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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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jack & jill from up the hill said:
top yourself you silly bastard

jack from England said:
more shit. mmmmmm can anyone sell me some shit man

jodi from nz said:

Rosie from England said:
thats no way to speak about the guy. chris just ignore her she is so ignorent. she just comes on here to cause bother.

Katie from USA said:
chris are you still with us or have you topped yourself????????

brian from England said:
What kind of stupid shit comments are those? Get a fucking life you losers.

jodi... from nz said:

stacy nikole madl from canada said:
Nirvana is the best band that ever lived and kurt cobain was and still is god

jack from England said:

Charlotte from England said:
Hey everyone... Well, I wrote my last message at 10:30am and have been at Ruislip skatepark in Middlesex since about 12:00 til 6:00pm and no one apart from Katie has really posted. So.....anyway.....I hope everyone is okay and that your weekend so far have been okay. Weather is great at the moment around London so I have been out and about and I saw a Kurt Cobain lookalike which was very scary!! I read your post Katie and I agree with the statement that you made about if you had your own television station you would make a tribute to Kurt. I think it is a great idea!! I might write in to Kerrang and VH2 and other stations to make them do something because I know that Kurt probably wouldn\'t have wanted us fans to make a fuss on the anniversary of his death, but I just want something...maybe Unplugged in New York or that show that was played in Seattle or something.... Love you all, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie from USA said:
If I had my own television station I\'d have a tribute to Kurt every April 5th. Well, I\'d probably actually have one everyday. Chris, if you read any bullshit comments from me on here like that last one, just ignore it. It isn\'t really me.

Charlotte from England said:
Hey everyone, I hope you are okay and Chris, I hope you found our advice useful! Umm, yeh. So April 5th is coming up and so far on Sky (i looked ahead) No one is doing anything on the music channels so that is a bummer... I mean, MTV, Kerrang, Scuzz, VH2, no one is doing Jack and it is rather frustrating because I would like to see a programme with Kurt in it. Just a little tribute. After all, every year they do an Elvis tribute. I can\'t see why Kurt would be any different. They were both legends in their own right along with Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. I think it is just a little bit disrespectful to Kurt if there is nothing to remember him. But I guess it is only the 11th anniversary and 11 isn\'t really an important number like 10 or 1 or 5 is it?

Katie from USA said:
Chris get a rope put it rounnd your neck find a tree @jump

chris from usa said:
is that pass the douche on the left hand side

Katie from USA said:
Jessica your a douche.

Katie from USA said:
I didn\'t say that last thing chris, that stupid bitch is taking my name again

anominous from England said:
there may be trouble ahead, its ok dont listen to me im just an idiot. call the guys with the white coats get them to take me away ha ha he he

Katie from USA said:
I woud watch your back chris she may take a knife to you.

Katie from USA said:
I think self mutulation is just like eating disorders because it is a sense of control when your life isn\'t working out the way you want. You can\'t control what is going on around you so you try to relieve stress by doing something to yourself. When I was a senior in high school there were alot of freshman that wanted to be gothic so they would cut themselves to look cool and mysterious. Either way I think its not a good idea for lots of reasons. Its not at all an uncommon thing though.

Rach from England said:
Hey everyone!! I dont really know how to comment on what you said Chris, seems like everone else has it under control giving u advice!all i can suggest is that u talk to you g/f and try 2 find out whats up. Dont talk down to her, as if she is a child, talk to her as an equal and make sure she knows your only trying to help and are not angry at her. ive gone through problems like this with friends self-harming and it isnt easy to help and does take a long time to get through to them, but its worth it in the end. Hope you find our advice uselful. Love Rach xxx

anominous from England said:
CHRIS, me as one of the fictems of selfdestruction by cutting burning or even bumping my head into a wall if I realy have to, ask you to please talk with your gf. she might have realy serious troubles. I would like you to now that the most of the selfdestuction behaviour comes out off sexual abusse ( donīt now if I spelled that right..)and that i might infacts your gf to. Not that itīs always that way, i said it might be one of the signs. Iīve never been helped at this point and i still pay the cost of that. I have a disease called borderline, witch is quite complicated to explain. look it up on the web if you are interrested, and good luck with your gf, but please talk to here about it. Your invoilved now. Itīs to late to walk away now, that wouldīnt be fear to your gf and to you. Kurt d cobain, wondering what you where thinking 11 years ago on this moment. I still miss you everyday, you are my will to live on, your soul and music lives on in all of your true fans. My candels are burnng for you on the coming 5 of april. All honour to you. with love.

Bex from England said:
Yeah i agree with you Rosie. I no a LOT of people who self-harm (myself included) and it can just be a way of relieving stress but it can be more serious. You might just want to talk to her about why she\'s doing it, but getting her to talk to a proffesional about it may not be the best idea. Hope everything goes ok chris. Luv ya all loadz, Bex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rosie from England said:
i missed out the word \"kurt\"! someone said that Kurt was still alive!

Rosie from England said:
Chris, about your gf cutting herself - don\'t panic, it is much more common than you may think. It is just a way of dealing with stress, and although i think that everyones advice is great, she may not want to talk to a profesional. i mean telling your most inner worries and spilling your heart out to a stranger can be a pretty hard thing to do. Like i said, self harm is just a way of relieving stress, and i think that your attitude towards it is great, and i think that the best thing you can do is to just show her that you care for her and respect her wishes. Anyway, i hope it all works out ok. Someone posted awhile back and said that they heard was still alive!? i really dont belive in things like that in answer to your quetion, and kurt would have no motivation to live away from everyone and everything that he every loved, like his daughter. luv rosie xxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Okay Katie, I won\'t let it anger me and that last post wasn\'t me by the way. In actual answer to your question Lindey, I surf a lot of Nirvana sites and just pick up alot of information from both sides of this conspiracy theory thats all. Whenever I come onto the computer the first thing I find is something Nirvana related. That is what helped me make my descison about what happened to Kurt after he died - like whether it was murder or suicide. So, from all the info I gathered, I concluded - for myself - it was definately murder. I am glad that you found my post interesting. I assumed most people would ignore it or find it very boring and repetitive. Chris, I know I don\'t really talk to you much but from your post talking about your girlfriend, I just felt like I had to say something, so I will say this, Lindey is right. Talk to her and make her see that you don\'t think she is crazy but what she is doing is upsetting you and you want her to stop what she is doing and talk to someone about it. That way, both of you would have got your feelings out and maybe she will stop cutting herself. I hope everything works out okay with her and you. Hey to everyone, hope you are okay!! Love ya, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nunya from England said:
Jessica, what kind of creature are you?

Charlotte from England said:
i just make it up as i go along

jessica from England said:
chris give her a beg knife n tell her to slit her neck

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey chris, what I think you should do is be there for your g/f and try to understand what she is going through and really think over what her motives for cutting herself could be. Don\'t make her feel like shes crazy for cutting herself, and try to find her profesional help if she is willing to execpt it. I hope that things get better for her. it must be hard to deal with things like this when you never have before. also, to charlotte, that long post of yours was a very interesting (to me, anyways). How did you find all of that information out?

Katie from USA said:
Try to figure out whats bothering her, because that really is not a good habit to have. Is she younger than you?

jessica from usa said:

chris from usa said:
well i do like her, and she acts like shes hiding it. she started freaking out when i found them on her.

Katie from USA said:
Jessica please explain to me what the point is of coming here if you don\'t like Nirvana? How did you even find this site?

Katie from USA said:
Does she act like shes hiding it or do you think she wants you to see it?

Katie from USA said:
My life is going fine. I was going to say that if you don\'t really like her, then I\'d get out or she could bring you down too. If you do then tell her that its not a very good idea and that she should stop.

jessica from usa said:

chris from usa said:
yes. i guess so. i dont fucking know. we have a great relationship. i know my ex wife hates her. heh.

chris from usa said:
anyway, dont worry about it. so, how\'s life treating you?

Katie from USA said:
Do you really like this girl?

chris from usa said:
i dont know why. it seems its been going on for a long time. i found scars on her thighs and noticed fresh cuts on her wrists. she says its her family and not me.

Katie from USA said:
Usually (maybe not in her case) its for attention, but are things going bad for her?

Katie from USA said:
Chris,I don\'t know really what you should do. Why is she doing that?

chris from usa said:
oh, and jessica, i dont think that comment katie made was aimed toward you so shut your fucking bitch ass mouth before i come over there and PERMANENTLY shut it for you. You\'re a goddamn stupid whore whom im pretty sure nobody on this site appreciates.

Katie from USA said:
Jessica, you spell just about every word you type wrong, so don\'t even try to talk shit about my spelling. Lick my fucking ass crack you nasty tramp.You still have to keep nunya\'s paper bag on though.

chris from usa said:
yeah, ive been somewhat busy. what do u do when ya find out your gf is cutting herself? i dont want to tell her what to do or act like im her father. i just, ive never dealt w/ this before.

jessica from England said:
who said i dont cum here often how do you know? i came 3 times last night!!!!!

jessica from England said:
your nutch to bright for here

Katie from USA said:
Alright that was supposed to be much, sorry.

Katie from USA said:
Hey Chris, yeah she is. How has everything been? You don\'t come here nuch anymore.

chris from usa said:
hello katie dear, it appears you are having a great old time here. so, jessica is still posing as others. how sad. too bad im not crying.

chris from usa said:
hello katie dear, it appears you are having a great old time here. so, jessica is still posing as others. how sad. too bad im not crying.

Olivia from U.S.A said:

ryan from canada said:
who is trisha? we are here to talk about kurt n nirvana

ryan from canada said:
i love nirvana.who is all these fuken fukwits

Katie from USA said:
Oh the one where your a dumb bitch. Good call.

Okay Jessica from England said:
eh 5

Katie from USA said:
Okay Jessica. Is it sentence #1 or #2, pick one.

jessica from England said:
hi cant we all be friends im so sorry lets start a fresh. well a tried you are all cunts

jessica from England said:
any cunt lickers in here

nunya from England said:
Trisha doesn\'t have crotch crickets like jessica does

Katie from usa said:
Jessica your a fucking loser

nunya from England said:
Yeah, I\'d fuck trisha over jessica anyday

jessica from England said:

nunya from England said:
Its not that your face isn\'t good, its just that your face is grotesquely fucking ugly, fugly, if you will.

nunya from England said:
by theway Katie i saw trisha today as well it was brill

jessica from usa said:

nunya from England said:
Jessica, would you like to nibble on my ass hairs again? Yes, you still have to wear the paper bag. Sorry dear, I have standards.

Katie from England said:
Charlotte, from now on, if anything bad is said to you. It isn\'t me.

Katie from England said:
Jessica, your really homosexual.

Katie from usa said:
Can you guys really not tell the difference between the imposter and the real people? I cant, thats why it bothers me. Charlotte, if you stop coming it will give Jessica the biggest orgasm shes ever had. would you want to do that? You can still ignore it, its pretty obvious when it isn\\\'t really us.

nunya from England said:
I thought that this wasn\'t a chat room, Anja.

Anja from Australia said:
hey kurt, u rock man! do u actually look like Kurt Cobain?!? Maybe Kurt was re-encarnated into u, and you have to carry on his promise to live to 120?!? Didnt Courtney kiil Kurt and that Kristen girl too? well, thats wat charlotte kinda brought to mind. it actually makes sense, and in his \"sucide\" note, i was reading the one with comments from courtney, and all i could do is swear at it. she\'s all like \"oh kurt ur a fucking asshole fo leaving me\" blah blah blah. she is a slut, and i believe 100% she killed him. Peace, love, empathy, anja

Anja from Australia said:
Hey Anja here, This site is really cool, all u people writing about other shit can get fucked. This isnt a fricken chat room. We are here to talk about nirvana, not about ur fricken personal life, ok??

Anja from Australia said:
Hey Anja here, This site is really cool, all u people writing about other shit can get fucked. This isnt a fricken chat room. We are here to talk about nirvana, not about ur fricken personal life, ok??

Katie from USA said:
Don\'t let it anger you Charlotte, consider the source.

Katie from USA said:
Can you guys really not tell the difference between the imposter and the real people? I can, thats why it doesn\'t bother me. Charlotte, if you stop coming here it will give Jessica what she wants. Why would you want to do that? You can still ignore it, its pretty obvious when it isn\'t really us.

ciaran from Ireland said:
kuurt is a ledgent n always will be

Bex from England said:
To all the losers that think its funny to use other peoples names, what is the fucking point??? You all really need to get a life and find something better to do wiht you life! I dont think anyone wants to come on this site and read a loada shit because I no I certainly dont! Does anyone else agree with me? (And I know we were supposed to be ignoring losers but its just not working!) hey to Rosie, Katie, Charlotte, Rach ect. how are you all? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rosie from England said:
Whoa!! i havent posted for a few days, but man! Whoever was fucking about with other peoples names then what is your problem!?

Katie from USA said:
To Charlotte and Rach; I think if it is bothering you that much, you should register in. Like put in your email address and stuff, isn\'t that how other people\'s names are in yellow? I could be wrong, but I think that is how you do it. It would be impossible to steal your name that way. I thought the adam posts were sort of funny, but I didn\'t realize it was upsetting you two. Trying to get her banned might be more trouble than she is worth.

krist from usa said:
all you guys that are saying that kurt is gay and eney other shit fuck you guys stop typing

ryan from canada said:
you suck andrew y are you saying this shit i love nirvana fuken kurt cobain rocks ya fuck you

Andrew from Canada said:
U stink like shit u eat shit u r shit

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Thanks Rach, I am glad somebody agrees with me. It is just annoying, you know? We have had so many imposters posing as us like Jessica, Mena, gee who else? ummm, can anyone else think of any more? I am sure we had more.. I am just so sick of it. I mean really sick. I know how to take a joke and I am a good natured and easy going person. It takes a lot to get my temper going but this is just.....frustrating because you can\'t stop people doing it. I reckon there should be free registration to use this guestbook where you have a password to your name so no one can use your name. I don\'t know though. That is the only option for me that I can think of. At least then we won\'t have any imposters would we? Let me know what you think. I could be VERY VERY wrong! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rach from England said:
I agree with you Charlotte, its getting beyond a koke, Rach xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Again, whoever the imposter is....ha ha jokes over. We all know it could be (or is most likely to be) Jessica. You do it again Jessica, I will report you to the webhost/master thingy and have you banned from this site. I can get them to trace any messages that have been sent from your computer and have them blocked and get you kicked off this site. I am fed up of it and I am sure others are too. All I need is one more fake/phoney message and I will do it. I am sorry it has come to this guys, but I am fed up of it. It may not be Jessica, but we will soon know when I get the master or host or whatever to trace the messages to someones computer and have them banned. I am seriously sick of it and considering not coming back to this site if it happens anymore. I know that Bex told me to ignore it but I can\'t. It has gone beyond a joke and as I said, I don\'t know if I want to continue posting things anymore if my name is going to get stolen... Love you all Charlotte (the real one)xxxxxxxxx

Katie from USA said:
The real Katie does not ask random guys on the internet if they want to fuck. not the first time talking to someone anyway. I am actually here to talk about my periods, and see how everyone is doing.

BEX from England said:

Charlotte from England said:

Charlotte from England said:
Okay, that was fucking weird....Just for the record, I don\'t watch Emmerdale, it sucks. I am actually an Eastenders fan, but hey! whatever. The real Adam sounds cool but as Katie said, did you get confused at all? I mean I would, and if it WAS Jessica, man, that is probably the most funniest thing you have done, and cleverest. But we still don\'t like you. And thanks for thinking of me to impersonate, much appreciated! How is everyone? Welcome to all the newcomers, the real ones anyway. We are all here just to praise Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, that is it. Yeh and whoever said that Kurt was a \"twathead\" and an \"attention seeker\" you are fucking wrong! Kurt hated attention, he didn\'t want to be in the public eye which infuriated Courtney. He didn\'t want to do a tour which would make the Cobains 9 million dollars richer, which infuriated Courtney. Then he decides he wants to leave the band. After all, if he leaves the band, Courtney wouldn\'t have been able to make him go on any more tours. She was organising his life. Then he ends up dead, suspiscious huh? Too right! Also, Courtney was going to hire a metaller from La or somewhere to kill Kurt for 50,000 dollars. Her exact words to him were \"I need you to blow his fucking head off....\" When El Duce - the guy\'s name - told the police, they ordered a polygraph test in which El Duce passed with 99.1 percent chance he was telling the truth. Then, when the film came out - Kurt and Courtney that is, El Duce met with a strange guy who offered to buy him a drink. Next thing, he was found mutilated on a train track. When El Duce\'s friends were told of the death they said \"We\'re not exactly surprised. The only way to befriend El was to buy him a drink as he was an alcoholic..\" It all fits. Also, I think it was 3 months after Kurt died that Kristen Pffaf - bassist for Love\'s band, Hole - was found dead in her bath of a heroin overdose. The funny thing was, she - Kristen - was leaving the band and heading towards another town to pursue a career with a previous band. The suspiscious thing is - Kurt and Kristen both were leaving Courtney, they both got on the wrong side of Courtney and they both ended up dead...in similar circumstances. Kurt and Kristen had both overdosed on heroin at the time of their deaths, but maybe..maybe when Kurt died, they (the person who did it) wanted to make sure Kurt didn\'t come back, in Kristen\'s case, there probably was no gun handy, just a nice healthy supply of smack instead... I don\'t know. This post was to \"Blowjobs r us\" from \"Every pair of bollocks in town\" because they are just gay! Hope everyone is okay and this post didn\'t bore you too much! Love you all, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie from USA said:
The real Katie does not ask random guys on the internet if they want to fuck. Just so you know. I am actually here to talk about Nirvana and see how everyone is doing.