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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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ME from England said:
well..in some dreams if kurt turns up (theres a jamming session tonight lol) i\'ll tell him..

ME from England said:
he what??!..shit you should report him!..

britt from usa said:
well i wouldnt say abbuse but something like that

brittanee from u.s.a said:
yea...i think it would be cool if kurt like beat up my step dad for abbusing me and stuff...SWEET!

ME from England said:

brittanee from usa said:
yup...hmm...me a genius...just like my dad lol

ME from England said:
Awsome!! go you britto..you genius lol!!!!!!...my college stuff all the same passes and distinctions

ME from England said:
yup...gotta re-string it tomorrow ¬_¬

brittanee from u.s.a said:
lol...i got my report card back and i got all A\'s and B\'s!!GO ME!!i think its him to but i dunno...hopefully it is.

ME from England said:
oh yeah hehehe..well, i think its him..i got this pic in my mind of him with my guitar upstairs..lol...erm..go check hehe

brittanee from u.s.a said:
i wish....i just get presences and stuff if i was phsycic i could tell the future

ME from England said:
u cud be a little physcic hehe

ME from England said:
probally him..thats what i\'d think..if not its something good so dont worry:)

brittanee from usa said:
well then who in the hell am i getting presences of!!

ME from England said:
you see him in dreams or visions..all he said was a nice kid..thoughtful, uses my philosphy..

brittanee from usa said:
yea....im bored...hey did you ask him if it was him that i was getting preseneces of?

ME from England said:
gud,gud haha

brittanee from usa said:
im ok now lol

ME from England said:
britto go lie down lol...rest your head.your probally thinking too much hehe..

brittanee from u.s.a said:
i dont feel right....i feel light headed.....

brittanee from usa said:
oh.....kurt is haunting me....i think....hey ask him if its him that i keep getting presences of

ME from England said:
Aw..one of my friends died when I was younger..about 12-14..died in a band thingy..jumped onto his drum kit which fell into the crowd I think..i dunno..dont care anymore he\'s gone I guess..kurt seems abit pissed with someone anyway..this other guy that came back with him killed himself and kurt wasent happy for somereaon..this other dudes gone but kurts still here hehe

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
she was only nine...i was 10 at the time

brittanee from u.s.a said:
i had a vision of my friend who died...it was cool but sad

ME from England said:
hehe..I saw a friend of a friend..killed himself too, something upset him lol..dident talk much he turned up with kurt then left..whereas kurt stayed to talk..

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
dude i have so many dreams about him its awesome...he gives me like 10 million hugs in them

ME from England said:
lol..hehe I had a dream last night, It was Kurt and I was like holy shit your not dead..how can you talk to me..he just laughed a little and asked about my guitar playing..then i woke up and im like shit it was a dream but i heard his voice again..

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

ME from England said:
I just orfered \"Last Days\" on DVD..woo another Kurt/nirvana thing for the collection/shrine haha

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
i dunno sammy just said wicked so i said wicked lol.WICKED!!!

Tracey from Canada said:
Very good site and interesting. I am helping my son do a music project. It is about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Thanks for the help.

maddy from Canada said:
I love kurt Cobain he is the most awsomest person in this universe and he wasn\'t murdered he shot himself and there is proof they found Horoin and Valium were in his blood stream and personally I think Kurt was the most stupidest person in the world although I love him,he hurt us all when he did that if Kurt were still here today I would be doing anything just to get close to him.Kurt is a part of my life and he will be forever and always!I love you Kurt-one of your number one fans cause I know there is many3

Gemma Chesney from England said:
I eat turds for fun

Gemma Chesney from England said:
I eat turds for fun

ME from England said:
Whats wicked?

brittanee from u.s.a said:

Sammy from n said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

yorm yok from turkiya said:
kurt cobain kalbimdesn oh beeea yııllardr i want to say it

yorm yok from England said:
kurt cobain kalbimdesn oh beeea yııllardr i want to say it

ME from England said:
sweet hehe...he\'s an alright man ya know..good philosophy

Rolf from united states said:
Hi! And at whom what animal of a house?

Vadim from united states said:
hi Who today saw Fils. Whether there will be it still here today?

brittanee from u.s.a said:
hey i am counted as his daughter...i think...*thinks for a while*

ME from England said:
he asked how you where..just now..and poked my back lol..he says sorry which is weird, you must be someone close to him lol haha

brittanee from u.s.a said:
lol....so kurt doesnt really say anything about me?

ME from England said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

ME from England said:
oh i do the early kurt lol, i\'m olny 18 so i cant do the older kurt hehehe

ME from England said:
awsome ok..wow its like night here, and over there its daylight haha awsome..

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
no staying at my house lol

ME from England said:
okay, going out? i\'m sitting here looking at my jagstang..i love it, i\'m no where without it..hehe..its bluey/red glad ur good, i feel well funny at da mo

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
my room was freezing cold this morning!it was weird...

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
im ok....lol waiting for my friend anna to get here

ME from England said:
no..finds it funny i think..oh and the band??! i do Kurt, put on the accent, sing and use the guitar lol..my expensive guitar hahahaha.....hey brittanee how are you?

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
hey did kurt say anything about how i told chay off lol

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

ME from England said:
I can play the guitar thank you..i\'m in a band..your a sad little person..go fist yourself.. It does Brittanee..weird though, he just seemed mad, not now..but he did

chay from London, England said:
I want jessica to contact me so she can fuck me up the arse (that\'s what it is - arse, not ass). Anyone can email me at: chaymorley@hotmail.co.uk - what, why, where, when and HOW?

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
well that just shows how much they loved him lol.

brittanee from u.s.a said:
listen chay i dont know what the fuck your problem is but knock it off!im a chick that you really dont want to piss off so i suggest you grow the fuck up and get a damn life.yes my father my be dead but he still lives on and so does his music now why dont you leave us people that actually have nice things to say about kurt alone and leave and never come the fuck back.

chay from London, England said:
I want jessica to contact me so she can fuck me up the arse (that\'s what it is - arse, not ass)

chay morley from England said:
Look, u lot. You\'re all fucking nutters - Move on - learn the guitar do something constructive. Kurt is dead, shot a hole in his head. He may have been gay - or bisexual, can people be bisexual? Whould\'nt it be good if it was okay for everyone to be able to lick fannies and suck cocks - Imagine if George Bush and Tony Blair got it on in a Nirvana video?

ME from England said:
No, not really..although in my head I had this feeling that he\'s tired of stuff..he said that he found it funny when people killed themselves when he died..dident say much

chay morley from England said:
good is gay

brittanee from u.s.a. said:

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
did he say anything about me?

ME from England said:
people in general, me..about getting some words mixed when typing lol..told me that humans are maggots, you\'ll all drag me down..i\'m higher than them..how they go around there sucky lives lol..hehe dumb really (me not him lol)..so yea sorry i wasent on..

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
about what then?

shley from England said:
kurt cobain is a legend and i will always love him!

ME from England said:
Its ME again..the real ME not my friend..no Kurts not mad at you brittanee..he\'s okay just abit pissed i got really upset yesterday sorry i wasent on..yeah kurt was..kinda pissed but not at you brittanee

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
i was so close to kicking my sisters boyfriends ass...he called kurt a dumbass holy crap i yelled at him it was great...i shouldve kicked his ass...no one talks about kurt that way.

parker from canada said:
Hey i was just looking over at ur site about kurt cobain and his death and i have to say that it is great to see that sombody did that like there is 100S of them but i think yours was my favorite and also how do you think kurt died..murder or suicide? i dont know but really i think it was murder because the note was writtin in a different wrighting and there was no useable prints on the gun but i would like to hear from you and have your opinion. Parker Bell E-Mail: parker1232@msn.com

Aldo fae Soo side Glesga! from England said:
Awrite ya trouts!

brittanee from u.s.a said:
oh i mean kurt isnt happy because of me?

brittanee from u.s.a. said:
whoa...kurts upset because of me?awww.....im sorry kurt!!!!

ME from England said:
Hi this isnt \"ME\" i\'m Me\'s friend from college..he\'s pretty upset at the moment, said Kurt isnt happy, about like people killing themselves for no reason..he doesent understand why people wanted his autograph either..ME\'s in his room and wants to be alone 4 abit but he wanted me just to say that he isnt crazy and no one has the right to judge him like that, so, dont be stupid and say \"I wish I was dead\" or \"im going to kill myself\" cuz he says he doesent like it and Cobain wouldent either..he also said that yes britto you and cobain have something special..as does himself..well, i guess \"ME\" will be on later..so sorry guys..

Baliy from united states said:
Hi As to me to create the same page?

Tasha from England said:
Kurt Cobain was a legend and we will never forget him. Peace be with you kurt you fucking rock.

brittanee...... from u.s.a. said:

britto- from u.s.a. said:
people from the ghetto....what the fuck.....

ME from England said:
I cant see him..or talk to him, but if I ask questions and get answers I tyoe them in or write them down..dont be a fuckwit and call me crazy please..i\'m not crazy infact i\'m higher than all this human shit..humans stink, its so easy to love but they\'ll drag you down, i\'m not being mean to any of you personally, not you Britto..but c\'mon..what the fuck happend to this world with humans and shit Eric and Dylan had the right idea..Kurt had the right idea as did Dave and Krist..

voice of reason from England said:
you aint not menna be meetin ppl up from the internet spesh ppl from the ghetto slaaaaaaaugh safe safe

Angelica from Sweden said:
Hello=) Nirvana is so fucking greate. I love to hear Kurt Cobain(kurdt Cobain) voice..=)

Sammy from New Zealand said:
ok umm...you poeple thinking you can see or hear Kurt are um crazy!!! I mean he\'s kool and shit...but that\'s jus taking it a bit far don\'t you think??!!

britto- from u.s.a. said:

Sammy from New Zealand said:
umm same...

britto- from u.s.a. said:
will someone please kill me?my family is fucking retarded...i hate them...hopefully when i die kurt adopts me or somthin.

britto- from u.s.a. said:

Gabrielle Bragg from USA said:
I know Ashline Douty I go to school with her

britto- from u.s.a. said:
lol..i asked a question but he didnt do anything...dammitt he pulled my hair again...dads havin fun lol

ME from England said:
haha no he dident..he doesent actually talk its not like he sits near me and chats but i\'ll get a pic of him in my mind..or i\'ll hear his voice and I like to write things what he says..dont worry he wont hurt you lol..he\'s probally jus playing hahahaha..if you think you hear a voice or something ask it a q like \"kurt is that you? if so pull my hair a little to let me know please\" haha and he might....hes a fucking nice guy, hes got a good mind set lol..

britto- from u.s.a. said:
dude i swear to fucking god something or someone just pulled my hair like twice...and im listening to come as you are and im singing along with the song and i swear i heard some guy sing it also.kurt is haunting me...heck yes!ME did kurt say he was going to pull my hair lol.

ME from England said:
He probally did look on you, you know that feeling you get..i get that then have to type things that come into my head..hehehe..sleep lol..haha no its okay

britto- from u.s.a. said:
yea i just got done watching that dvd on kurt...and i started bawling again...wonder if he was there watching it with me....*thinks for a while*

ME from England said:
Yes britto, its up to you..if you want thats cool with him i think..put it this way, dident sound negative haha