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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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felecia from u.s.a said:
Miss you Kurt always, felecia

kat from England said:
hey rach! whats up? why you feeling down? hope nirvana helps you feel better - it always works for me!

Rach from England said:
Hey people, how are you all? Hey to Dani, Charlotte, 666, Christian, Will, Kay, Lindey, Kat and everyone else :) Sorry, im going to keep this message breif as im feeling kind of down atm, and need sum Nirvana to cheer me up. Be back soon, much love to ya all xxx

Charlotte from England said:
To Rose from England: How can we not hate Courtney? There is so much evidence stacked against her. I am not saying she killed him and I\'m not saying she didn\'t kill him, all I want is the Seattle Police Department to reinvestigate it so it can put a lot of peoples minds at rest. If it turned out he DID kill himself, fair enough. I wont hate Courtney. If he didnt kill himself then Courtney deserves to have her arse thrown in jail. We all know Kurt loved her, but she played him for a fool. Even if she didn\'t kill him, she was only into him for the money. Everyone knows that and just before he died, Kurt realised that. That is why he was half way through excluding her from his will and getting ready to divorce her and get legal custody of Frances Bean. He was just getting his life back on track, then he dies. I think it is all a bit mysterious and coincidental, don\'t you? Anyway, we don\'t talk about Kurts death anymore because it makes everyone irritable and depressed. I don\'t even want to mention Ms.Love anymore because she is not worth anything to me. She doesn\'t deserve to be named on a Nirvana website in my opinion. She is nothing. And anyway, we haven\'t even talked about IT on this site for ages. I am not having a go at you Rose because you sound like a lovely person, I am just spreading my opinion. Charlottexxx Ps Love you all!! I\'ll speak soon!xxxx

rose from England said:
dont hate courtney, kurt loved her so much, he would want her to be happy, the only problem was he wasnt

rose from England said:
the world is unfair, i wont say i love kurt even though i do becuase im am not a stupid fan, he is so much, oh god i wish he was still here, its not fair that he was unhappy, its not fair that he took his own life, god its not fair! but that is what he wanted i wish so much that he was not unhappy, rest in peace.

Charlotte from England said:
Hello people!:-) I hope you are okay. To Kat and Lindey, thank you. You two are totally cool and you make this site worth coming to as does Dani, 666, Will, Christian and Rach. How are you all? I\'ll speak soon, Love you all, Charlotte xxxxxxx

kurt from australia said:
i love kurt

Kay from U.S.A. said:
I love Kurt Cobain and it is so tragic that he is gone. He was awesome and so was his music. Love ya forever Kurt.

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey guys i haven\'t said anything for a while. Charlotte, i think its very cool how much u stand up for your friends. i totally agree with what you said to jenny. i guess shes a bit delusional, that people will just stop using this guestbook to talk to people just cus she says so. what, does she expect us to be like \"oh, well some girl says we should stop doing this, so we are obiviosly going to listen to her\"? she and lauren should go start a cult for people who like to talk about stuff that no one else cares about. ok but sorry if i have offended anyone else there. also, dani i think you seem quite cool, too.

kat from England said:
okay, whatever tt! think what the fuck you like just fucking leave me alone, you are a waste of fucking skin and you are an insult to the all the cool people on this site - charlotte, rach, danni etc. (even though i havent talked to them all, i know which ones are cool). for the record, i never said i had a problme with lesbians, just that i am not one. however, if in some wierd, physcopatic, fucked up way you want to think i am, then fine. i dont care what you think. i just want you to stop fucking bitching on this site, as some people may get really offended and i dont want some cool people not coming to this site anymore just coz you opened you big fucking ugly gob coz you have no brain and dont know what else to do. now please, if you cant say anything cool - or anything related to nirvana and kurt cobain, which incase you had missed is what this site is all about, then fuck off and keep your mouth shut. p.s what does tt stand for, total twat?

666 from England said:
yo guys hope everyones doing good? jenny tecnically your chatting too because you keep telling us to stop.anyway sure what about even if we are chatting its all good stuff we\'re saying well all good about nirvana anyway!

Charlotte from England said:
Awwww thanks Dani! You sound cool too and I hopw we can build a good friendship on this site. Also, I think nobody can forget how good Nirvana is! Speak soon! Love you all loads, Charlottexxx

Dani from England said:
Coming to this site and seeing what other people think is cool, i like to know other opinions rather than just my own. To Rach and Charlotte, you both seem really cool and its good that people can build friendships over this site. And to Jenny, i dont see why we are being disrespectful, we\'re saying positive things about Nirvana and Kurt so there shouldn\'t be a problem. I\'ll be back later -DaNi- p.s - Nirvana are the best, nobody forget that! Its better to burn out than fade away!

Dani from England said:
Coming to this site and seeing what other people think is cool, i like to know other opinions rather than just my own. To Rach and Charlotte, you both seem really cool and its good that people can build friendships over this site. And to Jenny, i dont see why we are being disrespectful, we\'re saying positive things about Nirvana and Kurt so there shouldn\'t be a problem. I\'ll be back later -DaNi- p.s - Nirvana are the best, nobosy forget that! Its better to burn out than fade away!

Susie from Northern Ireland said:
hey ppl, ne 1 from uk add me on msn susie_liverpool_fc@hotmail.com

Charlotte from England said:
Also, to Frankie from Scotland, Thank you and welcome to this wonderful site. To Rach hey! how are you doing? hey everyone else! Speak later, love you loads, Charlottexxx

Charlotte from England said:
Listen Jenny, no one is going to listen to some dumbass loser who spends all her time telling people to stop chatting on this site because YOU say so! So why don\'t you go get a life you over sized ball of monkey spunk!! Stop calling everyone fools! Because NO ONE ON THIS SITE IS A FOOL except perhaps you and Lauren, so before talking shit on a site, take a gooooood looooooooong looook in the mirror!! To everyone else, hello again, just sticking up for myself and you guys. I\'m truly sorry if I offended anyone else. I am not usually like this except when my mates are being called names. Speak Later, Charlottexxx PS Love you all loads!!xx

Rach from England said:
Why thank you Frankie, i appreciate you acknowledging my veiws :). Oh and hello tis cool that we have a new arrival to share our opinions with! And thanks Dani, i think you have some cool veiws too :) Hey Charlotte, Will and everyone xxx

Jenny from USA said:

Frankie from Scotland said:
Hi, I\'m new and I was wondering why Natalie wants to know everyones age? Is it soo important to know how old people are to be able to talk to them? Dani, Charlotte and Rach, you sound cool. You all have great views but these guys ones just stuck out! KURT FOREVER!! and to Lauren, you\'re talkin bullshit!!

Charlotte from England said:
Heya People! Thanks Dani! You have some cool views too. I don\'t believe that Kurt committed suicide but it is worth a read. His journals are pretty good too. It\'s interesting to get into the mind of a legend! Well, I hope everyone is okay and that you are enjoying whatever you are doing. Half term is pretty crap for me so I spend as much time as possible on the net surfing cool sites! Well I\'ll speak soon. By the way Will, how are you? I haven\'t spoken to you in ages!! Speak soon, love you all loads and loads! Charlottexxx

Dani from England said:
Hey again people.........Rach and Charlotte, you two have some cool veiws about Nirvana and Kurt, as does many people on this site! I\'ve read heavier than heaven and i think its a pretty cool book, but if your a strong believer that Kurt didnt commit suicide they you probaly wont agree with what the biography says at the end. -dAnI!-

Rach from England said:
Katie, i\'ve read \'Heavier than heaven\' and in my opinion its worth reading. It\'s telling the story as if Kurt commited suicide though, and i know many people have a problem with this. But i think that the book was written really well and has so much information it it and is worth a read. xxx

titti from England said:
tt is an lesbian fuck the bullshit!

Natalie from Germany said:
Ich will ein Kind von dir!

Natalie from Germany said:
You are so sexy!

Katie from England said:
Has anyone read that heavier than heaven(I think its called) book,if so,is it any good?

will from England said:
slob on my knob like corn on the cob.

bb from England said:
kat you can munch on my carpet.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I have a really small penis,though,I must warn you.

bb from England said:
Oh sure,I can run right over there from England to scratch your balls.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Would anyone here please scratch my balls?

Katie from United States of America said:
Oh yeah,I despise courtney love.How is everyone?

nunya from England said:
I think Courtney had Kurt fooled big time.You can tell by watching her that she is more superficial than jennifer lopez.She wanted Kurt to think she was unique and smart but since then she has proved that she is anything but.Oh and even if Jennifer isn\'t superficial I was just looking for someone to compare her to.

Andrew May from Canada said:
I just read the all the contents the website In Defence of Kurt Cobain and the Evidence is stacking up against Courtney Love and I hate that fucking bitch and hope that the Seatle police pull their thumb out of their ass and reopen the case and fry that stupid bitch.

andrew mearse from u.s. said:
r.i.p.kurt maybe one day we will know who killed you

tt from England said:
Kat,there is nothing wrong with carpet munchers,you and big bird are perfectly welcome to muff dive anyday.Oh, and by the way you are a hoe bitch!

666 from England said:
yo yo me again any thing new?

kat from England said:
booo, and that person that called me and bigbird lesbians, you wish you stupid fucking hoe, if your gonna insult people then go to a fucking site that wants to hear all your bullshit.

michaela from England said:
hi kurts b-days coming up

Christian from USA,TN said:
What does age matter,what do you feel intimidated by people older than you?

Your sweet jesus man from next door said:
This site is filledwith a bunch of ass kissing cock sloppy joe nigger,spic,canadian,polish,middle eastern lovin stupid ass highschool rejected suicidal fuck ups ohh and fuck jesus and all u fuckin christianity worshipin mother fuckers I\'m the anti christ bow down an suck my throbbing cock.

Natalie from Usa said:
Hello again!! uuuumm, I was just wonderin how old everyone was cos i am 14, 15 next month. how old are you guys?

Rach from England said:
Hey people, okay iv\'e read what you have been saying and im glad that you agree that Kurt is a legend, and im sorry if you found the way i expressed it (using an =) offending or whatever, lets put it behind us and not dwell on the past. Hello to Charlotte, Dani, 666 hope you are all okay xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Heya, I\'m cool 666! By the way Dani, thanks they do deserve to be loved!! Soooo, what is everyone up to then? Just wondering what everyone\'s up to!! Speak later! love you all loads!! Love Charlottexxx

666 from England said:
ok so wel i guess il go so c ye......................

666 from England said:
ya i live in ireland too lazy to change it too!!

666 from England said:
ya as ive said before i totally agree that he is.thanks for telling me the time just wodering.........

nunya from England said:
i live in america i just never feel like changing it from england.

bu from England said:

nunya from England said:
bu, are you talking about when rach put kurt cobain = legend?

nunya from England said:
Yeah, in america.

bu from England said:
kurt cobain is a legend,there you go.

666 from England said:
thats in america i take it?

nunya from England said:
it is 12:45 pm

nunya from England said:
I\'m fine I have read that jenny chick saying its not a chat room like 4 times now.

bu from England said:
It wasn\'t that you said that he was a legend it\'s the whole equals sign that shit is STUPID.

666 from England said:
yo nunya how are you?

nunya from England said:
Goddamnit Jenny fucking get over it already.

666 from England said:
nobody wanna talk? what time is it in america?

666 from England said:
yo people how are ye all keeping? whos using my name to ask rach how old she is? by the way rach your right kurt is a legend! hi charlotte im grand and how are you today?

Dani from England said:
Yup, i certainly do agree with you that Kurt Cobain is l legend, and don\'t see why people critisise you for saying that, it\'s a really cool veiw to have. And to Charlotte, it\'s cool to see that Nirvana are your favourite band, they deserve to be loved. -DaNi!-

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Well to Dani, I love Nirvana! They are my all time favourite band!!! To Rach, thats okay and thanks I\'m cool. Hey to everyone else who is on. Well I have to go cos i need to do some homework wink wink!! I will check back soon! Charlottexxxx

Rach from England said:
Heylo again :D I Yeh im okay thanks Charlotte, home you are okay too. And hey Dani, it was cool to see that someone agreed with me :). Speak to you all soon xx

mukund from India said:
great site , cool uve got the lyrics of the songs... sad it had to end ,

Shandra Howard from United States said:
i love this site!

Alex from England said:
ill have to check that out. man i am so bored.

Charlotte from England said:
Heya people! To Rach, hello I hope you\'re okay. To all the nice people i.e Will, Christian, XlindsX, Lindey, Rach, Claire Alex, 666 etc I hope you\'re okay!!! How are you guys? Sorry I havent spoken in a while, I was at a skate park yesterday with some friends. Speak soon, Charlottexxx PS I hope you are ok again!!

lydia from USA,TN said:
i dont know. i just read it in a magazine. i forgot what it was called.

Angela from USA said:
hey! awesome site! kurt was the most talented person ever!

Alex from England said:
i haven\'t heard anything about it. is it out yet?

lydia from USA,TN said:
have any of u heard about the movie based on kurt cobain\'s life? i read that the director got the idea when he died. the guy that\'s supposed to be kurt doesnt look like him at all. i think its pretty fucked up.

Alex from England said:
well jenny, if its not a chat room maybe u guys should go to a chat room. u treat it like one. grow up.

Dani from England said:
Hey, this is a real cool site, there\'s some really interesting information on here. I dont want to cause any more arguments/conflict, but i have to agree with Rach, Kurt Cobain is a legend. And also, i think its quite cool that a lot of the fans are girls, im a guy and i dotn really know many girls who like Nirvana so much.

Rach from England said:
Why is everyone moaning to me/about me for saying what i said? And why is saying \'Kurt Cobain = legend\' so gay? What\'s so gay about that? I\'ve always loved coming on this site to see what other people think, but nowadays it seems as if i can\'t express my feeling without people moaning/being disrepectful...........yeh and i\'m sorry if i have offended anyone for calling Kurt a legend

jenny from usa said:
ok im getting pissed it is not a chat room

lydia from USA,TN said:
does anyone want to talk?

ty from England said:
cock and balls cock and balls cock and balls

tt from England said:
kat and big bird are lesbians

666 from England said:
rach,how old are you?