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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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jen from philippines said:
i love kurt's music! he's the best composer. I love kurt cobain! he's a legend

becca from Australia said:
Punk Not Dead. Kurdt, our love for you is abstract, our longing though is pure; you are my personal projection, the masses were your cure. Never Rest.....live to die another day, each minute some muscley heart in this filthy world beats faster because of you....damn i cant believe im talking to you now but there you go......... we live for metaphors of divinity. love

LENCE DENKOVSKA from macedonia said:
i realy love kurt cobain!!!

Julia from New Zealand said:
Whatever happened to Kurt, What a waste of a person. He was so fucking talented. great musician. His music is great. nirvana are timeless. best album unplugged NY. R.I.P Kurt xxx

helena from England said:
kurt cobain is the most awesome grunge artist ever he will never be forgotton

Meteor from IN said:
Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.

george from USA said:
great site.my doughter wanted to know kurts middle name,i said look it up.what a great discovery.i saw them at a state fair in detroit and knew then this band had something the gen x was longing for someone who understood.keep the site alive by the way im 45 and still jam nirvanna and foo fighters with my doughter.peace,love and rockon george

William from United States said:
Thanks guys this page rocks. And is verry helpful! We will always love you Kirt!

Emma-Jay Lee from England said:
ello i so love nirvana day r like wickeddddddddddddddddddd .. rock on . p.s love ya callum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kurt Cobain from England said:
hello everyone

Britto from U.S.A. said:
Hi guys iv got som realy sexy new pics.E-mail me we can cam each other. cant wait boys . xx Britto---------------------brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

we shite from the toilet said:
fuck u this is ma loooo

Emma lee from England said:
heya im emma and i just love nirvana, its my favorite band now, how i found nirvana hmm my brother kept playin songs wen i was round his house , always he plays guitars and he plays nirvana tunes on it... also my boyfriend loves nirvana too and also ahs a guitar and does the same lol.. well i stayed round my brothers hosue and kept playin nirvana, then liked the songs.. i got posters and songs and everything about kurt cobain and he is wicked !!!

Emma Lee from England said:
heya im emma and i so love nirvana. i didnt know them much befour , but wen my boyfriend started talkin bout them and has pictures of them i didnt reallt think much of nirvana, i went round my brothers hosue and he loves nirvana ... he played songs and ( my brothers and boyfriend play guitars) and they both playing nirvana songs. Then i loved nirvana , i got posters and all there songs and im always lookin up kurt cobain , thats how i found this lol .. 18th auguest 2006. 10:55pm...

mary from malta said:
hiiii i lov nirvana alotttttttttt unforunitly kurt cobain died but in our hearts he is still alive and in his GREAT MUSIC AND GREAT BAND we lov ya kurt cobain hope one day not in this world maybe i see u !!!!!!! xxxxxx

guy mackenzie from England said:
Nirvana are the best! Kurt cobain lives on and I have 2 Kurt Cobain guitars in my collection. you can see them at www.the guitarcollection.org.uk

Erin from United States said:
listen to nirvana

emma from nirvana said:
oh kurt u r 1 of only 4 people i truly love. anyone who uses this site to diss kurt or nirvana has a cold heart and should imagine what its like 2 b suicidal.

taylor from usa said:
kurt lives

Gorsky from England said:
She would live easier in prison, than waking up every day with that in her mind.

Gorsky from England said:
When will Curtney confess that she killed Kurt?

Reza from Netherlands said:
SCUDERS, krist is living a quiet live with his family. i think he stil jams now and then, but from what i know, he does not want to be associated with nirvana no more. he said that is in the past now. I also heard he doesnt even have any contact with dave no more, and btw, dave who what a voice heay? foo fighters are the next great band for me! Reza

Jolene from South Africa said:
What a nice biography u have of Kurt Cobain,very intresting.Its sad tha he shot himself.love his music and always will.*

khyati from England said:
i love kurt cobain i jus wish he didnt kill himself n was still alie

ary yulia from Indonesia said:
everyone whom lived in indonesia,would you like to tell me where do i have to go to buy kurt cobain's biography book?

david ryan from ireland said:
who liked the biography i want to buy it

david ryan from ireland said:
it is so good to meet people like me and they hate courteney luv

Ingjerd from Norway said:
Kurt Cobain's work is still alive, and Kurt still lives in our hearts!!

Beanbag from South Africa said:
The Acide raining from my eyes hits my numb cheeks every time i her NIRVANA!!

charity from nowhere really said:
i want to meet kurt so bad...maybe i'll have a dream with him visiting me and then i can hear his voice when i walk around alone in this lost world of mystery...

scuders from England said:
hey, silly question. does anyone have any idea what happened to krist? i mean, we all know about daves newest exploits, and of course we all know bout kurt (god rest his soul), but what ever happened to krist? please help me, it really annoys me that he seems to have dissapeared, he was in such a great band, yet, where the hell is he?

Anja from Denmark said:
hey. im a hugh fan of Kurt Cobain, he is more than amazing. or was. I have this dream to visit he's grave. but, where? ehm. Its a great hp you have there.

cancer from brunei said:
kurt here me out man.. we need more ppl like you.. bt thats impossible cuz u r u n thats jus too good for da world..im confused myself man.. i feel u.. bt u put it into words n dat is godly.. kurt i love u.. dont matter wat ppl say im wif u all the way.. monkeys keep on copyin.. cant believe how sad it is.. kurt i love i love u ilove u... you will never fade away kurt

Alexei from Russian Federation said:
Hello everybody!!! My name is Alexei. I'm 19 years old. I'm looking a pen-friend from London. I'm a student of Orthodox Seminary in Moscow. In my free time I like to running in park. It is very interesting for me to now about this town! I will like to have a friend for speaking in English. I want to have a friend from England! I'll be very happy if you I find friend write me. So long!

Merve from Australia said:
Kurt.You did it! You acheived what you wanted to, Didn't You??! You stole my heart and then like a mirror you let it fall and break and shatter. Like a Rose you let it wither up and die.You stole my tears then you turned them to ash, and i smoked them through my soul.You were depressed, you were alone, you were hurt. But still you did it,You managed to change me, to let me float forever in your words, on your words, on truth...Sometimes when i listen to your voice, your soul coming through the lyrics of the love you wrote, i cry, i weep, i scream and shout, but yet i smile, i smile ebcause you did it, you took away my virginity of being alone, of being misunderstood, of being "Different", Now when i hear voices i know its just you, when i see figures in the night at my window i know its you, im not going insane, im falling deeper and deeper into a pit of sorrow in which only your words can save me, in which when i bleed only your smile can cure me,Only you can be my saviour. Kurt, The darkness that you left behind, wraps itself around my mind, like a drug it makes me blind,erasing the love you cried.May you rest in Peace Kurt, for you have done it, you have been you, you have become a legend, around the world and in this broken, dirty place called my heart. R.I.P

Merve from Australia said:
Kurt was an inpiration to anyone who listened to his music. He was the most kindest and realist musician ever, He took his own life so that us his fans would truly hopefully understand the reason he died, his lyrics meant more then what lied on the surface, they were deep. Truth was what lay beneath the surface, i just pray that all his fans can understand this.xox R.I.P

Danielle from South Africa said:
Ever since i started listening to Kurt and Nirvana i look at life differanty....KURT U ROCK THE WORLD (even if u are dead:))

reza from holland said:
oef, its been a long time...it seems like alot have changed around here. must been over a year when i visit this site, then it was all stupid coments like below here, and spams all over, show some f&cking respect lads! anyway, this reason i went up here agian is coss news has reached my ears about Kurts house in Seattle has new owners? anyone who could fill me in on that? good to still see (young) fans show their respect on this site. still miss you kurt, althought your voice still reaches out here on earth for all of us xxxx Reza

kurt from australia said:
thanks for the website

Kendall from US said:
I love you kurt! Your words have truley changed the way I see life and live it.

Ryan from England said:
hello there, i just want to speak to genuine nirvana or hole fans. im 20 male and look like kurt cobain (because i try to hard i think) lol. er anyway id love it if some of you got in touch. thanks. vondoobage@hotmail.co.uk

malin from England said:
Kurt I love you and i will ever do that . ! Ilove you i love you ! (h)

yukachild from Romania said:
I knew Kurt was dead but ididn`t really thought about about it. I loved a few songs, i knew he was special. A few days ago i watched New york Nirvana Unpluged and that made me question myself...Why did Kurt died? What was his life like? Why was he so special? And some questions about myself...Now i think I know..so thank you Kurt for opening my eyes. We love you Kurt, Yuka...

scots are bastards from England said:
u fucking scottish bastards, do u even know who daddy is, well mothafucka's keep fucking searching, u white ass biachez, my cum is the same colour as your fucking skin punks. Tell momma that i would fuck ur sister instead orf her tnite

brendon from mianus said:
hey if anyone has read kurt cobains journals you will find out how intricate his mind truly was any fan of kurt or nirvana should have a copy . support S.A music its growing Brendon from kick ass south africa

nicola French from England said:
I have nearly finished reading Kurt Cobains biography and would just like to say its fantastic. I would recommend anyone who likes Nirvana to read this immediately.

ne from England said:
You guys have to remember, Kurt was just a human, he's not god. STOP OBSESSING OVER HIM! idiots...

Paul WElls from England said:
Im 46 & Kurt will always be with me until i die & who knows if im really lucky ill meet him in another life and even jam with him

China from England said:
Omg im about your guys biggest fan you have the most wonderfun music in the world... you guys are awesome

erica from usa said:
This is an awsome website. Thank you for taking note of true anerican legend.

Arick Donovan from USA said:
wow love the site man any one that wonts 2 should check out my myspace its a fan site 4 Nirvana myspace/irsk8er2 peace

Love`Buzz from Slovenia said:
Even if i'm 12 years old... i know that kurt was awesome pearson & best musician i ever heard of... too bad that he died :( (r.i.p.) ... but still... Nirvana still lives!

liesj91 from belgium said:
kurt cobain was a very special persolality I think and an extraordinairy musician. Probably one of the most mystic persons on the planet...

arif chowdhury from England said:
your webby is da shittest

carly keegan from australia said:
such a talent, charisma wasted from the sheer addiction of a drug. But with death comes live and he lived his live for the years he was here. Such a shame he can't protect his daughter from the world as well.

Jessica Matchett from Canada said:
Hell Yes friggin awesome site i love Nirvana they're my favorite band!.My fav song by them is Lithium and Sliver.

Jen from England said:
LOVE U KURT !!!!!!!

andrea from PH said:
Hi. May I aks you who did design for this site? I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all. Yours looks much better I guess. Im trying to find someone who are really great designer.

stace from Slovenia said:
kurt is legend... you just can't hate him ... too bad that he died...if who shoot him... then this WHO must be punished sooooo hard

manchester from England said:
well said hater form scotland, i can handle the fact that this is a kind of shrine to kurt, but a lot of u write sum fucked up shit,get over it u twats! go suck ur mums & then cut ur arms or whatever u freaks do, u depressin fucks get a life!

hater from scotland said:
u bunch of muppets, grow up wot r u lot fuckin inbread twats eh? yea go suck ur mums...........

A sad girl from * said:
Kurt is not dead in my head I know its sounds like im pysaiko . I promise I am one of Kurt Cobains biggest fan . R.I.P Kurt Cobain love ya .

regina dolendo from Philippines said:
kurt cobain memory lives forever.

Mark Geuy from USA said:
Mark Geuy of Murrieta - I miss Kurt Cobain and his music...what a tragedy.

Korynn from usa said:
cassandra, i also agree w/. kurt has a great story from what we know, and kurt told a story when he sang. original a man who sinned so bad that i don't even know yet i LOVE and always will any1 who says anything negitive u got no right saying anything or judging him, one man will judge you along w/ him one day.

Korynn from England said:
i totally agree w/ carrie allen. Rock on

Korynn from usa said:
i have loved kurt cobain since i was a little girl, i used to watch shows and tapes of his music and just watch in awe. suck for me he died right after i was born. 1994 i was born january. often i wonder his story if he were to tell me himself, i am a christian and suicide is vwery wrong in our eyes, but 4 some strange reason i don't think shame on him i feel bad for him, i really wish I could talk to him personally, just us... truthfully. but that will never happen. awesome website, KORYNN

????? from England said:

mike from England said:
i think aj need to get his head sorted ill kill them wot ever mate and SAZ keep up the good art work mate ill c hazel soon for a tatoo nxt year because you waiting list is to long lol

sally from England said:

Daysha from United States said:
How sad, how one live causes others in distress and pain even when they didn't know each other.

hater from scotland said:
is this ur bush u goons.

hater from scotland said:
fuck kurt cobain he is dead get over it, nirvana were fucking shit. i cant believe you lot, all this for a dead person how fucking stupid all he probly wants is for you lot to shut the fuck up and go suck ur mums!!!!!!!!!!!

fu-manchu from England said:
Frances Bean Cobain

amanda from New Zealand said:
whats kurt cobains daughters name?

amanda from New Zealand said:
this is a awsome site and its gay that haeps of people are using this guest book as a chat site im sure kurt wuld think "wot tha fuk is wif u weirdos this sites about me, not about wot u did 2day" so fuk off u ball lickers

amanda from New Zealand said:
i think its really cool that u guys have done this in his memory its great the photos and artworks kul as thanx heaps

holly harris from darlington said:
hi josh how are you this is holly justin x friend

carrie allen from USA said:
I love Kurt as much as anybody but i think instead of all these conspiracy theories people need to look at the seriousness of depression and realize how obviously depressed and suicidal Kurt was for a long time. I think the biggest sin was all the people around him not noticing this or taking it seriously and doing anything. I think those who loved him had no business letting him be alone.

malin from sweden said:
I love kurt cobain ánd nirvana (h) . Kurt Cobain make my days happier .

diskutfree from USA said:
HI EVERYBODY!!! so i'm not really all that new... i've been here for like sixth months and it's getting boring. i need to meet some new people.

cassandra ryckman from u.s.a. said:
Kurt Cobain will always be respected!!! He was a very special man who's music was very unique{ like no other musician} For me,I was drawn to him because we shared so much. Had so much in common! His music was so authentic & raw...There could never be another KURT COBAIN...

meg alderman from us said:
wow i love kurt cobain and find information that can even change a whole demention of not thinking of his actions but of who he is as a person!!!!

marilalena from greece said:
tipota pia den me perimenei ekei eksw..kathe vhma kathe kinhsh just for him oh how i miss you youd never know cause youre with the angels and you leave nothing but a sorrow...

Dan Will from Wales said:
Just want to say your bigography on Kurt Cobain was great. He is a legend. Everyone says it but I truely believe he IS a legend.

christine from sweden said:
Kurt Donald Cobain is my husband, my drog and my everything. FOR YOU I`LL BLEED MYSELF DRY, i´ll see you in heaven babe :):) loveyou

violet5522 from Greece said:
This is Violet! XoX

nirvana from USA said:
any fags that say kurt sucks,likes fuckin gay whiney emo rock,and YOU will burn in hell fag

sane from England said:
you all need to stop slaggin off courtney, if youra a true kurt fan u shudnt b slagin off his love. truth is he blew his brains out for some reason, drugs? depression maybe? so if ur gonna b mad, b mad with kurt!!! no disrespect to the dead, he must ov been in sum fucked up state ov mind to take his own life!

None from England said:
Hello to everybody! Hope everyone likes this nice site!

Joanna from USA said:
Kurt Cobain was and always will be the greatest artist of all time. He was a true artist and thats really hard to find

chris from manchester from England said:
i feel a dick now cos iv obviously dropped in at the wrong place, a simple "" uv dropped in at the wrong place"" would hav woke me up to that fact UCM FROM HUNGARY ur obviously a part time comedian with ur little "in jokes" ur deeply talented, ul go far well done!! anyway sorry 4 droppin in on this conversation im not even a nirvana fan, although smell like teen spirit is a fuckin tune!! anyway have a nice life people!!

josh from England said:
great job m8!!

Mat from England said:
The links to the midi files have been fixed.

camila from argentina said:
kurt cobain es el mejor artista junto con britney speras

Cosmopolitan from China said:
Cool site,but the midis are not exist yet!

ardo from Hungary said:
hello im confused lol.

chris from manchester from England said:
...contd... i want to know what u guys over the water think about this 9.11 conspiracy, watch that loose change docu' if uv not already, im not takin the piss by the way i know its a touchy subject,just interested in what uz hav to say about it

chris from manchester from England said:
ok josh ill stop bein patriotic now! a serious question though, what do u guys think of the 9.11 conspiracy? hav u seen that loose change documentary? thats some heavy shit......contd.....

gaby from canada said:
Nirvana is amazing!!!!!!! moving to england next summer, canada is the shit!