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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Tess from England said:
I love kurt i am so glad you posted this i have been listening to nirvana sinece i was a child like maybe 2 or three yrs of age. I was born in 1990 so.....my mom actually met kurt when he had pink hair...AWESOME

cock from cock said:

cock from cock said:

hetler from germany said:
i have seen much porn because i live in germany, but the best porn i have seen is kurt cobain and cortny love having oral sex on the sofa

peogeoto from peogeoto said:
i names peageoto kurt cobain from peogeoto

jessica from africa said:
my childs first word was teen spirit and his name is kurt, he has a little sister called cortny

Marshall from Marshall said:

kurt from kurt said:
i love cortny love kurt

sid from England said:
busted are KUNTS, and nirvana is great, and busted also, suck eachothers dicks

Bobby from England said:
nirvana bloody rock, anybody that doesn\'t like them can suck my dick, and if there are any fit girls they can suck my dick anyway. BUSTEDS SHIT

Marshall from England said:
nirvana rocks, BUSTED FUCKING SUCKS all hail kurt cobain

will from England said:
nirvana rocks

monica from spain said:
my english is very bad but i want to say that i never forget kurt cobain. he was a hero \'cos he change the esence of rock&roll. I LOVE YOU FOR EVER KURT!!!!!!

gary s G* from England said:

sarah from Germany said:
This page is really nice!I only want to say:KURT COBAIN WE MISS U!!!thanks...peace, love, empathy...

heresa from England said:
i wish i met kurt and nw that idid\'nt i fel the need to kill myself slowly and painfully i don\'t no what else to say so i am out

Kathren from England said:
this is the best band ever!!!!! keep them alive! rock on!

Bea Bauw from Belgium said:
Kurt... wherever you are... thank you His music never dies. He\'s the king of the ROCK! R.I.P Kurt

jane from usa said:
who kill kurdt kobane was it you????? huh courtney gotta guilty conscience it will catch up with you kurt willl get his justice

katkat from England said:
hey hey, i love this sight so much i visit it whenever i get the cahnce. it has everything i need, pics, lyrics, articles, tab, interviews. for a huge nirvana fan like me there is no other sight.

katkat from England said:
hey hey, i love this sight so much i visit it whenever i get the cahnce. it has everything i need, pics, lyrics, articles, tab, interviews. for a huge nirvana fan like me there is no other sight.

ammy-goth from australia said:
this site is mad, i have been looking all over the palce for a good site about kirt cobane, definetly will be coming back!!!

Clor from Ireland said:
Hey guys. im with you all the way. justice for Kurt xxxx

Neutron from England said:
Marissa, that\'s fine, just let me know what action you are taking and I am right behind you. :) It\'s just so unpleasant that so many ppl still think Kurt \'topped himself\' when ppl who have delved more into his death know different. Some of these ppl have suddenly died too. I just wish they could get up enough evidence to reopen the case to clear Kurts name and that awful tag that hangs over his death. Kurt we still love you dude. RIP xxxx


Brittney Millar from Africa said:
Its better to burn out than fade away.

marissa from the netherlands said:
neutron, thanks! I new I could count on you! Glenn? does your message means your in with us? I will wait off futher reactions from people who visit here and then I will let you now what I had in mind! love you all,JUSTICE FOR COBAIN!!

Glenn from England said:
Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder !!!

Pim from Netherlands said:
i love youre site man pease!

patty from usa said:
Nirvana was also on the saturday night live compulation

Bruno Brasil from Brasil said:
Your website is very good!!!

kat from cyprus said:
yo me homie dats a kl website dude wikid

Neutron from England said:
I\'ll check that book out, well written Marissa, I feel the passion in your post, How strange was that, WOW, I think Kurt is trying to reach you. PPl who feel for Kurt know there\'s somthing not quite right about what happened the day he died. I\'ll join you in the fight to clear Kurt\'s name and that tag of \'killing himself\' we all know he was murdered. Just let me know what I can do. Luving you Kurt.....still to this day.xxxx

Today I spend my whole day reading my brand new book ¨love and death¨- the murder on Kurt Cobain¨¨ While I was reading it, my television was on MTV (with no priticculair reason at all, just for company) and suddenly their was a program about the rise and rise off Kurt Cobain. A view min later the newspaper draws my compleet attention, a picture of who to me is a genius, fills a small area on page one. The headlines says: ¨¨Nirvana ones no. 1 in the best record of the ´90¨¨ It was all about the well know song ¨¨Smells Like Teen Spirit¨¨. And suddenly I get very emotional. With the book still in my hands, the newspaper in front of me and the television sending out music and a voice that I so love and appreciate, witch is basically the soundtrack of my live, I began to cry. Just like a baby who wants to get fed, I cry for him. There is also a great anger in me. I´m one off the thousands who believes that Kurt is murdered. So with the tears still in my eyes and anger in my soul, I began to write down names I red in the book: Roger Lewis (a Canadian chemical) Duff Wilson (a investigatorjournalist) Denise Marshall (investigator) DR Wecht, Dylan Carlson ( Kurt best friend) Tom Grant (yes The Tom Grant) Nick Broomfield (the maker off the documentary Kurt and Courtney) Iam Halperin and Max Wallace, the writers of the book. First of all I want to thanks Max and Iam with this great book, thanks you opened my eyes!! This name also crossed my eyes: Donald Camoron. This man is the man who closed Cobains case, and put it under the label: a suicide. He spoke in public, that if there were good prove on a murder on cobain, he would re-open the case again. This was all after there was rumor in the would about a possibility murder on cobain, he was under fire so he had to protect himself. Well, Iam and Max had prove, and dame good ones! So they went to Camaron in 1997 and were send back straight were ever they came from. Camaron did not want to speak to them, So the case stayed closed. He would not even look at what they had found! If he was still alive, witch is not, I would have stick the prove in his but!! Camaron died when he was base-jumping, witch is also a weird story, people say that someone messed with his parachute. (?) All the people I mentioned before Camaron believes that something is really wrong with kurts death-story. Now, 10 years later, still nothing happened. So many prove has been found on murder, witch is all in the book, and stiil most people off the human raise sees Kurt as a ``self-destructive, depress, tragic rock star off the ´90. Things has got to change!! Kurts name has got to be cleared!! And we have got to do something! I can here people off you say: been there , done that, and it hasn’t helped a thing. THEN MAKE IT WORK! WE HAVE TO FIGRURE OUT SOMETHING THAT WILL OPEN PEOPLES EYES. WE HAVE TO PUSH THE POLICE TO RE-OPEN THE CASE, WE HAVE TO SPEAK UP! LET THEM NO THAT WE ARE TRUW WITH THE WAITING AND FED UP WITH THIS! WE HAVE TO STAND BY TOM GRANT AND HELP HIM! SO PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! HELP ME AND MANY OTHERS TO FULLFIL MY DREAM: JUSTICE FOR COBAIN!!!! I can´t do this by myself, I´m not some kind off hero who all the important people will listen to and jump when I say so. But if we stick together, maybe we could. If anyone has ideas, let me now. Help me and others who are fighting for cobain, please, I beg you. With love, marissa

KAMESH from INDIA said:

Neutron from England said:
Goodness, everytime I visit this site I become emotional, really missing Kurt\'s influence on the music industry today. Kurt seemed well grounded for all the fame he recieved (UNLIKE COURTNEY) who knew money was very evil and could make SOME ppl lose focus on reality and just living on this earth without greed & lust. Ok he may have used drugs but everyone and I mean everyone on this earth has there crosses to bare but Kurt knew what life was all about. LOVE and being LOVED, it was just so simple but yet so far to reach in Courtney. I hope he found the unconditional love that Francis gave him fullfilling but Courtney stripped him of that too. Kurt you are well missed by many luv loads forever and ever. Just had to release, hello Clor,Rach,Marissa and everyone else keeping this site ALIVE WITH LOVE OF KURT & NIRVANA!xxxxxxxxxxx

Carol from USA said:
Here I sit every day, I look at Kurts pictures on my wall, soon as I wake...Still listening to his music, and REMEMBERING! Not that I was old enough to realise, but what matters is whats goin on now. Kurt lives on no matter what, ALWAYS! He didn\'t fade away at all. He just wanted to end it while he was ahead, and by end it I mean RETIRE, not kill himself. Think about him, everyday... KEEP HIM IN OUR HEARTS!

elikor from philipppines said:
cobain is my hero!! he\'s the grunge king and he\'ll live forever! i hope he\'s havin a good time wherever he may be... i love you KURT COBAIN!!!!

sara from England said:
Kurt Cobain is my angel!! Kurt Cobain = Nirvana

malin from Sweden said:
I love kurt cobain (L)

jane from usa said:
it makes me sick to my stomach when ppl say kurt commited sucide he didnt ppl need to read up ive read every book on his death and sucide doesnt add up

jessica from USA said:
i hate courtney love she is a talentless b**ch and she was jelous of kurt so she killed him ....

Jessica from united states of america said:
kurt is the only person who understands ppl like me he needs his justice kurt was murbered

kh from usa said:
sorry not from england usa, all luv kurt

kh from England said:
who ever thinks kurt comitted sucide really needs to read up don\'t let that bitch coutney fool you............. peace out

it don\'t matter from somewhere said:
kurt rox even do hes ded... nirvana rock...i luv kurt...bye

hu cares??? from sumwhere said:
soz, i like 2 b anonymous courtney woz wel mean 2 kurt, its wel sad dat kurt kild imself, but nirvana stil rox bigtime - no question

Anny Ononymous from England said:
i love nirvana this is a wel wkd site shame nun of my m8s no hu kurt actly is - wil hav 2 tel em 2 visit ur site lol!!! ( that means larf out loud btw )