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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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chrissy from Germany said:
Hey ihr, diese Seite ist wirklich der Hammer!! ICh liebe Nirvana und Kurt! er ist ein echter HEld und nicht so ein Pseudo! Einer meiner größten Wünsche ist es mit ihm zu reden.. über gott und die welt! Oder wenigstens mal live sehen! oh scheiße mann warum musstest du uns allen das antun!!!!!! Wenn ich an dich denk kommen mir die Tränen, ich liebe dich und Nirvana!!! Warum????? Das alles macht mich so traurig!!!! Ciao chrissy

DEAd little girl from America said:
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you bitch from America said:
Brittany is gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!!! say good night bitch!

Peter the Barber from slovakia said:
pls help me finding some site with nirvana videos please email me

Jessamayne from USA said:
Dear brittany I know were you live fucking bitch!! just make sure you keep those window locked a night ... I\'ve got someone to fuck you up big style little fucking slut!!! tell mommy and daddy that I\'ve got someone whose going to blow your brains out then fuck your dead corpse!! you little cock sucker! by the time theve finished with you ya fucking cow they will have to use your dental records to find out what you were!! fucking bitch.

M. Mouse from England said:
kurt is gr8!!!!!!!!!

ronny from belgium said:
to Katie;the lyrics ,\"you know you\'re right\" i would never bother you i would never promise to i will never follow you i will never bother you never speak a word again i will crawl away for good i will move away from here you won\'t be afraid of fear no thought was put into this i always knew it would come to this things have never been so swell and i have never failed to fail pain...(x3) you know you\'re right(x3) i\'m so warm and calm inside i no longer have to hide let\'s talk about someone else steaming,soon begins to melt nothin\' really bothers her she just wants to love herself i will move away from here you wont be afraid of fear no thought was put into this i always knew it\'ll come to this things have never been so swell and i have never failed to fail pain...(x5) you know you\'re right(x12) you know you\'re rights(x4) pain.....

aaron billingham [ stoner] from England said:
i love u kurt cobain

ronny from belgium said:
there will never be a better band than nirvana,..never!!!

Suzie Dickson from USA said:
I would like to say awesome site. I was looking through this and i read some articles that i have never read before. I was actually reading a article in newsweek. It told you a little about his life nd what he was going through but the only thing that really tripped me was that they took his journals and based the article on that.

Hot knikers from Usa said:
Brittany you bitch When I find you i\'m going to rip off your head and shit down your neck !!!!!fucking slut still sucking daddys cock are we? like a bit of inbreading do you is that why you slag some one who is dead off when they can not defend them self I tell you what I\'ll do I eat yuor fucking hart with a spoon fucking cock sucking daddy fucking bitch.

cobey from England said:
nirvana rock and they wud have still been the biggest band ever is courtney love didnt hire sum 1 to kill kurt stupid fucking bitch

rohit g from india said:
i love u kurt=god

luke from united states said:
its over

penny lane from England said:
hiya. i love kurt and nirvana more than nething coz they fucking rock. kurt commited suicide 4 a reason and it was his life so he cud do what he wanted with it! so dont fucking be angry with him. he was going through a shit load of pain. even if it was courtney who killed him, i think he wud\'ve done it neway. yeah so it sounds harsh, but i 2 think courtney is a whore who can sing 4 fuck, dont get me wrong. i just hope that kurt found his nirvana. rip

SARAH from England said:
i am an avid believer to the fact that courtney \'whore\' love killed kurt cobain and i am sickened by the fact that she is walking free,if anyone wishes to comment on this then feel free to email me. \'my heart is broke but i have some glue help me enhale and mend it with you,

Christie from U.S. said:
For all the judgemental people out there who come on Kurt Cobain sites just to piss off his fans I wish for them to if anything respect a great musician when they see one. Kurt Cobain was an amazing person and even though he is dead he will forever live on in me and any other true fans that love him for him and his music only. Not for his appearence or how anyone percieves him because a true fan of Kurt would understand he wouldn\'t want you ot say he\'s a god although you may believe that. Only listen to the great music he created and appreciate it. Whether you believe he killed himself or was murdered we all think alike in listening to his music. Don\'t judge. Try to live your own life. Thank you although many of you might not appreciate my words. Someone might.

Jodie from Western Australia said:
a lot of things kurt did and said i can relate to

Insane Cobain Fan from USA said:
This Site Kicks Ass

Krystal Copas from America said:
Want more info on Kurt and how crazy he was

jon from usa said:
just looking

???????????? from England said:
My next door neighbour is weird he had sex with his pet dog in his back garden!!!

Georgi from Australia said:
hey brittany form america you stupid hoar what the fu*& are you doing on a tribute site if you hate him. We dont want to hear look bagg him out cause we love him

Georgi from australia said:
the new cd is so good i love\'you know your right\' it is the best song. How ever i would of prefered a box set.but any way of hearing new nirvana material is fine buy me. I love you kurt so much more than anything and i misss you.

fan from England said:
img src=\"http://www.lionking.org/~mwenyezi/nirvanaplan.gif\"

dave from England said:
we have mp3s. www.honeyspider.tk

Brittany from America said:
kirk cobaine was a dumbass fudge packer. don\'t praise the fag for commiting suicide

Brittany from America said:
I love Andy Smith

chairfreak from Germany said:
hi ! what`s up? i`m from germany and i just got to your site. i love nirvana, they were such a fantastic band. really sad that kurt did suicide... . but anyway there are some other great bands outside, like SILVERCHAIR and Incubus.well, okay. bye !!! or like I´m always saying in german \"aufwiedatschüß\" it`s \"aufwiedersehen\" and \"tschüss\" , actually, but I´m sayin` \"aufwiedastchüß\". Sorry if i bored you.

Nicholle from U.S.A. said:
Hey, Kurt is God! We all miss him very much! He\'s my idol and my hero! I love Kurt Cobain and I have dedicated my life to him. I\'ll always be with you kurt... Peace Love Empathy, Nicholle...

lauren from England said:
i love this website it shows the real kurt not just the one everyone thought they knew. hes definatley gone too soon. i love kurt.

Derk-Jan Louwes from Netherlands said:
Hello Kurt\'s notebook? look www.observer.co.uk/kurtcobain there is he! Greats Derk-Jan

daz from England said:
long live nirvana and long live kurt im lisining to nevermind now briliant album but i prefer inutro great site i did not know that many people feel the same way about nirvana as i do you know your right

daz from England said:
long live nirvana and long live kurt im lisining to nevermind now briliant album but i prefer inutro great site i did not know that many people feel the same way about nirvana as i do you know your right

Reyna from usa said:
kurt cobain is a god, and the world awaits a band as good as nirvana and it will never happen because without nirvana there would be no grunge ever!R.I.P i love you kurt, and hope your happier wich i know you are because love is a bitch and needs to burn in hell!!!!

Alias.... from USA, Washington said:
well, i just got the NEW Nirvana CD...The song \"You know your right\" is a GREAT song.....and i would just like to comment on Kurt\'s death....i still feel the pain more than I ever had before...i was only ten when he died...i didn\'t understand about death back then BUT I DO NOW....and now that i\'ve gotten their new cd, it just makes me wish that Kurt Cobain was still alive till this day 2002.....Everyone who OUT THERE who has ever loved the music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.....WILL have to live with the HORRIBLE thought that he MIGHT have committed suicide...(he didn\'t shoot himself he was to fucking happy.....) i\'m sure he loved life....i think the MYSTERY of his death lies in GRUNDGE whore Courtney.....Unfortunatley, ALL of us will never know what really happened with Kurt that day....(April 5, 1994) love u Kurt 4 ever ~Andrea

xxx from England said:
kurt is a god. anyone who ses anythin bad bout him r fukt. courtny shud burn, shes makin money out of kurts deth. i luv kurt to pieces, hope hes happy now. he changed the world

Isaac Great from USA said:
this sight is ok

Isaac Great from England said:
this sight is ok

Adam from u.s said:
There needs to be a change. What ever happened to writing your own songs and sounding good live. Im personaly sick of hip hop and rap music. And Im sick of posers saying how much they love kurdt so much when the only song they\'ve ever heard is \'smells like teen spirit\'Would you read one page out of a book and say it was your favorite.Shit.Those people our the ones who killed him. Monotony is a murderer. Kiss my ass hip hop generation.Great site.

holly from Mich said:

katie from England said:
i was just wondering how come none of the sites have the lyrics to u no u\'r right i lookre on about 5 different ones could u put dem on dis site please xxxxxxxx

katie from England said:
kurt/nirvana has insiped me to make my own band wid my m8ts he is my hero and all those peeps who said couteny killed him dats a lie coz she was in hosipal wid drug over dose but i dont think he commited sucid either coz he loved his music,coutney and frances bean cobain RIP kurt i LOVE u 4EVA but nevermind xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bjørn Sørgård from Norway said:
hi.. just wanna to say that I\'m a big fan... and now we got this on school, and I need some information about chad channing, and dave grohl... anyone, who wanna help me? It\'s just to sad what happend in 1994... arg... I\'m mad...

Elien, nirvangirl for life!! from Belgium said:
Hi Kurt is dead but he lives on in many hearts! So many years after his dead his still famous.. dont forget him! Peace, love, empathy xxx ME

Kyle stephens from Wales said:

corey vinopal from P.A. said:
i miss kurt and really want him back !! i miss grunge music, its all not the same without him !!

Meridem from The Netherlands said:
I just want to say that there\'s a new Nirvana song: \"You know you\'re right\"!

Alissa from England said:
I love Kurt...He was the best thing that happened to music!

katie from England said:

katie from England said:
well miss kurt he was so nice and fit were all miss the way he sang smiled every move he maded and who could forget those blue eyes i love him so much i love his music that he was best ati play his songs at least 5 times a day nirvana are truley the BEST band in the world this web site is so use full fanks for makein it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

greg from u.s. said:
Kurt was not a god! he never wanted to be a god! he never wanted to be a star! and its people like you who made him take his own life in 1994! you bastards you all made kurt something he wasnt! and you all killed him!!!!! i blame kurts death on everyone who thought kurt was a god!

RIcky from America said:
LONG LIVE KURT...We all know you didn\'t kill yourself

Paul Ethington from United States of America said:
Kurt Cobain is probably the most influencial person in rock music. Ever. and i thank him for starting the rock era and keep onn rocking NIRVANA fans. Peace.

The Redeemer of freaky sex-starved souls from Ñawalandia said:
Whatever you do, send hec_24@hotmail.com to fuck himself! He is a little homosexual fourteen year old... don\'t mind him and follow your everyday life.

The Redeemer of freaky sex-starved souls from Ñawalandia said:
Whatever you do, send hec_24@hotmail.com to fuck himself! He is a little homosexual fourteen year old... don\'t mind him and follow your everyday life.

Chantelle said:
I am constantly getting shit from people about how much I feel for Kurt. People don\'t understand the beauty of kurt\'s art and words, they don\'t understand the depth of nirvana\'s songs and what they mean to people like me. When I visit these sites I know that i am going to be hurt and i know that my stomach will burn but yet i continue to return, i thirst for knowledge about Kurt that maybe i have never heard before. Kurt, Dave, and Krist are such beautiful people and Kurt will never fully understand what he means to me or others that share my pain. The funny thing is... Kurt would not have wanted this... he would not have wanted all of us to mourn him still... Kurt did, does, and always will want peace, love, and empathy in the world! But no matter what .... I fucking miss you...

Cailleau from Germany said:
\"Meinen sussen Prinz, bei Engeln fliegen Sie zu dein Ruhe\"

Catherine from U.S.A. said:
\"Lovely in death the beauteous ruin lay; And if in death still lovely, lovelier there; Far lovelier! pity swells the tide of love.\" -E.Y.

chris ours from usa said:
I enjoy Watching americAN Gladiators while wearing red tights and mud wrestling with my rat terrier rastis

savannah from america said:
dudes, i love kurt cobain. i realy do. in fact he\'s my god,but i hate to say it he was not murdered. he couldnt take the pain anymore, mentaly or physically. and leave Love alone, he loved her.

savannah from England said:
dudes, i love kurt cobain. i realy do. in fact he\'s my god,but i hate to say it he was not murdered. he couldnt take the pain anymore, mentaly or physically. and leave Love alone, he loved her.

Crystal Childers from United States said:
Kirt Cobaine is the love of my life! I wish Courtney would have never killed him.

crystal childers from U.S. said:
Kirt Cobaine is so sexxxy! Im gonna marry him!

monkey on a stick fan from England said:
go to www.monkeyonastick.20m.com to see a good band (the best) not as good as nirvana but good

berzins said:

chelcea from United States said:
your site is the best one i have seen in a long time... mine isnt very good bc thats just my basic stuff... and i havent gotten around to making a real website... your site is awsome and it is one of my favorites...

Slack anus from England said:
If Kurt(my nic name for him is kitty miow) was gay would he pound my horny sweaty ass? I would love to have given him genital worts and gone deep throught with him purrrrrr

retard girl according 2 every1 else! from hell! said:
NIRVANA rule! rip kurt. vex red also rule! xxxxxxxxxxxx

dev from united states said:
Kurt Cobain was murdered

Pussyfuck from England said:
I wish I could have Kurts babies............

Gemmae from England said:
Kurt your one of a kind sweethart hope you at peace because you deserve that more than any one RIP.

GEMMAE from England said:
Kurt rest in peace sweethart we will miss and love you alway. RIP.

Jeff from USA said:
A man with a bright mind for words. I love them all. Deep........

GEMMAE from England said:
KURT COBAIN was one of the most talented rock stars to have been born, but like most of the few(their hardly rock stars who can write a song let alone have talent) good rock stars he died at a young age .I wonder if any one ever told the guy that he was not just wonderfull singer but that people really thought he was more than a rock star but hope of better music, if even that they cared that he was hurting so much inside.I hope so it just seems so sad to think that he could of thought nobody cared.

Drew from USA said:
This site is a bunch of bullshit, how dare you dedicate a site to the greatest man to ever live and name it burnout.youre lucky i dont come over to your house in fucking stick a 12 gauge up yer fucking ass and pull the trigger you fucking poser!

Jen from Canada said:
I would just like to say that this site is very informative and by far my favorite site on Kurt and the band that I have seen so far. Thanks so much

kurt Lover from England said:
I really miss Kurt i wish he hadn\'t died. Its his birthday soon I just wish he could have been here to celebrate it . MISS U LOADS KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanie Ingerson from New York said:
I loved Kurt Cobaine.

Lindsay from Canada said:
I love the site-this is the best site on Kurt i have seen. Good job. You\'re hired.

steven Mcewan from scotland said:
kurt ruled and that bitch courtney killed him.you know your right is an amazing song and the new album will be ******* outstanding.

steven Mcewan from scotland said:
kurt ruled and that bitch courtney killed him.

Lisa from United States said:
Kurt Cobain is god! does anybody knoe if he had any tattoos, what of and where? if u do will u please email me? Rebelgurl928@yahoo.com thanx! Lisa