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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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bnc from usa said:
you know what nevermind forget it,since these people are back im leavin later

someone who is about to hunt some fucker down for calling frances and me a bi! from usa said:
ok whoever is using my fuckin name better knock it off and calling me and frances bi is something you really dont want to fuckin say around me!and when i find out who the fuck you are i will hunt your ass down and kill you and dont say i wont because i will.

ME from England said:
who the fuck are you??

jessica from England said:
hi fuckers am back.

britt from usa said:
well then I love COCKS & love cunt...but since me and Frances are both bi we love both.

sasha from Ireland said:
why is courtney not in jail were she belongs. no one will tell me any different she caused his murder she got someone to kill kim and she got of scoot FREE!!!! WHY!!!!! COBAIN ROCKS HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!! DEAD OR ALIVE STILL NEVER FORGOTTEN. XXXXXXX

reza from the netherlands said:
Just saw unplugged live at MTV, and finally could tape that great pice off work off Nirvana. I just cant find it in stores, well ofcourse the Cd but no dvd. I had unplugged on tape, but we have a electronic revolution going on, and i was so smart to go with the flow, and get a dvdplayer...and trow my tapeplayer out...folish me...because the concert was still on a bloody tape!! But now i taped it on dvd...and come to the conclussion that a dvdplayer could be handy in some ways..Atleast i took the bloody comersials out..sice i don\'t realy like the idea off looking at wassing powder and Always Tampons..when i\'m looking the concert (and no i\'m not promoting Tampons or any wasshingpowder) So, just wanted to say that, anyway...all fans...go on with keeping kurt alive in our mind hearts and thoughts!! wonderfull all those young fans who adorre Kurt and Nirvana while they dont realy know anything about the time 1987 till 1994, because you all where still on your cribe or just walking. i mean this all in a good way..i realy think it\'s wicked! c u Reza

umm..brittanee... from usa said:
yea i have some shoes like kurts and yea...i dunno...i go pshyco when i listen to NIRVANA..is that how you spell pshycho?oh well whatever.

ME from England said:
I have longish hair..same shoes, jumper, jeans, as kurt..can do the voice..I\'ve a beat up acoustic and an electric..

just stain... from Lithuania said:
i dont have dad, he died, because of alcohol...i dont have true friends, i dont have a live, i am wearing sport shoes, just like KURT\'S, i have log hair, i have onlly true thing- dad\'s electric guitar, and NIRVANA, and i am just a live stain....Th.you.

cobain from usa said:

Travis Carrillo from U.S. said:
r.i.p. kurt \"Master of Grunge\" cobain

gambling reviews from united states said:
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gambling reviews from united states said:
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ME from England said:
haha okay then

britt from usa said:
well then the CHICKS love Kurt...but since me and Frances are his daughters we love him more.

ME from England said:
haha..I dont \"love\" kurt cuz i\'m not gay..but kurt rules u know lol oh yeh ur frances sis..awsome..

Britt from usa said:
yea...we love nirvana and kurt also...BUT I LOVE HIM MORE!!!!!!!

britt...cobain...yea... from usa said:
yea...and i have 3 half brothers and 1 half sister and im the youngest out of every single one of them...but if i say frances is my sister then yea we are the same age

Michael Trabjerg from Denmark said:

ME from England said:
shit........well that shut me up haha

britt......cobain...yea.... from usa said:
dude... he has 2 sons and 4 daughters

ME from England said:
oh okay, well its gotta be difficult for your step, he might have never looked after a kid before..mine still pisses me off sometimes

britt....cobain...duh.... from usa said:
when i was born the law was looking for my real dad because he was doing drugs and stuff and now i have a step-dad that i dont really like

ME from England said:
I got a step dad..my real dad died when i was little..dident really know him though olny talked on the phone and stuff..

britt from usa...indiana...duh... said:
ok...thanx...*sigh* i love my dad but i hate my step-dad...step dads evil...

ME from England said:
Nasty..hope u get better real soon haha

britto cobain from usa said:
whenever* my bad

britto cobainkurts other daughter from usa said:
lol...yea whenver i cough or talk i gag

ME from England said:
just if i dont get things write hehe..inpatients i guess..yeah he\'s laffing..oh hope u get better

britto cobain from usa said:
why does he freak you out?i didnt go to school 2day!!im sick....

ME from England said:
yeah but..more twighlight..plz get it right! lol..he freaks me out hehe

britto cobain from usa said:
like a midnight blue?

ME from England said:
Not dark blue but not that really bright blue..more of a darkish blue, oh a big lighter than a pepsi can apparantl O_o

britto cobain! from usa said:
lol...what color of blue does he like?

planny from England said:
Great site!!!

ME from England said:
Whatever...oh coolio haha..yeah britto cobain..has a ring to it lol

girishKumar from india said:
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girishKumar from india said:
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brittanee cobain from usa said:
haha my dad was hot

brittanee cobain from usa said:
no its really brittanee rogers but i changed it to cobain lol and now that i say my last name is cobain everyone calls me brittanee cobain at school its coolio

sandy from lebanon said:
well it\'s a great website because personnly i like nirvana\'s band a lottttttttt

ME from England said:
oh okay i though brittanee cobain was ur last name haha..dude thats fun..

Mathew wier from usa-pa said:
kurt cobain was the best vocalist ever. it still makes me upset thinking what happened to hime still dont think he killed himslef

shelby said:
kurt was really hot1!!!!!

britto....britt...bnc..whatever from usa said:
yea man lol later...i like Brittanee Cobain better than Brittanee Rogers...Rogers is a country last name Cobain is a Rock N Roll last name!WOOHOO!!!!

ME from England said:
friends at college call me kurt haha ok, well i g2g lol..oh joy, i\'ll probally got upstairs and use my guitar lol, brittanee cobain, nice your kurts daughter.

yea britt...britto..bnc..cobain whatever from usa said:
woohoo Kurt Cobain is my dad!!!ROCK ON!But yea everyone(mostly everyone)at school calls me Brittanee Cobain its awesome!

ME from England said:
you can call him dad but he never said he calls u daughter..hes happy at the moment:) smiling, its good..i\'m not a physcic or whatever lol

yea brittanee cobain hurr!!! from usa said:
yea im cobains daughter...i think....wonder if he calls me his daughter...or did you just say he does?

ME from England said:
oh dident know you where called that lol i\'ve often liked to think that cobain had a son (me cuz of the looks and voice etc) but he dident..i\'m just some random dude cobain huh? ooh ur cobains daughter as well as francis

woohoo bnc in the umm cobain chat thingy!! from usa said:
Brittanee Nicole Cobain....duh...lol

ME from England said:
bnc?? Yeah Kurt makes me laugh sometimes, mainly helps with the guitar stuff..

i said flippin bnc!!! from usa said:
i go to this one website and it has like videos and stuff and it has interviews with kurt dave a chris and kurt is like the only one in this flippin world that can make me laugh.

ME from England said:
Yeah i sing like him, i can do the accent and voice even when i\'m talking, i wear the same clothes and everything haha..hes a great guy, good laugh you knowlol

umm...bnc...duh... from usa said:
the only thing that wakes me up is my flippin bird lol....dude im like i dunno i mean kurt was bipolar and im bipolar and i sing like him....haha freakin sweet dude

ME from England said:
sweet haha..oh yeah special, getting woken up like 3:03 Am with some random mumbling hehe..naw its coolio as u say

bnc from usa said:
yea hes like haunting me and you lol..maybe we are the only ones he likes to screw around with lol sweet arent we special

ME from England said:
Yea I think he does..thats kurt you know haha, total reclusive just before he died..but he\'s still around, gotta be..

bnc from usa said:
i think he likes screwin around lol

ME from England said:
most likely..i hear stuff an he pisses around all da time. i swear once he told me how to play a better tune of my guitar

bnc from usa said:
yea then the phone rang and i went to get it and my chair was facing the table then i watched it move towards the computer...kurts messing around again...i think....

ME from England said:
haha sweet...

bnc from usa said:
i swear i just heard someone playing the guitar and it sounded like the beginning of the Smells like teen spirit song...sweet

ME from England said:
Kurts like a legend, hes my role model without the heroin haha he fuckin rules dude

britt from usa said:

ME from England said:

ME from England said:
but it wasent a hotgun..inside his greenhouse tho..fell out with someone i think..kurt rocks! just an amazing artist.

ME from England said:
yea..same hehe..i think everyone from 13 up to like 25 wanna die sometimes, a friend of chris killed himself like kurt a couple of weeks ago..

britt from usa said:
yea....i was depressed last night i wanted to die...but thats natural for me

ME from England said:
i\'m bored too..talking to myself and using my guitar mainly..i just got abit of my hair caught in the dvd drive darn thing!

britt from usa said:
haha dude im bored lol

ME from England said:
Yeah i mumble to myself about things..answer myself too! haha..sometimes i\'ll talk to kurt outloud and its weird but funny to see people

britt from usa said:
coolio...im watchin nirvana videos lol...hey i talk to myself all the time lol or i act like im talking to dead people like kurt or sid lol well their not actually dead they still live on but yea nvm im confused

ME from England said:
..he was apparantly, wether thats true i dunno lol..i got some funny looks today walking round with blond hair, his sweater, jeans and shoes talking to myself (n the real kurt...KURT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

britt from usa said:
so yea my room will be blue and black stripes

Britt from usa said:
im only painting my room black because my fav. color is black and kurts is blue...i guess....

britt from usa said:
yea...bipolar...wasnt kurt bipolar?

ME from England said:
my rooms blue and black..covered with nirvana posters, kurts a role model lol...i got his shoes and sweater and glasses

ME from England said:

Britt from usa said:
I just found out that I might be Bipolar

Britt from usa said:
ok then my room will be blue and black lol

Britt from usa said:
shes my age lol 13

ME from England said:
I\'m gonna get his red and black sweater!!!!!!! Kurt fuckin rocks!

sarah from England said:
i luv kurt cobain he rocked he is a legend hero for me xxxx

ME from England said:
Its Blue..and I dont know her e-mail addy, we really shouldent invade her privacy she wouldent know much about her dad...shes gotta be 14-15 now?..I was 6 when he died..I got a copy of his sunglasses haha KURT ROCKS!

divyesh pratap from india said:

Lauren from Australia said:
go kurt i will rember you

britt from usa said:
hey does anyone know what kurts favorite color is?!?!?!

britt from usa said:
i wanna know frances\' e-mail address!!!durn it lol

ME from England said:
haha Nirvana rules, but yeah I really olny like Nirvana, mudhoney and abit of John lydons sex pistols hehe..but Nirvana RULES!..

britt from usa said:
go sex pistols and nirvana....but nirvana is better....shhh....sid doesnt know that i said that....

ME from England said:
Yeah Kurt was a huge fan, he dident like mnay English bands but he liked punk rock and the sex pistols are good lol..so are the modhoneys.

britt from usa said:
its funny because i started listening to the sex pistols then i found out kurt liked them lol

ME from England said:
I swear I just heard Kurts voice well loud..anyway Nirvana was the best band ever and always will be..listen to the mudhoneys too Kurt liked them there good.