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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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ME from England said:
oh thats ok!

britto- from u.s.a. said:
thanks man!

ME from England said:
Well i\'m not Britto haha...it just came into my head last night I had a feeling that I should type those exact words..i wrote them down..and typed them today..he wanted to know that \"his fans\" opinions are the same as his and the same philosophy..he told me i shouldent think like that (ive been thinking of some things lately)..and he told me how to improve my guitar playing..dident tell me exactly but i know now..i will britto:)..

britto- from u.s.a. said:
hey ask him if i can call him my dad!!

britto- from u.s.a. said:
haha kurt loves me...lol...i think..well anyway ME you better not be lieing about you talking to kurt and stuff because my friend did that b4 and she was lieing about it and i didnt talk to her forever lol but yea....my opinions...hmm....about what?

Myles from USA said:
It\'s a good website. however I totally agree with Lindsy. \"Kurt Cobaine is a everlasting flame....\" A legend.


ME from England said:
Kurt said he doesent care what his fans think because in his mind we all have the same opinions as him and we use the same philosophy as him he also says he cares about his fans and are grateful to them and tells me to say britto, your right..about your opinions or something you said the other day..kurt told me to take down the poster near my door, because he doesent like anyone seeing him like that.......i feel ill now:( great man..great man peace, love, empathy

ME from England said:
Yea I got some Kurt shirts hehe..two and 1 long black long-sleeved jacket and a hooded jacket with a smily..hes a legend

Jody from Canada said:
I miss Kurt so much! Rock on!

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Well...yes i should just sy it again then...KURT IS THE MAN GO KURT WOOHOO:) hmm lol. Well yes.oooohh i got these wicked Kurt T-shirts:) yummy!! Um yep. Im sam:0

claire from England said:
i totaly agree with what rich said it is very hard to really know what happend to kurt. i have read the Heavier Than Heaven book and it was brill but it did make me believe a little that Kurt did do it himself but 4 some reason every time i see courtney love on t.v or in a mag i cant help woundering. I mean if Kurt killed himself why would he want to leave his daughter behind i have i daughter and i couldnt imagine life without her (shes called courtney) but on the other hand if courtney got Kurt killed how can she bring their child up knowing that she is the reason her baby has no daddy. i have got kurts journal and when i have read through that i thought he seemed depressed but not enough to end his life. But people who are depressed do not think straight he may have felt there was no other way to get away to get away from his feelings and thoughts....................well i guess we will never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

claire from England said:
i love this site it is the best 1 so far ever kurt n nirvana 4 eva

britto- from u.s.a. said:
did he tell you to tell me that? lol

ME from England said:
Perhaps next time you hear the voice answer it..say e.g \"yes?\" or \"what?\" then ask a q..like \"Are you Kurt cobain\" etc...

britto- from u.s.a. said:
well then all he said was brittanee lol...im gettin my hair cut!!!

Courtney Smith from United States said:
Great Website and keep the good work up

ME from England said:
Britto, i beleive you..i saw a pic of his body in a rock mag and thats when i heard him..oh and yes i said to myself in my head ofcourse hehe..i said \"Kurt go talk to britto\" then i laughed at myself lol and i heard \"i know\"

Slimt from united states said:
Hi To write the letter, it is necessary ...

britto- from u.s.a. said:
oh and plus i was having a bad day my mom was being bitchy to me and other stuff and i was going crazy...so i have to listen to nirvana when i go crazy and when i was on my bed doing my h/w and listening to nirvana thats when i heard a voice say brittanee and it sounded like it was right next to me.

Arnold from united states said:
hi Prompt how to get rid of advertising?

britto- from u.s.a. said:
he told you he would talk to me?

ME from England said:
yep..wudent be surprised britto, he sed he\'d talk to you..he wud wudent he!??! hahaha

Garri from united states said:
hi Why do not answer my question?

britto- from u.s.a. said:
i swear when i was upstairs in my room i heard a voice say brittanee......

britto- from u.s.a. said:
hey ben this is a place to dedicate to kurt and nirvana not to talk about gay pictures..and im sure if kurt knew you put somthin like that on a website that was about him and his band he would be pissed...unless its funny to him but anyway....go to a gay website not a nirvana/cobain website...dumbfuck..lol

ME from England said:
Kurt\'s a legend, he rules..I saw the origional video for in bloom..its awsome..he was a great man, a great lyricist, a great guitar player,..

jakelaycock from Canada said:
i love you Kurt mate, your voice your lyrics your the best ive ever heard. this world this, plant, mankind has been blessed to have had you among us.one day i ll hope you let me play a beat to your heart shaped box. see you soon.

ben rhodes from England said:
auntiechav@hotmail.com send me your gay pictures im looking for a man

britto- from u.s.a. said:
coolio...haha ok sammy.KURT COBAIN KICKS @$$!!!

ME from England said:
Well sammy..you\'ve said it enough times..haha yeah one of my mates looks like Kurt..we went as Nirvana for a crappy halloween thing..all we had to do was wear the right clothes and play some songs..we wanna do a tribute band..

Stif from united states said:
Hi As in your guestbook to include support html?

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Hehe yep i know....u should talk to me sometime then!! Yep well KURT IS THE MAN:)

Hip from united states said:
Hi Do not prompt how to adjust a font of the messages?

britto- from u.s.a. said:
lol.....sammy you do know i added you right?

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Yes well....im sure we all know that KURT ROCKS:) mmm well obviously:p ummmm im sam:) um yes and i love kurt:)

britto- from u.s.a. said:
kurt brain-washed me lol but its all good!my friend ty looks like him...maybe thats why i love ty so much...*thinks about this for a moment*...yea thats why and plus ty is funny.sliver kicks @$$....i love singing that song.

ME from England said:
Kurt rocks

ME from England said:
haha..well sliver went down well..Kurt has gone through the roof and into my mind..in the refectory there was a dude who looked EXACTLY like him! it was scary..clapped after we finished tho hahahahaha

britto- from u.s.a. said:
haha \"gone through the roof\".....sweet....i dont get it.....

Craig from Scotland said:
this website rocks my opinion of Kurt has gone through the roof!!!!!

britto- from u.s.a. said:
i know its sweet man lol

ME from England said:
Hey Jake..you wanna go to play.com and buy Kurt cobains Journel..its a red book that they\'ve made to look like his journel its awsome..just like Kurt:p haha...really buy it dude its a great read..tells u alot about his personal life..gotta go do sliver now..ttyl

jake from England said:
hi i love nirvana i got never mind and another album they rule got a book on em to

ME from England said:
Yes he does..aww thats kinda sweet Britto haha...

Sammy from New Zealand said:
yes well anyways....KURT ROCKS:) woohoo yes!!!

Britto- from u.s.a. said:
haha sweet....whenever i have dreams about him its like he hugs me every single time and when i have presences of him hes always by me.

ME from England said:
I wouldent say talked..first time I got freaked out and told chris, he said its a dilussion of grandur..but I know it was him, yeah he said some stuff, random stuff and (this is completely true) when I first played polly on the acoustic I heard a voice saying \"good, try it in the other key\"..and it freaked me out lol..erm..yeah i\'ll ask hehe

britto- from u.s.a. said:
flip yes!!hey ask him if like im considered as his daughter because i had a dream once and he said i could call him my dad and stuff so heck yes...you\'ve talked to him before?

ME from England said:
ooh forgot to say..in a tribute to Kurt, Nirvana and this website i\'m/we..are doing \"polly\" and \"sliver\" at my college in the music blocks refectory..Kurt rocks..

ME from England said:
If he..erm talks to me again i\'ll try askin questions..and mention you lol hahaha..thats good, put that on my college forms \"I hear voices\" haha

Britto- from u.s.a. said:
oh.....durn it!!well anyways KURT KIX @$$!!!!!

ME from England said:
Kurt rules! I\'ve got about 4 badges and 1 of Nirvana on my bag for college..I dont know Britto just heard this weird voice going on about shit..felt really weird though i fazed out..but yes KURT FUCKIN RULES!!!!!!!..so does Nirvana i\'m not gay

kamel from algeria said:
I have 16y when he died, i love him,he has a golden voice . He didn`t burn out, he is alive in my heart kurt is the excellent singer of rock

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Yes....i am awesome lol! But Kurt is better:) hehe i brought this badge with him on it yesterday its now on me all the time:) loving it!

britto from U.S.A said:
lol...sammy is awesome!KURT COBAIN KIX @$$!!

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Oh yes once again woohoo Kurt is thee man:) yummy

britto- from u.s.a. said:
did he say anything about me lol

Jessica from united states said:
I love him he has a wonderful voice i really miss him

Jessica from united states said:
I love him he has a wonderful voice i really miss him

ME from England said:
I swear I heard his voice once...this is when I was alone in the house lol hahaha...

britto- from u.s.a. said:
yea i was only a year old when he died.....but yea i get presences of him now and then.

Rea from Serbia & Montenegro said:
I was a baby when he died, but i love him, and i can sense that he`s my guardian angel. He didn`t burn out, he is alive in my heart...

ME from England said:
Sorry btw, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway Kurt rocks! and will do forever! 2006 is Kurts year, he\'d fuckin like it

britto- from u.s.a. said:
yea sammy go kurt!!!!!!!!

ME from England said:
Hey sorry dude!..jesus christ..you met him??!..wow dats awsome...wish I had done:(

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Yep like i said once again GO KURT:) And um yer...who really gives a fuck about if you like someone or not!!! It really has nothing to do with the Lurt Cobain website so please take ity somewhere else:) GO KURT:)

Sammy from New Zealand said:
Yep like i said once again GO KURT:) And um yer...who really gives a fuck about if you like someone or not!!! It really has nothing to do with the Lurt Cobain website so please take ity somewhere else:) GO KURT:)

gemini from England said:
i met kurt @ reading in 1992, he was a great man and i will always treasure the memories i have. noone will ever replace him.

ME from England said:
...well..if you r talking bout me haha..her names Rachel Lester goes to my college i see her on the trains and stuff but i\'m too shy to talk to her..shes 18..i\'m 17...haha its weird..shes a goth i think..

ME from England said:
Who does who like???..who do I like??

britto- from u.s.a. said:

Sammy from New Zealand said:
woohoo GO KURT um again:) yay woohoo!!

britto from u.s.a. said:
who do you like?!?!?!?

ME from England said:
yeah..true i was born in the golden age of Kurt (1988) hehehe, awsome

Lisle from England said:
i sooo want to c kurt in a big massive concert thing, but he kinda died b4 i was born. hes such an amazin talented person-kurt has always been, and always will,untill the end...

ME from England said:
This magazine had loads of info about Kurt and courtney and a photo of his body..well not all of it..just a crime scene pic..pity really, if I met (I mean actually met) a girl who liked Nirvana/Kurt,it\'d be a talking point hahaha theres a girl i like but i\'m too fuckin shy lol. Kurt rules!

mary from England said:
tis realli good and kurt rawks! =)

:) from Australia said:
hey!! i love nirvana and kurt soooo much... if ne1 wants 2 talk about kurt or nirvana... jst add me shoe_laces_are_bad@hotmail.com or jst add me if ya wanna talk ;) c ya xxx

britto from u.s.a. said:
haha im namin my son kurt and then im namin my daughter morgana.ROCK ON KURT COBAIN!!!!

ME from England said:
Hey I just got back from the town and saw this magazine called \"Q\" its like a rock magazine and its a Nirvana collectors edition..6..so I bought it hahaha...its awsome..IF/WHEN I have a kid if its a son I wanna call it Kurt..awsome...

Frank Johnson from United States said:
Good service

Stephanie C said:
Kurt Cobain fucking rock\'s!!!!!!!! Imiss him he\'s wicked.plus he is o damn hot!!!!!!!

britto from u.s.a. said:
hell yes!!KURT COBAIN 4EVER!!!

Jesse from England said:
Kurt will forever live on through his music

britto;) from u.s.a. said:
lol sammy.......