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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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666 from England said:
yo.....i agree dylan i dont think it was suicide either.... courtney just wanted his money and she knew he was gonna leave her........kurt wrote songs for her...she was nothing without him.....

Charlotte from England said:
what the fuck are you on knobend.we dont want your fuckin opinion get to fuck.dylan...hu more like dick head.....

dylan from USA said:
Some things on your biography are incorrect. Kurt did not barricade himself inside the greenhouse. There was a simple lock on the door. If someone from the inside locked the door they could have left and the lock would have remained lock. This info came out of \"Heavier Than Heaven\". I do not know why you say Kurt put the shotgun to his mouth when there is no proof that he killed himself. Also, there was no first suicide attempt, Kurt himself stated that it was not a suicide attempt and that he had accidentally overdosed on pills. The \"suicide note\" (as many like to call it for some reason that is unknown to me) that was left on the first scene was actually not a suicide note at all and mentioned nothing about death. Although it did mention something about leaving Courtney if i remember correctly from the book \" The Love and Death of Kurt Cobain\". And finally, probably the most compelling piece of evidence, a few days after Kurt\'s death a man came forward and said that Courtney Love offered him a large sum of money to kill Kurt Cobain. A few days later, this man was found dead. Thats very odd indeed. I would suggest you read the book \"The Love and Death of Kurt Cobain\". It would totally change your opinions about his death.

jessica from England said:
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poppy from England said:
If any one dosent like niravna then why go on the web site???? every 1 likes nirvana and any 1 who think that they are crap then fuck u. I personly think that they are 1 of the best bands out and i am sure that many people agre. So if any 1 dosent like them do not go on the web site then lve ya!!!!!

poppy from northen ireland said:
its better to burn out than fade away

Kurt is still a legend.only true fans know what his music is sying.

joyjoy from china said:

flannan@earthlink.net from u.s.a said:
this is a waste of time get a life and move on. and for all you idiots who were emailing me just get lost and grow up assholes.flannan@earthlink.net...i will get you fuckers back. you know who you are.and Charlotte you are still a fucking slut.

isabelle from switzerland said:
i love kurt cobain, i love nirvana!!!!!!!!!! that`s a very good website;) greez isabelle

rhiannon from England said:
i think that it is really pathetic that nirvana haters come to this site and slag off what people believe in. cant they find anything better to do in their sad lives? obviously not. i know its said all the time but kurt was such an insprational person and he means so much to me. finally, fuck off to all those losers who obviously have no taste in music and say that nirvana is rubbish. only we true fans know what they are missing! peace out

xTABSx from Canada said:
OMG I am a NIRVANA FREAK!!!! 3 I love them a lot and I really wish Kurt was still alive. but then again it would have killed him slowly anyway. peace

me from England said:
i hate all you fuckin wankers im fuckin glad this fuckin shit hole of a site is gettin shut fuckin down. its fuckin crap nirvana were fuckin crap kurt cobain was fuckin crap its all shit. well heres to the end of all you fuckers. dont email me i cant be fuckin bothered with you all c ya

im from England said:
I am on your site it\'s beautiful thanks for having it up!!!!

jessica from England said:
ok you feeble excuses for life where the fuck are you all.

Laura from U.S. said:
Hey I just got here but i wanted to say Nirvana rocks and it will never die! I\'ll write my comments on Kurts death soon...

chinwa tando from INDIA said:
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slut from England said:
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Yazmin from England, london, surrey said:
i have just started 2 get in 2 nirvana\'s music a few months ago and now i c that kurt cobains death is so important and how many people remember him, i\'m sure he was a gr8 guy! and i\'m sure that hes havina gd time in heaven! R.I.P Kurt Cobain 1967-1994 Yazmin Ibrahim

jessica from England said:
well how old wilkl you be now ya slut. you will just be a year older & still gettin it like the whore you are. all the reast of you fuckers can get a life now.mmmmm maby not asswipes.

scars_of_qupid@yahoo.com from England said:
bring justice and put courtney love in jail... RIP-kurt cobain .... PLEASE

Charlotte from England said:
Also before i go: A big big thank you to Matt who without you, I would never have been able to meet cool intelleigent people. So thank you and I hope it reopens soon!!!! Luv Charlottexxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
As this site is being closed down I feel I have to say this: A MASSIVE thank you to those people who I have managed to have a conversation with about real things such as music Kurts\' death etc. I have the upmost respect for you - you know who you are - Katie Dani Nunya Will 666 Kurt and anyone else I have forgotten. you know who you are. But especially to Rach, who was the first person I befriended on this site and maintained a cool relationship with as well as talking about the above things. You are a cool girl and you rocks the gates of hell and back! So does everyone else. It has been great knowing you all in a cyber way and I hope we can chat again really soon!! Luvin ya all long time, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Whatever Maisie! Umm hey 666. You know I will miss you too but hopefully it wont be gone long! Chin up 666, the idiots may have won but the REAL nirvana fans will come out top in the end! Luv Charlottexxxxxxxx

Maisie from England said:
Shut the fuck up Charlotte. No one cares about your friggin birthday! Come Jessica baby I need it now! Are you up for lesbian sex?? Waiting for your reply Maisiexxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Great! Thanks to the likes of JESSICA, this website will be closing on my birthday. Matt, thanks for making a great guestbook, I am sorry it was ruined by creeps and maniacs. It was good while it lasted...hope it comes back real soon. Charlottexxxxxxx

anti - christ from iceland said:
You all fuckin suck dick.

Maisie from England said:
Hey Jessica. U RULE!!!!! Keep going girl! These lil fuckers on this site need teaching a good hard lesson! Speak later luv Maisie

jessica from England said:
fuckin idiots

666 from England said:
yo so its defo getting closed down huh??.....ok so the people who say they dont like nirvana why even bother coming on here???...must be a little curious bout them all the same or else ye wouldnt waste yere time....well il miss the guestbook and the cool people i like talking to....dani,charlotte,rach,kurt,christian and anyone i may have forgotten....later guys.....

Johnny from Germany said:
Hi, thanks for this page. It was really important for me for school. Thank you very much! GRUNGE IS DEAD / KURT WE\'LL NEVER FORGET YOU

Norah from England said:
Dave Grohl, IIIII LLLLLooooovvvvveeeee YOU!!!!!

k8 from England said:
this website is really gud, shame about this guestbook tho. if only a certain few people would keep their thoughts to themselves. kurt is a legend and no one can say hes not!!! and i totally agree with michelle terrell - - he was murdered and there is soo much proof to bk it up. if u buy \"the cobain case; life and death of a rock icon\" you will definitly agree with the fact that he was murdered-- no matter how much we dont want to believe it. RIP kurt

michelle terrell from us said:
I love kurt. nirvana is my favorite band. i believe that he was killed. i dont now who to think did it, but i believe he did not kill himself. my goal in life is to meet frances.

Matt from webmaster said:
I told you all it would happen if things did not change. well it looks as if this is it. This guestbook will close on friday 1st of july. I have had enough. To all the real people. I AM SO SORRY BUT THE IDIOTS HAVE WON.Who knows in the future i may open it up again. (if you want it back) I WILL ALWAYS TRY TO THINK OF THE REAL FANS. YOUR FRIEND MATT

jessica from England said:
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ebony from australia said:
i found heaps of interesting stuff about kurt cobain on this site! u guys rock!

romit vomit from india said:
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jessica from England said:
yes and you are not an ignorant fuck...katie....you are a great fuck a could fuck you all nite

kat from England said:
just wanted to say that this anti-nirvana shit is getting on my fucking nerves. nirvana are great, and so are other bands. take tsunami bomb, nofx, a.f.i, the smashing pumpkins (even if their singer did have an affair with courtney love), the misfits, manson, black sabbath, the distillers, bredd 77, graveltrap, goldfinger etc. they are all class bands in my opinion, and you may all disagree but for has sake miss anti-nirvana if your gonna put your ideas across can you do it without being a complete cow. why do you nedd to be so aggressive? why does this guestbook have to be such a battlefield all the time? (oh, and if nirvana were so bad, why are you on their website? liberating us are you? well, we dont want to be liberated, so im sorry, looks like a wasted mission. boo hoo!)

katie from U.S.A said:
It\'s fine if you do though, because I\'d love to show you what an ignorant fuck you really are

Katie from U.S.A said:
Anti Nirvana you don\'t know a goddamn thing about my musical horizons and I could probably school you left and right about music so you probably don\'t want to get into that subject with me.

Rach from England said:
This is getting depressing. ARGness! Rach xxx Hey Dani good to see ye back :D

JAPHspam from hacker said:
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JAPHspam from hacker said:
I just like spam! I\'m collocting junk email...

Jessica from England said:
Charlotte I am so sorry please forgive me!! I desperatley need a good fuck but no one will gimme 1 cos I am an ugly kuntface and I am sorry for bein out about Kurt. I love him and Dave and Krist I love them all! I am just a fat slag who spoons out her discharge whenever she feels clogged. Please forgive me, Jessiexxx

k8 from England said:
hu eva this jessica from england is i think she shud fuck off this website coz shes a pain in the ass!! nobody wants u here!!

Anti-nirvana R from greece said:
You keep on saying that nirvana is so great, ever the greatest of time! and your knowledge about music is 0,00000000000000000000000001% of what is out there. Victoms of comersetionism thats what you are.

Anti-nirvana from England said:
And I don\'t give a shit what you want to listen to, go ahead listent to fake shit, just don\'t play that on puplic cause you polute the air and damage peoples ears. WHO the fuck are nirvana?! even a guestboook dedecaded to them is a disgarase for the human nature.

Anti-nirvana R from England said:
Green day allso is not a band , its a green horseshit. MTV plays a lot stuff of them , does it? that\'s propably you know them. And a mag , or a friend told you the suc , that\'s why you hate them hey? Get A LIFE , try to make a personality of your self. \"I will love you for aver\" and that kind of shit is a fake, like nirvana, NIRVANA IS SOOOOOOOOOO FAKE. search for some good music , don\'t let MTV do it for you cause you\'ll get the wrong way.

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
I don\'t even know \"Good Charlotte\". Its looks like the knowledge of crup music is your speciality. And I\'m not here to make fan, I\'m here just trying to open your music horizons, and because Nrvana is a fake and its killing me that the got such an apriciation. All that comercia shit, I bet all thw music you know comes out of MTV and the radio. YOU get a life. Curt is the no1 overestemated comesialized rebel af all time. And my spelling shouldn\'r be the matter, getting on your pants is, couse you hate it when somebody says the sad true side of things, so close your eyes!

kali from bradford ,/,/England said:
nunya get your gums round ma cock ya prick

katie from u.s.a said:
Anti- Nirvana, learn how to cum and get a fuck because going to a sperm clinic to make fun of them to their mums is very immature. You can shite on kunt cokain all you want, but it\\\'s really not going to change my opinion. Whether they are crap or if they have no talent at all. In my mind, they have no talent at all. In your opinion maybe eurovision song contest? you should go to see whatever bands you like ( probably greenday or another pussy band) and give up on the trying to make fuck my uncle for a change.

nunya from England said:
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charlotte from England said:
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jessica from England said:
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Katie from U.S.A said:
Anti- Nirvana, learn how to spell and get a life because going to a specific band\'s website to make fun of them to their fans is very immature. You can dislike Nirvana all you want, but it\'s really not going to change our opinions. Whether Nirvana or anyone else has talent is all in the opinion of who you ask. In mine, they had had plenty of talent. In your opinion maybe not so you should go to whatever bands you like ( probably Good Charlotte or another pussy band) and give up on the trying to make Nirvana\'s fans opinions change.

romit vomit from india said:
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jessica from England said:
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Charlotte from England said:
Say what you want you stupid little pre teen slut. I dont give a damn what you say, I only wake up everyday and pray that you die. You seriously need some help with this mental problem that you so obviously have. Either you have been raped by your father and are now taking everything and anything out onto everyone or you have a fear of sex and feel that you should pretend that you know everything. I bet you are an ugly, blonde bullied fat tart. Call me what you want cuntface, I am going to ignore you now because personally you are a waste of space and your mum shoulod have aborted you when she could\'ve. Bet she is regretting it now having such a sex fearing rape obsessed manwhore for a daughter. Now turn around, leave your PC and kick yourself up the arse 25 times because these decent people on this site including myself are going to ignore you....starting....NOW!!!

alice4kurt from England said:
kurt cobain was so talented .and i am his n1 fan i think he made such fantastic musik i mean we dnt have musik like tht 2day.i think courtney love should be in jail for what she did .its so obvious tht she murderd him .anyone who hasnt been on justiceforkurt.com it shows loads of facts on thir of how he was murderd:(R.IP KURTCOBAIN I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.......ALICEXXXX

munish dev sharma from india said:
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Anti-nirvana from greece said:
Kill Nirvana , save your self

katie from England said:
if she dont want to i do

rach from England said:
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jessica from England said:
what the fucks it got toi do wit you ya whore away you go and sit on daddys knee and take it up the arse like the good little slut you are. fucking cow

Charlotte from England said:
Man Jessica, you are even more pathetic than I thought you are! I mean, copying almost everything that people have said in the past?? What the hell is that all about? I mean do get some sort of high off of a website about a band that you obviously dont like? You are one sad cow!

JESSICA from England said:
All these sad cunts. the fuckers dead you shower of bastards get over it moove on wit your sad fuckin lives. they wer fuckin crap wen the kunt was alive now kunt cokain is dead durning in the fires of hell. so fuckin move on?///

Anti-nirvana from Greece(double e) said:
I was right! nobady can prove me wrong. Only my ass will be kicked , but this means you people deaply know that I\'m right, but you don\'t want to admint it. I\'m happy for you. But It\'s use trying kicking me, you wont put your band up buy doing it, they will still make people cover their ears.

Lauren from US said:
Kurt Cobain was a brilliant and talented artist. His music will be remembered for the rest of time.

k8 from England said:
has anyone else seen the new kurt cobain dvd? its this guy hu is tryin to prove that kurt was murdered and that he didnt commit suicide. i wanna see it coz it sounds really interesting and am such a huge fan of his, i guess alot of his loyal fans want to no the truth. oh and by the way, certain people (and they no hu they are) shudnt diss kurt on this websites guestbook, coz ur gunna have alot of people wantin 2 kick ur ass!!! and al be one of them!

jluie from canada said:
howdy nirvana rocks

jessics from England said:
kali do you wanna fuck? they are all at it on here just one big fucking orgy

jessica from England said:
its all assholes who cum on here its the wankers website. the gobblers guestbook.

a from Greece said:
kali , you are from a country that rock music has grown on, don;t listen to that shit! long live the 60s

Anti-nirvana from Greece said:
PS 1 : How cleaver!!! using my name to post, my congatulations! PS 2 : Nobady here can bring down my opinion?? all you can is just say I\'m an asholle? so what?! I\'m one! that doesn\'t change a thing , Nirvana still SUC BAD

kali from bradford England said:
ow Anti-nirvana from greece, u wanna fuck off! nob head

Anti-nirvana from Greece said:
genius , inspirational , and all these compements that you use to refere to Nirvana and curt are so wrong! Nirvana is NOT music! eneryone can play the guitar like cobain! I\'ll be wrong if i sad that everyone can ACT like curt, couse he was a genius. Nirvara sounds so BAD! the lyrics are so amature , the \"singing\" is horible, the whole band is out of tune, the only thing they can do good is ACT and be Clounes. so FAKE ! Here is an advise, at least try to listen to some other music (classical is so much intresting for example), or kill yourself , you are poluting planet earth! This sounds like natzi , but I\'m so astonished by the fact that NIRVANA has been on a studio and has got an album out that a lot o people like to listen too, and on the other hand there musicians who can play the guitar (no shit) and they work on coffe to get a living and at the caffe they have to listen to curt making a big fuss about his rebel ideas. PLEASE MAKE AN AFORT! LISTEN TO REAL ROCK , CLASSICAL , JAZZ , anything bot not that fake! Disco is even better , these people at least they don\'t pretend , they are asholles.

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
You know what, i don\'t wish nirvana never existed, bands like them existed in the past then and know. All I wonder is how the hell a band like this got promoted under the name of rock. I blame MTV for the promotion , and nirvana for accepting the promotion while cryin out that they are rebells and they hate money fame and the shit they had (abviously still have). You don\'t get it??? Rebells ALWAYS were around! but they never where so fake and comercial like the ones you love to listen too. Also I\'m 100% that one day of your life you\'ll get sick of them. If this doesn\'t happen kill yourself, thats propably the reason why your HERO did it

Anti-nirvana R from Greece(double e) said:
Hey guys!!! Lets all start screaming , like monkeys , break guitars (an old \"the Who\") trick , hit the drums and pretend to play the bass. If we are lucky and MTV good lickers , and good looking mother/ers who can make people thing we are heros and rebelshit tipe of persons we\'ll get an album out! Lets name our band Nirvana! Yeh! sounds cool! HAHAHA . radio and tv kills music , brings out stupid bands and lowers the level of art and makes it dificult for real artist to ear a living. And you crowl ahead of you milionare reber pretender! If i wrote and played music like that i would be ashamed of getting on the stage. I\'d tell to the funs... get the hell out of here, there is food music out there , shut down your MTV

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
great now can i just say over here in grece we have just been given the pleasure of a band called squeese who have just regrouped now that is real music. or blondie whatever happened to her and there was abba and culture club. yes trhey wer the days. remember benny hill (ernie) best record ever. now this is real music not that rubbish nirvana i say to myself.they are just fake get a life.

Dani from England said:
Urhhhh Jessica you really need to quit while you\'re ahead, it isnt funny, its repulsive and just moraly wrong, urghhh sucks. Just either if you have nothing decent to say dont say it at all, or engage in proper decent Nirvana Kurt related chat, cant you see that your mindless drabble is making this get shut down!!! Feck it! -DaNi!-

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
God of the smalest penis, Too bad you wheren\'t around that time

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
God of the smalest penis, To bad you wheren\'t around that time

pump from England said:

Anti-nirvana from greece said:
This guestbook makes me crap! When i hear people refering to nirvana as if they are the best thing thats been made i say to my self... thats the evolution of human! to be the most stupid creture on the planet. Burn all of your nirvana music and go out for a walk to listen to the birds singing. nirvana isnt even music, you grow up! unless i got it wrong and this book is signed by ten years old kids. If you are kids i understand, your experience on music is so litle and you listen to shit than othet people sugests , is on the radio or on MTV. Nirvana is so dam FAKE! why can\'t you see? (the evolution propably)