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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Katie from U.S.A said:
Honestly I think that if the actual Nirvana fans talk to each other about the real subject here and ignore and not mention the assholes that are ruining this site than they will probably stop. It just fuels them more when we bring them up or talk shit back to them, as long as they know they are pissing us off, they\'ll keep coming and talking shit. It\'s pretty easy to tell by their subjects and spelling when it is them or an actual fan. Really it\'s not pissing me off anymore it\'s gotten really old and I always just start to read the print and then scam through untill someone decent posts, it\'s just like those ads people were sending, just pretend it\'s not there.

Rach from England said:
Oh and Kelsey, you are so right, this site is about Nirvana and Kurt, and its awful how people who arent even fans come on and slag the band off and talk about sexualy perverted things, its so sick and wrong, i wish there was some way to stop them. So please people, remember,Nirvana and Kurt are the reasons why we come here, so dont let your childish sex talk take over, its highly rude and disrespectful to fans, the band and the owner of this site. Pece out. Rach xxx

Rach from England said:
whoever is postign as me fuck off and get a life you sick and twisted weirdo! Arghhh i despise you so much! Hey Dani, good to see you back :D thanks so much for the kind words, all this shit on this site is getting me down and your comment makes me have faith in the true nirvana fans here, so thanks hon! Rach xxx

yuge from china said:
kurt cobain was a piece of shit but courtney love is GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mariska from South Africa said:
this is such a cool site!! good job.

Kelsey from U.S. Of A. said:
I respect people thinking that Courtney killed Kurt, especially if they have reasearched this or studied it. But if they\'re just saying it because they think it sounds cool or they hate Courtney Love, that is just a shame. Its also a fucking shame how people STILL get on here and write about their dick or their pussy.Let me tell you, no one who is a real Nirvana fan is here to read about your shit, keep it to yourself. It\'s disgusting, and to put it nicely, I\'d rather it not be written. Go to a chatroom to discuss your personal matters, this isnt one, so please pack your things and leave. It\'s a real disappointment how people just write whatever the fuck they want on here, not even mentioning Kurt or Nirvana. A damn shame. I really hope this changes. I\'m done for now, I just had to say that.

ice-tea cobain from indonesia said:
i\'m very like kurt cobai...please make a new album of nirvana \'coz i love nirvana ,kurt cobain and all about grunge!!!!!!

Rafael from Brasil said:
\"...é melhor queimar do que apagar aos poucos...\"

Rach from England said:
Fuuuuuuck me what a great site? Just to set the record straight i have dlonde hair blue eyes 36dd chest pierced nipples and clit- I am a 16 year old bi girl! please get in touch people,i keep making out with a 28 year old gay guy, becuase i like it! Hey 2 all my lovelies on this chatroom , hope you all horny as hell! love ya\\\'s Rach sos bout the s.t.d xxx

Dani from England said:
Hey, whats up people! Haven\'t been on here for age, and it seems like a wise idea that i haven\'t really! All seems to have gotten out of hand. Hey Rach, it sucks that people are stealing your username, i can tell when it is you and isnt you, you rock! nd the people posting as you dont! Hey to katie, 666 and charlotte, etc, you guys dont seem to post anymore, you\'re all cool and i miss reading what u have to say! Anyways, chins up people, we can get through this childish behaviour lol. -DaNi!-

Caroline from Norway said:
Curt Cobain, you rock! Wish you were here...

Rach from England said:
Fuuuuuucking hell what has happened with this site? Just to set the record straight - I am a 16 year old straight girl! so please people, stop making out that in a 28 year old gay guy, becuase im not! Hey 2 all my lovelies on this site, hope you all okay! love ya\'s Rach xxx

mike from England said:
i like

mugu from alor said:
mugu pealse keep offfffffffffffffffffff idont day hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hey from England said:
Kurt you fucking rock.. ur a legend.. its better to burn out than completely fade away...

Jessica from USA said:
I thought Kurt Cobain was wonderful. and I think you website is great.

Katie from u.s.a said:
Jessica, I\\\'m fucking stupid and your wasting your time, Wanting to sleep with me.not that you have anything better than everyone else, I know Chris and Rach did give me the s.t.d, It was not from you. Your a fucking great lover, Dont comment Kurt Cobain because his name is shit.can i see your asshole? plugging that raunchy little slit with your fingers what a waste of fucking sperm. Get a goddamn vibrator, your beautifull and so sexy your great, the only response you get from me is an orgasm. jacking off to you now, fucking clittie up another cock. yes i swallow cum. I\\\'m so fucking glad I know you, I bet the people that see you in person all think your just as sexy as everyone here does.

lexi from u.s said:
Wow,this website is realy great now. I havnt been on here for a 13 years and its like a lifetime !!! Jessica u really sound grown up i want to give you one. seriously i just want to fuck you stupid. fucking other peolpes wifes and making love to everyone on here. Wad up katie i feel bad for fucking u & jessica. ur name is shit god d fucking anyone that moves. Rach ur a wanker and jessica who cares if a rach is gay it doesnt make them any less of a wanker i have a 9 inch cock for u Rach Also get it up u Vic wgtg Curt u still suck cock and i will always help fill ur site with shit. fuck off from lexi

sangie from spain said:
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lexi from u.s said:
Wow,this website has really gone to hell. I havnt been on here for a few weeks and its like a god damn chatline!!! Jessica u really need to grow up and get a life seriously its so fucking stupid how ur using other peolpes names and making fun of everyone on here. Wad up katie i feel bad for u fucking jessica keeps using ur name and saying shit god damn how fucking annoying that girl is. Rach ur cool and jessica who cares if a person is gay it doesnt make them any less of a person u whore i have respect for u Rach Also wad up Vic wgtg Curt u still rock and i will forever miss u sry ur site has been filled with shit. Peace out from lexi

Kaci from USA said:
Nirvana\'s music plays a big part in my life, they are my favorite band and Kurt Cobain is my favorite song writer...the lyrics in his songs are just...crazy. Nirvana\'s music helps me alot... if I hadn.t started listening to Nirvana, I wouldn.t have gotten into all these other rockin bands... so thanx for makin an awesome website where both Kurt Cobain and Nirvana live on. keep on rockin. xXx casey xXx

jessica from England said:
well now thats all sorted out we can all be friends again

Goran from Macedonia said:
The website\'s cool keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nunya from England said:
Jessica, your only friends are make believe.

Katie from U.S.A said:
Jessica, I\'m not fucking stupid and your wasting your time, not that you have anything better to do, I know Chris and Rach did not write those, It was all from you. Your a fucking idiot, don\'t even comment on Kurt Cobain because his name is too good to be typed by your asshole plugging raunchy little slut fingers you waste of fucking sperm. Get a goddamn life, your useless and noone respects your opinions, the only responses you get are from yourself jacking other people\'s names, so go fucking clutter up another guestbook with your shallow thoughts. I\'m so fucking glad I don\'t know you, I bet the people that see you in person all think your just as useless as everyone here does.

Laureen from France said:
Je suis française et fan de Nirvana.Votre site et magnifique,en particulier les photos de Kurt Cobain.Merci de toujours rendre hommage a ce grand mec qui a bercé l\'enfance et l\'adolescence de beaucoup de jeunes...Encore merci et votre site et génial.Vive Nirvana.Kurt,on ne t\'oubliera jamais.On t\'aime...

John from England said:
Whats in here

Rick burgess from Kentuck Inze said:
anyone wont to chat press 160

Rick burgess from usa said:
Even thow I was just 7 years old when he die I rember being at my uncles house and he had the cd never mind and ever scents thin I have love them. it f_ _ _ _ing suck he die. well talk to you soon.

her majesty from buck house said:

roy from roys rolls said:
sto p eating my nugget

Chris from England said:
hi Rach how you doin im so sorry to here what Katie done to you. she seemed so nice wot a cow. i thought she was a bit strange always talking about the std clinic. just to keep you up to date mate my g/f is still cutting herself i know its getting a bit boring now sometimes i wish she would just slit her throat. but i still love her even though she went with my brother.i will stick by her.speak to you later mate. Katie just you stay away from here you are not wanted any more.

jessica from England said:
see i always sed you wer a slapper katie this proves it. you are nothing but a slut who will sleep with anyone in trousers or a skirt. as fo giving them all an std i think you are disgusting. you should have been shot at birth.i think you should try to do away with yourself like chris;s g/f only i hope you make a better job of it. you are one disgusting bitch i hope you rot in hell..

Rach from England said:
Katie you are nothing but a bastard.you told me you had the all clear at the clinic? well why have i got a rash on my dick after i slept with you. i think you better go back you must still have the std. i did enjoy the night with you but my cock feels as if its on fire i thinnk it is going to fall off. i am going to get it sorted tomorrow i advise you to do trhe same. i have not slept with anyone else i know you sleep around so please tell the other guys and girls. i will be in touch soon to let you know what you have given me.

TO satan 666 hell dr/ may the lord god our father forgine you my son. i feel you will have to go to yous local church & ask for forgiveness before it is to late.To all peaple on this chatroom pray to the lord to forgive your sins forget about this satanic band & all its evils.the great lord above will forgive start praying now.Jesus saves and loves you all, saints & sinners. Have a joyfull god blessed day.-Joseph-

jessica from England said:
and roys of micheal from USA, i asmume you very crazy and mysteriouse, get bent

jessica from England said:
shut up KT form USA you totally dont know shit bcus courtney didnt do it, go on prove it? oh wait u cant bcus ur a silly litle person that doesnt know anything bout nirvana or kurt. ooo smells like teen spirit is my ring tone. long live courtney love i say bcus they were both horrible junkies. i think many of you people miss the point that kurt was addicted to heroine. this is a very nasty drugs that totally changes people for the worse, fact kurt wasnt a lovely sensative poet type guy, get over it.

satan from 666 HELL DR. said:
Joesph how many times has Jesus plugged your asshole ?

abz from England said:
hey this is supposd 2 b bout Kurt Cobain, (who still totally rokz!!) kelsey i totally agree with you!!

Rach from England said:
Hey this is the real Rach again! Im so glad that you can tell when it is me and isnt me Katie, i can recognise when its people fucking about too, Your right, this site has been around for years, and all of a sudden this has started to happen and it sucks! people should respect this site and have honour for the person who created it! Rach xxx

Rach from England said:
this is a chatroom my fucking dating chatroom if you dont like it fuck off. if you want to stay get your panties off and show us the bush!!!!!!

chris from England said:
Kelsey is vyour pussy shaved n wet you slapper

kail from England said:
she so killed him.

Kali from England said:
orite boss! RIP kurt 4eva. we luv u kurt

Suyog from Nepal said:
No comments.

KT from USA said:
To Brittany from USA. I really like the fact that you put a FLOYD quote their I love them also. Kurt was so beautiful. THE music Nirvana did was amazing. If Kurt had lived longer I know he would have been even greater as 4 the whole Courtney killed Hurt thang If so shes gettin away with a major tradgedy but I dont thank she did. Any info or kool books on Kurt or Nirvana I would love to hear about or any facts about them that arent \"out there\" as much please email me katiemwku@hotmail.com

KT from America said:
I really like this websites its on my faviortes list. Nirvanas smells like teen spirit is my ring tone. They kick-ass.

Katie from England said:
I wonder why all of the sudden people start fucking this guestbook up, I mean it\'s been here since 96, and it seems like it just started to have such stupid comments. Hey Rach and Chris, I can always tell if its you guys or not, hopefully you can tell when it really is me, so you can comment to me, and I\'ll respond. Has anyone heard of Last Days? It\'s supposed to be about Kurt but dude\'s name in the movie is Brian I think.

Kirk from U.S.A said:
Kelsey I couldn\'t agree with you more, except for your theory on other\'s theorys. Noone knows what happened unless they were there and if any of the people that comment here were, they would probably not mention it. You should respect others\' concerns and opinions just like you deserve your\'s to be respected. Plus, I think either Courtney helped write or had to approve of Heavier than Heaven before it was actually published. Either way, Kurt lived beyond twenty years without Courtney so it\'s a little weird that after she comes along hes suicidal. Even if she isn\'t responsible for his death, she didn\'t help much. By the way all those \"my dick is hard, and pussy wet is all by the same bitch, she\'s the only trash on here\".

Kelsey from U.S. Of A. said:
I apologize to the people in here who actually leave their love for Kurt. And I apologize for fucking up the guestbook with my ever so annoying comments, it just pisses me off when people get on a Kurt Cobain website to talk about the size of their dick or how wet their pussy is, its disgusting and shameful. Kurt was amazing, an amazing artist and he had a kick ass band too. Gorgeous and talented, it is a shame he died so young, but I dont think Courtney caused his death. And for anyone who does, I suggest the book Heavier than Heaven, by Charles R. Cross. It is a very informational book, read it and you\'ll see what I mean. I love you Kurt!

Kelsey from U.S. of A. said:
What the fucking shit? Isnt this a Kurt Cobain website, a memorial in Nirvana history and Kurt\'s legacy? Yeah, that\'s what I thought. People who come in here and leave little \"chatroom\" messages just piss me off. If you want to leave cute little messages for each other, go to a fucking chatroom! All your doing is cluttering up the guestbook. That\'s what I\'m doing too, since obviously you assholes wont listen to anyone. Apparently you arent even real Kurt fans, because if you were you wouldnt even THINK about leaving such retarded notes for each other. Next time you think about leaving a message, think about Kurt and Nirvana instead. THAT\'S what this website is about, no you or your friend\'s pussy that you seem to want to discuss so blatently. Please, get a life or at least quit leaving messages. Please. For Kurt.

jimmy from scotland said:
how do you get yer hole on here man ? its ment to be a shaggin site is it no

jonny from usa said:

Rach from England said:
geraldine do you do porn videos. i would love to join in i have i 9in dick im sure i could satisfy you. will your sis be in our porn video as well? your boyfriend could join us as well. please say yes i am all hard just thinking abiout it. what sise is your tits? is your sisters bigger than yours? i sometimes shave my balls does any of you shave your pussy? are you all wet? what are you wearing are you in the buff? cant wait to here from you both. love rach (horny as fuck)

geraldine from England said:
brill site cud u tell me a site which has a video where a man kills himself 2 trie 2 prove kurt was murdered-my sis saw it but dnt kno website

rach the pedo from the playground said:
he he he

chris from England said:
we have all had enuf of you dickhead

Rach from England said:
FUCK those last few messages really weren\'t posted by me! I hope you can beleive me, this sucks n is getting beyond a joke. Hey 2 Abz, i dont know where all the cool people have gone, charlotte, dani, will, chris, christian, 666, katie, lindey come back! I miss u guys, you seem to be the only ones decent enoguh to post nicely! Well, if anyone does read this message outta u lot, hey, hows it going? hope all is good for you, Rach xxx

brittany from USA said:
Kurt Cobain is a ROCK legend! Live on Kurt, for you are in a far better place. PEACE LOVE AND EMPATHY \"FLOYD\"

billy from wales said:
Welsh hunk seeks dutch whore for sex//;;;; liz are you interested??? a wanna get in to your panties & ram my cock into your mouth. i will give you the best lick out you have ever had.

Liz from Holland said:
I wanna to say that Kurt Cobain a beautiful singer is and that Nirvana maded beautiful music,, I Love You!!

billy from wales said:
stop talking about the theories everyone knows them, lets talk about why they havent been prooven?

Scarlett Davis/Cobain from USA said:
I love it when Kurt throws me down and rams his hand between my legs and starts fucking me while sang In Bloom mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Scarlett Davis/Cobain from USA said:
Now how the fuck do you know?

t-rah from usa said:
i agree,i think she murdered him! they were both major druggies.... plus shes the one who called and told the electrician guy to hook up the stuff in the greenhouse first.

abz from England said:
ok youz mite think az o tosser viz it jus cos a cant spek rite? az only been za wanker 4 a few yers. a viz jus a nobend b4 that.u get ma jizz well a go 2 fuk u all c me later. rach u viz want ma jizz? c jessica i viz up ur azz.

Rach from England said:
no abz if anyone is sad its you fuckface.now just fuck off till you have something interesting to say. well we wont be seing you again then eh. now fuck off

billy from wales said:
does anyone alse get fed up on new random ppl coming on and talking about the tom grant theories? just shut up its anoying everyone know that stuff

abz from England said:
ok woteva i aint done nufin, but its probly v SAD guys pretendin 2 b me, so if ya wana believe those guys then go ahead, & who eva sed vat wel it was probably them who just sent that last 1 ~ sad acts

Rach from England said:
and abz what the fuck r u sain hello for you are just a cock sucker you were trying to wind me up earlier now u want to be mates? no chance get to fuck.

rach from England said:
To roys of micheal from USA,TN what the fuck r u on ya stupid wanker get to fuck of ma site. all these pricks cumin on herer a wish u would all fuck of this is just a dating site you know

abz from England said:
helo Rach????

abz from England said:
hey Rach u seem 2 of know all the cool guys on here, whats happend 2 this site?? y r they bein sooooooo immature? by v way i dont pretend 2 b anuva person, IM NOT IMMATURE 2 all those stupid saddos who do vat

abz from England said:
hi guys!! im v real abz!! cuz thick immature gay people keep on takin my name, so if i seem 2 say sumfin bout myself, or nefin bad bout u COOL guys ven its not me, its 1 of those dicks pretendin 2 b me!! so how are you all? man vis site has gone crap!! i h8 all the people who r pretendin 2 b uva people, cuz its immature, & they obviously have no lives!! love abz x

roys of micheal from USA,TN said:
joesph that was directed at you buddy . by the way is your last name baldwin because if your from Tennessee I just want you to know I hate you and spit on your christ LOVE, Satan

roys of micheal from USA,TN said:
Lets talk wonders of putting nais through jesus,s eye lids and straping him to his burning cross that represents every lie that the bible has ever fed our close minded ancesters and smile and laugh as he screams and begs for our mercy but he won,t ever fucking get it because I have grown up around the most selfish of beings and I,d like to keep my mercy all to myself, you may be wondering why I decided to post such a thing on a Nirvana website,so that Kurt could read something more random than a bunch of people talking about sodomizing each other and because I,m bored because my job is gay.

Rach from England said:
I am fucking annoyes like hell now. why the hell do i bothe coming here if people are going to post as me? It isnt funny, big, hard or clever its pathetic and moaraly wrong!!!

Mermaid from Wales said:
Nice music at www.noint.tk/


Scarlett Cobain from USA said:
Oh man i just threw up i think Kurt got me pregnant YAY another Frances Bean i love you Kurt

jessica from England said:
kurt rocks

blue from U.S.A. said:
Hi Rill/ michelle i see u say everyone on here sucks but ive not found anyone to give me a wank never mind a blowjob. if you are interested it would be great.Iam 6ft 4 with a great build and i hang like a fucking horse.i am so shy i dont want to say to much.im sure i can give you the best pleasure you have ever had. YOUR FRIEND FOREVER .. BLUE

Katie from usa said:
hi Rill/ michelle forget about them are you a couple? are you looking for a threesome? i am 19yu and bi. i am also from the us i can travel & i also have accomadation. if you are interested get in touch....Katie.....

chris from England said:
nobody asked you to come on our dating chatroom get to fuck dont come back i cant stand cunts like you asswipe

Rach from England said:
well if you wana fuck just let me know ya fucker

Rill/ michelle from us said:
you\'r all a bunch of freaks who dont take the death of kurt cobain seriously all u religous freaks who dont even know what Nirvanas music was about polly was an anti-rape song stupid!! god and all u lozers who r trying 2 get g/f and b/f \'s ol u suck

rach from England said:
Rill/ michelle your talking a lot of shite now fuck off.

Rill/ michelle from united states said:
dude i totally think kurt cobain\'s wife murderd him!! when they did an autopsy they found out that kurt has so much heroin in his blood stream that he wouldnt have been able to pick a gun up and shoot himself, he would of blacked out before he would be able to and also kurt was going to divorce courtney anyways and because of the pre-nup agreement if he did she would have gotten almost nothing from him so she murderd him and was able to keep the money also they dude who was examining the site almost right away told the press it was a suicide bearly even looking at the body so the police just closed the case, then like as soon as she could get her bloody hands on kurt she had him creamated and then had the gun distroyed ruining all evadence of what she had done. my sn\'s charms of doom but only im me if u agree rock on