kurts to help wit da band..he rocks!!

britt...... from usa said:
he says hey to who?

Sam from INDIA said:
Kurt still lives in my heart even now,just like how he was 10-15 yrs back..I love him,and will always love him..He is \"THE\" Best..

ME from England said:
Nirvana rules, he says hey

666 from England said:

brandon said:
i like your game so much

brandon said:
i like your game so much

kate from England said:
He fuckin rocked!!! I LOVE U KURT!!!!!!!!!!!

derdra from poland said:
they\'re will never be another like kurt cobain hes amazing!!!

derdra from poland said:
they\'re will never be another like kurt cobain hes amazing!!!

Nirvanalover from England said:
I love Nirvana,it is so sad that Kurt Cobain died so young.I was born 3 year later then that I can get the news about he`s dead.But,i always gonna miss you like you was my own brother.

brittanee from usa said:
hey jessica!uhh...do i know you....lol...haha i got called a slut...sweet lol

Declan from ireland said:
this is the best kurt cobain website ever . kurt cobain would of been proud of this website, this website rocks

ME from England said:
Hey britto..your back then just ignore them

brittanee from usa said:
hi want to FUCK.....Im now into cyber...email me..

britto from usa said:
dont start this again ... just cos a fuck about a bit....go fuck yourself jessica....or fuck me ....im available after 6pm..