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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Linds from Canada Newfoundland said:
thank u Vicki they do say that great minds think alike! Linds sorry spelled it wrong

Linds from Canada Newfoundland said:
thank u Vikki they do say that great minds think alike! Linds

Linds from Canada Newfoundland said:
And Kent if u can\'t spell it don\'t say it it\'s Kurt not Kirk!!! ass Linds

Vicki from England said:
I agree with Linds, she did do it, she conspired with the nanny and they muredered him, either that, or it was someone else either way, KURT COBAIN DID NOT KILL HIMSELF!!! Peace Love Empathy

Linds from Canada Newfoundland said:
ok i dont care what any1 thinks she done it. I don\'t care if she wasn\'t there she could off paid someone !!!! Linds

Eydís from Iceland said:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site! I love it... Kurt is the king, not Elvis!!!

JayD from England said:
Kurt Cobain lives on forever!

Amy from Canada said:
Hey Kat, i play electric guitar too, and Teen Spirit is pretty easy and its really fun to play. I would guess that u are probably talking about the begining part of the song and all you have to do is use power chords (you know what they are, right?) so u start with a power chord on the low e string on fret 1 and on the a string on fret 3. you strum down up down. Then lift your fingers off the frets, but so they are still touching the strings so you make thunking sounds and then strum down up down really fast. Then you just move your two fingers up one string each, but still on the same frets and strum down down up. then you move to the 4th fret on your low e string and your 6th fret on the a string and repeat the steps for the first two chords, just on those different frets! i hope i helped and my instructions arnt to confusing, but this is a kind of hard thing to help someone with, expecially when we are on two different contenents!! good luck!

kat from England said:
so, whats everyone up 2? im just listening to some music - not nirvana for once in my life! cant believe ive been a nirvana fan for like 5 years now, was only 9 when i first heard them! oh, one thing does anyone here play electric guitar? coz i do, havent been playing long, and am having some real trouble with a few nirvana riffs. i mean anuerysm is sotred, but some of teen spirit - chords - is really hard. i think its the timing and amount of upstrokes etc. but if any1 has any tips, my ears are wide open! please help me!

kat from England said:
havent been on here in ages. charlotte, i agree, Q.O.T.S.A video dave hair length is probably best. although his hair style in Foo fighters - learn to fly wasn\'t too bad either. was just looking through old messages i see that guy michael really pissed you guys off! but then i guess he is a complete isiot, who obviously is blind, deaf and of course emotionally and mentally retarded as he cant see just how greta nirvana is. i mean what kind of idiot doesn\'t think nirvana are original! they are the meaning of original. anyway, i guess he\'s entitled to his own opinion - even if it is, in my eyes, the wrong one. dont know why he came here in the first place, i mean it was pretty obvious we were all gonna bitch about him, maybe that was the point! maybe hes some kind of sicko he gets off on stuff like that, who knows. i just hope someone teaches him the meaning of the word music, i bet hes in to like some kind of rap music, or like the worst band in the world - linkin park!

Vicki from England said:
I have a bad stomach ouch!! I wonder what Courtney the whore will be doing to remember Kurt on his birthday?? I hate her so much, how could she turn Frances\' mind against her own father, shes such a bitch i hate i hate her i hate her i hate her!!!! I hope she dies a slow painfull death!! Peace Love Empathy x

Stoat from England said:

marissa from The netherlands said:
CHARLOTTE, i red your message, and i just wanted you to now that I´m busy with it. maybe we schould stick togetter or something? It realy not going to be easy, I trying to get something of the gound, but a lot people who said they would help, hooked off. so if you have any idea,s? maybe i could send uyou what I already have on the case? And I´m working on contact now with one of the band members from The mentors, and that seems to go good for now. Well let me now. You can also email me if you want to. Marissa ( neutron, clor inge and everybody else i forget, how aree you guys?)

Vicki from England said:
Thats cool Charlotte, i will probably do a candle thing and music, yeah i think we should protest, i remember his 10th anniversary, i got a huge massive poster of him, i cant believe its been so long since he was MURDERED peace love empathy x

charlotte from England said:
Hiya gain peeps. Just checkin in 2 c who has posted wot, lks like no one has since i last posted. well i have to go cos its Sunday n i got skool tomoz BYEEEEEEE!! Rip Kurtxx

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh Vicki. Always. I light a candle and say like this year, his birthday (well in gb anyway) is on sunday so when it is a weekend, i play Nirvana songs all day and just remember him that way. Also, on the week from April 5th to April 8th, I light a candle aswell. God, its 11 years nearly. and NOTHING has been done!! I think the fans who believe Kurt was murdered (including me) should do a protest or summit to push the SPD. wot do u guys out there think? Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx

Vicki from England said:
Charlotte, you no on Kurts birthday and rememberance days, do you do anything?? Like a little ceremony?? I might do something, i just wondered because i always feel like he has been forgotton, even though he hasnt, not by us anyway. Peace Love Empathy

mike from England said:
i think that this is one of the best navana/kurt cobain web site i have seen yet

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh ur right Vicki. Michael is such a burke. On Thursday, it\'ll be amonth til Kurts 38th bday if he was alive :-(

Vicki from England said:
Yeah its cos he cant back up his ideas and theorys, we all no we love NIRVANA so i think we should leave michael to his own assumptions and illusions, as long as we still support Kurt and Nirvana, nothing else matters, especially freaks like michael, Peace Love Empathy x

Charlotte from England said:
Funny how we haven\'t heard from Michael since he posted that very unfunny and stupid remark isn\'t it? I think we scared him off. and all I have to say to him is good riddance and dont let the mouse pinch his fingertips as he signs out!! Peace, Love, Empathy xxRIP Kurt XX

adrienne B said:
hey omg this is the best site i love nirvana and firmly believe that kurt cobain is the sexiest man that ever walked this earth although i am much to young to have known about nirvana when kurt cobain was alive i would do anything to meet him he is the coolest i wish the best to frances bean and courtney to the remaining nirvana badn members you work you did made some good shit rock on!

Vicki from England said:
Yeah, you go Charlotte!! He is not only a fannyflap, but a septic diseased one at that!! Conn, your website and band are groovy!! Fucking rock!!!! Anyway, im a bit delerious now so i\'ll end this with a FUCK YOU MICHAEL!! BUT HAVE A NICE DAY!! Peace Love Empathy FOREVER!

Henri from Sweden said:
oh...One more thing...Me(like many other nirvana fans etc.) think that kurt cobain was murdered. Can someone explain how you can pull a trigger when you\'re so high on drugs that you can\'t even open a door by yourself...and who/why did someone took out money on Kurts bankcard after his death??...There are so many questions but so few answers... //Henri

Henri from Sweden said:
Nirvana is the best band ever!...I like their songs \'cuz they are pretty easy to play on the guitar but they sound very good...can play(and sing) the whole Nirvana Unplugged in N.Y session:D...to the one who made this site: Very nice work! //Henri

Charlotte from England said:
To Conn - 1) Ur POW site kicks fukin ass!! 2) My friend has the boxset and I listened to it and personally I think it is great. I mean Nirvana fans have been waitin for it for like, years, WAY before I was interested in Nirvana. I mean, Im in yr 10 and have only been listening to Nirvana for two years so I havent been waitin that long for it so for me its great but for others it might seem like u kinda got ur hopes up and it aint as good as it was expected to be, but I guess we all have our own opinions!! also, Michael doesnt have a clue wot he is on about. i mean what is the point of cummin on a Nirvana site to slag them off???? obviously he is mentally retarded and has no friends or he just has tourettes!!(get the joke nirvana fans?) kinda cheesy i no but hu cares? well Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx Gone but not forgotten PS I wonder what Kurt is doing right now if there is like another world out there. I mean what if he is checking in on us from time to time.... maybe he is here now.... ignore me im tired it is 11:48pm in London so i think i betta get some sleep.... sweet dreams everyone xxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh Chris, he is such a fannyflap!! oh well whatever nevermind!! oh and Conn, I will check out ur site, it sounds pretty cool!! Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt XX

conn from England said:
nirvana are the most kick ass influential band EVER. Kurt has inspired me so much im in a band called prisoners of war n although we dnt sound n e thing like nirvana we are all so inspired by kurt n nirvana, tht fuckin stupid twat amaerican micheal dnt have a clue, nirvana are the greatest n they will never die or fade away, just a question 2 nirvana fans, wot do you think of the new box set? in my opinion it could have been better i mean the 1st audio disk is great i cant fault tht but the other 2 audio 1\'s are just basically bad recordings of songs we\'ve already heard b4 dnt get me wrong ive never heard those tracks b4 but it could have been better, the dvd is ok but there shud be way more footage i want 2 see offical release of all live nirvana because i have so much bootleg tht kicks the shit out of tht dvd. if ya get a chance check out my band www.prisonersofwar.co.uk. this is such a great site, THANX.

chris from England said:
yes michael is an attention seeker so lets not give him the attention he wants. quite funny really, everything he said was wrong with nirvana is what is actually good. they were bloody original fool, completely new that was why everyone liked them dumbass, name a band alike to nirvana before them..... talented, he bloody was. He didnt have any singing lessons and although his singing wasn\'t as amazing as others, it was original and had meaning which brings me on to my next point no passion, wonker, listen to his lyrics, its all about his real experiences and his thoughts christ, plan your abuse if your going to give any respect to nirvana

Charlotte from England said:
YOU GO AMY & VICKI!! Michael you asshole!! Why the fuck r u cummin on a Nirvana website to slag them off when u no damnwell u r gonna get a response from an angry mob of dedicated and true fans!!! Kurt Cobain and Dave and Krist r the biggest influential muscicians on this planet!!! Kurt may be dead, but HELL WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE HE IS FORGOTTEN!!! You are an attention seeker!! there is no other FUCKIN word for it!! U r an attention seeking motherfucker who needs to get there musical interests straight!!! u dont like Nirvana fine!! but why the fuck cum on a nirvana site and slag them off?!? u R A TWAT!! Peace, Love Empathy xx RIP Kurtxx

Vicki from England said:
I agree with Amy from Canada, maybe he was sleeping so there was no struggle, i wish we knew the truth. And, i also agree that Michael is a penis wrinkle, even tho i wrote lots i didnt write that lol peace love empathy

Amy from Canada said:
Charlotte, that thing u said about how the marks from the heroine needle is quite interesting. my thoughts are that he could have been sleeping when the heroine was injected into him, so maybe they\'re was no struggle. Also to Michael, screw you. that is really fucking stupid to go on to a website that is made for nirvana fans and tell them that they shouldn\'t like them anymore. you are such a fucking conformist. i bet you like hillary duff, you penis wrinkle.

Vicki from England said:
In reply to Michael from the USA, we are entitled to our opinions, as are you, but if you think that Nirvana were talentless your a re totally full of utter bullshit, they will always be part of music, they will never be forgotten, they are the most influential, meaningful, true, band ever to walk this earth, and as for them having no talent, no origionality and no passion?? Please, Nirvana had the most fucking passion out of any band on this garbage can called earth, no matter what you or anybody else says or does, to TRY and stop people loving Nirvana for the gods that they were, and still are, you can never beat the force of the fans, there are too many, and quite frankly i cant see who is going to stop loving them on your say so, Nirvana are the greatest and always will be, kids in 20 years time, kids that are\'nt even born yet, are gonna love Nirvana, are gonna respect them, relate to them, learn from them, and always remember them, Kurt may be dead but his memory will live on forever, so dont try to tell us this bullshit theory of yours, Nirvana will be, always. Peace Love Empathy R.I.P Kurt

Aakash from india said:
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Laura from Canada said:
I think Kurt Cobain is one of the most amazing musicians and artists that ever lived, and Nirvana one of the most amazing bands. I hope their music gets passed down through generations of people and it\'s never forgotten, I know my kis will be listening to it =) Kurt ---- WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED..

Katie from USA said:
Kurt Cobain is the only love of my life. He\'s my hero and everything I want to be. (minus the heroin.) Anyways I love the site. Everything is perfect except for you should get some more pictures up. 3

Nicole from Canana said:
Awesome Site! I love it. I\'m doing a project on Nirvana and this was a big help. Thanks for the great info though anyways and that\'s about it...

Nicole from Canana said:
Awesome Site! I love it. I\'m doing a project on Nirvana and this was a big help. Thanks for the great info though anyways and that\'s about it...

Michael from USA said:
Hi there all whom read this guestbook… I do hope that you have had a great X-Mas and New Years in spite of how overdue I am to post… It is my New Years resolution to rescue you from Nirvana in the hopes that you will somehow be turned onto some good or even great music – And as we all know without any doubt that Nirvana are the worst band of all time with absolutely no passion, no talent, no originality and certainly were simpleton commercial plagiarism… To find out more and WHY Nirvana is indeed the worst band of all time – please visit – http://www.angelfire.com/fl/singsing/index.html

aaron from England said:
i feel eshamed that ive onjy just got into nirvana, Kirk was truly a god,if time machines existed and i only had 1 trip,fuck stopping any war! the man would still be alive, r i p Dude im looking forward to the day we meet.

Charlotte from England said:
Hey Vicki, well surely he put up a fight. I mean we all would wouldnt we, if we were in the same situation? I soo totally agree with u on the fact that he probably wants his fans 2 no what happened to him but he cant!! And i sooo badly agree wiv Lauren. Kurt was and still is sexy!! Peace, Love, Empathy. PS My other favourite band, Busted broke up 2day!! :-(

Lauren from U.S. said:
OMG! I love Kurt, he\'s the sexiest man to ever walk this earth, and everything I\'ve read about him and Frances Farmer is soo sad. All I wanted to say is I LOVE KURT COBAIN and R.I.P! I really wish he would have stayed here with every1 that fell inlove with him and his music. Peace, Love, Empathy, Lauren

Amber from US of A said:
Your site is so fúcking awesome, Dude! Nirvana should never be forgotten and its so cool that other people think of him as a god like i do. i thought i was the only one! R.I.P Kurt Cobain. Someday Courtney will pay for killing ya\'ll.

Darrell from England said:
Great site.

Vicki from England said:
Hey, in reply to Charlotte, i agree with you totally, but i wonder how they would of managed to pin him down and stab him with the needle cos surely he would of put up a fight, what do you think?? I wish we all new what really happened its shit not knowing and shit knowing that he is up there probably wanting us to know too, Peace, Love, Empathy

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain are the bestIlove,I love,I love NIRVANA AND KURT COBAIN.EVERITHING IS NIRVANA

ivelina from England said:
nirvana is THE BEST

Charlotte from England said:
Hiya peeps. I no weve all said to stop talkin bout the murder theory - which I am a firm believer of by the way - but I read somewhere that Kurt looked like he was in a struggle when he died and the puncture wound from the heroin which was in his blood - looked messy and looked like it had been forcefully stabbed in! Poor Kurt! I wonder what was going thru his mind when he died. Peace, Love, Empathyxx Charlottexx

Charlotte from England said:
Soz Kat, I was having trubble wiv ma comp. it was spazzin out on me!! Well, i prefer his hair in Q.O.T.S.A video - No one knows. Melissa from Toronto - YOU R SOOOOO right!! Kurt is HOT!! Peace, Love, Empathyxxx

Felicia from United States said:
i love kurt cobain he rox i only wish he hadn\'t taken his own life!!

Ellen from England said:
Just stopping in to see whats new!

Josh Carter from us said:
Kurt still lives with all of us

Melissa from toronto said:
Nirvana kicks ass...kurt is so hot!! xoxpinkpunkxox.friendpages.com