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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Katie from USA said:
Alright, usually I hate this, but whoever was posting as Adam was really fucking funny. Probably jessica, but this time she is actually being a little clever. Sorry adam, I thought you meant all of us on here, I bet your really fucking confused now aren\'t you? I\'m hoping that all of you that I talk to know when its really me.

adam from canada said:
i didn\'t no that but i love Nirvana and bands like Sonic youth and shit

adam from canada said:
i didn\'t no that but i love Nirvana and bands like Sonic youth and shit

jim from England said:
adam where are you in canada send me an email

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

adam the real one from England said:
i dont no

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

adam the real one from canada said:
ok i will try

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

adam the real one from canada eh said:
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

JIM from SCOTLAND said:

adam the real one from Canada said:
we guys the fucking gay ones NIRVANA SUCKS COCKS

adam the real one from canada said:
ya i got 2

Adam The Real One from Canada said:

adam the real one from canada said:
w/e u guys r the fucking gay ones NIRVANA ROCKS

adam the real one from Canada said:
glad thats all finnished now. anyway i am so sorry Katie i am gay i have a boyfriend he is with me now. wish you were male you could come over & have some fun with us.

adam the real one from Canada said:
glad thats all finnished now. anyway i am so sorry Katie i am gay i have a boyfriend he is with me now. wish you were male you could come over & have some fun with us.

adam the real one from Canada said:
glad thats all finnished now. anyway i am so sorry Katie i am gay i have a boyfriend he is with me now. wish you were male you could come over & have some fun with us.

adam the real one from canada said:
i am ready

adam the real one from canada eh said:
ok lets fuck

KATIE from USA said:

Bex from England said:
i wish you would all fuck off!!!!!!!!!! does anyone want to fuck

adam the real one from canada eh said:
p.s. katie lets do it

KATIE from USA said:

adam the real one from canada said:
i sidned this guestbook to tell ppl that i worship this guy and then u fucking fags start to fuck around

Katie from usa said:
anyone want TO fUcK

Katie from usa said:
to many cunts in here

adam the one & only from canada said:
so fuck who cares tdawg you are a cunt as well

tdawg from usa said:
adam you are a cunt anyway

adam the real one from canada said:
shit me who da fuck !!!!!!!!!!!

tdawg from usa said:
hey adam the first one ur cool curt rules, this other coping ur name wannaby faggot is just gay and would get his ass kicked by any cobain fan

adam the real one from canada said:
if a find out who you are al kill you just like curt you will be dead

adam the real one from canada said:
who the fuck are you

adam the real one from canada said:
who the fucks this other adam sayin shit im not

adam from canada said:
who the fucks adam whos curt whos who

Charlotte from England said:
did you see emerdale last night it was great

adam the real one from canada said:
who the fucks this other adam sayin shit im not

adam from canada said:
a stil think curt was a cunt though

adam from canada said:
a stil think curt was a cunt though

adam from canada said:
i was only talking to that retard who said curt was a twathead i got nothin wrong with anyone else

rach from england said:
me me me please

rach from england said:
chris do you wanna fuck me

katie from usa said:
chris do you wanna fuck me

adam from canada said:
a think curt was a fucking retard though

Katie from USA said:
Your right adam, you know, because me, Charlotte, and Rach and well just about everybody on here just love to make fun of Curt, gee, if you read trough these all you see is just insults towards him left and right. What the hell is wrong with us? Note the sarcasm, you fucking retard!

adam from Canada said:
u gotta be fucking retarded to make fun of curt and he didn\'t kill himself u retards he fuckin rocked and u guys r idiots

Katie from USA said:
Hey Chris, how have you been?

Renee from Canada said:
U mother fucker he din\'t kill him self in the first place god this ppl r so fucked up!!!!!!!

Renee from Canada said:
U mother fucker he din\'t kill him self in the first place god this ppl r so fucked up!!!!!!!

blowjobs r us from every pair of bollocks in town said:
Nirvana suck my balls and Kurt Cobain was a twathead who couldn\'t handle the fame so he shot himself full of smack then put a gun in his mouth. How sad. He could have just shot himself or just od\'d on heroin but he wanted a scene cos he was an attention seeking little fuck. i am glad he is dead and I worship whoever put the thought \"suicide\" into his head! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :-P

Charlotte from England said:
Hey, umm first to Jessica as she mentioned my typo. Well at least in most, if not all, of my posts, I can spell okay? It was just once! Get over it. To Lindey, thank you. It is nice to know that some people have missed me! Love ya! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey I havn\'t been on here much lately. Someone said something about a movie about Courtney\'s life, and I think that would probably be interesting, except i don\'t like courtney and they said tha avril lavigne is playing her, which is extremely fucked up because avril doesn\'t even look anything like courtney and avril cant act worth shit! hey charlotte, its nice to hear from you again. also, i am starting to wonder if jessica is a man pretending to be a girl?

chris from usa said:
so, how\'re things? jessica you fucking whore! you dare to use my name for your relentless antics? what the fuck is k8ee?? well, anyway, hello KATIE, how are you?

JESSICA from USA said:

Charlotte from England said:
It is irritating isn\'t it? What website is that then? I could tell those imbred fuckers to get their musical priorites right, but who are we too judge? After all,most of us have complained abput really shitty and talentless bands such as Creed , Hole and Good Charlotte so that would make us hypocrites in a way. On the other hand, if you haven\'t said jack shit about other bands, go for it! Tell them what you think! I can\'t because of what I have said! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It is extrmemly frustrating to hear people saying bad things about Nirvana, but lets take your advice Bex. lets rise aboove it and so them we are mature.

Bex from England said:
I\'m really not sure either way to be honest! There is a really gay website I have just come across and its all about nirvana being way overated and there\'s loads of people\'s comments about how nirvana were really bad!!! I dont know ahy I just told you guys that but I thought I would share my frustration!!!! ARGH!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Bex, Yeh I think it could be Krist and if it is then cool! I wonder, if it is him, then why would he come here? He said he had been searching for years through Nirvana related websites and maybe he does know what he is talking about! What do you think guys? Love you all loads and loads! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bex from England said:
Yeah I know exactly how you feel Charlotte. I hate it when people say things like tat aswell but its best not to retalliate because the will know its getting to you and they will jus carry on. Im glad your taking my advice though!! I dont know if that was really krist, maybe it could be because I dont see what anyone would achieve by pretending to be him also he seems to know what he\'s talking about!!! But I wonder if it\'s not because do you really think that 11 years later krist would be searching for a website about his old band???? what does everone else think, because I could be totally wrong! xxxxxxxxxx

666 from England said:
ok was that krist novoselic??????

Charlotte from England said:
I agree with you Bex but it just got to me. I can\'t understand how shallow and narrow minded some people can be and it just annoyed me. I don\'t like people talking shit about Kurt or Nirvana at the best of times but it friggin winds me up more when they haven\'t got the guts to leave their name, you know? Oh well, I am going to take your advice because it is good advice! Also, do you really think that the person who said he was \"Krist Novoselic\" really Krist Novovselic? I don\'t think so, what does everyone else think? Love Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bex from England said:
Its really good to see that eveyone is ignoring the ignorant people one here, NOT!!!!! what is going on guys???? Jut ignore everyone if they dont hav anything decent to say. Carrying on arguing like this is just a stupid waste of time becaues none of us are ever going to agree on absolutely evevrything! Does anyone agree with that? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krist Novoselic from Usa said:
Wow, this site is quite an amzing one. In all my years of surfing through Nirvana based websites, I have never come across one like this. Apart from the insults that are thrown at one another, it is an awesome site. After Kurts\' death,Dave and I along with Pat didn\'t quite know how to go about things. Were we to continue Nirvana? Were we going to find a replacement for Kurt? After going through it in our heads, we found a few reasons why we should go our separate ways. These were: If we replaced Kurt, how would the public react? After all, to them, to you guys, Kurt WAS Nirvana. He wrote most of the songs, if not all and it wouldn\'t be fair on him to replace him. The second reason was that if we decided to replace Kurt, would the guy replacing him have the same songwriting abilities? Kurt\'s song writing as you may well know, derives from the tragedies and painful childhood that he endured and unleashed through his music. It would have been difficult to find someone similar to Kurt. So Dave and Pat went on to form the well - known Foo Fighters and I yearned to go into Politics and did just that. I have written a book which, if you have read, I hope you enjoyed and am now devoting my spare time into trying to put some of Nirvana\'s qualities into politics. Thank you for being fans and thank you for carrying on our legacy...Kurt\'s legacy. Thank you for your time: Krist Novoselic

Kurt from England said:
Okay I haven\'t been on here in like two days and everything has calmed down so much! Well, only a little bit but you get my meaning. Thanks to everyone for the kind words about me, you know who you are, it is appreciated, it really is. How is everyone? Charlotte!!!!! Nice to see you back! All the cool people have returned and now this site is the greatest site! Ignore me. I have been helping my uncle paint his living room for the past few days and have just finished it. Proud of the result and extremely high from the fumes so I may seem a little........spaced out. Glad to be back though! Charlotte, once again it is nice to see you post again. Peace Out, dudes! You all rock (with the exception of a few, they know who THEY are. cough cough....) KuRt

Charlotte from England said:
I meant *genius* not \"genious\" Sorry for the spelling mistake, I am so angry right now and I know I shouldn\'t let it get to me but it does and it is just the anger of hitting the keyboards that caused the typo. Apologies, I am very sorry. Ps Does anyone else feel the same as me or is it just me? xxxx

Charlotte from England said:
So you\'re big enough to write in this guestbook what you did, but you aren\'t big enough to leave your name you morbid little fucker! Why don\'t you fucking leave your name next time you inbred lil Nazi! Ugggh! I hate people like that! The least they can do is leave their name! God! It is like they\'re scared or something! It really bugs me that people can talk shit about a music genious, an amazing performer, an amazing person who spoke out for what he believed in, but not even leave a fucking name!!! I am really pissed off now!!

... from England said:
courtney love is one hot fucker, im glad kurts dead! ha!

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh I know what you mean Katie. I am sure \"Miss World\" will understand too. I mean, i am the sort of person that will listen to peoples opinions, respect them, and then tell them my opinion. Does everyone get me? It\'s like, say for instance, Miss World likes Courtney Love, she also likes her band, Hole. Fair enough. Then I will say to her that I hate Courtney Love and my hatred for her and her shitty band Hole, burns with the intensity of one thousand white hot suns. There, Miss World said her opinion, I said mine. Katie, I admire you not because you are open about your feelings, but because your posts actually MEAN something and have a point to it, like many other peoples posts. Rach, Bex, Chris, Will, Rosie and Lindey to name a few. Love ya all, Charlottexxxxxxxx PS To K8 - umm yeh okay whatever you say, sure he was an extremely good looking guy with the most gorgeous eyes ever, but him making me Horny? That hasn\'t happened. I think it is because he is a little dead that kills that feeling? xxx

k8 from England said:
kurt makes me horny as fuck

Katie from USA said:
Just for the record, when I talked shit to miss world, it wasn\'t because she likes Courtney, its because she was a bitch about us not liking her. I, more than most people ,appreciate different point of views. I don\'t appreciate it when people try to be an asshole just because someone else thinks differently. Like Bex, for instance, I respect her opinion because she was decent about telling us.

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Thank you Katie. i think Creed and Good Charlotte are the worst bands that ever walked this earth and claimed to be \"Punk - Rock\" Pretty shitty names too, if I think about it. I also don\'t care if that stupid fucking loser whore paedophile Jessica hates me. I wouldn\'t become her friend if we were the last two people alive. I would rather be a loner thankyou very much. I think someone so immature and disturbed could never have any friends. It is physically and mentally impossible. She is just a loser and I hope she dies whilst trying to think of witty comebacks to everyone\'s insults and trying (I say trying) to fool others by pretending to be someone. If I were her mother, and I knew what she was doing, I would be ashamed. Then again, I don\'t think she has a family or a mother. Maybe she was a lab experiment gone wrong. Animal testing these days..........Anyway, hey to everyone, I hope you are okay. Love ya, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie from England said:
Oh, and good call on the shittiest bands ever Charlotte, Creed and Good Charlotte are the exact examples I\'d use to explain the most talentless waste of noise too. Thats probably why Jessica hates you is because she doesn\'t understand how her favorite music could actually be disliked and that not everyone in the world is as stupid as she is.

Katie from USA said:
How sad is an individual that has to post sexual messages to herself pretending to be a bunch of people that really think she\'s a douche nozzle?

Katie from USA said:
I think that Renee and Jessica are in the same spelling class. I think someone needs to fire that teacher.

Katie from USA said:
Fucking good lord, okay Jessica, one thing that gives you away is I CAN FUCKING SPELL, and please tell me what a fucking Whoppa is? Miss world is fucking gay, anyone that has to look up to white trash is just indescribable, go to a fucking hole site, or just voice your opinion without being such a fucking cock about it. I like diversity, but I fucking hate people that can\'t except it.

vannessia from canada said:
hey man i love kurt cobain my fave song is gotta be polly and where did you sleep last night

Miss World from Croatia said:
Oh my God what a bunch of kids. Btw. Courtney Love and Hole rules !

Renee from Canada said:
Oh ya n the ppl who think kurt is god well fuck think again u bunch of imegrents like fuck his just a soul now no god far from 1 so ya n i don\'t thon khe likes 2 be called that 2 u could worship him but not as a god like come on now anywaise w/e

Renee from Canada said:
Hey since every body is having convos instead of talking about kurt then ok then wuzzzzzzz uppppppp!!!!

Rach from England said:
Who ever is being the fale poster needs to get a life. stop being a fraud and fuck off. Its pretty obvious that someone is pretending 2 be other people.........look at the evidence.....spellings, grammar, vocab, thing being sed. For instance Everyone other than Jessica spells Katie K A T I E but the last few fake posts have spelt it K 8 E E SO its pretty damn obvious that someones pissing about! Just go, get a life and take you business else where. We dont want you here!!! Hey 2 Chris, Dani, Charlotte, Lindey, 666, Katie, Will etc Rach xxx

chris from usa said:
HA! i just kiddin. jess,u seem so hott! i would fuck u all nite longg. i would stik my dicke in ur vaginna adn push so hard that u wuld bleed. then id fuck u up the ass adn then id lik up ur vaginal juices and pull a 69 cuz ur so hot. than id rub ur titties and suck ur nipples and bite them. id first enjoy rippin off ur panties and bra tho. fuck u k8ee i h8 u.

chris from usa said:
katie, please tell me that isnt you. This is insane. Jessica needs to get a life.

katie from usa said:
oh jessica. im getting all wet!! my pussy is so warm 4 u! i cant wayt to bite your thiys and suck ur nipples. and feel the warmth of ur womanhude. do u shave? it dont mattr. eether way ill fuck u sooo hard all nite long. i kno of a grayt hotel where we culd get a rume. i so excited gryl! we dont need no dicke at all!

Hayley from USA said:
I dont think that Kurt Kobaine killed himself and I think they should stop advertising it because non-nirvana lovers might get the wrong idea about my favorite band. All Nirvana lovers, like myself, all know that Courtney killed Kurt. And I love your site and I love nirvana!!! My favorite song is Smells Like Teen Spirit!! Nirvana Rocks My Sox!! -

joseph from usa said:
once again you sinners go against God. lesbians will burn in Hell. But all women will burn. Women are the ultimate sinners. God made men in his likeness and women to please men. Women are there for your sexual relief, so marry one and make love to her. But know she will go to Hell. Please repent. Jesus saves,Joseph