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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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666 from England said:
Tell you what Alex,you keep posting gay ass messages about nothing at all except how many farm animals your mom can sodomise and let Christian actually tell the young kids on here useful information that they asked for.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Okay,listen you cock suckers,someone asked a question about Kurt\'s remains or burial site and Christian just said what he knew.Fuck each and everyone of you that has a problem with the responce to this question you fucking douches.Alex,your a dumb motherfucker,also your a bloody fucking faggit.

Suckmyballs from USA said:
Christian is a gay ass fag!

Christian from USA,TN said:
They also put a chemical in his ashes so that he could be made into buddist figures I guess in relation to the band name Nirvana.They were on display for a while some place I can\'t remember where,just so you all know not trying to pretend I know everything just trying to be informative.

Christian from USA,TN said:
How am I morbid, I just know alot about Nirvana.

Alex from England said:
and you are also a bit morbid too.

Alex from England said:
Was he really cremated? if so then i feel very stupid right now.

Alex from England said:
christian, you are so bloody weird.

Christian from USA said:
Kurt was cremated. He does not have a burial site.He was made into tiny animals and given to his loved ones.They put a chemical in the ashes to mold him into the figures.

mar from England said:

jen from usa said:
Nirvana is the greatest band that ever exixted and i love kurt cobain

jen from England said:
Nirvana is the best band ever, and i love kurt cobain

Alex from England said:
I don\'t really know if his burial site is opened to the public. 666 or christian may tho.

carol ann from USA said:
NIRVANA STILL ROCKS THE STREETS!! I love Kurt, I would praise the ground he walks on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NIRVANA

Jossiis from England said:
I LOVE NIRVANA ! They are my life . I canīt live without them . I Love them , and I always do .

Jossiis from England said:
I LOVE NIRVANA ! They are my life . I canīt live without them . I Love them , and I always do .

elise from England said:
any of u know where hes burried or if its closed to the public?

claire from England said:
spelling from earlier: \'i dnt no wdf i ave done...\'

claire from England said:
nah mine dnt wrk either

saz from England said:
y is kurt\'s art no longer available? cn every1 else try it n tell me if it works n deres fnx xxx

saz from England said:
cos i like to type and expressing my feelings to my lovely chums on dis site

claire from England said:
y dnt u jst say it 2 me ur sittin rite nxt 2 me lolz

saz from England said:
ok dats a bit confusin

claire from England said:
ok Will lolz! i dnt wdf i ave done n i\'m sorri i say wot i think n yh i\'m not 18 or sumfin but u dnt ave 2 b dat old 2 cum on dis website bcoz u like nirvana n kurt cobain!

saz from England said:

saz from England said:
yer da message startin- \'no offence CRACKSPIDER GROUP \' from claire definetly made me laugh but dont gang up on er u lot every1 has an opinion n i aint ass-likin i statin da obvious 4 u gays (jkes)

Alex from England said:
yeh, i agree with christian on that. so, nething new?

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
so sad,I think I\'m going to cry now.

Christian from USA,TN said:
It\'s sad that people judge so harshly before they give anything a chance.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Okay,I\'m sorry but their are way more dumbasses on here then just Charlotte and Claire,give them some credit too.What the hell is a chav?

Fenny from England said:
Christian, read the shit some of these dumbasses post then you will understand the arguments.

Suckmyballs from England said:
Charlotte and Claire,can\'t you just except that you two are morbid little kids that don\'t know what the hell you are talking about?Would you prefer suck my balls?Alright then.

someone else from England said:
Okay,my comment is for huhwhatever your name is too long yes Nirvana was 3 and they all brought something to the table but Courtney was not a member of Nirvana,and are you seriously giving her credit in her talent.She is the most talentless person,and I know he loved her but he was a great musician way before Courtney ever came along.I\'m glad that someone on this site recognizes that you don\'t have to be dead to be great,but Courtney?She sucks.

Christian from USA,TN said:
Hey everybody,I haven\'t been here for a while and it seems you people are pretty pissed at one another,just take a deep breath put on some lennon drink you rwine and quit fuckin with each other.It\'s okay Kurts dead he dose\'nt care about life and I don\'t think he cares what we think of his life either,He left us his music and his child to watch grow up and become something great like him.

lynette from U.S said:

Carol Segal from united states said:
Kurt is the best musician that ever was. I miss him deeply. He surely was a genius. Frances Bean is his legacy. He will never be dead as long as we keep him alive in our hearts and our thoughts!!!!!

Rach from England said:
Hey again! Just been reading over some of your comments, some of u have sum cool veiws, wheras some people just seem to slag each other of a lil bit. Hey to Charlotte, Dani, 666, Lindey, Will, Christian and all the ool regulars...........and to the new interesting people :)xxx

elise from England said:
i light a candle for him...

elise from England said:
youre really senitive! hehe! its really funny to readyour messages when youre getting so pissed!!!

Carol from USA said:
Kurts Birthday was on the 20th! Who celebrated? I did!! KURT LIVES ON!!! NIRVANA STILL ROCKS!

huhdf8fd89df9 from England said:
again she talks without thinking you must have a lot of respect for kurt AND nirvana, especially seeing as you think nirvana was a solo effort with kurt - im sure dave and krist would love you for that

huhdf8fd89df9 from England said:
again she talks without thinking you must have a lot of respect for kurt AND nirvana, especially seeing as you think nirvana was a solo effort with kurt - im sure dave and krist would love you for that

huhdf8fd89df9 from England said:
again she talks without thinking you must have a lot of respect for kurt AND nirvana, especially seeing as you think nirvana was a solo effort with kurt - im sure dave and krist would love you for that

claire from England said:
hi ppl fuk off \'lickmyballs 4rm england\' dnt say shit bout me or mi m8\'s ur prob a fukin chav only a chav wud ave a name like \'lick my balls\' y cnt u say ur real name? shows how much respect u ave 4 Kurt n Nirvana

huhhh4343430j from England said:
claire you make me laugh why should anyone take you seriously when you makes stupid comments like that? \"nirvana wouldnt be what it was without him\" would nirvana have been what it was without krist? would Nirvana have been what it was without Dave? Kurt would have been the first to admit that he wouldnt have been able to do it without them, or courtney for that matter. You think he would have continued making music if he hadnt got the support from Krist, Dave and Courtney; you really think the music would have been what it was without their inputs? He co-wrote Pennyroyal Tea with Courtney, and she helped him with Heart Shaped Box- Dave remixed and redid some guitar parts for Scentless Apprentice, Lithium as did Krist. I think its really sad when people give him all the credit, because it wasnt all him. If you wanna lick his ass, find another site because this is a NIRVANA SITE and think about what your writing before you enter it so you dont make fools of yourself like Claire has done

elise from England said:
yore kinda bitter chris

cam from usa said:
really cool site awsome

kine from England said:
it would be so cool to go and visit but i cant afford it yet... did you see the fueral at tv chris?

kine from England said:
have anyone been to his house or the bridge?

lickmyballs from England said:
Saz,stop licking people\'s assholes.You know damn well that everytime you read Charlotte and Claire stupid ass thoughts you laugh just like the rest of us.

Parker from usa said:
i love drugs,sex, and nirvana

Chris from USA said:
its none of your business how old i am, but just because im in a fairly good mood, im 27 thanx.

nunya from England said:
Slang is gay,it makes you look dumb,which you probably don\'t care about anyway since your spelling is so shitty,and your opinions suck,so by all means share your dumbass thoughts with all the other dumbasses.

jesus from usa said:
well i love kurt and i lit a candle for him on his birthday

CHIGER from United States of America said:
Kurt Cobain- The creator and God of today\'s alternative music. We love you and miss you Kurt! Oh yea, Courtney should die and burn in hell! That B*tch! Kurt Cobain: R.I.P.

kine from England said:
I was born in 1991 it innoys me SO much that I cant remember him!!!

kine from England said:
hey chris, how old are u actually?

Elise from Norway said:
Happy birthday Kurt!!! Love you always and rest in peace... sunday 20\'th of february

Haley from US said:

Dani from England said:
I think loads od people on this site have rally good opinions, really interesting and i can relate to many of them, so i think they deserve the respect for sharing their opinions. -DaNi-

Tiziana from switzerland said:
Hy, im a very big fan from Kurt CObainBut im speaking not big english sorry !!! I love kurt Cobain for ever and never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

claire from England said:
den y iz dis website called burnt out n most of da articles, interview n otha stuff bout im yh nirvana rock but if it wern\'t 4 kurt dey wudn\'t b nirvana n dey wudn\'t b wot dey r!

431ndn9929nnddbhdb from England said:
livi, your right you dont know much so i think you should leave it. saz, we dont all love kurt - we just loved the music he AND NIRVANA produced tell me something, if it wasn\'t for his band would any of you be on this website now? no, how the hell can you give him all the credit? this ent a kurt cobain website, its a nirvana website

claire from England said:
no offence CRACKSPIDER GROUP but fuk off i dnt realli wanna be readin shit bout people providin \'surveillance for people who fear that their lovers or spouses are having an affair.\' No1 iz gunna no wot i\'m tlkin bout soz but i aint in a gd mood @ da mo. anyway hi crazu lizi n saz n charlotte n zario if u stil cum on i luv u no jks i luv .... anyway i\'m gunna shut up now coz noin Will e will cum on n tell me off bout my spellin n sum1 called jenny will ave a go at me coz \'DIS AINT A FUKIN CHAT ROOM\' yh ur a loser anyway hi 666 i fink ur kl n so iz kat n sum otha ppl dat i dnt no well u mite b kl!!! yh i\'m a bit crazy 2 like lizi!!!! hehehe WE ROCK!! R.I.P Kurt Cobain, fukin burn in hell courtney love!!!!

Saz from England said:
Fanx lizi for agreein wit me. How long has this site been here? I love da photos lol. y do all da legends die like Kurt, Elvis, its soooo frustrating. N y do all da psychos stay alive e.g courtney love (Kurts murderer if you dont believe dat den you have to admit she definelty had sumfin to do with it- like forcing him to kill himself or influencing him to. Its a shame we will can never proove it though. I wish we could.

CrAzY lizi from England said:
omg achoo ur a fukin lil gay yh well sum ppl have a biger ubsection (how evea u spell it) then u but dat dont mean u shout take it out on her she loves da man leave her fukin alone.... as we been sayin u shouldnt judge ppl its fukin out.... i mean i dunno jack shit (well i no a lil bit) bout kurt cobain n sum of us might wanna no sum info so fuk off!! ........ rock on charlotte go 4 it do wat u want dont listen 2 wat dat fuker has 2 say ill suport ur understandings!!!! lol go chaz!! hehe love ya kurt (nirvana) xXx

CrAzY lizi from England said:
wow!! go charlotte dat is so totaly kl courtney shoud fukin burn in hell she a fukin lil bitch i cant wait till i c her in hell coz when i do shes gunna pay 4 wat she did 2 kurt. if she ever comes on dis website n reads this (which i hope she does) then fuk off u bitch get off da fukin website ur a gay fuker!!!! okay...im kinda crazy heheh lol rock on all u nirvana fans n kurt cobain lovers u rock we should all go 2 were evera da bitch is n protest against her die bitch die!!! love ya kurt RIP XxXxXXxxXx

CrAzY lizi from England said:
i totaly agree saz were all our own person/persons lol its not our fault were different its just wat we lk n da way we r!!! hu cares if no1 cared wat we looked lk then there wouldnt b as many fights/wars as there r now! u may think dis is gay but its not its da truth!! btw CrAzY lizi is da same person as lizi

saz from England said:

mike from England said:
lizi ur crazy c u later

CrAzY lizi from England said:
loool look at name

mike from England said:
ok sarah

lizi from England said:
booooooooooo hoooooooooo i love matt taylor hehehe

mike from England said:
hahahahahahaha lalalalalalal hahahahahah good buy

lizi from England said:
yh im walkin home hehe hu was dissin kurt cobain n nirvana there da best if ur coumin on dis site 2 slag ppl off about da way day r then fuk off we dont care n dont wanna no!!! i h8 ppl lk u think there da best n da own every thing!!! FUK OFF lol

lizi from England said:
yh im walkin home hehe hu was dissin kurt cobain n nirvana there da best if ur coumin on dis site 2 slag ppl off about da way day r then fuk off we dont care n dont wanna no!!! i h8 ppl lk u think there da best n da own every thing!!! FUK OFF lol

lizi from England said:
loooooool mike ur CrAzY hehehe lol saz kurt is kl hahahahha lauran (wateva ur name is) n will u gay hehehe go fuk each otha lol u wait ahhh now im doin wat im anoined at ahh lol i said its bad 2 judge ppl wth out noin them hhh shit fuk me !!!! :\'(

mike from England said:
tou walking home

lizi from England said:
yh i no tell me bout it dis site is soo kl u can do loads of stuf n get loads of stuf hehe yes saz kurt is da best n nirvana rocks!!! i love smells lk teen spirt!! n rape me lol dats a funni song remember chaz me n u singin it on da way home from skl loool!!!

mike from England said:
hjahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lalalalalalalala ahahahahah sarahs short lol onley joking