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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Roxanne Shovan from England said:
i love the site but i love kurt cobain more

!^93 from california said:
lets keep kurt alive

Shaney-Louise Carpenter from England said:
I love kurt

neti from thailand said:
I want live music

Jose Osorio Figueroa from Mexico said:
Well, nirvana are like something that will never happend again

Jay from usa said:
COURTNEY SHOULD ROT IN HELL! Now that his b-day is only a couple of day away we should realize what a loss this was. Happy Birthday! \"Peace, Love, Empathy\" Rest In Peace Kurt....We Love You!

Jason from America said:
This is probably the best sight to Nirvana ever

grantham the forth from England said:
hendrix had talent not cover up ditortion and bad singing

almedina from austria said:

almedina from austria said:
he was the BEST!!!!

lindsey mcleod from England said:
rocks big time!!
don\'t have one

Kevin Ross from Canada said:
Excellent site loved the info and time line. Also liked pics and interview

cory from England said:
nirvana was the best and always will be

Mandie from America said:
Kurt Cobain was amazing and inspiring. The way he wrote was very unique and i wish he was still alive to write more.I\'m invious of his talent.He was the greatest man that ever lived. I wish he didnt burn out.

ryan from canada said:
Kurt cobain will live forever in all our hearts.

Eliberio from England said:
kurt: whearever you are, i love you, i miss you and i will do for ever, baddah is with you and always it will be.

Sara from America said:
I am the hugest Kurt Cobain fan in the world!!!!!!!

Robyn from Canada said:
This site is really good! Ive looked on about 1000 sites and when I look at the lyrics there all wrong, this site was actually right with all of them....thank god i found one

Amy Hubbert from usa said:
i love nirvana and i\'m doing a bibliography on Kurt Cobain.

Raquel from Cuba said:
I agree with most of the things

scarlett doyle(dont laugh or ill kick your arse) from ireland said:
hey!cool website!i love nirvana they were the greatest band eva and still are to lods of people!even though i was only little wgen kurt cobain died i still think hes cool and would have loved to go to a concert aw well i can still enjoy there tunes!well done your website kicks monkey ass! bye

sally and veronika from austria said:
we like curt cobain his songs.we came from austria ,so we can not very good english,but i will say that kurt cobain was and is the best rocker of the world.and we thing that rock is the best music and not ashanti or britney or the bigest bitch christina agulera.bye and kiss for all the nirvana Fans

stupid punk -gaby from England said:
we all see courtney in Q magazine? wat a slut. she is so washed up. someone is gona kill her, one day she\'\'ll get what she deserves. ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Myers from Asia said:
Nirvana blows butt and they\'re dead

suhael the skater of saten from England said:
NIRVANA ROCK all there songs KICK ASS!!!!! i\'am a realy big NIRVANA FAN i have all the NIRVANA albums P.S R.I.P. KURT

Terry McClellan from USA said:
RIP kurt we all love you. You are not forgotten

Joey from U.S. said:
hey nice site but ur infos a little wrong. kurt didnt kill himself. u should already know that since u know of tom grant. courtneys a bitch i hope she dies and burns. o well we all miss him too mad the bitch had to kill him but hey he was leaving that cunt and taking francis and his millions with him. she was nothing without him. he shouldnt have ever married he dumb ass but he didnt deserve to die. seattle police department blows and MTV uncase you havent noticed has turned to shit since he died. no more rock its all rap shit. he was the coolest guy ever. hell the guy was funny as hell and had a good heart. what really gets me is that francis has to live with her mom and thats just retarted i bet courtney has her brainwashed. what ever happened to francis anyways? i havent seen anything about her since kurt died. U.S. sucks i mean u never hear jack shit about him ever but my friends from other countries say that hes on alot. MTV is shit but courtney love is the queen of shit. R.I.P. Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley

Becky from UsA said:
i hope Courtny is reading this right now..becuz i know she killed my Hero Kurt Cobain..And i think she should be put away for ever..EVER.. I love you Kurt Cobain..R.I.P

Whats it to you from America Of Course said:
Why the hell is he dead? Why?? Well i think Courteny Killed him damn it

TO: kurt, i love u my brother im not gay, i just love your music and works, dude u were the best now all the music today SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =======( REST IN PEACE AGAIN MY BROTHER... REST IN PEACE.

ED from US!!!!!!!! said:
kurt rules his soul and love for music will never die!!!!!=). rest in peace my brother... rest in peace

SAM THE ANICIST from England said:

Mari the hero from Junkyard said:
Cool site! me and my friend are fans of NIRVANA!

Taylor from England said:
Yeah what is courtney all about stupid fucker that she is what a daft cow why did\'nt she just pay for a first class seat for her stupid fucking nurse well c ya all later

stupid punk-gaby from England said:
we all hear about courtney getting arrested? big publicity stunt 4 her new albun, trying 2 make ppl remeber her. she is such a waister or MURDERER

silke cobain from belgium said:
Kurt Cobain never dies. his music iss still good so why the f$ck i should lisen\' to a \' GREAt\' girl with a \'GREAT\' voice like avril lavinge. people , don\'t say that nirvana was punk or some other SHIT !! nirvana was special...And not a stupid teenager-punk band.Nirvana ....Heal a million, kill a million..

Kurdt Kobain from England said:
Nirvana will always be my favorite band, nothing will ever change that. They were more than just another band, they changed my life, the had passion, soul, & meaning plus the songs are kick ass ;) Kurt, Dave, & Krist were all equal to the band it took all three to make Nirvana what they were & Courtney has absolutely no right to even be in the decision process of Nirvana\'s legacy! But she\'ll get hers one day, her & all those who were involved in Kurt\'s murder. R.I.P. Kurt we love you!

stupid punk- gaby from England said:
HAPPY BDAY KURT. on the 20th we\'ll all be thinking about u COURTNEY ONE DAY SOMEONE WILL GET U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Shrive from England said:
Kurt was the coolest dude don\'t morel over him, celerbrate him!!! oh yeah & RoCK oN!!!!

Keith from Ireland said:

Alex Romero from USA said:
now that his b-day is only a couple of day away we should all realize what an incredible loss this was. its not time to mourn, but time to remember. Happy Birthday! we all miss you! your songs are still in our heart.

Allie Lucas from USA said:
MTV fucking RUINED Kurt! He said a whole bunch of bullshit about MTV and a lot of you \"teeny-boppers\" don\'t even realize that he was talking about you little shits! MTV FUCKING SUCKS!!! Kurt WASN\'T punk, he WASN\'T hard rock... or any of that shit! HE WAS HIS OWN FUCKING STYLE! And what the fuck is up with some of you people here??? You can\'t even spell his name right?!?!

Allie Lucas from USA said:
Kurt did a certain amount of Heroin the night he \"killed himself\" SO MUCH he couldn\'t have had the strength to pick up that rifle and pull the trigger. ... I KNOW COURTNEY DID IT!!!

Allie Lucas from USA said:
Kurt Cobain Will Live Forever I Our Hearts. we love you Kurt...

Ellie from Australia said:
I just wanna say that i really love Nirvana. I was only 5 when Kurt Cobain was found dead, but my older brother introduced me to the music that i have now come to love. It\'s the music that i grew up with when my friends all liked the Backstreet boys. Now, i wish that i was born earlier so that i could\'ve experienced first hand the legacy that is Nirvana.

stupid punk - gaby from England said:
COURTNEY KILLED KURT! no doubt about it

lauren slater from England said:
i fink nirvana r da bst dey rock my world! same bout kurt i feel sorry 4 francais hiz daughter she iz a splittin image of him!!!i luv nirvana!!!

Grunge from Russia said:
Great.I really liked this site

kimberleyke_blackwitchke from belgium said:
I really love kurt cobain, I\'m really his biggest fan in the whole fucking world, he\'s soooo cute and his voice is sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just wish I could meet him he\'s verry important to me,without his music I\'d die!!!!!he\'s the best!!!!!It\'s better to burn out than to fade away!!!!big hug, kimberleyke

Erin Carr from England said:

danny from united states said:
i miss kurt cobain he was the best fucking guitar player singer and song writer that lived rock on kurt and nirvana

Michelle from us said:
To the girl who poses as fransis, YOUR FUCKING STUPID, courtney and her dont live in seattle anymore they moved to la u dumbass, do ur research b 4 u pose as someone

Michelle from us said:
To the girl who poses as fransis, YOUR FUCKING STUPID, courtney and her dont live in seattle anymore they moved to la u dumbass, do ur research b 4 u pose as someone

Michelle from us said:
To the girl who poses as fransis, YOUR FUCKING STUPID, courtney and her dont live in seattle anymore they moved to la u dumbass, do ur research b 4 u pose as someone

Lindsey from U.S.A said:
Kurt is like a treasure to me, he is so wonderful. I do not beleieve Courtney had anything to do with his death. It was suicide. He loved Courtney so much. I used to believe that he was murdered but now i know it was suicide because of some books that I have read about Nirvana. Besides, what better way for the king of grunge to go out--not by natural causes--but by his own hand. It just adds to his legend. When I have kids I will play Nirvana for them all the time. Peace.

shaney from England said:
rock on kurt......forever xxxxx

Jenna from England said:
Courtney killed him i dont care what neone says, she did it

Paige from England said:

liz from united states said:
i think kurt cobain was the best fucking song writer and musician he really moved and touched alot of people althought its been eight years his music continues to move around i mean i am 14 and when he first came out i wasn\'t even born but now i have been listing to nirvana for about a year his music is one thing that you can never get tired of hearing.

ana margarida costa e silva from portugal said:
hi!! god i love nirvana,i love kurt cobain... do you believe that when i was younger i hated nirvana,it was so stupid for me,their acts and music...and now itīs my favourite band.iīve got my room with a lot of pictures of the groupe! but iīm very sad,because i discovery that it was a great band,very late.and now thereīs no nirvanaīs concerts,interviews,bla,bla,those things. why did you killed him???? do you think that i believe in that story of suicide?ahaha i donīt understand why did you do that...i didnīt deserve that.you never liked him did you?all of this just for money and fame... but do realise that you destroyed a lot of lifes of fans like me,when i discovered the true ,all of the true story.almost no one knows the story,but i know...and iīm so desapointed. your daughter,beautiful daughter is going to know all of this by the internet,by mr.tom grant.donīt tell that youīll tell the truth to her.please. well,mr grant i loved your job,as detective.i read you page in net youīre great.please all the fans need to know the truth,so why donīt you say all that you,me and onthers know?think about it!the fans need to know...but you i understand if you donīt want to say anything now...thatīs why i donīt say any names. itīs funny that almost people didnīt forget kurt cobain.thatīs great... well this is just my opinion.and itīs not a joke,belive me.if you go to the tom grantīs page you will a part of the story.you donīt want to know the other part.and iīm very sad of knowing something so important.every night i think about it. bye kisses to all of you,fans of nirvana and a special kiss to \"kurt cobain\". i like you very much ana margarida costa e silva please contact me if you want to talk with me about the band iīll be very glad to talk with you.phone me +351916419987 kisses

vanja from BIH said:
kurt was, and he always will be,in my hart.i\'ll always love his songs.

vanja from England said:
kurt was, and he always will be,in my hart.i\'ll always love his songs.

Linda from Austria said:
I love this site. I love everything that has to do with Kurt Cobain. I will ever and I know there are millions of other people that feel the same. I no longer can stand this pain and I hope someone of the Nirvana-fans out there will mail me.

Josh Paker from United States said:
urt is the sweetest song writer ever

david matthews from England said:
im a massive nirvana fan im only 12 its 2003 i loved unplugged kurts the best pop sucks nirvana rule

victoria o\'neil from SOCTLAND said:
i agree to these peopel about CL killing Kurt becaues he was so artistic about thing it makes you think

victoria o\'neil from SOCTLAND said:
this is a cool sit. i am only staring to like nirvana and all redy i feel as if i have been a fan for a long time

gaby- stupid punk from England said:
this site is really good

Doz from England said:
Soz i forgot to write this in my first message.im 13 now and ive liked nirvana since i was 3 coz my sister used to play it to me and i bet that stupid fuckin bitch courtney killed kurt.

Doz from England said:
The pics of kurt and Kurt with Frances are soooo cute, this website is cool.

john from England said:
he was a fucking ledgend his music and his stle above the rest the show they did in New York for mtv unplugged was brilliant who ever went witnessed the greatest show ever the fans didnt expect what he was going to do

Andrew from England said:
cobain was a legend his music will always really touch me shame your still not here \'but you know your right\'

Jay from Missouri. USA said:
I may only be 15 years old, but i\'ve been listening to Nirvana sence I was 10 years old. Your prolly thinking Oh shes not old enough to appreciate Nirvana but I love Nirvana so much. They lift me up and put me in a good mood. 20th Feb 1967 - 5th April 1994 - Rest In Peace Kurt D. Cobain! Your music will live on forever!!!!! \"It\'s better to burn out, than to fade away\"

stupid punk a.k.a gaby from England said:

Jay from Missouri. USA said:
Nirvana is the best band ever. Kurts the most talented musician in the world, dead or alive! Courtney killed Kurt, it wasn\'t suicide! Nirvana will always live on! REST IN PEACE KURT! I LOVE YOU! PEACE LOVE EMPATHY!

stupidpunk from England said:
kurt ur forever in my mind and i miss u

stupidpunk from England said:
courtney fuc%ing killed kurt. think about it. how could he opperate a gun wen he was high on heroin? why was the gun whipped clean leaving no finger prints on the gun? why are the last few lines or the \"suicide\" note, in different handwriting to the rest? could courtney want 2 kill him cause she was gona gwt cut out off the will? i mean who would want 2 enherite the whole nirvana estate?

luPe riVas from u.S CaLiFoRnIa said:
we love u kurt and in our minds u will always be if i had one wish i would wish to bring u back i swear u would of been the greatest band right now and would of made a big difference love RIP

steini from carinthia/austria said:
kurt lebt!!

abhai tripathi from India said:
Nirvana my soul.........

BLaZE from USA said:
Being someone eles is a waste of the person you are. ~Kurt~

Bobby from U.S. said:
Nirvana rules! IT\'s Better To Burn Out Then Fade Away!!!

Victoria from Soctland said:
I Think kurt is the best songwirgher in the world and i think thats why peopel can related to his songs i am one of these peopel

QuEeN aLpHaBeT from cAnAdA said:
all u ppl r fuckin trippy. yes nirvana was and IS the best fuckin band and YES kurt was hot n talented....but in the end he wuz just a man NOT A FUCKIN GOD. i think its time for u ppl to grow up n move on. keep on listenin to their fine tunes. keep kurt alive. but dont make him up to be somethin he wuznt. and a god he wuz not. ***iF u LuV sUmThIn, uLL lEt iT gO*** ....nirvana will live on forever! RIP kUrT....u were truly a piece of art

Sofia from USA, California said:
Kurt Cobain...the god of notes...to hear that he is gone shatters our numb and broken souls...should we be driven to the madness like our glorious leader was? NO. We should live for Kurt in his death. Instead of being gone his flame will light inside of us as our anger sparks from our fingertips...let us all join the world of music, of truth...of gold.. Peace out to all you loyal fans. --sofia--

Jhankarlo Lopez from United States said:

rocker chic from canada said:
nirvana,the best group of all tymz,ROX. every time i hear his sexy voice im in heaven. I was devestated when Kurt left this world behind. I\'m sure he would still be the best today

matt charcowsky from tempe az usa said:
fuck you guys with o i miss kert and i love him you never knew him. Any one who says that love kert is a poser all you fucking posers need to go out and live.o ya fuck mainstream some people just destroy music where are the bands like minor threat and bad brains new music seems to fucking blow PUNK IS DEAD SO IS NIRVANA.

matt charcowsky from U.S.A said:
bleached is the shit but nirvana never was really known for that cd and i think thay should be known for there hard stuff not the later years of nirvana.

Samantha Bradley from US said:
Courtney Killed KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary from Canada said:
i am still slightly new to NIRVANA, but i really enjoyed this site and what it has to offer.

JULIE ANNE TOMLINSON from England said:
kurt cobain is so fit could you send me a picture of him to my address thanx i love you kurt

ashley from united states said:
i think nirvana is the best band in the world. ihave all there cds and i listen to them everyday. and i know preety much stuff about them and i just wish kurt would of never died and i still dont believe he killed himself i think courtney love killed him yeha i know she was out of the state but she could of hired someone. i dunno but all ihave to say is NIRVANA KICKS A$$

o(-_-)o said:
kurt i fuckin miss u

madeira from US said:
nice site. your art links don\'t work. *growl*