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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Amy from Canada said:
Hey Chris stop telling people what to think. I admire Kurt (in ways) as a person AND as a musician. You cant change that so stop trying.

erla from Iceland said:
DAMN!!!! I love nirvana!!!!!!!! it\'s a grate thing u got going on here:P;);) hehe

Rach from England said:
I relate to some of the stuff Chris said, people read his comment! I do idolise Kurt, but realise he didn\'t want so much fame like this, and i agree that we have to remember about Krist and Dave, without them Nirvana wouldnt have been the band they were. Also i think Courtney Love is part of the reason why Nirvana made it so big and Kurt lasted so long, if it wasnt for her and Frances, who knows what would have happened to Kurt. love Kurt forever xx

chris from England said:
wow charlotte has changed her tune, just a point, everyone here (not everyone but a huge majority) idolises -and i mean IDOLISES kurt. Think about it, if you really know about him and respect him then you will understand not to. He hated fame and being an idol - hence his deep depression, he didnt want to be seen as an idol, that was one of his main complaints. if u have any respect for him, then you will stop idolising him and start idolising his work..... all he ever wanted was a band: nirvana. How about respect nirvana, as i\'ve said it wouldnt have been if it wasnt for krist, dave and courtney. If you are going to insist on idolising him, take on the role of doing what he wanted to you to do - like his music, like his band and respect his wife and child and like his creations - do not see him as a hero, it ent what he wanted

freakytwack69 - Jenny from usa said:
hey everyone nirvana is the shit to me but i have a problum all my friends and mom say i shouldent lisen to it because it hase no point it realy dont matter cus i am 18but my friends have put me in a situashon nirvana is one of my faviret bands and when i lisen to them i am happy but my friends wont allow me to lisen to it when i am with them they say it is the sound track to slit your rist to and the one that hates it the most is my roommate so if any one has any advice on this one it would be highly obliged o ya NIRVANA IS THE SHIT.

Jennifer Ann Rose Royston from minnesota said:
I have been a fan for a long time.My brother first interdused me to kurt when i was 7 and ever sence i just kinda went out on it. the thing i like most is he sings about life and not all his problums but others too. he is realy HOT to.

Amy from Canada said:
I understand that he was not a messiah. and i agree with charlotte, there is not point in remebering kurt for what he could of been, because no one knows because it didn\'t happen. he died ten years ago, and although alot of us probably don\'t even remeber anything much from back then, we all know that he was so creative and talented and expresive and passionate. i really admire him as a guitarist, as a song writer, as a singer and as a person , minus the heroine and marrying courtney love (unless they really where truly in love at the time, because love is beautiful). i totally admire him. yes, i will never forget him, i will always remeber him, the essence of him. The beautiful part of him, the sensetive, compasionate, creative, ect. part. Shakespear said, \"The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft intered with their bones\" Lets not make Kurt into that. Lets forget the bad things he did, and remeber the good things, which i bet is what he probably wanted.

cuthbert skeeter from England said:
I think Nirvana are stupidly overrated. Kurt\'s singing voice was shocking and although they did manage to knock out some classics they certainly don\'t warrant this much attention.. I mean Christ people, he wasn\'t the Messiah, he was just a very naughty boy.. er.. man..

Charlotte from England said:
Hiya gain ppl!! well, ummm what should i say except that i kinda agree wiv Kat and wot she sed like ages ago about constantly tlkin bout Kurts death. Yes it was unfortunate that he died and Courtney got away wiv it, but just think... if he was alive today, would Nirvana still be around?... probably not as even Kurt himself sed that Nirvana can\'t keep producing the music the fans like.. so isnt it better to remember Nirvana for who they were and Kurt for who he was?.. cos hey, if Kurt were alive.. he would\'ve divorced Courtney (probably) and had a few other kids... be no has a \'has been\' and just forgotten. I love Kurt more than anything and id have done anything for him but as he sed in his \'suicide\' note: Its better to burn out than to fade away\'.... these words are immortal and eerily true... Id rather have known and remembered Kurt for what he was than what he could\'ve been. Just my opinion though, there are probably people who think different.. Peace Love Empathy (these words are immortal too!) Charlottexx RIP Kurt XX i hope to see you someday (soon i hope)

carrie s. from USa said:
hey im carrie like you i am a big Kurt Cobain fan i think he was a very unique person he s tarted the revolution of grunge rock everywhere you need to continue with this site. peace

carrie s. from USa said:
I love this site because kurt is the most awesome person who started off the revolution of grunge rock

inge from belgium said:
hey JENNIFER, of course there are people who read your message..i\'m one of them. I kind of agree with what you say. Kurt is unique and he really changed the world...i have a lot of respect for him. another thing i admire about him, is that he always stayed himself!

tirsh from England said:
hope that all his fans all still like him

Jackie from England said:

Jennifer from United States said:
I\'m not sure if anyone will read this but i\'ll give my two cents anyway. In my opinion, Kurt loved music, it was his fucking passion(obviously). He wanted to just play and along came all this meaningless bull shit(fame). He felt guilty for being ungrateful for all his success. He did love with all he had and that\'s what made him so unique. It is for the best that he burned out - how depressing would it be for him to be alive today and have faded away, known as a \"has been\". his death changed opinions all over this world. who else can do that? I love kurt and i miss him - i can\'t wait to jam with him on the otherside. i love you all

Mallory from U.S.A. said:
I love NIRVANA and Kurt Cobain is truley missed by me and everyone around the world. I will never forget him.

Antonia(me again) from FRANCE said:
I was just looking and realising just how many people

Antonia(me again) from England said:
Sorry didn\'t finish that so: Just how many people like Nirvana and Kurt, in France I know 2 people who like them so i\'m very happy to see that i no longer on my one (well i never really was but well) I agree to two things KILL COURTNEY and to that maybe she didn\'t kill him i mean he wasn\'t very happy with his life and drug abuse so....I WISH he was still HERE but he isn\'t So It\'s Better To Burn Out Than to fade Away!!!!(Maybe....)

Antonia(me again) from FRANCE said:
I was just looking and realising just how many people

Antonia from England said:
Krist did a few failed bands ( sadly ) like sweet 75....

Antonia from France said:
I love every Nirvana song and know most of them what do you think of With The Lights Out (Isn\'t that frome Smells like Teen Spirit :With The Lights Out It\'s Less Dangerous??) Anyway hum i just wanted to say that Kurt Will Always Be Loved By so many people!!!

inge from belgium said:
hey KAT, after kurt\'s death, krist played in some other bands, but they never where really famous or anything. But anyway, i read somewhere, that now, he is sick of the whole \"show bussiness\", and that he is going to do politics. I don\'t know for sur if it\'s true, but that is what i read. I also think that we should give more respect to krist and dave, because without them, nirvana wouldn\'t have been as great as they were.... so respect to them!!!!!!!!!

gena from united states said:
kurt will live forever no matter what love should be held responsible! R.I.P

kat from England said:
also agree with jurg from usa, we should acknowledge the whole band, not just kurt cobain. does anyone know what happened to krist after the band split? i mean, everyone knows what happened to dave, but where did krist go? . . . . . . .

kat from England said:
i also agree that we will never know how kurt died, however i also agree that we should all stop talking about it. i mean, none of us are directly involved, although we are affected. however, we will NEVER find out what happened so i don\'t see the point in sitting around constantly discussing it, when it will just make people depressed. admitidally, it should not be forgotten, but it shouldnt also be the only topic of conversation this site has, im not saying his death wasnt a major event, or trying to stop people giving their opinions on the matter, i just feel that talking about it aint gonna help and it aint gonna get kurt back, so we should try to talk more about the music, and the essence of rock, rather than the unfortunate death of a legend.

Jurg from USA said:
I LOVE NIRVANA always have..Itīs important to celebrate all of the members of Nirvana not just Kurt! but still kurt was a genious musican!! Look what I found today..Search around and found the very unusual name MIDDLEAGE on myspcae.com.. \"no expectations\"..but hey their song Proof of Honesty almost killed me.. :shock: I have to share this band with you great musicans! http://www.myspace.com/Middleage

Rach from England said:
It is true, we will never know how Kurt Cobain was killed...whether it was suicide or murder, it may never be proven. We all have our own beliefs and i think we shud accept that and respect other peoples opinion (unless you\'re completely disrespecting nirvana and kurt of course!!)I personally dont know what to believe now. Too many theories have gone around and its hard to tell the truth from the lies. My mind sways. Rach xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Hi every1. soz i aint been on here in a while, coursework and stuff. so hows every1 been? To Chris from England: Everyone is gonna talk about Kurts death because it is a complete mystery. you cant tell us to get a life because Nirvana and Kurt IZ life. Im sorry Chris but no one is gonna stop talkin about kurts death because it is a conspiracy theory! I believe he was murdered and so do many others, but what ive come to realise is we will NEVER know the truth about Kurts death until we die and (hopefully) meet him and ask him. BUT in saying all that, Kurt was a dude and Dave is the loudest drummer around. Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx Ull neva be forgottenxx

nicole from usa said:
kurt was the best,there is no doubt about that!i think every1 loved and will always love kurt...his music was something else and he was sm else!i hope wherever he is now he is in a better place...

Chris from Canada said:
Hello. Kurt Cobain, to me is the best thing that has ever happened. His music has inspired me so much, I only wish I had been born 10 years earlier so that I could of met him or at least seen him in concert. Instead i\'m sitting here listening to every single CD Nirvana has put out and downloading all the rarest stuff off the Internet. Kurt Cobain will always live on and in my mind his death had the greatest impact on his fans and people who didn\'t even listen to his music, not John Lennon. R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain, we all love you. 1967-1994

Amy from Canada said:
To Aneurysm from sweden from England: No i do not know what you mean. Good Charolette sucks, and i don\'t think that Nirvana would have ever made shitty music like that because they are the best. Here is a quote by Ed the Sock from Formage 2004 (the show where they make fun of all the crappy vidios that come out in 2004)\"Here we are with Good Charolette\'s Predictable vidio. There are two many jokes just to pick just one. Its starts out will Joel walking down a street being stared at by soul-less looking people. Its so nice of them to meet their fans.\" enough said.

chris from England said:
what about everyone on this site gets a life? i mean come on! yes nirvana are great (nirvana, not just kurt) kurts best friends and band mates all agreed not to pursue the case of his death because they knew him and suicide seemed like something that, unfortunately, he would do - so what makes people on this website so sure that was murder, having never met any of the people involved? i find it sad that this site and guestbook has been set up to honour the music nirvana and kurt produced and all you can do is talk about his death. get a life

hannah from England said:
gr8 website!its been gr8 finding out more about the greatest music genius of the 19th century.kurt cobain rules forever!!!!!!!!!!!

joance from france said:
i love u france

Aneurysm from sweden from England said:
Hi guys. Just want to say that nirvana rocks!.. And one more thing: As some of you guys know Kurt wrote or atleast ment in his Suicideletter(if it was a suicideletter)that he thought that Nirvana was going \"of the grunge style\" and he ment that the new songs that they were coming up with didn\'t were real grunge songs. But anyway. I wonder how Nirvana would sound today. Would they come up with great hits or be a more like \"good charlotte\" style if you know what i mean. What do you guys think? P.S I Think Kurt Cobain was a great singer/songwriter/guitarplayer but we must don\'t forget Krist and Dave who with Kurt made the perfect band off all time.. //Nirvana fan

Amy (or lindey) from England said:
ok, last thing im going to say today, but just so u know, my real name is lindey from canada, but i didn\'t want to put my real name, so i put amy from canada, but i guess i typed my real name without realising it. so sorry about that lol!

Amy (again) from Canada said:
i was just reading some old guest books, and it was really annoying how lots of people, who called themselfs Nirvanas and Kurt Cobains fans, were like \"Canada Sucks!\" that is so predijust, which is something that kurt was against! im not saying that if ur a fan, you have to believe everything he did, but damn, have respect!

Lindey from Canada said:
well i decided i wanted to bring up a new subject, so im going to talk about astrology. Kurt was a pisces, which ment he was sensetive, artistic and creative, empathetic (think the \"suicide\" note, where he was talking about how he loved people to much) and has a darker side to him. Well, i didn\'t know him personally, but what i understand about him from his lyrics, interviews and what other people who knew him said, that sounds strangly close to who he was! im a gemini, which means i like comunication, im intelectual, creative and idealistic, and i have different personalitys, wich is very true. what is ur all of ur guys signs? if you don\'t know what they mean, i could tell you, cus i love astrology and know alot about it.

nicole from USA said:
this site is so amazing uve done a great job w/ it........as just about everybody has said on here....KURT COBAIN RULES AND WILL LIVE FOREVER!!! NIRVANA & KURT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viki from Hungary said:

Rach from England said:
It\'s really good that Kurt has been an idol for so many people and influenced them to learn instruments etc. he was such and insparational guy xxx

sam boroughs from united states said:
me and my friends r the bigest nirvana fans ever. we frmd a band clld pibb an the underminds. we play grunge an

sam boroughs from united states said:
kurt cobain is my biggest musical idol. because of him i learned to play guitar.

bella from Canada said:

Rach from England said:
Hey \'Happy Woo\'this site is amazing, it doesnt suck! I think it is a really good site, loads of really cool info and interesting stuff! Rach xx

Charlotte from England said:
Haven\'t been on here in a few dayz cos of computer troubles. so hows every1 been? did u hear bou that Nirvana fan who was convicted 2day for killin his galfriend? personally i dont believe he did it but he is in jail now so nuffin can be done. Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx

kat from England said:
know what you mean amy, only im not that good at guitar yet, but am having fun playing about, especially with all the cool effects you can put on guitars. it\'s the best thing in the world! (i think, lol)

Jackie from England said:

manda perkins from united states said:
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I Love kurt! i wish that i could marry him and if i had to put up with his crap iprobably wouldve done the samething.Thatis if he really did it. I dont think that he did. i think he had more sence than that. Courtney did it.

renata falcao from Brasil said:
the songs of nirvana are so cool that even past more than ten years, everyone like to listen and nobody forgot the sons,this is what makes nirvana one of the bests band in the world

Amy from Canada said:
Hey kat thats awsome that you understood me! im glad i could help! i love playing guitar, it\'s like the only thing im good at lol. well have a great time talk to you guys later bye!

kayla chesmer from England said:
this site is so fucking awesome if you are the shit read this

happy woo from usa said:
omg this site sucks ass!

Rach from England said:
Haven\'t been on here for ages.....hope everyone is okie. Kurt Cobain is MY god, yeh you may not think he is a go, but he is MY god and nobody can change that :-P I know, almost 11 years since Kurt was killed! I remember when it was the tenth anniversary of Kurts death, i spent the entire week watching tributes and shows dedicated to him on MTV and listened to nirvana all the time. Kurt Cobain was a well and truly amazing man, he had a hard tough life but he was determined to succeed in his life-long dream of being a rock star, and luckily for him, and us the fans, he was successful in this mission because along came NIRVANA!

kat from England said:
thanks for the help amy! it wasn\'t too confusing, its just i havent been playing guitar that long and i could only play parts of the song, coz i wasn\'t sure when to downstroke and when to upstroke, the place i got the tab from wasnt very good! anyway, thanks for all the help, will be rocking now. and of course i know what power chords are, they\'re the only type i play! anyway, thanks again, will be having fun as my older brother is letting me use his Fx processor, it makes some funky sounds! cool huh?

kat from England said:
thanks for the help amy! it wasn\'t too confusing, its just i havent been playing guitar that long and i could only play parts of the song, coz i wasn\'t sure when to downstroke and when to upstroke, the place i got the tab from wasnt very good! anyway, thanks for all the help, will be rocking now. and of course i know what power chords are, they\'re the only type i play! anyway, thanks again, will be having fun as my older brother is letting me use his Fx processor, it makes some funky sounds! cool huh?

Vicki from England said:
Hey Della, Nah, i dont agree with you because the amount of drugs in his body killed him almost instantly and he wouldnt of had the time to pick up a gun, kill himself, and be in the circumstances in which he was surrounded, it doesnt make sense, i mean its fine if you think that i just dont think that would be what really happened. Peace Love Empathy

della from United States said:
I have been more than a fan of kurt and courtneys. My theory of Kurt\'s death goes like this. This is definatley copy righted so dont steal my idead, got it? Okay, he leaves exodus, meets up with a drug buddy, over doses and is convinced that he is going to die anyways and should blow his head off. Sound okay? Ya, makes sense.

Andrew from Australia said:
kurt from Belgium said: Kurt is the greatest and he\'ll always be,nobody can change that,not even you courtney ps:don\'t go to school the 20st of february(kurt\'s \"death\") thx kurt No is not kurt death was between April 5-8 1994. Feb 20th is his birthday

Amy from Canada said:
Hey Charlotte and Vicki I think your idea is really cool. When i first read that tom grant website i thought of doing something like this too. I think that Kurt does deserve justice, obvioulsy. and lets hope that all of the tom grant information is correct, otherwise we might come off as really really stupid. lol but ya! let the countries of the world unite to honor and respect this amazingly talented and unique man, and maybe all of thouse who hate him and believe all the lies about him will finnally respect him. although they dont matter cus the suck.

Amy from Canada said:
Hey Charlotte and Vicki I think your idea is really cool. When i first read that tom grant website i thought of doing something like this too. I think that Kurt does deserve justice, obvioulsy. and lets hope that all of the tom grant information is correct, otherwise we might come off as really really stupid. lol but ya! let the countries of the world unite to honor and respect this amazingly talented and unique man, and maybe all of thouse who hate him and believe all the lies about him will finnally respect him. although they dont matter cus the suck.

Vicki from England said:
Yeah Charlotte i am with you but it will be so hard, i mean, we are goin to have to think about what we do because we wont be the only ones trying to to this kind of thing, but i guess its worth a shot..Charlotte i will e-mail you my messenger address, so if you want we can discuss it there if you have it?? Peace Love Empathy

Charlotte (again) from England said:

Charlotte from England said:
Sounds cool Marissa. I reckon people who wanna get Kurt justice should all go to their country\'s national newspaper. or their fave magazine or summit. I tried petitions and they dont work. I think it is great how people from all over the globe can come together and talk about one amazing man and one amazing and influential band!! I think the SPD will have to listen to us if we can push them!! I mean they\'ll HAVE to listen to ya if u\'ll push them and I mean we have MILLIONS of people who believe that Kurt was murdered and we CAN get Kurt justice. We just have to work hard and believe in ourselves. Tom Grant and Frances Barnett cannot do this on their own!! They need our help. Is there anyone who is with Me??? cos ill do anything!!! Especially if it means that Courtney goes to jail!! Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx WHO\'S WITH ME??!!

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh sounds cool Marissa!! I mean, I have done petitions and stuff but it hasnt worked!! Maybe like we could go to the national newspapers (i.e. in England me Vicki, Kat and anyone else can go to The Sun or News of The world or any magazine) and you Marissa can go to a national newspaper in the netherlands? either way, they have to listen to us if we keep pushing them dont they? tell me what you think guys. We , as communicators from all over the world need to get Kurt JUSTICE and if we stick together we will. Peace, Love, Empathy xx RIP Kurt xx Anyone else that would like to help us protest you can join in. It doesnt matter what country ur from, that makes it even better!!! cos then they can see how people all over the world love Kurt and are inspired by him xxLet me no wot u think u guys xx

nirvana_fan from Icland said:
I love nirvana!!!!! :o)

rove from usa said:
well i dno wot diz sitw iz bout lolz but hey! i like 2 sign guest books!!! lolz so anywayz i will look at the site nowz c yaz, luv yaz and leave yaz xxx