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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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ruby from England said:
i think that your site is awsome. i\'ve put it as my home page. i like nirvana as much as you do.

Leigh Ann Baker from England said:
awesome site

Hayley from United States said:
i love kurt and i will always remember his music! r.i.p ~ we will never forget

Sam Hyder from England said:
Elo Babz

Jordan Davis from United States said:
RIP Kurt Cobain- Your music will forever fill our hearts.

britt from usa said:
hey ME who did Kurt say hey to?!?!

randonfool from England said:
i sed ho ho ho, im a bad mo fo,

Josh Morse from United States said:
i want to know why he would kill himself. i mean i was in that situation

Lindsay McMorrin from Scotland said:
Amazing...Touched my live forever!!!

abbey from England said:
this is a really good web site

George from England said:
I 22 yrs old man from Kumasi Ghana,i am gay.i have been critised by my uncle and all our neighbour,but never theless i wont give up on my choosen life.

xvx1vnr@mail.ru from US said:
online directory main

666 from England said:
ok so is the hole penis thing annoying anyone else or is it just me??....

Meg said:
Sweet page, really well put together and good info.

jelie from England said:
today, in 1990 the lead singer from mother love bone died. R.I.P. they were about to b revolutionary im sad now

jelie from England said:
lol thanx \'me\', unfortunatley im actually movin to germany :(. nice 1 oriana ^^ i lurrrrrv NIRVANA! much love

ME from England said:
Das ist sehr gut Jelie komrade..coolness

x...x oriana x...x from England said:
i love kurt cobain! his music has really helped me through tough times. if anyone want to be mates (or more!), plz email me. *rock on peepz* luv from oriana xoxo

jelie from England said:
ya das ist eine krasse webbi aber neil young hat gesagt \"its better to burn out then to fade away\" kurt cobain mochte neil young ich auch :)...lol yes i speek german too rahahahaha

jelie from England said:
oh sowwwy britt! im jst so gullible lol .ooops...omg! \'me\' that is so unfair i want his guitar :( ur so lucky

Anna from Deutschland said:
Das is so eine fette Seite. Ihr müsst wissn ich steh total auf Kurt Cobain und Nirvana. Krass, einfach nur krass. Coole Seite, die Lyrics sind auch geil. Und wie schon Kurt sagte \"Burn out than to fade away\" Macht weiter so Leute! ^^

Críonna Doyle from Ireland said:
I think this is a really good site and the lyrics are good that their there i think kurt cobain is really hott aswell!!!!!!

Ceyda from England said:
i cant believe he is gone he was the only one who understood us i hope every has paid their respects nicley or may hell creep amoung those cunts kurt lives forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

ME from England said:
I own a guitar he actually used although we had to do it up..and so does chris, but that olny the neck not the whole body

guy mackenzie from England said:
check my site: www.theguitarcollection.org.uk as I own 2 guitar similar to the ones Kurt used; a Fender Jag Stang and an Epiphone.

britt from usa said:
hey jelie thats not me!its people acting like me and its fucking pissing me off!fucking grr!!i hope you people that are acting like me die and go to fucking hell!

britt..... from usa said:
ok whoever is actin like me and said kurt is a joke needs to shut the fuck up!i would never ever call kurt cobain a joke!hes like the cooliest fuckin guy ever!

britt from usa said:
kurt says hey to who?

jelie from England said:
yeah even in his youth is so good! eugh britt go away if ur gonna b like that. people can believe in nirvana if they want, and kurt cobain was murdered. i love nirvana and i love nirvana fans who love nirvana much love

vedat from Macedonia said:
i love nirvana!!!!!

ME from England said:
kurt says hey|:p

britto from usa said:
your fuckin dodge dickhead

chris from new zealand said:
cool site but the people who sign this are doge

britto from usa.... said:
hi all ive got new pics.....mmmmmmm sexy as eva...some doin doggy......some outdoors......email me.....jessica look at me now....lol...brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

britt from usa said:
im back crazy dave ur a fuckin wanker. kurt was a fuckin joke. sara from germany your just a bitch. am goin all be back

Crazy dave from England said:
kurt did not kill im sen n e is a g8 person insind e love evry1 of us

Hailey from United States Of America said:
Hey, I just wnated to say that your site is really great, except one thing is not true. Kurt never lived under a bridge. He stayed under there until his step dad left his moms house. But he that was the place he smoked pot. Well anyway, great job. Kurt Cobain\'s biggest fan, Hailey

sara from germany said:
nirvana 4-ever!they were cool

gf from England said:

Laura from Germany said:
He\'s watchin us from the sky. he\'s looking down on us. he knows that we all love him! he\'ll never be forgotten!! KURT!! I LOVE YOU!! WE LOVE YOU!! Nirvana 4-ever!!

richard from England said:
nirvana rock

Amber from United States Of America said:
Kurt Cobain is one of a kind and no one will ever measure up to him. . . He\'s the greatest and everyone knows it. . . R.I.P. Kurt Cobain ! ! !

cheepez from saskatchewan said:
holy moly.someon e add me to yurr msn...please!!!theres no one to talk to:( ^ ^ c c _____

cheepez from saskatchewan said:
holy moly.someon e add me to yurr msn...please!!!theres no one to talk to:( ^ ^ c c _____

666 from England said:
yo ya all good...what about even in his youth...

ME from England said:
Kurt is looking down on you all..seriously..

Whitney from England said:
This site rocks.

Shaya (Irwin) Augenstein from USA said:
Kurt Will Always be love, and missed no matter how many years pass, no other can equal or ever take the place of Kurt in our hearts. The tragedy is that a great man was murdered, life stolen with no justice to speak for him.... R.I.P KURT WE LOVE YOU

jelie from England said:
ive never heard help me im hungry :( ive found SO many gd bands like black flag, the raincoats, the knack, mudhoney,love as laughter,alice in chains and bout a million others thru nirvana. but none as gd as nirvana themselves.of course.i love nirvana.

A.K.A ** Ducky** from Canada said:
NIrvana was the best band ever. That Dude shouldnt have done that, or if someone did that to him i hope they get caught

ME from England said:
I like help me i\'m hungry

jelie-bean from England said:
the best nirvana songs i reckon are spank thru, i hate myself and want to die, sifting and clean up b4 she coms. lol. wat u reckon? ...oh and old age. did u kno courtney fucking loves fave is dive? much love

666 from England said:
favourite nirvana songs??.....heart shaped box??....lithium??...

Richard from England said:
Just browsing all over the place because I can\'t afford gas for my ride.

charlee from USA said:
kurt is a fucking god!!!!

stacey leigh from scotland said:
kurt\'s music was special to anyone that heard it and means alot to all of his fan\'s he didnt deserve to die the way he did NO way did he commit suicide, courtney the stupid whore she will never realise how much everyone loves and misses him love kurt always xxx

Jess from U.S. said:
I really like ur site. You have a lot of good info. and it\'s just flipping sweet!!! I really have learned a lot about Kurt that I didn\'t know..xxI miss himxx

Kurt jr from Eire said:
Kurt is a fuckin god

Mandy from USA said:
This is one of the best sites for Kurt, I don\'t believe you killed yourself, I\'m a believer it was Courtney, you are the best there ever was, your music still kicks ass and always will to be, Nirvana\'s the best, I have to agree, and that\'ll never change. If only I could go back.

sabs from austria said:
you are unsuspecting Victims... fuck you