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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Mike from USA said:
What a great site. I just finished reading "Come As You Are" again and have been jonesin' for some good Nirvana photos. Wonderful job.

mee from *Canada* said:
this is a cool site... nirvana kicks lots of ass... I LOVE KURT COBAIN!! hehehehe i will always be a nirvana fan and i will make my children love nirvana cause theyre one of the best bands in history and it sucks they had to miss out on that... well thats all ihave to say Oh wait ya and he was murdered i do believe that :) later -M ~Kurt D. Cobain~ 1967-1994 RIP

Elise from The Netherlands said:
Yep we all Know Nirvana was amazing..........

Ang from US said:
never let the memories of kurt ever fade~

The Man from Never never land said:

Slayer from USA said:
I forgot this one little part--there is a problem with this website and that is the timeline. It should say that Kurt's body was found on April 8th because he had been MURDERED three days earlier. Tom Grant is right, even Dave thinks so.

Slayer from USA said:
Nirvana is brilliant and amazing. Anybody who attempts to capture this artistry in a website or anything else has to be incredibly careful on how they represent them, if they want a true picture. The true picture of Nirvana? Kurt Cobain, sitting back and smiling, enjoying life and fucking authority. Feeling every emotion that we feel, and putting it in the perfect words--with kick ass music right behind it. The best things about this site is that they capture the best things about Kurt--in pictures, which show his sense of humor and his punk attitude, as well as his talent for putting his emotions through. The other thing is the availibility of interviews--being able to read all those articles and being able to read what Kurt has said--that is the important part. I like how everything is organized nicely so you don't have to go through a lot of the webmaster's shit just to get where you want to go. The pictures are really good--there are a lot and there are a lot of rare ones. One of the best Nirvana websites besides nirvanaclub.com and kurt-cobain.com. Rock on. Nirvana is the best, but Kurt Cobain is even better.

Od25 from U.S. said:
This web page is the shiz. Nirvana is the best band ever, screw metallica and every one else no one will ever beat nirvana as the best. Kurt wrote the best lyrics. I really felt them I'm sorry his gone,but I do believe he is watching over his truest and dearest fans that never gave up on his music.NIRVANA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam Menicucci from Dominican republic said:
Nirvana is just one of the greatest bands ever.... I think people is forgeting it too fast , they shouldn't P.d: I LOVE NIRVANA AND I LOVE KUT COBAIN

S1N from usa said:

Freaky Chick from USA said:
I think this is a cool site and I love Kurt Cobain so much.Im so interseted in him and I seriously think he was murderd and didnt kill himself. I think Courtney Love murderd him. Thats my opinion of the matter. I could talk all day about this but I better not so I better quit. FREAKY CHICK

Holly McMahon from England said:
I cried. Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you.

Kim from England said:
At last, a rocking Nivarna site!!!

Femke from The Netherlands said:
Hi! I think this is a very cool site, with lots of beautifull pictures and stuff. When I read Kurt's biography, I just became sad when I read the last part about his suicide attempts. It's so fucked up!!!! I hate myself and want to die

Heather Crothers from England said:
I am 32 years old and I never did like Nirvana, untill just the other day. I downloaded some of the song lyrics and I must say, they are the "bomb"! I guess I should have listened closer.
uninted states

sean from England said:

amy from USA said:
Awesome site. CHeck out my site, listed above. All the other names were taken so I labeled it using my own name.

Craig Dyke from Scotland said:
I think your site is exellent and really well made, if you have time (while making up websites) could you e-mail me and give me some tips about making up websites.

REnée from Sweden said:
Hey! This was a great homepage about Nirvana I must say. It looks like you have put much time to it. Well, have a nice day! /Zipper

Anthony Cobain jr. from denmark said:
I'm a big fan of nirvana, and i just love your page, theres many good pictures, and good information. Hope many others will come and see it cause it's great!!!!

A. hanley from Australia said:
These days when you wanna find some good pics of Nirvana or shit like that they 'll give you some bull shit that has nothing to do with nirvana but this mate this is some quality shit I'm a song writter/drums/bass/guitar me and my mates have a band thanx for this top site full of quality shit peace out! love Amy SHAMBLES (our band) Amy: drums/bass/guitar/song writter Nikita: guitar/backing vocals Nina: Guitar/ vocals

Rotten Creamer from 'merica said:
inmemoryofKDC is a shit head. here is why: 1 he said 'fag' wich leads me to believe that he is a homophobik bitch. 2 courtney probably didnt try very hard to kill herself scince she wanted to live with kurts money. (if she even did try to kill herself) oh well, i guess your not that bad. (unless you are homophobic) so i love you :)

Rotten Creamer from 'merica said:
i meant ROTTEN bitch :) you all should see kurt and courtny. very interesting. you learn that she is, in fact, a rotten bitch.

Rotten Creamer from 'merica said:
courtny love is a ROTTE BITCH!!!! (kurt cobain is a god)

inmemoryofK.D.C from USA said:
all you people who think courtney killed kurt are fags, she loved him to much to kill him media and stupid fans led him to suicide!so shut up "Its better to burn out then to fade away"- Kurt Cobain R.I.P

inmemoryofK.D.C from USA said:
hey emaad, your a FAG courtney didn't kill kurt or else she wouldn't of been rushed to a hospital for attempted suicide after hearing he was dead if she killed him STUPID!! so shut the hell up!!

Beppe from México said:
Well... I guess Kurt even dead has the ability to make us reflect about our lives.... he pushes us to live meekly n' he wasn't another fuckin' rock star tryin' to get more fame every day of his life, instead Kurt wanted to transmit messages, not to get that fuckin' fame which made him fuck his life....

RaGE from England said:
Dear God wot a site...*hee hee* this site rox u homage KC to his full extent he is soooo a god.. ur pics make me cry :*( thanks for the site u make my life betta knowin i can see him wenever i want

dizzy from usa said:
Nirvana rules and always will!!! tom grant- shut up. courtney did not kill him. if kurt knew about all this bullshit he'd probably hate u all who says she killed him. it was suicide. read the letter then u'll see. if u allready have u r just stupid. RIP kurdt, rock on dave. peace y'all. gruuuungey!!! ;)

Sylvie from Germany said:
I wanted to say that this page is a wonderful page as a memory of Kurt Cobain!

Struan from Scotland said:
Luv the site! Nirvana are brill and Kurt is a god!

damaskovic from australia said:
Nirvana would have to be one of the only genuine (I hate to use the cliche) generation X bands that ever existed. The pain, angst, and sense of profoundly directionless fury typified by their musical style is sadly missed, but never forgotten.

dave.g from croatia said:
Curt is the best inteligenty for music.ps."curt forever"

Zach Hughes from U.S.A. said:
K.D.K was a great gutarists!!!!!!!!!1

Bradley Gamboa from U.S.A. said:
This site kicks ass. As soon as I read the stuff by TomGrant I printed it out and am passing it out to friends.

emaad from pakistan said:
i used to like courtney's songs, but after researching on the death of Curt, i have come to hate that bitch!!!!!!!!! may he rest in peace SHE KILLED HIM MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie from England said:
great site... i love Kurt... can someone please email me to talk about Kurt or something...


Mat Grove from England said:
hey fans its me mat Grove the maker of this website if u hav any comments on kurt email me Skateboarda88@hotmail.com

claire from france said:
kurt cobain is the best. i love kurt forever peace,love and compassion at you!!!! i hate myself and i want to die for you!!

NIRVANA! from England said:
And it rocks on and on and on! Kurt Donald Cobain forever. Hey Kurt you´ll never fate away

Lisa Gomez from USA said:
I love kurt cobain and he will always be in my heart. Love Kitty

Aimee from United States said:
I will forever love Kurt Cobain. He died at the age of 27 along with some other greats-- Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix. Courtney's also a great person. I do not believe she killed him, and never will. I think Kurt commited suicide. Otherwise someone else killed him. All that Tom Grant stuff is nonsense. Maybe HE killed Kurt.

Ashley-Lynn Carrico from USA said:
OMG! Thanx so much for making this site 2 Nirvana & my idol-Kurt Donald Cobain!!!!! I love this band/this man/everything about them! Keep up the good work! Oh-for ppl w/ ICQ-my # is 105755014 All my love- Ashley-Lynn

kayla snyder aka charlie from franklin , n.c.,USA said:
i love this site so much , you need quiz.i love kurt i hate courtney love she killed kurt now it's time for all of his fans to take reveng for kurt and kill courney love.. okay.. YOU'R WEBSITE KICKS ASS. R.I.P. KURT AND ALL MY GRUNGEY LOVE GOS OUT TO ALL WHO LOVE KURT AS MUCH AS ME

charlie from usa said:
i love this web site but you need more pic's of kurt and not courtney.. she a killer and a bitch....

steve from England said:
courtney is the kurt killer, she killed a man we all grown to love an we will always miss you kurt

Renee Webster from australia said:

Renee Webster from australia said:
i hope you keep up the good work. COURTNEY KILLED KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX

Eric from U.S.A said:
sweet page, i like the layout, come and visit mine.

emily from united states of america said:
i hate courtney love dont worry kurt i know what she did to you we all know what she did to you i lve you.RIP KURT DONALD COOBAIN

charlotte from England said:
i have just read the files tom grant has written and i have a whole new oppinion about Kurts death or shall we say murder.........................check it out you will see what i mean!!!!!!!! courtney love try accepting that she drove him to it and stop lying!Francis will hate her when she understands and hopefully courtney will ''BURN OUT''!!!!

charlotte from England said:
this site is one of the best sites i have been to that contribute 2 Kurt and nirvana i defenately add it to my favorite list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Z. from Canada said:
NIRVANA RULES!!!!!!!! Always remember that it's better to burn out than to fade away. R.I.P. KURT COBAIN

sex from England said:
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ashley winters from usa said:
I finally found my friends there in my head find that nasty salt, maybe i'm to blame for all i've heard
www.burnt out.com

Beth from America said:
hey I really like your site it is great 2 see that Kurt is still living on in our memories.

endless nameless from canada said:
hullo. this site kix ass. yes indeed it does. ummm yeah! nirvana 4 ever. their the best band. sluts suck ass and so do jocks and preps. if your any of those you have no business likeing nirvana so fuck off. grungers kik ass. grunge all the goddamn motherfuckin way. umm yea. later

Tiffany from U.S. said:
I really love his voice it puts me to sleep at night. My boyfriend looks so much like him I feel as if he is right by my side. R.I.P.

Joe Lambe from England said:
I Wish Kurt would come back

overkill from England said:
great site but not very good.visit mine www.geocities.com/ozgunal_tr it iş the great one no sex pics no shit just a life

kids from Yugoslavia from Yugoslavia said:

Marina Milosevic,13 years from Yugoslavia,South Europe said:
Your site is the best I ever seen.I love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain better than life.I believe that he is alive.He not killed himself, he is too good for that thing.Do you HAVE his pictures with shootgun?I don't think so.If you have, please send it to me, I will be happy.Forgive me, my english is not good.Goodbye!

nats from England said:
i love kurt 2 bits!!!lol!!!anyway...i love u lot 2!!!lol!!! c ya again!!! nats xxx

AMANDA from America said:
hey, this is a really great site. i admire you for actually making a site on Kurt Cobain. He was like the best role model us kids could have! and exspecially us who are so much like him ( in our ways of living and what we belive in). I guess the reason why i am writting this is because no one every listens to me when I speak about him! i am glad somebody is still remembering him.

robbyn from Canada said:
I loved your page, almost as much as I love Kurt.

nats from England said:
hi,me again!please mail me!some1!!!any1!!!please!!! on:www.natty@bad-day.co.uk. PLEASE!!! love nats. p.s.NIRVANA ROCK!!!ILOVE KURT!!!

anne shenton from England said:

Mylaine Laplante from Québec said:
Salut, je suis une très grande fan de nirvana et ça me fait vraiment chier que Kurt ce soit enlever la vie à cause de nous alors c'est ça et continuons d'aimer la musique de Nirvana pour le garder dans notre mémoire.Kurt je t'aime

Pissings - again .. from slovakia said:
I love you guys and I would agree with polly

Pissings - NIRVANA FANatick from slovakia said:

Polly from Brazil said:
Kurt need be remember like a great rock star, father, husband and sentimental that he was being, and not like a druged and crazy man...

nats from England said:
NIRVANA ROCK!!its the truth and it always will be('until the end').he might have died when i was 7 but i still love him!!!lol.anyway.email me please!!at:natty@bad-day.co.uk. c ya!! nats xxxx

marijuana from germany said:
its a cool side. i`ll never forgett kurt. you can e-mail if you want...

marijuana from germany said:
its a cool side. i`ll never forgett kurt. you can e-mail if you want...