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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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James Brian ( fchsjames ) from United States of Kurt Cobain said:
This is a great website. Thank you for putting all this together. I love Nirvanas music, and like everyone else, miss Kurt. RIP KURT. See you soon!

Elizabeth Todhunter from NSW, Australia said:
I love, Kurt Cobain.

Stacey Sarah from Canada said:
I would have to say that Kurt Cobain Made Awsome music which spoke to evryone who had the same feelings as Kurt, I would have to say my favorite Nirvana Song is "Come as you are" Fav Line " Take your time, Hurry up Choice is yours, Dont be late Take a rest, as a friend, as an old memoria" Every song he ever made was through his thoughts and feelings towards everything that has happened to him through the years which is why alot of us... Can RELATE! NIRVANA ROCKS!!!

Ashley from England said:
I feel your pain kurt and understood all of your struggles best of wishes to you .you may have left your body but your soul will always live on

Nirvana2 from USA said:
BlooperCooper36 Check out my nirvana covers youbtube

dilwhrktg from chicken said:
Barbra manitee you are the one for me sent from up above you are the one i love... da da da!

Natash @ Dru Orth from U.S.A. said:
I Love Kurt Cobain.

Sheri Allen from United States said:
Kurt Cobain and Nirvana changed my life and my friends lifes as we grew as teenages. The band changed the world and still today I think their music is still changing peoples lives for the better. Nirvana was not just a band they are legendary! Thank You for making this page as a memorial for Kurt and the amazing band that he lead!

LaRaWbhJI from England said:

laura from the netherlands said:
well, these messages are very useless.. haha, my speech rocked. Drugs, suicide and all were subject that really got attention. (:

laura. from Netherlands said:
i'm going to do my presentation about Kurt Cobain for the subject English. It needed to choose a famous english-speeking person. And Kurt Cobain just popped up in my head. On one of the toilets in our school there was written: 'I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who i'm not' - Kurt Cobain. And I really loved it. He has some really good quotes I think. So I don't know very much about him yet, but that'll come. I think that my speech is going to rock. (: Thank you, Kurt Cobain!

Tiana from USA said:
Kurt Cobain was my idol, everything he did i wanted to do...besides the drugs of course, my father listened to them when he grew up and had me listen to them when i was growing up and when i listened to them it was heaven to my ears. Still is. Nirvana will never die for eternity. They are the best band out there and if it wasnt for Kurt i honestly think music would suck....NIRVANA ALL THE WAY,TILL I DIE!!!!! R.I.P Kurt Cobain, your loved by many!!!

Tiana Wilke from England said:
Even though Kurt is gone he is still a legend...he had/has the most amazing voice out there...in my eyes he will never die...Nirvana all the way :)

Danielle K Burke from USA Vermont said:
P.S. Can't hold it in ne more Kurt was also strikingly bring me to my knees crying gorgeous. Wow Making a huge framed wall hanging of him. Thanx 4 letting me put my opinions out here 4 all 2c....seems to me looks & a great singing voice need to b protected & have top notch SECURITY! This is devastation or a blessing in disguise??:(

Danielle K Burke from United States Vermont said:
I've been a fan since the beginning and am to this very day. At that time I'm my life (I was 15)music had absolutely nothing2 offer.suddenly here they were & it was like no other group I'd ever heard!The loss of Kurt was irreplacable,depressing,& scary.I've learned since how hurtful&invasive ppl can b. If he were here 2day I'db able to relate to many of the private&public hells he experienced&wish 4 a moment of his time to discuss moving on in life w/ constant issues&drama.I now know & understand everything which makes me hear all nirvana songs in a whole new light.Thanx 4 what youaccomplished while here.RIP Kurt...fan4ever,DanielleB ... [snipped]

Danielle K. Burke from England said:
From the very moment nirvana songs came 2b I naturally became a HUGE fan! At 15yrs old the excitement of what youd come out w/next came to a devastating end.U guys were the inspiration 4 bands to come & I willb a fan til I die.your music meant the world 2 friends&I @ that time so thanks.Kurt you r surely missed...rest in peace.hope all is kosher in heaven.xoxo

derick from moline said:
kurt cobain is the best

Cambay Group from India said:
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Katie from England said:
i love you Kurt. rest in peace.

Heather Allin from United States said:
Kurt you will be remembered. I grew up with Krist better known as Kris in school. Wishing you well Krist.

Samantha from England said:
The biography is 99% inaccurate.

Lauren from England said:
Kurt Cobain in my opinion is the most amazing and influential artist of all time, he inspired so many people in the 90's and is still doing so today. His legacy is one of the greatest ever known, and it is reassured he will never be forgotten.His eternal message "Its better to burn out than fade away" will forever imprint our lives and influence our being, in loving memory of Kurt Donald Cobain.

Eve from England said:
I know this will probably sound stupid, but Kurt Cobain's music has literally been a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much for making this, it lets him live on forever in our memories and never be forgotten I have not really ever loved music, but after I started listening to Nirvana, I haven't stopped since. For all you fans that have loved him and his band since the beginning, I really feel for you, it must have been awful. So I think I speak for everyone when I say, sleep tight Kurt, we love you.... [snipped]

She from Nevermind said:
Kurt Donald Cobain; You are my God and will always be.

Jason Gunn from USA said:
I turn 40 this year - 2011 - and I still jam to Nirvana on my ipod. It never gets old cause it captured my youth. Love to run and lift to all of this rocking music!

she from wonderland said:
thank you for doing this site. And thank you kurt for just being there. You were a true warrior, and man you were talented. I never got the chance too see you, but you have no idea how much I would give to do that. It doesn't matter how many tears I cry for you, you won't come back, right? How could you? Everything is worse. And that's maybe why I'm glad that you did what you did man. So you didn't have to suffer more. Now you're free. You are resting in peace. You're just happy, crazy memories and... ashes. You spoke for us Kurt. If you could tell me how to return the favour, I would do what fucking ever you asked for. Oh well.. Whatever, nevermind.... [snipped]

tatiana moller said:
always kurt

belika from Bulgaria said:
Thank you for keeping all those lovely memories alive and online! Here I had a chance to read some press materials about Kurt Cobain that are impossible to find elsewhere in 2010. Hope this site will last. Best!

Israel from USA said:
Nirvana was the first band that got me hooked to grunge. I was in high school when i first discovered them. Its a shame to see someone with soo much to give....take their own life...

Israel from England said:
Nirvana was the first band that got me hooked to grunge. I was in high school when i first discovered them. Its a shame to see someone with soo much to give....take their own life...

Jayne Brenneman from U.S. said:
I highly admire you Mr. Grant, for sticking your neck out so dangerously far, and losing so much money etc to do a job that many of us want done and believe in. For Kurt. We stand 1M % behind you, and maybe a few of us will stand almost 'next' to you! Try to, anyway! Sincerely, Jayne Brenneman

Raquel Le Blanc from canada said:
.i love you Kurt Cobain. i was born a year after he died but i have a strong passion for his music :(

dee from australia said:
thank you for keeping Kurt Cobain alive in our memories & your efforts to get Justice for Kurt i truly hope that one day real soon the truth will be revealed and then finally he may find some peace.

robert owens from usa!!! said:
i love this site. good job with it. please keep it running. and i love kurt cobain so much. im only 17 and never met him in person, but i know so much about him that i miss him!and the band is great. but i wished i could have been around to make kurt happy. i think of him and listen to his music everyday.

dian supraptiningsih from Indinesia said:
wow coooooool i love kurt

JEFF BULL from USA said:
Life long friend, mentor and stand in "DAD" [thru the years since his real dad died when he was 14] May you rest in peace my son, and justice for your wrongful death will always prevail in my heart!

-Diego- from Brazil said:
Legal! Great! He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him.

rebecca from USA said:
I love Nirvana...Kurt...talented, sensitive, mystrey, music men...sucked in.

SvAEeFQSw from England said:
Hi, glad to visit you..

marylee from USA said:

Ayah Shahin from United States of America said:
I just wanted to thank the creator of this website. Nirvana was a beautiful band and Kurt definately deserved this. So thank you for making this so that we can forever keep Nirvana and Kurt in our hearts.

Susanne from United States of America said:
Tom Grant...hum...I think it is entirely obvious who he is. Tom Grant is a lucky son of a bitch! The highlight of his life was when Courtney Love contacted him to aid in the search for her suicidal, depressed husband. Of all the private (alledged former cop)investigators Love could have contacted...it was Tom Grant. This man clearly had a boring life prior to Cobain's suicide. In fact, it must have been so boring that when this "case" fell in his lap, he dedicated his life to exploiting a family's pain of losing a "son/brother/husband/father/sister/friend" by the actions of his own hands. This so called "case" has never been taken seriously by anyone who was close to Kurt. They know the claims made by Grant is a load of shit! Kurt Cobain killed himself. He's not a hero or a sympothedic figure. He was an asshole for killing himself. It was a extreme selfish act that left a daughter without a father and into the hands of a crazy, drug addicted mother who exploits the suicide of her father by being a "professional widow". It's beyond time for Grant to get a life. It's been almost 20 years since that asshole stuck a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I am a huge fan of Kurt Cobain. I believe he was a musical genious who's musical intellect is only rivaled by the likes of John Lennon. But I am angry at him for being so selfish. What a dick!!!... [snipped]

Kashmere Johnston from usa said:

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
I cant beleive they shut nirvana-music down it was better

Rod Tipton from USA said:
I was one of the 5000 at Kurt's memorial. I didn't see shirts burned or police fights. The only profanity I remember hearing was from Crotny's screamed side-comments on Kurt's suicide note. Mostly I remember frightened looking mom's leading "grunge kids" to young to attend by themselves through what must have seemed to the mothers like a crowd from another planet.

Eileen Grace Bacotot Sudaria from Philippines said:
i named all of my kids after kurdt and his wifey...i love you forever!

Stephen from Canada said:
I miss you kurt

weedman420 from united states said:
nirvana rocks.

jury judge from United States said:
Love your website. I am an avid Kurt Cobain fan also. Check out a Surreal painting I did of him on my website, www.t-squirts. It is on page: Surreal Art 1

Thank God I'm Not Courtney Love from UAE said:
Kurt's my hero.

Michelle from U.S.A said:
I absolutely love Kurt!!!!!

Avisek Narayan Daw from India said:
this site totally rocks, just like the nirvana songs. thanks for opening this site.

Christy from United States said:
Although I never considered myself to be a fan of Nirvana, I considered Kurt to be a talented musician. However, when I heard of his suicide in 1994, I was shocked. He was a victim of a bad childhood, bullied by classmates and as a result of that he carried anger which contributed to his lifelong battle with depression. That was his story but mine as well. It is sad that he chose to die instead of live.

Ingrid from Zadar from Croatia said:
I love Kurt, really I do. He is something to me that I can't explain. His songs, his voice, his life were amazing. I miss him. I miss him a lot.

kristina from Croatia said:
p.s. I love you Ingrid!!!

kristina from Croatia said:
I don't know what really happened to Kurt and I won't try to because eather way he is gone...his music is the only memory we have of him so we should treasure it...I just want to say that I thought that Kurt (although troubled) was a unique mind that I would have loved to meet...R.I.P. Kurt

janice labord from usa said:
i loved kurt.................i loved the whole Nirvana group.........REST IN PEACE KURT

Nick from AUS said:
hmm, interesting facts(true or not) but id rather some proof, also yes it is possible that Courtney killed him...but he could have killed himself, he was a full on drug addict. does anyone know what depression really feels like........( rhetorical question) Kurt did

Nirvanathe2 from USA said:
okay the person who made this dosent no zip about floyd the barber its i died smotherd in andys butt get it right

Cody from U.S.A said:
R.I.P Kurt, You will always be remembered and missed even 16 years later.


#1NirvanaFan from Canada said:
I love Nirvana so much, My room is filled with pictures!

chay from England said:
I would like to apologise for my silly comments. My dad committed suicide and I was just working through the issue of suicide breavement. I have a lot of respect for KC's work and, like everyone else, was hurt by his suicide. I recognise that I offended other people who I don't know and I apologise to them. Shalom.

Nirvanathe2 from USA said:
i have bleach,nevermind,incesticide,in utero,unplugged in new york dvd,from the muddy banks of wishkah,the greatest hits,with the lights out,live tonight sold out dvd(i named my fith grade book that)live at reading festivalcd/dvd my favorite songs are anerusym all apoligies aero zepplin about a girl breed big chesse blandest big long now drain you dive blew spank thru smells like teen spirit radio friendly unit shifter heart shaped box lithum sappy the man who sold the world son of a gun mollys lips lounge act on a plain where did you sleep last night very ape milk it touretts territorial pissings polly in bloom come as you are verse chourse verse serve the servants scentless apperance meaxican seafood sliver something in the way mr moustace swamp meat floyd the barber school old age d7 the money will roll right in dumb negative creep stay away love buzz seasons in the sun frances farmer will have her revendge on seattle opinion been a son you now your right and they should send lady gaga and justin biber to heck and send kurt cobain back its my opinion dumb dumbs... [snipped]

Ashley from USA said:

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
who ever made this page they did the wrong lyrics to meaxican seafood of the last verse its roll into my bed witch it is consistant of lice and bugs and fleas and yellow muicus stained with dirt and vassilione and toejam boogers stomach acid worms that dance in slugid sludge

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
people say that courtney love killed kurt but people that think that are sore loosers and @$!%&#les but didnt you hear or read kurt did it he blew his brains out the electricion is the man who told the world he saw kurts dead roughting body thats been there for 3 days! He left his family his band and the millions or maybe billions of fans behind i saw the pictures of the sene the leg and arm of his body and the shotgun that he used to kill himself and i think or matbe fake i dont know but i saw a picture of his atopsey and you c... [snipped]

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
it was dec. 21 when i started to like them alot and then i got my fisrt nirvana cd live at reading and then l got nevermind and then in utero and then incesticide and then bleach and then with the the lights out box set cd/dvd and then live at reading dvd and then live tonight sold outdvd and now i need from the muddy banks of wihskah and unpeleeged in new york cd and the dvd and when they made the nevermind and then kurt cobain about a son!!!!!!!!!!!!My favorite songs are breed aneursym all apoligies d7 the money will roll right in cocane girl about a girl swamp meat spank thru sliver school love buzz smells like teen spirit lithium blew been a son stay away lounge act on a plain something in the way polly mollys lips dive drain you rape me heart shaped box serve the survants scentless apperince dumb milk it very ape touettets meaxican seafood hairspay queen in bloom negative creep come as you are territorial pissings son of a gun aero zeppelin you know your right floyd the barber and thats it... [snipped]

k n d from England said:
still cant find my lastr posting whar is this sitre all about!! last requst prove me wro ng hell notting mor e to sa y soooooo

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
I mite get the dvd unpleeged in new york and from the muddy banks of wiskah

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
I mite get the dvd unpleeged in new york and from the muddy banks of wiskah

k n d from England said:
hell cant find my last posting,last time i looked at this site was roughly 6 mlonths ago and still the same shit what the hell 1st k hated you in sence of dis but leve ment 2nd the fact u dont get that, poves his point!!!which u proable never will so

Anna James from Australia said:
Love love love Nirvana

Kyle from Philippines said:
hi tom! first of all, i would like to thank you for giving us details of all the truths, you may call it opinions, but i know that you're telling the truth about what really happened on Kurt. I know all of his fans including me really miss the legendary musician & im very much saddened by the truth that he's gone already! i believe that he didnt committed suicide! he was murdered! hope that this case will be re-opened soon so that those *&%#@holes who planned & have killed him must go to jail & worst to hell! Tom, we support you to make this case solved! May God Bless You Always! Take care & Goodluck!... [snipped]

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
i have the albums bleach,nevermind,incesticide,in utero,with the lihgts out box set,and live at reading festival i have the dvds live tonight sold out,and live at reading festival NIRVANA!!!!!!!!! will be FOREVER

nirvanathe2 from USA said:
nirvana was the best band in the 90s and there not dead to me just to the assholes who think that

richard from England said:
i hate courtney love

Katie from U.S.A. said:
Wow, I can't believe this website is still here. I used to frequent this website/guestbook several years back. Nice to see it is still around. Brings back memories of all the chats me and my brother would have and all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) British slang I learned from other users. I'm sure none of those same people still come around as the guestbook became a bit messy after awhile. Anyway, on the subject of Nirvana...I just wanted to say that I have remained a fan for..wow, easily over 15 years now. My interests and taste in music have evolved and expanded over the years but even though favorite bands have come and gone from my albums collection..Nirvana has remained a staple. A good ol' raw, honest, Rock n Roll band that basically was the best thing to come around since New Wave and still the best thing since. If it had not been for this band the 90s and everything after would be just....meh at best. Thank you Kurt Cobain for this and although you may have been too humble and a bit embarrassed about the status of your influence, for me..you are right up there with all the greats who left us far too soon.... [snipped]

lonny from USA said:

Dear Kurt Friends, This “Kurt Cobain & The Black Tornado” honors the 16th anniversary of his Easter death. It tackles the long-debated question -- suicide or murder? -- in a new way and from both points of view. My bestselling Rock And Roll Book Of The Dead, The Fatal Journeys Of Rock’s Seven Immortals (Cobain, Garcia, Lennon, Elvis, Morrison, Janis, Hendrix) was released last fall by Citadel/ Kensington. My pop culture blogs appear regularly on TheWrap, CultureCatch, and Showbiz Spy (UK). Please feel free to share this new Kurt tribute with his fans. I’m sure they’ll appreciate this unique and controversial view of his death and of his toxic relationship with Ms. Love. Thanks for all your great work on his behalf. Sincerely, David Comfort KURT COBAIN & THE BLACK TORNADO 2/24/92 – 4/5/94 by David Comfort At Eastertime, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found in a storage room, a gunshot hole in his head, a heroin hypodermic hole in each arm. Suicide or murder? After sixteen years of heated argument, authorities and amateur sleuths are no less divided on the question. Supporters of the Seattle Police Department’s suicide ruling include Cobain biographers, Charles R. Cross and Christopher Sandford, as well as journalists Charles Rawlins, Bradley Spears, and many others. Supporters of a murder conspiracy include biographers Max Wallace and Ian Halperin, as well as Courtney Love’s private detective, Tom Grant, her father, Hank Harrison, journalists Richard Lee, Roger Lewis, and many others. Let’s look at the major issues between these two camps. With 1.52 ml. of heroin in his system – said to be three times the amount for a fatal overdose -- murder proponents insist “dead men do not pull triggers.” But suicide advocates challenge the magnitude of the dose, make a distinction between free and metabolized morphine, and assert that a hardcore addict could indeed maintain consciousness and pull a trigger. The second bone of evidentiary contention is the note left behind. Suicide supporters claim that it was a suicide note. Murder conspiracy theorists, however, believe it was Cobain’s letter of retirement from Nirvana and an apology to his fans. Furthermore, they say it was forged in part, a claim supported by a prominent handwriting expert (though not by all those consulted). A third issue: police found no legible fingerprints on the .20 gauge shotgun, or on the pen with the note. The murder camp concludes that they were wiped down by an assassin. Their opponents assert that such “latent” unreadable prints are commonplace and innocuous. Next, the issue of “Cadaveric Spasm.” Cobain’s hands were reportedly locked around the gun barrel. The Seattle medical examiner called this an unmistakable sign of suicide. Other coroners disagree, suggesting an assassin may have gripped his own hand around Cobain’s and pulled the trigger. Then, there was Elton Hoke who claimed that Courtney Love offered him $50,000 to kill her husband. Suicide advocates dismiss the LA punk rocker as an alcoholic bottomfeeder hungry for attention. How was it then, demand conspiracy theorists, that he scored 99% on a polygraph test (which Ms. Love allegedly refused to take), and that, after making his claim, he was run over by a train? Finally: was Cobain indeed suicidal? He declared that he had “suicide genes,” he posed for photos with guns in his mouth, and he had wanted to call his last album “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die.” But the conspiracy camp quotes the many who insist the star was not at all suicidal: his closest friends, his Rome doctor, his managers, and his attorney, Rosemary Carroll. Both factions agree Cobain’s marriage was in trouble. Conspiracy theorists claim that Kurt was filing for divorce and writing Courtney out of his will, thus giving her motive for murder. Had he lived, she would have been a disinherited, disgraced divorcee; as a widow, she inherited the entirety of his estate plus future earnings ($20 to $30 million annually) and bolstered her own career. Nonsense, counter suicide supporters: no will-change or divorcee documents exist; besides, Courtney was prospering professionally and financially with her own popular band, Hole. The irreconcilable opposition of both camps on all these issues seems to derive as much from passion and partisanship, as from reason and hard evidence. Murder supporters tend to love Kurt; suicide supports tend to like Courtney. Furthermore, some in the second group seem to have a hardwired skepticism, if not contempt, for conspiracy theories generally. In 2002, one prominent murder case with conspiratorial elements was reopened. Defendant Michael Skakel, of the Kennedy family, was found guilty in the bludgeoning death of 15-year-old Martha Moxley in 1975. The Connecticut police had dropped the case for lack of evidence, but public interest was rekindled by two celebrity writer exposés: Dominick Dunne’s A Season in Purgatory (1993), and his friend, Mark Fuhrman’s Murder in Greenwich (1998). In 2004, Max Halperin and Ian Wallace published a Cobain conspiracy exposé, Love and Death, but it wasn’t enough to persuade the Seattle Police Department to question its suicide ruling. Nor was it willing to reopen the case due to an alleged conflict of interest involving its two chief investigators. Detective Tom Grant asserted that the medical examiner, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne, was Courtney Love’s personal friend. The widow, who had become acquainted with Hartshorne when he had worked as a rock promoter years before, called him, according to Wallace and Halperin, “my rock-and-roll medical examiner.” He, in turn, had described her as a “great girl” but assured them this did not represent a conflict of interest in his investigation. But when Tom Grant asked his client about Dr. Hartshorne, she declared: “As long as Nikolas is the coroner, I’m not afraid.” After a cursory investigation, Hartshorne told reporters that Cobain’s death was an “open-and-shut case of suicide.” The SPD’s lead detective, Sgt. Don Cameron, also allegedly Courtney’s friend, concurred. She told Grant she got “brownie points” for tipping off his colleague, Narcotics Detective Antonio Terry, about Seattle dealers, some of them her own. In turn, Cameron provided her helpful professional advice. When she showed him Kurt’s Rome “divorce” letter, calling it suicidal, the detective advised her, according to Wallace and Halperin, “This will never do you any good. I’d get rid of this if I were you.” The authors and Grant assert that she burned the evidence. Then, at her lawyer Seth Lichtenstein’s request, photos of the death scene remained sealed and inaccessible, though tenaciously sought by independent investigators. Moreover, according to investigative journalist, Matthew Richer, her name was redacted from several prior SPD 911 domestic disturbance reports, though Kurt’s was retained. “In the aggregate, the police reports clearly illustrate how Courtney Love successfully manipulated the Seattle police,” he wrote. “By the time the Seattle PD investigated his death on April 8, they were already convinced Cobain committed suicide.” In addition to all this, a fundamental question remains: in impartially examining her history, does Courtney Love -- whom Kurt married on February 24, 1992, four days after his birthday -- seem like the sort of person who might conspire to murder a spouse? Her first punk rock husband, James Moreland, declared that, had their marriage lasted, he would likely have "wound up like Kurt, shoving a shotgun down my throat.” According to Wallace and Halperin, Andrew Gumbel, Henrietta Knight and other writers, Moreland also claimed that Courtney “knew a lot about hitmen,” was “dangerous” and “uncontrollably violent.” Moreland’s predecessors agreed. Julian Cope, of The Teardrop Explodes, ran a full page ad in NME magazine accusing Ms. Love of “sucking out the brains” of great rock groups, and later explained to Select magazine, “She needs shooting and I’ll shoot her.” Her more diplomatic next boyfriend, Theatre of Sheep’s Rozz Rezabek, called her, according to biographer Melissa Rossi (Courtney Love: Queen of Noise) “my cure for happiness” and “The Black Tornado.” After Cobain’s death, the widow took up with Trent Reznor. “If she died tomorrow I wouldn’t shed a tear,” the Nine Inch Nails star told Rolling Stone magazine following their break-up and the vandalizing of his apartment detailed by Rossi. “She’s a very evil person.” “I’m pathologically competitive with men,” Ms. Love told Rossi. Now, like her nemesis Madonna, she calls herself a gay man trapped inside a woman’s body. But her competitiveness seems equal opportunity. In 1995, the LAPD arrested her for punching Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna. "I do believe my fist... met her rathead and it was orgasmic,” Playboy’s Neal Karlen (“Love Hurts”) reported her boasting. In 2004, she was arrested for assaulting Kristin King, the girlfriend of her ex, Jim Barber. According to Wallace, Rossi, and Karlen, she threatened to cut off the head of Kurt’s ex-girlfriend, Mary Lou Lord, “and shove it up her ass.” Identifying the frail folk singer as one of the five people she wanted to "murder," Ms Love later chased her down Sunset Boulevard, screaming “I’m gonna kill you!” Cobain’s widow was no more diplomatic with female journalists. After Lynn Hirschberg portrayed her as a “train wreck personality,” (“Strange Love,” Vanity Fair, Sept. 1992), the Hole diva composed "Bring Me the Head of Lynn Hirschberg." Then there was the widely reported incident at the ’95 Academy Awards when she threatened to adjust the journalist’s attitude with Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction Oscar. She had also reportedly promised to make Hirschberg’s colleagues, Victoria Clarke and Britt Collins, “wish you’ve never been born,” later hairdragging Collins from an LA bar, and attacking her with a glass. In the future, Ms. Love avoided future misunderstandings with writers by laying down ground rules. "If you fuck me over," she told Playboy’s Neal Karlen, "I'll hunt you down and kill you." Added Karlen: “I believed her.” In 2002 Nirvana survivors, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, filed a petition to have Ms. Love’s sanity tested. The judge turned them down, declaring that such an evaluation would “serve no purpose other than to contribute to a circuslike atmosphere.” "If someone thinks I'm insane," Courtney had told Karlen, "I'll just fucking pour a beer on their head. I have guns and I punch. They would still think I was insane, but they would think I was violent and insane." After court-mandated anger management classes, Ms. Love’s contrite performances for law enforcement officials have been compelling. She seems to enjoy the courtroom as much as the stage. Her biographer, Melissa Rossi, recounts an incident the year after Kurt died, when Courtney, on trial for assaulting two fans, whispered to the prosecutor: “Can I be O.J. and you can play Christopher Darden?” Days after Kurt was found in the storage room, Hole released Live Through This which included his widow’s composition, “Miss World.” “I am the girl you know -- I lie and lie and lie,” she sang. “I’m Miss World -- somebody kill me. Now I’ve made my bed I’ll lie in it -- I’ve made my bed I’ll die in it.” ... [snipped]

k n d from England said:
mt comments are from kurts point of veiw,like to say more but cant

k n d from England said:
what the f%uck!!! ye are missing the point!!bring it on.bring it on.the wheels on the bus keep turning,look out for number one right!! prove me wrong??

k n d from England said:
we are ugly but we still have the music???

k n d from England said:
from do ye really care

anisse alfassi from marocco said:
ilike guitar verry mutch i wont to lerning

Nirvanathe2 from USA said:
Nirvana was the greatest i mean the greatest Grunge band of all tme R.I.P Kurt Cobain

kristen marie griffey from UNITED STATES OF AMERICA said:

sushil from mauritius said:
nirvana is the best!!

aRiel-ann from United States said:
Kurt Cobain was and STILL is the most amazing grunge lead singer EVER

Kayla from USA said:
hes dead..gone, get over it and his music wasn't all that great either. "come as you are as a friend as I want you to be" GAY! nd he overdosed or Shot himself or w.e...theres alot of arguing about that around here "Aberdeen, a depressed and dying logging town." that basicly describes this sh!t hole too. Anyways, my aunt went to school with him, my neighbor baby sat him my mother used to live next to him and my step dad used to play cards with his parents.. needless to say he wasn't all that great. And I dont blame him for shooting him self or w.e. Grow up in aberdeen and your bound to get into drugs. I havent but still its annoying...get over him people!!... [snipped]

Kayla from USA said:
hes dead..gone, get over it and his music wasn't all that great either. "come as you are as a friend as I want you to be" GAY! nd he overdosed or Shot himself or w.e...theres alot of arguing about that around here "Aberdeen, a depressed and dying logging town." that basicly describes this sh!t hole too. Anyways, my aunt went to school with him, my neighbor baby sat him my mother used to live next to him and my step dad used to play cards with his parents.. needless to say he wasn't all that great. And I dont blame him for shooting him self or w.e. Grow up in aberdeen and your bound to get into drugs. I havent but still its annoying...get over him people!!... [snipped]

shabnam from Australia said:

Peter from United states of america said:
Kurt cobain was a great man! I still listen to NIRVANA they fucking rule!

Monica from United States of America said:
Nirvana was my favorite band back in the day, I loved Kurt and all his wonderful music he played. I was sad the day I found out about his death. I can not believe it been almost fifteen years. Love you always Kurt Cobain you were the best.

Rickey from USA said:
Its hard to believe even after all these years he is really gone

James Dearing from America said:
R.I.P. Kurt. We know your wife killed you. Krist should run for president and then emperor of the USA. Rock on Dave!

James Dearing from America said:
Hey what's up Nirvana lovers? Where can i download the songs with the best sound quality?

Suraj (Windmill) from England said:
Kurt Donald Cobain, Nirvana, Mine Fucking Favourite and Best Band Ever and Ever!!! Rock Fuck As Cobain Said, "If You Anybody Don't Like Boz's n Galz or Black n White Leave us To Fuck Alone!!!"Love You Kurt...

steven from canada said:
well altough i discovered nirvana a little late i like this band every since i heard this song "smells like teen spirit" some can say it captivated me and suddenly released all feelings of angst. but most of all Nirvana had influenced me to create something like grundge i would like to start a band in honour of nirvana a tribute if you will, I wont forget the time i first heard nirvana although i was high it very much took my worries away LOL well i love nirvana's music and it inspires me R.I.P kurt Cobain it would have been better to burn out than fade away!... [snipped]

Amanda Jackson from United States said:
I have been a Kurt fan for a long time & its always good to find websites & ppl that are just as devoted! Rock on!

nirv_ana94 from England said:
really good site!.. and after reading about KurT... what can i say about him?... he is really fantastic, brilliant and ... and... ;( i cant say anything without tears... :( i love you , KURT!!!

ghislaine Hof from Germany said:
Dear Frances cobain How are you. How was Chirstams. Frances Cobain what did see wendy o,conner Cobain your dad mom for Chiristams . Frances did your Aunt Kim Cobain for Chiristams. Frances Coain did your Courteny Cobain for Chirstams. Frances Cobain did get Christams gifts for Dave Grohl yet. Frances Cobain your and mom been to a foo Fighters conent .Frances Cobain stand back stage wait Dave Grohl. Frances I have for. foo fighters cds now . Frances Cobain I still have Copyied My Nirvana Frances Cobain Try call Dave Grohl.at Home. Ghislasine Hof... [snipped]

Phyllis from united states said:
much love

Joe Fazio from U.S.A. said:
For Kurt... WEEP NOT FOR ME Do not weep for me when I no longer dwell among the wonders of the earth; for my larger self is free, and my soul rejoices on the other side of pain...on the other side of darkness. Do not weep for me, for I am a ray of sunshine that touches your skin, a tropical breeze upon your face, the hush of joy within your heart and the innocence of babes in mothers arms. I am the hope in a darkened night. And, in your hour of need, I will be there to comfort you. I will share your tears, your joys, your fears, your disappointments and your triumphs. Do not weep for me, for I am cradled in the arms of God. I walk with the angels, and hear the music beyond the stars. Do not weep for me, for I am within you; I am peace, love, I am a soft wind that caresses the flowers. I am the calm that follows a raging storm. I am an autumns leaf that floats among the garden of God, and I am pure white snow that softly falls upon your hand. Do not weep for me, for I shall never die, as long as you remember me... with a smile and a sigh. © Joe Fazio ... [snipped]