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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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fuad hilman from Indonesia said:
kurt, I Miss Your song.i love your style.

fuad hilman from Indonesia said:
kurt, I Miss Your song.

I. L. K. C. from USA said:
I miss you Kurt Cobain you are the best and most beautiful man on Earth !

juergen bierkert from Germany said:
Hi, very good page! Come back soon! juergen@birkert.de

ahmet_4ever kurt from TURKEY said:
what i can say.. i don t know.. i miss him very much. thanks for songs kurt.. they are the biggest relic to us and you kurt be comfort where are you are who knows.... we 4ever love you. kisses elfatiha

haley renee from usa said:
kurt cobain was god! he is and always will be the best artist ever, in the history of mankind!!!! and courtney love will rot in hell for murdering him!!!!! NIRVANA rules, and hole sucks! im out

Georgesmith from France said:
what are you discussing there?

Van from USA said:
You have a great site, but I'm so sorry you have a lot of spam :-(

Ahmed from USA said:
Hi, nice site! Togo - new Football Champion!

*kurtcobainneverdies* from Switzerland said:
hello guys i'm a real big fan of kurt cobain but,i've got a question to you! does anybody of you knows which cigarettes kurt cobain smoked? thanks if anybody knows the answer

Kayla nani from United states said:
Kurt cobain was the BEST ever!! and he will always be remembered and loved RIP kurt

cassie j from Usa said:
i think courtney love killed kurt cobain. its all her fault. she took away one of the few grate artists this universe had!!!!!!!!!

sammi d from united states said:
kurt cobain was one of the best mucians in this small, ungrateful world. there will never be anyone like him. it sucks that he has passed on to the other side. i don't think he killed himself. courtney love needs to suffer and perish!!!!! rip

mike from USA said:
tons of this information is wrong, just thought I'd let you know. For example, kurt never lived under a bridge as stated in his biography, that was a rumor that went around because of his song "something in the way". Chad Channing was the original drummer for Nirvana, not Dave Grohl. you should make note of that. Kurt didn't form tons of bands before Nirvana, it was pretty much fecal matter, and then nirvana.

Roland Glicks from us said:
Please contact me by ICQ: 966683959. I have a news for you.

Tak Anan Maksang from Thailand said:

á·Á from thailand said:
GOOD LUCK kurt cobain

#1Fanz from U.S.A. said:
Courtney Fucking Killed Kurt!!

[x-_Gi[N]GeR_-x] from Canada said:
R.I.P. Kurt 'Kabizzles' Cobain,You Shall Be Remembered,

Paulette Skinner from USA said:
i just wanted u all to know that Kurt Cobain is the best man on that was on athis earth and even tho he is gone we will always remember that kid (RIP)

Paulette Skinner from USA said:
i just want to sign up because ive been a fan for a really long time but i never got to meet him at all.

jessica cranfill from united states said:
kurt was like god man and taken from us to early..................................................... grunge for ever man

Mat Grove from England said:
I bet Kurt would have hated spammers.

Jessica from united states of america said:
I Love Kurt CObain and Nirvana 4 ever!!!!

Rolando Vargas from U.S said:
This site is very cool

the waterboy from Wales said:
good site a little inacurate about kurts early life

Hidayet Holoğlu from Turkey said:
I can't explain what I feel about him,with words.I love Kurt's music,his voice,his standing,sitting,smiling,moving his hair etc.I was just a little girl when I met him and I've been humming his verses for years.I think he looked like a dumb who speaks a lot,who looked so vulnerable,but strong inside.He became an appealing problem to me...makes me more impulsive than past.I just miss that affectionate guy.

biggest nirvana fan from america said:
all u ppl who think that kurt should not even been on this world or should be punished they should all burn in hell.here is to kurt............Rock on and never rock off......peace out....and to courtney you stupid ho you are part of the reason that kurt committed suicide u freakin slut!!!!!!!!!!!1

cynthia from U.S.A said:
i just wish that kurt was still here.if he was i wonder what it would be like.what do u think it would be like? and i really feel for him.when i die i hope i get to say hi to him and get to meet him because i am thinking about taking a shot gun to my head too.

jelie from England said:
NIRVANA EFFING RULE AND I HEART THEM! I HAVNT BEEN ON IN A BIT.DAMMIT!...its on caps. lol anywas, if you like nirvana then post a comment saying "I" because then you are really cool! because you are. ...its way past my bedtime and i dyed my hair blond...i think the peroxides getting to my head 0__o inabizz kisses and much love to you all!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Hi guys not been here for a while.yes im still a slapper.Got lots of new pics. some real hardcore.get in touch soon *kiss*kiss*...brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

bel from australia said:
he was a beautiful and talented man! dam he should still be here! r.i.p. Mr Cobain

bev from England said:
great site. inspired me to get (another)cobain tattoo. pic on its way soon www.endofseasonmusic.co.uk

em from England said:
hey, this site is amazing. i wish cobain hadnt killed himself. he was so talented. he could have offered so many more great songs along with his band. its nice to know though, that dave grohl has continued with music and not been put off by cobain\'s death. keep up the great site! nirvana rock!!

Heather Schirling from Maryland said:
I love the song called \"smells like teen spirit

HengMen MeiLendra from indonesia said:
Kurt where r u bro, I sing a song 4 u!!

Billy from Hungary said:
Hello! Thank-you for allowing viewers to observe the efforts of many bright minds. Your site is educational and a pleasure to review. Bill Rieman

Ellie from England said:
well wdc

Fred from England said:
This site is awesome! Very useful info and great layout!

Tessa Nahorniak from canada said:
I really really love yoru guys\'s site......3 exspect me back soon:)

rowell leron from phillipines said:
i hate u kurt i am so happy to hear the news u kill your own self u so crazy to do that evil things i hope sattan accept u in hell

Debbie Guntzel from United States Of America said:
Kurt Cobain was a great rocker,plus a great father ,and a good person,so there\'s no doubt in my mind that he killed himself.He was probably killed by someone,probably his wife,because she was in fear of him leaving her,so this way,she wouldn\'t have to face the divorce.

alberalbtina from USA said:
Mr. Luce created the modern news magazine, fostered the development of group journalism, restyled pictorial reporting, encouraged a crisp and adjective-studded style of writing and initiated the concept of covering business as a continuing magazine story.

law@gmail.com from USA said:
I\'m surprised :). Lilly

canzi from sudan said:
good luck & good happieness

canzi from sudan said:
good and good

Drew from Usa said:
this site is great and very complete. i dont think its missing. great job on creating the site

josh hopkins from united states of fat people said:
i also hate nirvana... for one thing, they sound like shit and all there songs sound the same. and whoever likes them sucks ballz

josh hopkins from united states of fat people said:
I Hate kurt cobain... hes an overrated bitch who i hope is burning in hell right now... i hope satan shoves a pinnaple up his ass too!!

danielle from England said:
wow i love nirvana they r the best i respect u kert and always will!!!!

Barbie from United States said:
I will miss kurt very much

keana pruitt from England said:
i wish kurt had never died. he was and still is the best artist ever.i love kurt cobain.

HARUN from TURKEY said:

Jonn from united states said:
Hi! How to me to adjust a background of page?

HARUN from TURKEY said:

allyse from u.s. said:
i just want to say that this site is beautiful. i enjoy kurt\'s music because of his writing. i agree with many of his opiinions of the world, of people. thank you.

hickey from u.s.a. said:
kurt what can i say.....u were great but it never fails

jelie from England said:
i heart nirvana, and appreciate every site and every person dedicated to them. u all rock.

DavidKurtcobainCooper@Hotmail.com from Scotland, UK said:
Just turned 26, am so old, i still cant get over how old i am, i remember the days of the goma, 17,18,19, whatever, great days, days of grunge, even if it was over by those years, but grunge was still alive, kurt, nirvana still lived on. I remember saying when i was 15 that i will die when am 27, like Kurt, as he was everything i wanted to be, everyone from that time wanted to be him, sad but true, but well i may be older, i may do more f\'ed up stuff, but deeep down, ever day i want to go back, i want to hear Nirvana, Kurt for the first time, i still dont want it to be over! i want to get my rips back out and put my Nirvana gear on, but only if i could fit into them! time has passed, people have changed, but Kurt we still love you, like we did when we where 14, I hope there is life after death, as its the only way i will ever see you, meet you in Nirvana, Love Cooper x

ujjwal from nepal said:
nothin to say,,morethan ohhhhhhhhhh cobain!

Hot from USA said:
Well done Roy, i didnt know you where still there. I was in the 13th band with my brother must be 20 years ago i have some very found memories like the gang show at the old hippodrome and falling down the steps with my drum kit on before the performance and going on, do you still train at P Kennedy?

Hot from USA said:
I am ASL for Remuera West Scout Group in Auckland. I will be visiting Coventry in November and would like to pay a visit. My cousin Matthew Townsley is a member according to his brother John, whom I am visiting. Would like to visit and swap notes

Stupid from USA said:
hi it is claire you all no me and of corse i think it looks great at it will keep looking like that love ya all keep it up lov claire

samuel Awatey from ghana said:
i please want have a book that that will teach me how to play the guiter

Mary from England said:
this is a gr8 site coz its all for kurt and nirvana , one of the best ever rock bands in rock history!, we will remember you forever kurt!

wasr from England said:
i am greatfuk

kurtsgirl67494 from Canada said:
this is wrong, you all destroyed Kurt, with you\'re love and obsessions. everyone claims he\'s dead, buy his dreadful gunshot to his head, but it was a message to all his followers and fans.. he didn\'t want to be part of your love because he thought he didn\'t deserve such gift. all he wanted was to play his music without being reconized in amazment. Think this over 1967-1994, R.I.P Love Kurts girl, seren--*

Chelsey Smith from United States said:
Cortney Love = Slutty murder..... Fucking fudge packer.. ihate her i think she killed him too... if he was messed up when he suposivly killed him self he would of been too high to even move

Chelsey Smith from United States said:
... well this is messed up... what if i didnt like nirvana... i love how she includes me in things all the time... Well w.e kayla... lol Xo Makes me mad... anyways i freaking love Nirvana... Its my favorite band... ppl who hate nirvana should drop dead... and kayla stop including me in things...

Nikky Carver from U.S said:
I do believe that kurt was murdered. I dont believe that he could have done it himsefl. He will always be remembered and very much loved.....

Jessica Ludgrove from England said:

(ANOTHER) KURT COBAIN DOCUMENTARY But not another badly made film about the rise & fall of Nirvana, nor a biography of Kurt Cobain.


  • Were you at his vigil in 1994?
  • We are interested in Seattle pre-Nirvana and Seattle now. Are you or were you part of that scene and can you tell us about it?
  • Did Cobain touch your life in some way? Perhaps you spoke to him, hung out with him or think you saw him in his final days?
  • Do you ever dream about him?
  • Does Kurt mean anything to you? If so what does he mean to you?
  • Are you punk? Can you still be punk? All responses and information welcome EXCEPT conspiracy theories these are not on our particular agenda

PLEASE CONTACT T: 206 260 2895 / E: johnd@passion-pictures.com Many thanks.

Adrian Barnes from United States said:
Kurt I love you baby! Your still alive, and so is your music! Thats what has kept you alive, and always has kept you alive.... its like an eternal fountain of youth!! *27*

sophia from greece said:
I love kurt cobain.if this BITCH had not killed him....

thomas from USA said:
nice pics

Baliy from united states said:
Hi As to me to create the same page?

holle from England said:
kurt was great

Naomi from England said:
:( Kurt cobain !! such a sad story.

Ciara from ireland said:

clair n reez from England said:
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TYRONE from WALES said:

TYRONE from WALES said:

TYRONE from WALES said:

TYRONE from WALES said:

Catharina from Slovakia said:
I am very happy that I found this page.Kurt was really goood.

tyrone from Wales said:
it makes me cry everytime i think wot happend to him. and im only 14. he rocks. R.I.P I LUV HIM XXX

tyrone from Wales said:
he stil lives in my hart

tyrone from wales said:
that is so right. i would do enything for him too be alive R.I.P

tyrone from wales said:
i luv him he is my idol

tyrone from wales said:
this is soo good douse every one like him

tyrone from wales said:
wot is ths site plz

Kosftko from USA said:
Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

Kosftko from USA said:
Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

zoe from England said:
kurt was a fantastic musician and changed the way music is looked at. he was the hero for many, many people and is sorely missed. R.I.P FOREVER KURT!

Alex from united states said:
Hi! What you do today by evening?

Kodko from USA said:
Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

kurt from England said:
guess whos back

cassandra cobain from united states of america said:
i would give up my life just to see kurt happy and alive