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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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brittany from united states said:
i love your site it is one of the best ive seen keep it up!!!

Sieanna Venables from Canada said:
wow, okay i knew all that stuff about kurt, but everytime i read about his death, something dies inside of me. its so sad to see such a beautiful, and talented man kill himself. i love kurt with all my heart, and i love nirvana with all my heart, and if kurt could be brought back to life, i think he would realise what an impact his music has made on everyones lives. thank you. I will remember. this site rocks! 3

Jeska from America said:
Kurt was by far the best guy n the damn world!! n i still think he was killed by Courtney...i know i know...but what ever! im commin up ta see ya soon Kurt! R.I.P. :)

Brigitte said:
I lobe kurt Cobain y did he have to o that fuck fuck fuck

Charlotte from England said:
Not that no one else has interesting and openminded opinions as I agree with most of what you all say and as I said before, you are ALL cool. You all are some of the most coolest people I have ever met without actually meeting you guys-if that makes sense? Do you know? I am really glad I found this site otherwise I wouldnt have met you guys and I just wanted to say that you all rock!! Love ya all! Charlottexxxxxxxxxx:-)

Charlotte from England said:
Why thank you Rach, I rate you as being one of the coolest people on this site as you have open - minded and interesting opinions - most of which I agree with by the way!- I am good too. It is nice to see that most of the people on this site aren\'t completely psycho and deranged and really bitchy. Luv ya all! Love Charlottexxxxxxxxxx:-)

Rach from England said:
Hey hey! Charlotte, im good thankyou, how are you? Hopefully that Jessica has taken a hint,The things she was postingweren\'t exactly the nicest things to say! I happen 2 think that Katie and Charlotte ae amongst the coolest people who post on here (along with Dani, 66, Chris, Will, Lindey etc!) Hope you guys are all ok! Rach xxx

Charlotte from England said:
*she* being Jessica.

Charlotte from England said:
Okay why the hell is she back? Didnt she get the message the first time she posted? Thanks for sticking up for me Katie it is much appreciated. To Rach hey how are you? Hey to everyone else, hope you are all okay and that life is treating you good! Luv ya all! Charlottexxx

Katie from usa said:
Ha Ha Jessica you nasty bitch and goddamnit why do you keep fucking with Charlotte? Shes the one thats acting like a decent human being while your acting like a psycho bitch with no life trying to start shit. I really don\'t give a fuck what you say about me,but she never talks shit to anyone. No wonder you have to come here and vent. Your such a bitch that you probably have no friends. You really want to know where I live so you stalk me and try to get in my pants you nasty slut. Grow the fuck up,and get a fucking life you nasty skank.

nunya from England said:
Oh yeah,and she told me that she takes Will,666,Rach,Claire and Chris\' names so that you will all turn against each other. I think she tried to take mine too,when I denied her oral,but who can blaim me?

nunya from England said:
Jessica,your a dirty little slut. I bet your vagina is the nastiest smelling fish,rotting corpse smell ever.Yuck. You need a vaginal cleansing product to take care of all that green goo that keeps trickling down your legs. Listen people,I know this Jessica bitch,she was trying to impress me the other night by telling me that she makes fun of people at this guestbook when noone will hang out with her. I kicked her out of my bed when I saw all the nasty green shit in her panties and I can\'t even describe the way that bitches pussy smells.

Katie from England said:
Jessica,take a spelling class. You can\'t spell worth shit.

Katie from England said:
Jessica,notice Chris wasn\'t talking to you? What are you like 12? You really need a life,noone on here likes you,noone cares about your threats,you sound like you don\'t have any pubes yet,you want to muff dive chicks you don\'t even know. Your insignificant,go to an Avril lavigne website,you\'ll probably find people who give a shit about you there.

Colin Reid from Canada said:
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain . . .

jessica from usa said:

chris from usa said:
when i say \'not my type\' i mean i usually go for the preppy/slutty bitches. she likes the same music as me, and shes anything but preppy. she\'s i guess what you\'d call punk rock or borderline goth. she wears a lot of black and stuff. my friends make fun of me for dating her, but we work together and she\'s pretty and interesting, though a little younger. i guess that doesn\'t matter. has alex not responded? ITS a fucking british whore. no offense to any other brits on here. so, katie, do you have a b/f?

Dustin from Pa said:
It\'s Better To Burn Out then to fade away isnt what kurt said he used it so it originally isnt his Kurt Kobain just said it in one of his songs... Because in 1977 Neil Young\'s song Hurricane has its better to burnout then to fade away

Rach from England said:
Hey! Just felt like posting another message! Hey Charlotte, how are you? Hey 2 Katie, Dani, Franki, Lindey, 666 etc xxxx LOL, i\'ve noticed there hasnt been much Kurt/Nirvana talk lately so...........Nirvana still rock my world and Kurt R.I.P XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tabitha Priest from U.S.A. said:
We\'ll miss Kurt and will find out what really went on that fateful day!!!!!!

Charlotte from England said:
Im Bored.......no one is online though............I love Phil Meldon forever n ever n everxx

Charlotte from England said:
Thats cool Mena. I mean I was just doing what anyone else would do right? I was coming on here to say hi to everyone and also to make a national and international apology to my friend Stuart Graham. You see, someone hacked into your hillingdongrid account and I told Dom who told Phil and Phil got mad and I am sorry for any trouble that we caused. Please can we be friends as I am making an apology in front of people I dont know. Speak to you at school, if you want to be friends, I am sorry. LOve Charlottexxxxx

Mena from England said:
Heyo ppl! I just wanted 2 say dat dis site is kl. u ppl rok n u all hv gr8 ideas n opns. Charlotte, i understand dat u aint havin a go @ me, u were just stickin up 4 a m8. Even if u dont no er, it is gr8 2 c dat dere r ppl out dere hu do cre! well bres i av 2 go so ill c u guys l8er! menaxx

Frankie from Scotland said:
Also just to add, Dani you are probably the only guy on here that commented on my problems and at least tried to help. (I am assuming you are a guy right?) So thanks.

Frankie from Scotland said:
Hello again! I just came back on here to personally thank these caring people who have helped me so much with their great advice :- Katie, Rach and Charlotte. You guys have made me feel a whole lot better than I have done in a long time and I thank you for that. It is so much appreciated you will probably never ever meet me in this lifetime so thankyou and you wont know how much this means to me to have a few friends. I mean my boyfriend is one and my girlfriends who dont like Nirvana like me but it has been a long time since I had some Nirvana loving friends!

V from Australia said:
Kurt roks on 4 life. Tha music stays da same, the culture of Punk/Alternative keeps on cruisin through music!!

Katie from USA said:
Looks like all my emails didn\'t do a fucking thing to stop these fucking ads.

Katie from USA said:
Maybe its a good thing that she is not your usual type if all the girls before her made you hate women. Maybe you tend to go for the girls that would cheat,and since she is different maybe she won\'t. Unless you meant that she isn\'t your type for a different reason. I like guys that are the total opposite of me,it makes things interesting. I hope things work out with this one for you.

ashley from inverness said:
courtney love wanted fame but until Kurt was dead she never had any, now she does and everyone knows it she is the biggest whore in this fucked planet

ashley from England said:
i believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered i dont believe that he had killed himself, and Cortney love sucks she was a nobody!!!!!

Katie from USA said:
Chris,How have things been with that chick?

Charlotte from England said:
Wow Jeanece, that is touching and from the heart. I totally agree with you on the murder thing but the person who did it? I reckon it was the nanny - Michael Cali Dewiit. He was always jealous of Kurt marrying Courtney and would do anything to get Courtney and she knew this. She got him to do it and he did.

Jeanece Rowland from North America said:
I totally believe Kurt Cobain was murdered.I believe his slutty,whorey,hoey,porn star,so called \'good wife\',Courtney Love payed a hitman(Geraldo Rivera),50,000 dollars to murder poor,sensitive,innecent Kurt,who didn\'t do anything but try to make his wife and daughter a safe,happy place to live,and try to provide them with food and shelter,and someone they could come to and let everything out.And also he already had a bad childhood and wanted to have a daughter or son and raise them the way he should have been raised,and he would have never left Courtney and Frances,especaily Frances,by being so stupid to have commited suicide,and he also had such a good career making awesome music,had a so called great wife,a new born baby,and he was supposedly dropping out of the band and divorcing Courtney(i don\'t blame him)and moving away with the custody of Fances.Probaly,i\'m not totally sure,the reason he was divorcing Courtney is because later down the line he saw she was using him and also while she wanted a mansion,he wanted a shelter,she wanted a big expensive car,while Kurt wanted to walk.Obviousley they had different priorities in life. In his lyrics he talks about stuff that happened in his short lifetime and stuff he thought about.Like in his song Drain You,the name sounds like a hatred song,but it is like a love song.Polly sounds like a kinda a dumb name(well it\'s not) but it is a love song about a girl.Something in the way is about when he was a kid he would sometimes sleep under a bridge down the street to where he lived when his parents\' where still together and that is were he wrote his first lyrics. About the suicide note,it was not supposed to be a suicide note in the first place.Plus,the last four lines that said:please keep going Courtney,for Frances,for her life which will be so much happier,without me.I LOVE YOU , I LOVE YOU.That was in a different handwriting and looked like someone was either really high or in a rush.And it couldn\'t have been Kurt because when they did an autopsy on his body,his herion level was 3 times the legal limit,so he couldn\'t stand up,let alone write a suicide letter or pull a trigger.He was probaly unconcious when he was shot. Also,the gun didn\'t have any fingerprints on it,it looked as if someone had wiped the gun and placed it on Kurt\'s chest.So,right there was alot of proof.But,the way and age Kurt had to die was really sad,and he will always be in our hearts and minds.So really Kurt Cobain will never die. \"it\'s better to burn out than to fade away\"Kurt stated in that apparent \'suicide note\' Peace,Love,Empathy

Jeanece Rowland from North America said:
Kurt Cobain was murdered

Charlotte from England said:
Okay considerin half of my previous message didnt come out, I will type it again! Hey to Dani. glad you are back. Thank you for the compliments about us girls, we always try to help whenever we can. Frankie, Dani is right. If your friends are stupid enough to blame you then 1) they aren\'t real friends and 2) If they were true fans of Nirvana, they would know that Kurt HATED bullying. He was a victim of it himself during his school years. They would also know that you were born eleven years to the day and you had no idea what was to happen. If your so called friends are too boneheaded to consider your feelings in all this exploitation and persecution, then I say stuff them because there are plenty of cool people on this site who you can talk to and can help in solving your problems. They are all nice and it doesn\'t matter if you dont know them, I am pretty sure they can help you in anyway they can! Hey 2 everyone, I hope your Sunday is goin good! School tomoz! Monday is the worst day of the week! Peace Out, CharlottexxxPS Dani - it is nice to hear what you have to say, it has been too long since you last posted!!lol!

Charlotte from England said:
Hey Dani! You are back! Aww thank you for the compliments about us girls, we always try to help people and Frankie, Dani is right. Please stop blaming yourself because we have just proven to your stupid other \"friends\" that you are not a jynx and that they are stupid for thinking it! At least when you come on here, you can talk to cool people and have a good time because we all know that you had nothing to do with it. Peace Out. Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Hey Dani! You are back! Aww thank you for the compliments about us girls, we always try to help people and Frankie, Dani is right. Please stop blaming yourself because we have just proven to your stupid other \"friends\" that you are not a jynx and that they are stupid for thinking it! At least when you come on here, you can talk to cool people and have a good time because we all know that you had nothing to do with it. Peace Out. Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dani from England said:
Oh and to Franki, you shouldnt be the victim of bullying because its your birthday the same day Kurt was found dead, people should understand that it doesnt mean anything, and has nothing to do with you. If he wasnt found on your birthday, he would have be found on someone elses obviously, so its just a coincidence. Listen to what the girls on this site say - they sure know where its at! -DaNi!-

Dani from England said:
Hey again This site seems to be getting a bit better now, the bitching and slagging off seems to be more under control! The advertising junk is still a problem it seems, but at least people seem to getting along with each other better! Anyway, Nirvana rule, as you all very much kno! Cheerio! -DaNi!-

Charlotte from England said:
I am fine 666. Everyone else you ask? Well, there have been no more arguements to report about thank goodness, although me, Katie Lindey and Rach have been trying to help this gal called Frankie, who as you can see by reading her comments is a lil depressed, so apart from that everything is great! Lol! Charlottexxxxxx

666 from England said:
yo thanks charlotte hows yourself and everyone else doing these days?.....

Charlotte from England said:
Howdi! Hi Katie and Lindey and everyone else! I hope you are ok! 666, Welcome Back! Oh my god, it has been ages since you last posted! To Frankie, I hope you are okay now and that me and the girls managed to help sort out your problems? If so, that is great! well i have to go and tidy my room (worse luck!) luv ya all Peace out, Charlottexxxxxx

666 from England said:
yo guys n gals hows everybody doing? wel i havent been on here in like 10 days or more coz the site was gone or something anyway someone was using my name as wel so just wanna tell claire saz and everyone else i was supposly slagging off that it wasnt me! oh yeah whats with all the advertising stuff??..........

Katie from USA said:
Noone will know if they were miserable or not,but they were both heavily addicted to drugs which usually is a way out of reality,maybe they weren\'t happy in this reality and god is probably making up for that right now. Noone is happy that they had to die,but I think god had something better in mind for them.

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey Charlotte, i totally agree with that quote to! Its soo true. Im listening to Big Long Now, and everytime I listen to Nirvana, it seems so hard to imagine that Kurt is dead. When i listen to him play guitar and sing, its like hes alive. and its sort of freaking me out, but its also really cool because his music makes him immortal, sort of. Like he really isn\'t dead. its really true that dead musicians really do live on through their music.

Katie from England said:
thanx,I think that frankie is older than me though so i guess i can be an agony niece or something.I was nine when Kurt died. Its wierd because my two favorite bands are Sublime and Nirvana,and I was telling my little brother how 1994 and 96 were my best years,and he was like Katie do you realize your two favorite singers died those years? I guess I didn\'t really think of it that way. I wish they hadn\'t died,but I always thought it meant that my idols were happy and it didn\'t have to be a bad thing.

Charlotte from England said:
I am sorry if this comes out the wrong way Mena, but do you think that matters right now? I mean, Frankie is in the middle of a depressed and unstable circle at the moment as you can see. She is blaming herself and is even hating her own birthday because of what happened on April 8th 1994. Her so - called \"friends\" disowned her because they thought she was a \"jynx\" and you are whittering on and on about Kurt and if she met them and maybe she doesn\'t need that? All she wants is some advice, not questions. She needs to know that people are going to be there for her on here. I may not know her AT ALL but I feel for her, I really do. I know what is like to be depressed. I have been there, done that and got the Tshirt. There was only 3 things that got me through it: My friends, my boyfriend and some good old fashioned advice. I was really down and out and they all helped me in a way I could never imagine. I am so grateful to those who helped me and I will never forget how long they strived to get me to smile again and to STAY smiling. Thankfully, I got through and I am happy again. I am going to try and help Frankie in any way I can and I hope others can too. Believe me, all you need in times of crisis is some advice and a friend. I hope you understand that I am not having a go at you. I am just saying that I know how it feels to be sad all the time. Waking up in the morning and feeling so tearful and suicidal. I even used to cut myself. Thats how desperate I was for someone and then I saw through it all and came through. I want to help Frankie and I hope others do to. Peace Out, Charlottexxxxxxxx

Mena from England said:
Are you honoured that he was killed before your birthday or did I take that the wrong way? and DID you see them in concert? What were they like? Were they live and energetic like they percieve themselves to be or what? Tell me tell me! You are one of the few people I know who have seen them live! Please! Do you have any videos or what? Do you have PICTURES of Kurt? Oh my God I am so excited!! Please tell me! Did you meet the band? Did you go backstage? You HAVE to tell me!

Frankie from Scotland said:
Thank you for the kind words, Rach, Lindey and Charlotte. I just felt so alone and pathetic, I mean I always was blamed by Nirvana fans for being \"the jynx\" to Kurt and I eventually put the blame on myself. I just wanted you people to know what I am (the jynx) before you got the chance to know me, so that you could be mean and nasty before we all got talking regularly! I am going to take your advice Katie and Charlotte. I am going to be honoured. I am homoured that two days before my bday, he was killed (by SOMEONE) and during my birthday celebrations, he was found dead. I am glad I got to see them live in concert a year before he died. Really Really glad.

Mena from England said:
That Charlotte and Katie are right. Frankie be honoured!

Charlotte from England said:
Oh yeh and Katie, I think emailin them was a cool thing to do so dont worry if it didnt help much. At least they know where they are not wanted!

Charlotte from England said:
Howdi! Aww Katie, that message to Frankie was soo sweet! You are right of course. See, Frankie? No one on THIS site is going to disown you. I dont want you to blame yourself for what happened. Katie is right,you were born ELEVEN years before it happened and as Katie said you should be honoured! After all, Kurt is a legend. I hope he is happy........wherever he is! Katie, dont take this the wrong way, but you should be an agony aunt. You give out great advice! lol! Hey to everyone! Peace Out...Love Charlottexxxx

Katie from USA said:
I don\'t think my emailing those spam assholes helped much.

Katie from USA said:
Frankie,Kurt had a hard life,he had happy times,but he seemed sad allot too. Unlike that Joseph fucker,I believe Kurt went on to a better place and is happy. Happy for the life he had,the things he learned,and all the fans that still love him today. The last thing he would want is people that really care about him to feel they caused what happened,you were born eleven years before that happened,so you didn\'t cause anything. Maybe to Kurt,dying was what he wanted or needed even if he was murdered,he has no pain now. You could look at it as a honor,to have been born around when Kurt\'s pain left him. Noone is happy that he is gone,but we also don\'t know if he is happy or not,he could be. He felt like allot of people did not care,so the fact that you do is probably enough for him.

pearl white from usa said:
i love kurt

rEX wHEELER from USA said:
I have a infection in my brain. It is driving me insane. But lyrics aren\'t to blame. KURT ROCKS!

Charlotte (again!!) from England said:
That is kinda my motto for life. Wise words from a wise man.

Charlotte from England said:
*who* even, not \"what\"

Charlotte from England said:
Plus, as Kurt once said \"I\'d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for what I am not\". That I totally agree with, dont u? Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Thats okay Lindey. As I said to Rach, I speak my mind and the truth. I accept you BECAUSE you are different and I like people who are unique and special in their own ways y\'know? I hate people who just say what they THINK others would want them to say. It is wrong and kinda disrespectful to yourself and the person you are trying to impress. That is why, I think yours and the other guys posts that I mentioned are cool because you guys all speak your minds despite the reaction you will get from it (from the people who don\'t like what you are saying) and I admire and respect you guys for it. You and the others I mentioned are my definition of cool. You know something else? I was thinking exactly the same thing as you Lindey the other day too. Isnt that weird? Luv ya, take care and peace out, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Thanks Rach! I was only speaking the truth though. I am one of these people that speak their minds and just say what I think whether it be good or bad! Hey to everyone and Frankie - I hope you find my message useful! I try to give out good advice where it is needed! I hope everyone is okay and that their days haven\'t been too boring! Luv ya! Peace out, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rach from England said:
Hey everyone! Yeh one of my friends b-day is the day that Kurt was killed, is weird thinking about how we celebrate her b-day but mourn the death of Kurt too. Hey 2 Dani, Katie, Lindey, Charlotte, Will, Christian etc, you guys are cool! And thanks for the kind words Charlotte, the message you posted was really nice and i appreciate what you said, i think you are really cool too! Rach xxx

Lindey from Canada said:
That sounds awful, Frankie. I was myself just wondering a couple of days ago what it must have been like if your b-day was on the day Kurt\'s body was descovered. wow thats so sad. Also to Charlotte, thanks for thinking that my posts are different from most peoples. i like to stand out and be different from everyone else, but in doing so, most people dont except me. im sure that lots of u feel that way to, and so i think its cool that some of us on this site can except others on here.

Charlotte from England said:
Man Frankie........that must be so difficult to deal with but just remember this.. I am not judging you. You didn\'t ask for Kurt to be found that day did you? No. So just ignore those morbid inbred fuckers because they dont deserve a friend like you. What you have just said touched me and I was almost in tears reading it. It was deep.... Does anyone else agree with me here? Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Frankie from Scotland said:
\"Sian\" you are so right! I miss him terribly! I turned 11 on that fateful day when his body was discovered and now I hate my birthday. I dread it. I despise the fact that on my birthday when I was celebrating at 7:30 in the morning, opening my presents and getting lots of Nirvana merchandise from my caring family, knowing Kurt was missing but thought he was alive and well writing music for the next Nirvana album, i didn\'t know that just half an hour away, my life would change forever....I turned on the TV at 8:15 and saw the newsflash:Nirvana Frontman Dead\" I screamed and I cried and I wished to God that it could all go away, that Kurt was alive and that he wasn\'t discovered on my birthday. Since then, birthdays have been a dud,i am on antidepressants and I havent really been happy. I am actually genuinely crying as I type and I want you fellow fans to know a little about me as I may seem a bit \"abstract\" or \"weird\". Since that day, every Nirvana fan I know has disowned me for being the \"jynx\" that caused Kurts body to be discovered. I am grateful for your time and I hope you\'ll understand whatever random message I have written. Thank You. Francesca McNee(a.k.a Frankie)

sian from England said:
Kurt Cobain is my God.it still hurts though his physical body has been dead for the best part of eleven years now.i feel like i owe him everything, as he gave his heart, soul, and eventually his life in his music. so lets all do him one last favor, lets keep him alive in his heart. as krist novoselic said\" thats the level kurt spoke to us on, in our hearts.\" Kurt, you got your wish, you died before you became pete townsend, and you never ever faded. and you never will. but kurdt, wherever you are; i miss you.

dfgdfshjaa said:
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Charlotte from England said:
I am just going to add something else... Katie,Dani,Will(wherever he has gone)Christian, Rach, Nunya and Lindey are well cool! You guys ROCK!!! I mean most people on this site are cool but I especially think that these guys are cool because their posts just stand out y\'know? I just wanted to say that thats all! Charlottexx PS I love my bf Phil Meldon 4eva n eva! xx

Charlotte from England said:
Thats cool Katie! I mean, I wouldn\'t have thought of emailing them! So many people on this site (except perhaps me)have commonsense! Anyway, so how has everyone been keeping? I am really bored! lol! Charlottexxxxxxx