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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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olivia from England said:
hiya all you sxc people out there wat you all up 2 me fine :0 :) ;(

daniel punker phillips from usa said:
listening to kurt takes me back to the good times and some bad were blessed with his thoughts that twisted with mine songs that explained mine (our) emotions. whatever

kurt cobain is and all ways will be mine so you need to back off of him and nirvana was and all ways will be the best in the world and in my eyes he did not kill himself she killed him i know it kurt cobain is hot and nirvana rules so if you are a nirvana fan you know kurt cobain is and all ways will be love i know i will allways love him no matter what he is the sexyest guy in the world

nirvana from texas said:
kurt cobain is and all ways will be so you need to back off of him and nirvana was and all ways will be the best in the world and in my eyes he did not kill himself she killed him i know it kurt cobain is hot and nirvana rules

Joe from Alkida said:
Dookie Pants also suck!

Joe from Alkida said:
Talaban suck!

Dookie pants from Afganistan said:
Personaly i think the Talaban is much better then Nirvana

Joe from Alkida said:
Uhh yeah Nirvana is Scrumptios every night

bill from England said:
he was pretty cool

Ashley from U.S. said:
thanks this info will help me do a research paper. Kurt Cobain is my hero.

khyati (14) (f) from England london said:
kurt life sucks wiv out u reali it does all around me ppl r cuzin rock n speciali u i h8 dem n i h8 courtney more 4 killin courtney u will burn in hell u fuckin how i h8 n will h8 u till i die luv u kurt bare xxxxxxxxx RIP missin u bbz cum bac plez

ashley from England said:
very good website nirvana's music is brilliant

khyati from England said:
kurt u'll always be my world n u've bein der 4 me when eva i have needed u. kurt coz of u i am namin ma kids kurttyy and krut love u lots no matta wat ppl say how u were a junkie( which ur not) and abuser 2 ur body coz of drugs (which u didnt do, u onli took den 2 help u cum ova ur stomach aches)u'll still be an idol 4 me who eva fuckin finks kurt sucks den dey might as well die coz kurt is da best rocker dis world have eva seen 4 as long as rock is counted courtney dis is 4 u: ur a hoe who should have killed her self den killed kurt ur a stripper who sucks more den anyfink in da world u suck cocks 2 earn ur livin n 4 frances bean i feel sorry 4 u 2 have mother dat is such a hoe peace 2 kurt love u always finks of u 24/7 xxxx

lisa honea from usa said:
i love you and i allways will love lisa honea

Jess from Canada said:
Lets say Kurt Cobain is fucking hott, and he could of done much better than courtney, shes an ass, I say their music is amazing, He is just amazing, Now too bad hes dead!

Randy from USA said:
we miss u kurt

Ivan site from France said:
I pray for world peace where all people can live free and happy.

best price for it from China said:
I just don't have anything to say these days. I've just been letting everything happen without me recently. It's not important. I feel like a bunch of nothing, but that's how it is. I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. My life's been generally dull recently.

Hannah__x from England said:
I love Kurt Cobain, he was an amazing man! a legend. no one ill ever replace him!! im onlu 15, but i still know how amaizng he is! my room is full of posters!

shop for my friends from USA said:
I've just been letting everything happen without me lately, but oh well. I haven't been up to much these days. Today was a complete loss. Shrug. More or less nothing seems important, but such is life.

my favorite shop from France said:
I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. What can I say? Not much on my mind today.

delivery me from USA said:
Not much on my mind lately. Basically not much notable happening to speak of. Eh. I've just been letting everything happen without me. I can't be bothered with anything lately, but I don't care.

delivery me from China said:
Nothing going on worth mentioning. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days. Today was a total loss. Not much on my mind recently.

Kayla from United States Of America said:
I love Kurt Cobain and I believe with everything in me that he didn't kill himslef...I don't know who did but I know that he didn't...someone can not shot themself and the gun not have fingerprints on it thats just crazy! Kayla*

turushi from albania said:
i believe in his suicide and i think for as long he lived he did the best in his life

Megan from England said:
No he didn't how cud u drop a gun wen ur dead / hold it pointing away from u when u are dead/killed ursel?!?! cya p.s my r.e teacher miss kirk thinks hes hawt lol (doing suicide in r.e atm)

Moppuy Appy from Help me much said:
Blondies, are there any?

nermana from bosna i hercegovina said:
kurt is alive, we got drunk last night..he's such a normal person..he's great.. i adore him, LONG LIVE KURT COBAIN

Gaby from Canada said:

fooled from greece said:
kurt was great,unique the only one who could touch our souls...and guys you are not alone.every time you cry for kurt and you don't want to live anymore,think that there are millions of people that feel exactly that way.we all feel sad for what happend,but thats how life is one time gorgeous and the other time shit shit shit.....I LOVE YOU KURT I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU...

crystal piche from England said:
We'll Always Remember

Iohanna from Serbia said:
I got very interested in Cobain's life and I'd like to say that I appreciate his work a lot. His life was completely unique,but,unfortunately ......

Evelina from Sweden said:
RIP Kurt Donald Cobain, the best of all times

Iro Kalpage from Sri Lanka said:
Kurt, i can feel you. I also feel the same. i wanna tel you so much. i know u r the only one i can tell u. we'll meet soon! wait for me. Kurt wait for me.

breezy from USA said:
I love kurt cobain so much and aslot of the time it feels like I'm the only one, but when I read what all the other fans say I makes me feel better about all the assholes that don't like nirvana. so if anybody wants to E-mail me please do so. I would really like to talk to other fans from any where. KURT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

EMO QUEEN from England said:
kurt will always will be alive wiv me n all da kurt lovers he will always live wiv me everyday every minute every second of ma life dat as 4 da b***h courtney u deserve 2 die 4 kill our kurt go 2 hell courtney i h8 u n i hate u more i wish u die

joe from England said:
kurt cobain is the god of grunge so i salute him r.i.p kurt

Jackie from England said:

Bieke from Belgium said:
Kurt Cobain was the King!!

Spencer Smith from U.S.A said:
Kurt Cobain was a great man...It's really too bad how he had to end it, but this was what he wanted. RIP Kurt

nevermind from greece said:
i'm so sad that he did that.i can't believe hi's gone.i love him so much.he is my life my mind my soul, everything.i just can't realize what happend.every day i can't stop crying for him.he is my obssesion.KURT WHY YOU DID THAT?sometimes i think it will be better to come and find you THERE but i know i'm so weak to do sth like that.But every day is more and more difficult.I WANT TO GO TO SLEAP AND NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN i love you so much kurt.i cant stand this helpless world anymore.all i wanted was just to see you, i only want to hear your voice, to touch you...KURT COME BACK..............

Vicki from U.S. said:
Kurt Cobain was the ta;lented god of grunge and will stay that way he will never fad nor will he ever leave there is a kurt in everyfan and there is a kurt angel to watch us. Peac,Love,Grunge and hail to the god of grunge rest in peace babe.

ROULA from greece said:

kurt fan from greece said:

Hayden John Roberts from New Zealand said:

ariel from England said:
This is the best site about nirvanaand of course kurt that i have found and i have seen many. kurt will always be a sexy man...

ariel from UNITED STATES said:

Monica from United States said:
Hey...no matter what happens...Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will live on forever!

Chelsea from U.S. said:
Courtney is a b**** she so killed Kurt.

Pottsy from England said:
I belive that kurt was the biggest fucking insperation in music and still is this is the best way of reberance by teaching people about nirvana and the history of kurt peace out rip kurt love and respect god bless

Borarien from Nigeria said:
its so fucking huge that you hear nevermind or the other cds ist a insparation for everyone .

Truk Niaboc from Germany said:
~Nirvana~is the best fucking grunch-band i ever had heart!!!I love all the songs from Nirvana cause everybody rocks!RESPECT:Kurt,Dave,Krist

Stoned Musican from Germany said:
kurt cobain is the best musican in his time.he was soo exellent to write songs.it>s unbelievable what he did.i'm sad that he died so early....R:I:P Kurt Cobain...1964-1993..

Chelsea from United States said:
Nirvana rocks it makes me sad to think that Kurt actually killed himsef. I hope he is happy were he is.

Chelsea from United States said:
Nirvana rocks it makes me sad to think that Kurt actually killed himsef. I hope he is happy were he is.

reece from England said:
all hail kurt cobain

Iro Kalpage from Sri Lanka said:
I cant say a word! Its all in my heart. Kurt i wanna ask so much from you. Anyway you are a GREAT man!!! you choose the right thing. I think people have right to sucide. If they think they cant live anymore. u have the right. Most of people affraid.I dont affraid, I know you too. I love u Kurt !

meri from Macedonia said:
OMG this is so tragicful, for me, i would kill myself for Kurt

TheUniversalCreep from Montenegro said:
Kurt rulez.He gave me the inspiration so many times.Thank you for everything

lynn from greece said:
all i can say is that was the one!!!he was beautiful, talented and he was great as a person.it's just so sad he died at the age of 27 and in that way.the last month the every moment in my head is kurt...i can't think anymore..i can feel him here with us again.if there was any way to bring him back at least for one second i swear i'd done it...KURT I LOVE YOU AND I WILL UNTIL I LEAVE FROM THIS WORLD...YOU WERE MY ONLY HOPE TO SURVIVE..NOW I'M JUST WAITING UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR ME TO GO...guys love kurt cause he was a REALLY REALY BIG BRAIN-and he's gone...FOREVER.....

amy from greece said:
kurt σ'αγαπαω οσο τιποτα σ'αυτον τον κοσμο και θα σ'αγαπω για παντα!!!!!!!!!Courtney Love σε μισω!!!ΚURT COBAIN S'AGAPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy from greece said:
i love kurt even though he is dead.he is the most amazing thing ever happend in my life.i wish he was alive and and give poind in this life.also, Courtney Love i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish you had never borned!!!!!I HATE YOU-I HATE YOU...Kurt we will always love you-our soul and mind will be forever with you!!!KURT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clive wicomb from south africa said:
Nirvana's music has impacted on me in a big way. I became an instant fan after hearing Nevermind. I have even named my first born son Cobain. To all the fans out there keep the memory alive. Well whatever nevermind!

tiffanyyy from United states said:
kurt in a way is everything i wanna be he truley is the most talked musician and i love that man for everything he has done...when is kurt cobain day? and why isent it on the calender?

ans from England said:
dude,kurt cobain is a fuckin legend im converting my husband into kurt cobain apartf rom the whole dying at 27 scheme that reli aintmy themelol kurdt cobain rulez!!!!!

west from Canada said:

kmar from YO MAMMA said:

west from CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said:
Kurt fucking rock and he is the best singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trurocker4life from AMERICA!! said:
yea i had to do a history fair project thingy and this site wuz like the the #1 source for my information on nirvana wich is a AWSOME band!! =) -me

hannah elliott from England said:
nirvana arethe best rock band in the world!

laura from germany said:
kurt cobain is the greates man for live! he is my idol he was a great man!! i think he was the best!! i love him for ever i will never forgott him he is a legend!!

laura from germany said:
your hompeage is great!! kurt cobain i love you!! please search for more photos!! i think i love your homepage!!

Client from Philippines said:
Its cool...

West from Canada said:
Nirvana is the best music i ever heard in my life the first song i heard was smells like teen spirit. "GO COBAIN"

clay pendlebury from Canada said:
your wicked awesome man i know your not dead just like john wayne

Hc from North Carolina said:
Kurt u fuckin rock

shar from Russia said:

claire from England said:
Nirvana music changed my life, i can totally relate to the amazing lyrics & without Kurt, that band would have been nothing, I'm so greatful for what he's done, he was a true rock star, not one of those vain fraks rock bands spit out today.

Rachael from New Zealand said:
Kurt was freakin' awesome! I wish i was old enough at the time to have known his music before he died. I think the case should be reopened because i and many others do not believe he did kill himself.

jessica from England said:
wow!! ur brill

katie from England said:
hey. my god kurt had si=uch a well intrestin life, i just wanna no how it eneded (like many others like me i guess) he really is a great artiest in music and art. he will live on throught the great music he made...

dumb from Croatia said:
i love nirvana

dumb from England said:
i love that music, i love kurt, thx, he changed my life

Jim Dobson from United States said:
cool site.

Gwen from South africa said:
You guys are mad!!! courtney would never kill kurt never!!! your all just jelous that she was with kurt and you werent she had his child his heir to carry on his legend!! soon your going to be saying horrible thigs about frances too aren't ya?? get a life this is a site to remember kurt cobain not to fucking be so chritical and so dam stupid!

Craig from United States of America said:
I just wanna say that wether Nirvana wanted publicity or not they are the best band living or dead.

Nicolea Stroodle from Southafrica said:
i am so so so embarrassed by that no name that comes from the same country as me as what he said. kurt cobain is a legend and we will always remember him!! that guy is a pathetic loser who sent that message!!

Nicola Stroodle from South africa said:
Hi there , i am a new fan of nirvana and am sad that i never liked them before as they fantastic!!!

joey jerome from canada said:
Igroue up listing yo nirvana and i stilldo

Joe from Canada said:
i really like Kurt Cobain even if he's dead but for me he made the greates music ever

Tablet from us said:
I like your site very much indeed.

kelso from canada said:
whoever made this site, i wanna marry this is the best ever i heart kurt cobain more than you'll ever imagine.

Kelso from canada said:
sorry, kelso frum england was actally me

kelso from England said:
KURT IS THE BEST MUSICIAN EVER TO LIVE. cept now, cuz he's dead :(

XD from The Netherlands said:

:-) from South Africa said:

malene from England said:
i have to corret you, in the lyrics from the song, something in the way, you wrote "..... 'cause they haven't any feelings " that is incorret.. the corret lyrics is ".... 'cause they don't have any felings"...

Amber from U.S. said:
For some reason I need to ask questions about the cd pack that came out. Q's; On disc one, song #3 is written by Bond, who is that?

no name from England said:
shut up "from" and stop talking total shit

no name from England said:
nearly happy new year everyone! it's coming up to february 20th, kurt's birthday. he would have been 40.