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Last updated January 12, 1996

I cobbled this together out loads of different sources. It is based on an article, the credits for which are below.

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This discography copyright (c) 1996 by Alexander Lum.

Still need: More information on books, especially guitar tablature books. Any more Internet resources.



Kurt Cobain: vocals, guitar (1985-1994)
Krist (Chris) Novoselic (1985-1994)
Aaron Burckhard (1985-1986)
Dale Crover: drums (1988)
Chad Channing (1986-1990)
Jason Everman: guitar (1989)
Dave Foster: drums (1988)
Dan Peters: drums (1990)
Dave Grohl: drums, backing vocals (1990-1994)
John Duncan: guitar (1993)
Pat Smear: guitar (1993-1994)