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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Jonny from England said:
i now play bass guitar because of Krist, NIRVANA ROCK!!!!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Mitchelton Milo said:
Bad news everyone! I\'m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

Kurt from England said:
Brittanee...I would like to see \"Last days\".haha your funny..(in a nice way) thats cool..i\'m sure he likes you..im sure hes watchin over you;)

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Ok all i can say is that the dvd that i got about Kurts life made me cry it was very sad and like i got to see some interviews that peeps had with him some were really funny but like it was sad though when they started talking about his death thats what made me cry i know i have to tough it out but its so hard when your like 13 and obsessed with the guy!I got a shirt that says Nirvana its frikin a peeps!Then i got some Nepolian Dynamite lipbalm its great!Sorry i dunno how to spell Nepolian lol!There was this one interview and there was Kurt and Frances was on his lap then Dave was sitting by him and Krist was behind them and Kurt was driking somthin then he seen a cookie and hes like \"OH can i have that cookie\" it was great and Frances tried to get the cookie from him then Kurt like shoved the rest of the cookie in Daves mouth then Kurts like \"Hey hand me that other cookie\"!Ok you know how some peeps said he was an asshole to peeps like when fans wanted an autograph from him while on the street?Well he wasnt he loved peeps and stuff so whoever thinks that he was an asshole to peeps fuckin shut it or ill hunt ya down dude or dudette and like beat the crap outta ya and thats a promise!Well lol g2g peeps luv ya Kurt and Frances!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!ROCK N ROLL!

Solomon from England said:
Keep up the great work! Job well done.

Kurt from England said:
I jsut read \"Dylan\" in book 93..I know him I think..hes not from the US he lives near me..where in the band together..he did put the shotgun in his mouth because his head was practically disintergrated they got his identity from his fingerprints..

Kurt from England said:
Kurt does live on..his musci, his memory, his fans, and he himself still live on in every one of us..Nirvana is life, Kurt\'s music is the meaning of life..and cool Brittanee..oh and Kellie..nice, a thermos..cool havent seen them around..I got a Nirvana smily on my new guitar done at last..

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
You guys seriously rock and like i never thought that som1 would believe me about the Kurt thing i mean i dont lie about things its like whenever i talk about him and im alone i always get a presence of him!Well g2g im goin to hot topic to get Nirvana stuff YAY!!Luv ya Charlotte Kurt Kurt and Frances!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!!!

kellie from Canada said:

SARAH from England said:

Kurt from England said:
I beleive u Brittanee..charlotte i hope your joking!..i really do hope ur kidding. luv ya xx

Charlotte from England said:
Aww thanks Brittanee ur cool too and i luv ya too lol =) Hehe yer he could be your guardian angel too cos I have dreams like that sometimes..I think its cool but freaky that Kurt is with us..=) And as Kurt said, Dont do anything stupid ie suicide..please..and Kurt, I love John Lennon, he was another awesome AMAZING musician that was taken so cruelly from us..=( Anyways, gtg and slit my wrists..peace out, rock hard and come as you are mwah luv charlotte xxxxx

Kurt from England said:
When I first started playing the Guitar i was really into John Lennon, Nirvana and also the Melvins..once I was going to give up and I swear as I left the room i looked over my shoulder and I saw this dude sitting in my chair..when I checked again my guitar had moved across my room without me noticing...im not mental but hell my guitar playing has got Better..

Kurt from England said:

Kurt from England said:
Brittanee, okay no.1..thanks, your sweet no.2 if Kurt is tryin to tell you somethin promise me and charlotte you wont hurt yourself as in suicide k no.3..yes he smokes but dont start hestarted off by getting high anyway..take care Brittanee..luv ya hun xx

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Hey didnt Kurt smoke?!?!Im askin b/c like just now i got another presence and im listenin to his music again and w/e it is it smells like smoke and i swear he did didnt he?If you peeps think im jokin im not and no1 in the house smokes and the smell wont go away!!FREAKY PEEPS LOL!But seriously it wont go away its like right in front of me w/e it is!KURT HAS CAME BACK TO ME LOL..I THINK?!?!?!What do ya think Charlotte and Kurt?!?!But seriously im not jokin!!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Oh and the two dreams that i had first were the same exact ones but in the second one i knew who he was and he kept giving me hugs and everything!The first one he just like said hi and then he like walked out of the house i was in..then he called me lol!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Oh and the two dreams that i had first were the same exact ones but in the second one i knew who he was and he kept giving me hugs and everything!The first one he just like said hi and then he like walked out of the house i was in..then he called me lol!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
What does it mean when you have a dream about a dead person?B/c ive had so many dreams about Kurt like when i was 11 i had a dream about him and i didnt know who he was then i had a dream about him like 3 months ago he like talked to me and he kept giving me hugs and i started balling while i was hugging him then i had another dream but i forget what that one was about.But like what do you think Charlotte b/c sometimes i think hes tryin to tell me somthin but i dunno!

Lizzy from Northern Ireland said:
I swear. I am in love with Kurt Cobain. I admire him nad his use of drugs even! When I\'m dead and gone the only thing I want to do it talk to Kurt Cobain in the next life... I know everyone else is like He\'s mine but no...I don\'t know how weird this may sound..But I am in love with Kurt Cobain. I love my boyfriend too...=) Courney Love was and is so lucky.. 3 Kurt Cobain 3

Mika from England said:
Keep up the great work! Job well done.

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Omg i luv you guys as in Charlotte and Kurt lol!So like do you guys think hes my gurdian angel to?I mean it was freaky b/c i was home alone and everything and im like 13 lol i just got into their music like 3 months ago and i luved it!My friend Taylor says even though im a girl i sound like him not that i like sound like a guy when i sing but yea ya know what i mean dont ya?Well ne wayz she said when i have like alot of black makeup on i look like him b/c there is this one picture where he has like black makeup on its frikin hot and not that i look like a guy b/c i dont lol!Well yea i think it would be frikin cool to be related to him!And do you guys have msn?B/c if ya do ill give ya my addy!Well g2g luv ya two ok maybe three..no four b/c...Kurt and Frances lol well luv ya four peace out dudes and dudettes!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!Oh have ya peeps ever heard of a saying that some1 posted on this one website it said How one boy grew up to save rock n roll but couldnt save himself?Well that like really made me sad lol b/c it was about Kurt and everything but yea its frikin a!

Kurt from England said:
I meant shot not hot in the last sentance...try playing the guitar and typing..its not easy haha

Kurt from England said:
Thanks charlotte..yeah its a nice guitar oh and Hank, even though I was too young to remeber Nirvana (i\'m 17 now) I still think that the music is awsome, i mean I heard it and was instantly hooked, Krist Novaselic is my inspiration for bass but because I sing a little then Kurt is really helping..I mean i heard the Melvins, but Nirvana friggin rules..my band has 3 people but we DONT model ourselves on Nirvana i can do Kurts voice but i dont when i sing..he IS a genious..and he\'ll always represent what life actually is..the meaning of life is Nirvana..i\'v been through the same shit but the musics helped..I owe it to Kurt for showing me what life is..thanks charlotte and Brittanee..Nirvana means alot to me, there music is a tribute..Life is Nirvana people, and Nirvana is a hot of life at its worst and at its best

Hank from USA aok said:
Thoughts on Kurt Cobain and not only tuff but also painful at this point. I\'ll never forget those days when I first heard the band and began to formulate my opinions as to what was happening at the time. I was truly moved by there music and was often in trance when listening to them (still am thank GOD). Being a guitar player in a local garage band I began learning their songs and found that I could actually do an \"acceptable\" job covering some of the lyrics. Then the awful news hit and I was devastated completely. I\'d always been aware of the trouble lurking and that suicide was a possiblity based on the lyric content and emotions expressed so eloquently. But that didn\'t lessen the impact any at all. Slowly I moved away from Nirvana dissapointed by the outcome of what had been so very promising. It wasn\'t unit about a year ago, ten years after the lose that I began listening to Foo Fighters and really liking what they\'d put out. I\'d been stand offish of them as I\'d loved Dave Grouhl so much on drums and thought he was playing an ego game due to his notarity. The a friend mentioned that yeah he thought they were a great band, probally the best out there these days but that it always made him depressed when he heard them cause it reminded him how much he missed Nirvana. So I started to go back and listen to some of the albums I didn\'t seem to like as much prior, Bleach & Insecticide. Then I bought With the lights out and was completely blown away once again! I hadn\'t ever really ben exposed to much punk rock growing up everyone was into Zep, Sabbath, The Dead, GNR, etc. I really wasn\'t completey sold on metal and although I liked alot of Pop music, it was becoming flat. Nirvan opened me up to Punk & metal in a big, big way. I\'ve played alot of blues growing up in Baltimore. As well as alot of R&B which I love. But Rock was always the most interesting to me. Rock-n-roll, hard rock, pschedelic rock, progressive rock, etc. I\'d never been exposed to much Punk music. I liked what I\'d heard from the under ground bands for the most part but didn\'t really know anything about it or understand it. It was propably like that for a lot of people. Right now it\'s my big focus opening up all kinds of new bands, sounds, thoughts and ideas. I want to start my own punk band made up of guys over forty writting to the golden agers of America! Nirvana did that for me! I read a great deal about Kurt Cobain & Nirvan at this point. His intelligence and insight continually amaze me as I gain a deeper understanding. At this point he is a complete dichotomy which we may never really clearly understand. So many aspects of his life, music and relationships contradict each other it\'s hard to put it into any kind of real presepctive. I think perhaps Kurt did alot of this on purpose for various reasons. Wanting to confuse the issue, being playful, being angry at someone or some particular issue. It\'s odd that to a certain degree I feel I understand him and then at the same time there are so many confusing aspects. I don\'t know what happened to him that April in 94. I don\'t think Courtney Love killed him as people are reporting. It seems obviuous to me that suicide was a very real issue for Kurt. However at the same time there are alot of things about the murder that don\'t seem to make any sense in hindsight. He still had plans for his future and Nirvana\'s future as well. Why did he need to do it in the greenhouse and not the house in general? Why did he leave his daughter in the terrible plight she\'s in after having dealt with so much pain in his own family? On and on and on. It seems that more was going on than has been reported at this point. I don\'t think the whole truth will ever be known publicly. I miss Kurt and Nirvana so much more now than ever before. I pray for his daugther ever day and hope that she can somehow have a \"normal\" sense of life appreciating all the good things there really are here for us all to enjoy.

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Cool Kurt! I need a new guitar too..hehe =) Anyways, Brittanee, I believe you, its really creepy but you know its Kurt dont u? Cos u get that \"feeling\"..its amazing. He is my guardian angel and I come to him for help! =) Brittanee and Kurt, you guys sound soo cool! Peace Out, Rock Hard and Come As You Are Luv Charlotte =) XxX

Kurt from England said:
Nirvana rules, Kurt is everywhere..i am Kurt no.2

Andrea Paige Moore from north america said:
I fuck\'n love Kurt and Nirvana, they both have changed my life. I love ur site keep on posting things and I\'ll keep reading all of them. You do need more pictures tho. Besides that ur site rocks and so do you for making it for all the fans Kurt would have liked it greatly.

Kurt from England said:
I am the 2nd Kurt..see I\'ve been through the same shit but I dont like talking about it..my mats say im like him although i\'m not sure..getting my new guitar today go me, go me, go me..

Kurt from England said:
Well think about it..would Kurt really wanna hear us??!..probally not so we say he was meaning him as in 3rd person..although yeah i beleive u there Brittanee

BNC from U.S.A. said:
Are you really Courtney Love or are you makin it up?!?!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Dude why are you sayin he was?!?!He still is lol!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!

Kurt from England said:
Well, i\'m getting my new guitar soon, I had a dream..me and the two others (Dyl, Andy) well we where famous..BUT olny if i taped a picture of either the Nirvana face or Kurt to my guitar back, so..I am doing so, he was a genious..my group, well we play for him.

Kurt from England said:
well, ya never knoe Brittanee..

Frank Johnson from United States said:
Good Service

Magic Man said:
That was a good site. it had lots of information and i learnt alot from it. Cheers... We WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Kurt Cobain. WOOOOOOO!!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:

Tom from England said:
Your site is very nice!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Omg Charlotte i gotta tell ya somthin and tell Kurt also!Ok once when i was at the computer i was like singing Nirvana and like dancin around b/c like when im listenin to their music i go wild and everything lol!Well ne wayz i smelt like a presence like a guy smell like a guy with colone on so im thinkin it was maybe him what do you think?!?!

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Yea where the name thing says Brittanee and it says England its really supposed to be U.S.A. lol sry!But yea you guys who agree with me frikin rock but if you dont and have shit to say about him and his family e-mail me and see what happens!Sry im a very bitchy person but i dont take shit from ne1 especially when it has somthin to do about my family friends or peeps that are like amazin!So there was this one dude that frikin said crap about Kurt and i e-mailed him then he e-mailed me back then i e-mailed him back sayin the website you went to is a place for you to make a dedication to Kurt and his family not to talk shit so if your gonna talk shit about him and his family say it somewhere else dont say it here!But yea i get pissed off lol!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!

Kurt from England said:
you cant see me:p...I AM Kurt

Kurt from England said:
yes...u HAD to tell us that...be still my sarcastic dancing feet *clap, clap, clap*

doocivir yawe from nigeria said:
hey,i would rather not see you

Kurt from England said:
Kurts my web name haha..feel free to chat when u like..i had a mind numbinlgy boring day lectures on crap..peace out darlin luv.. xx

Charlotte from England said:
Hehehe! You have cheered me up Kurt! I have had a pretty tough day and its nice to have somebody make me laugh! =) Peace Out, Rock Hard and Come as you are! Mwah! Luv Charlotte XxX

Kurt from England said:
well thanks..sure I beleive you..okay rock hard too, peace out darlin..I KNOW your right haha.. xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Aww thanks Kurt, you\'re a sweetie too and I know what its like to feel like nothing more could possibly go wrong and to feel completely helpless..and you\'re right about if you havent felt like Kurt did then you will have no true appreciation to what he went through. I actually admire him for all the shitty times he was put through and he still got up and tried to deal with it. Also Kurt, thanks for believin me, i thought you mite think I was insane or summin! hehe! Peace Out, Rock Hard and Come As You Are! Luv Charlotte XxX

Kurt from England said:
Charlotte..no offence but..your a genuine sweetheart! I\'ve felt very deppressed and suicidal recently but I beleive he knows whats going on. I beleive when I die i\'ll meet him, and i\'ll aplogise for not apreciating what he went through until I\'ve felt like this..charlotte I beleive u hun;)

Charlotte from England said:
Kurt, Of course Cobain is still around! I mean, he is with me ( I believe) spiritually and he helps out fans who went through the same shit he did as a kid. I think he lives on and drops in on us fans from time to time, there was a time when I wished he was with me because my parents were arguing and I was begging for someone to help me, and I looked one of my many posters of Kurt and I wished it would be him and then the room went REALLY cold and I got tingles down my back and I knew he was with me. He was a genuinley nice person and it sucks that all the nice people have to die and leave the wankers to rule the earth i.e. Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden.. but I honestly believe Kurt was with me on that day and I believe he will come back to visit when I need him. Seriously, when you are next in trouble, look at a poster of Kurt and ask him to be with you and if you feel tingles like 30 seconds after that then he is there. You might think I am insane here people but I think Kurt is my guardian angel, and I think he is all his fans angel. Peace Out, Rock Hard and Come As You Are! Luv Charlotte XxX

Danielle from usa said:
Hello, I think he was a really intesting person.To be real honset with you i dont think he killed his self but you know thats what i think.I guess im going to stop here. you guys did a really good job on you page. --Laters Dani

Kurt from England said:
Kurt does live on..beleive me..he\'s still around..

Brittanee from England said:
Dudes and Dudettes Kurt was flippin amazin and always will be and he was like the best rocker ever!So R.I.P Kurt Cobain!KURT ISNT DEAD HE STILL LIVES ON!

Brittanee from England said:
Hey Courtney i dont think you killed him when people talk bad about ya i yell at them i mean i scream at them!But yea i stick up for your family because you guys are flippin amzazin!I mean i think its dumb how every1 is blammin you and we dunno ne thing i mean come the fuck on they didnt even finish the investigation so you peeps that are blammin Courtney shut the fuck up and burn in hell!!

Kurt from England said:
Krist Novaselic is my inspiration 4 bass.but Kurt is a hero to music and he\'s helped me figure out who the hell i am.

Brittanee from U.S.A. said:
Ok to me Kurt was and still is flippin amazin!When people talk bad about him or his family omg do they get it from me lol i start screamin at them!Well ne wayz remember that Kurt isnt dead he still lives on!Kurt your frikin amazin and i luv ya dude!

Tiffany Clark from England said:
Kurt Cobain was a true legend and he will remain to be in my heart for ever. nirvana\'s music rocks and kurts soul still lives!!! remeber it\'s better to burn out than to fade away! R.I.P!

Kurt from England said:
Hey..Nirvana rules.....

Ben from England said:
Your website is very nice! I enjoyed visiting it.

Kurt from England said:
I\'ll leave a message at college..

Kurt from England said:
ncie name btw..anyway i\'m off..ttyl

charlotte from England said:
okay then cool!

Kurt from England said:
I cant asnwer e-mails from college sooo i\'ll talk here..but i\'ll reply asap..gonna get high in the woods tomoz..shud be fun..

Kurt from England said:
y\'all wanna chat then click my e-mail addy..dont send too many ill always reply asap..

Charlotte from England said:
YAY Im cool! hehehe nevermind me Im listening to CAYA so yer a lil bit high!

Charlotte from England said:
Wow! Im 15 and from London..well actually Ruislip in Hillingdon but yer..hehe im in a rock band as well..we base ourselves on Nirvana aswell..wow! U seem really cool! Do you have MSN? xx

Kurt from England said:
u sound cool 2 charlotte

Kurt from England said:
i\'m 17 from a place called Dovercourt in England..near colchester..cool?..y thank u i\'m in a rock band..we model ourselves on Nirvana altho we dont copy them..

Brook from US said:
There\'s no one I love and admire more than the genius himself, Kurt Cobain. Your site is really awesome, I enjoyed reading the interviews, and especially the poems on \'Remberance\'. This is definetely one of my favorite NIRVANA sites. ^_^\\m/

Charlotte from England said:
And Kurt, you sound really cool, how old are you and whereabouts are you from?

Charlotte from England said:
And the guys that sed that they will meet Kurt when we die, of course we will, there will be a whole ection of heaven for us Nirvana fans! I can\'t wait to get there and meet the genius himself. It is gonna be classy.

chris from England said:
burntout revenge is a class game do you have cheats for it

Kurt from England said:
It\'d be awsome to meet him when I die...we probally will...all the Nirvana haters will fry in his \"lake of fire\"..no its cool to dream Marry

Charlotte from England said:
hey people, i just wanna say is Nirvana are the best band on this planet and my hat goes off to the dude that created this site so Nirvana fans from all over the globe can talk and share their feelins about the best band EVA xxxxxx

marua from England said:
silence...only silence...for over 10 years now....and i feel dead for over 10 years...just to fucking long!!!

Marry from GErmany said:
Yes a big fan. I love his music and his lyrics. Everything is perfect. He is also a nice guy. Sorry he was a nice guy. Fuck...i hate the truth, that he s dead. I hope someday, when i m dead too, i ll meet him. And we play together songs. im a dreamer fuck

Kurt from England said:
U a Nirvana Marry?..They did rock..they do now but olny on records obviously..

reda ben from England said:

Kurt from England said:
Yes I am..a big Nirvana fan, my bands based on it although we dont copy them..u a Nirvana fan?

Marry from germany said:
Yeah Kurt, this is a nice site. Are you a Nirvana Fan?

Kurt from England said:
Your not dumb..its a coll site though so your right there.

Marry from Germany said:
Thanks Kurt, thats only a dream. I think im dumb. I thought it would be a special site....what ever. Im a dreamer.

david c. from England said:
Hey you Heather Fiora you need to learn how to spell the best guitar player in history\'s name you fag. It\'s Jimi Hendrix NOT Jimmie Hendrix you dumbass you shouldn\'t even be able to say write or type his name you disgrace.

Replica from England said:
You earned my respect folks! Yau made a nice, intresting site, someday i will have a site like this too.

Sonia from South Africa said:
Im a student doing a media essay on celebrity and identity, and i decided to do it on Kurt, coz he is a ledgend, if anyone has more info on him, plz email me asap. thanx, luvies, Sonia.

Kurt from England said:
Hey Marry I dont think thats courtney..no offence or anything..

Marry from Germany said:
Hey Courtney, are really she? Im your biggest fan. I know that you love kurt and i feel it in your music. You are a wonderful person. I read your mangas. There are ok. But your music is the best i ever heard.i make music too, but ive got no band. And so i sit every night in my flat and write songs and play guitar. Sorry for my funking english. I come from germany. So courtney please write back my E-Mail adress is: retardgirl@freenet.de If you re the real Courtney Love, when not, dont answer. Thanks MARRY

purple nirvana lover from USA said:
i love kurt cobain but i love my boyfriend way more

Linzi from England said:
I think Kurt Cobain was a hero, a legend in himself. He didn\'t deserve to die. Although I am undure how he died. Maybe it was murder, but maybe it was suicide. I am edging towards murder.