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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Kristine from united states said:
I really just wanted to say that I freaking love Nirvana!! Just hearing Kurts voice makes me feel better about my life because he went through alot of stuff ya know I just love them.. Kurt Cobain was the hottest guy that ever lived Thanks Kristine

Cantarella from earth said:
how crazy you´re all.tell things about people you don´t know.you didn´t know anithing about them, their ways of living,their character or their religion.I know, every one can think what he wants, but doesn´t tell us if its not important. I hope you understand my way of thinking. Bye Cantarella

Charlotte from England said:
Howdi people! ummm, that Joseph dude is freakin me out big time!! Is he from the local infirmary? I mean people who talk about Jesus and God like that are normally completely sick in the head. Oh yeah, and Joseph, what you said about women having to be spoken to first to speak, that is sexist and Katie is right. God wouldn\'t have given us a mouth if he did not want us to speak. Also you biblebashing F-R-E-A-K God was against rascism and sexism. I went to a catholic primary school and the bible is actually against all that shit that you were talking about. I hope you BURN in hell because you were just contradicting yourself you fucking prat. By the way I hope everyone is okay! Love ya! Charlottexxxxxxx

Rach from England said:
Hey......this is the real Rach here! No, none of the last messages were posted by me......i would never say stuff like that! To whoever is using my name, you guys really need to get a life, and stop fucking about.....its not grown up, or cool to do this so just stop! Im sorry if any of the messages offended anyone, but seriously, i didnt post any of them!! To Christian and Kate and everyone else, i just want you to know that I think you guys seem really cool, and i\'d never say stuff about you, so please excuse what the fraud false poster stealing my username has been saying! Rach xxx (the REAL one!!!)

Rach from England said:
Yes katie, I did say all that stuff. Do u have a prblm? I thkn you guys r sinners!

Chris from USA said:
i am not black u fucking religious freak! and how can u say that and claim to be godly? FUCK OFF!

pörnill from Sweden said:

Katie from USA said:
Joseph,I doubt that Chris is black,have you read all the stuff that he has put here?

Lindey from Canada said:
Ok Katie, i understand and I agree. I really dont give a shit about religion, and i dont want to talk about it either.

Joseph from USA said:
I bet Chris is a fucking niggar,all niggars should go to hell.Jesus hates you Chris.

Katie from usa said:
I hope that part made sense,if not then I don\'t know how to put it.

Katie from USA said:
Oh Lindey,thats not what I meant, I meant men that lived long ago that werent god,because we\'re talking about religion,i mean\'t how people assume that those people that wrote it were god,and angels or something.I didn\'t mean it the way it sounded.I\'ll be dead someday too,I just meant that the people that wrote the bible were people like us not biblical figures which I\'m not wanting to debate,but I didn\'t mean just because their dead.

Lindey from Canada said:
Joseph is a fuck face. Except for the fact that he will never fuck anyone ever. Katie, i don\'t want to argue with you or anything, but i just wanted to point out that, although you said that you wouldn\'t listen to a book written by dead men, you listen to Nirvana, and all of their songs were written by Kurt who, as we all know, is also dead(although Dave and Chris did help write some of the songs). I just found that a bit contradicting, thats all, i dont want to argue.

Katie from USA said:
Rach,did you really say any of that stuff?

Christian from USA said:
Joseph,god was a woman.

Katie from USA said:
If god is (all loving)then he doesn\'t send anyone to a fictious hell.Listen to yourself,you make no fucking sense and if god didn\'t want women speaking,he wouldn\'t have given us mouths.Joseph,this is a Nirvana site and none of us give a fuck about you so go preach your bullshit elsewhere.

Katie from USA said:
Chris,I would probably want to kill someone if they cheated on me too.She probably isn\'t worth the whole going to jail part though.

Katie from usa said:
Goddammit Joseph,now your fucking taking peoples godamn names and shit.Fucking get a life,yes Im a woman,I said it,Im better than you get over it.I could probably kick your ass too,so french kiss my fucking asshole you dumb motherfucker.Your going to hell for calling (god\'s children)whores.I am so fucking glad I have a mind of my own and I don\'t religiosly follow books that were written by men that have died.You all contradict yourself so bad.Everyone with a brain thinks your a joke.

Chris from USA said:
what the fuck???? rach really changed her tune. I dont care for women either, but this religious bullshit is killing me!

Rach from England said:
I\'m going to burn all of my cd\'s. I can\'t believe I gave so much money to Satan. I suggest the rest of you do the same.

Rach from England said:
I totally agree, Joseph. Forgive me for speaking when I wasn\'t first spoken to. Katie, I don\'t care if you know Christian, you will burn with him. I can\'t believe some of the things you say.

Joseph from USA said:
Why do you children get so upset with me speaking the word of God? Have you not read the Holy Bible? If one commits suicide, they automatically go to Hell. Please, I don\'t want women responding to me. You shouldn\'t talk unless spoken to first. Men, take these sinful whores to church and pray for your family. Jesus saves, Joseph

Chris from USA said:
oh. yeah i suppose your right, somehow anyway. i wanted to kill her, but i didn\'t.

nunya from England said:
Will someone please email those fucks and tell them to stop.

Katie from USA said:
I know Christian,hes not really like that,but that Joseph guy is really starting to get annoying pushing his views on other people.Kurt Cobain is not burning in hell,he doesn\'t know what hes talking about.

Katie from USA said:
Rach,Christian doesn\'t really feel that way neither do I we were just mad that that fucker said he\'s glad Kurt\'s burning in hell,so we\'re just fucking with him. Chris,I said that if that chick cheated on you than she wasn\'t good enough in the first place.Every woman isn\'t like that,some are,but what can you do?maybe I don\'t want you answering that last question,but you\'ll find someone someday that will treat you better.

lauren said:
this is a pretty sweet websit! maybe cuz its done on kurt cobain but yahno...yah hes my fucking IDLE!!!!! .....RAPEME!......

Rach from England said:
Oh my gosh, Christian! that was so repulsive!! you are going to go to Hell! I\'ll pray that God forgives you for ur blasfemie! im sorry i evr talked to u!

Chris from USA said:
that was funny christian. no i dont recall. what did you say?

Katie from USA said:
Chris,did you read what I wrote to you the other day about your wife?

nunya from England said:
Pearl,alot of people like lesbians you should try it with your mom.

Christian from USA,TN said:
Joseph,I think your a fucking fag I\'d like to spit in your jesus\' face and sodomize your God and when I\'m done strap them to their fucking golden gates and burn the imaginary place you call heaven to the fucking ground and piss all over it\'s fucking worthless ashes and laugh my fucking anti-christian ass off and watch as the jaws of everything that your pathetic ass religon stands against, consume your morality I RAPPED THE VIRGIN MARY AND SPIT ON THE BASTARD JESUS CHRIST, and remember charlie loves you and so do I

pearl from u.s.a said:
who the hell would come to this site and talk about lesbians

pearl from u.s.a said:
i love kurt im sorry his life ended the way it did he should of thought of our future children we could of had.

Katie from USA said:
I didn\'t mention lesbians,and I\'m not sure what he meant.He\'s a bit random.

Katie from USA said:
Joseph,I see you didn\'t read my warning,your never going to get pussy so you better get some good asshole lube.

nunya from England said:
Joseph,would you go ahead and fuck off already nobody gives a shit about you or what you have to say so shut up.

Chris from USA said:
go to hell jesus guy!

Joseph from United States said:
i see you haven\'t heed my warning. dont you people want to go to Heaven and live with Jesus? im not interested in sexual relations like you fornicators. i believe sex is evil. i dont even believe in kissing. women, by nature, are sinful. they should take pennance and seek forgiveness in a nunnery. go to God, my friends. Jesus saves, Joseph

Chris from USA said:
i see. what do lesbians have 2 do w/ nething?

nunya from England said:
lesbians are great!

Katie from USA said:
Yes,I stay in Michigan in the summer because it gets really hot in Tennessee,so I guess I kind of live in both actually.

Chris from USA said:
you are correct. im really not gay. so, u live in tn and not michigan?

some damn guest from England said:
Carlos,Kurt would have hated your mom,so shut the hell up bitch.

Katie from USA,TN said:
Hi,Chris,I think that its the Jessi or Jessica bitch taking peoples names,so I\'m assuming you aren\'t the one that really said you wanted to suck on balls.

Chris from USA said:
FYI: im not the one posting under others\' names! i have better things to do, believe it or not. i have no idea who is doing it. someone is using my name is well, so FUCK OFF!! oh, and hello katie.

elise from England said:
why are people advertising about stuff here? this site for nirvanafans

Charlotte from England said:
Looks like no one has been on since I last posted except Elise and of course that lil chav who couldn\'t spell Kurts name right and was trying to insult Nirvana (I say \"trying\" to because they weren\'t doing a brilliant job of it were they?) I mean, if you are going to insult somebody, at least spell their names right! Charlottexx

elise from England said:
kinda know what you mean christian makes me in a really wierd mood too... things can\'t be as bad as you think they are...

Charlotte from England said:

Charlotte from England said:
Actually \"Ur mum\" from \"Black Hole Sun\", \"Cirt Kobayne\" is spelt like this \"Kurt Cobain\" or has he liked to spell it in his journals \"Kurdt Kobain\" so before you come on this guestbook insulting a major factor in the development of what rock is today, LEARN HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME! AND WRITING IN CAPITALS IS SOOO 90S! Get a life you sad pathetic loser!

Ur mum from Black hole sun said:

Charlotte from England said:
Hey guys! Well first to Katie, thanks. You made me feel a whole lot better because those jokes did get me down. So thanks, I appreciate it. To Rach, hi! How are you doing? umm yeh, those jokes were pretty sick but I thought I would let you guys know that some psycho is posting them around the net particularly on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain related websites and you were right. Where there are the lovers, the haters are never far behind. Man,that sucks! To Christian from Denmark - Lindey is right. If you have lost all your happiness, it is not good. I hope you find it really soon though! Because you sound like a really nice person. Don\'t let this life get you down. You are sure to find happiness soon. Remember, \"every cloud has a silver lining\" and all that. Charlottexxxxx

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey guys, to Rach about saying that jesus stuff, i just thought that you were being sarcastic and making fun of that stupid josphe post but it sucks that people (chris) are taking peoples names and making retarded posts. Also, Christian, why did you put your age? I thought your post sounded true, but also kinda scary. Are you ok? Also, hey to everyone else who is actually a respectable human being.

polly--want a cracker from united states said:
what else could i be...an all nirvana freak!! i love nirvana i have followed their steps since 5 years ago and i love all their music,i love cobainand he is like an idol to follow for me. i love him and them atte: #1 nirvana freak----polly

Amanda from USA said:
I enjoyed visiting your website, and invite you to visit ours as well, Artistopia at http://www.artistopia.com. We are an artist development resource for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Keep up the good work!

Katie from USA said:
Oh,okay. Well good luck with that.

Chris from usa said:
im in the mood for sucking some balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie from usa said:
hi Chris,hope your in a better mood.

Katie from England said:
Nirvana is a really good band to listen to when you want to shut the rest of the world out,why do you say youve lost your happiness?

Christian from Denmark said:
Don\'t really got so much to say. I listen to \"Something in the way\" when I\'m don\'t care about my familly, my fiends, everybody, the whole world actually. The song makes me.. I don\'t know? It\'s a weird feeling. It doesn\'t make me sad, angry or happy. The last 2 or 3 month I\'ve lost my happyness or what you called it, don\'t know the word in english. Thanks for your time. Christian, 15 years old.

Rach from England said:
Urghh some of those jokes you said Charlotte are real sick i agree! Especially the one about best thing Kurt releasing was the gun trigger......thats so disrespectful! Meh, well i suppose where theres fans and lovers, there bound to be enemies and haters......one of lifes weaker facts......Rach xxx

Katie from usa said:
Charlotte,as long as peolpe live,there will be dumb ones,and they\'ll be dumb enough to make up jokes that are gay and offensive to people that aren\'t dumb. Let them be the shit of the world and don\'t let it bother you. Kurt probably doesn\'t want stupid people like those to like him anyway. Those people probably don\'t even realize that that they will never amount to half of what Kurt did in only 27 years.

Charlotte from England said:
I was just surfing the web (as you do!) and was absolutely disgusted when I came across some really sick and twisted jokes about Kurt. For Example: What is red, grey and stuck to the wall? A: Kurt Cobain\'s brain. and Kurt Cobain should have changed his name before he died... to Kurt Gobang! another one was: What was the best thing that Kurt Cobain ever released? A: The safety catch on that shotgun. It is absolutely disgusting! How can a human with any ounce of respect write something so appalling? Can\'t they see that Kurt was an amazing figure in the world of 90\'s rock? Hi to everyone, I hope you\'re okay. Charlottexxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
I just read on the unofficial fansite - nirvanaclub.com - that one of Kurt\'s childhood homes was damaged ina fire yesterday.Did anyone else know about that?

mattia from germany said:
nirvana for ever!!! es war einfach die beste band der welt!

Christian from USA,TN said:
People are fucking stupid and must have know fucking life to keep on with such a gay arguement.

Hel from England said:
i think this site rocks i love nirvana they rule!!!!

Frankie from Scotland said:
Hi I am sorry that I haven\'t been on here in ages. I was just reading some peoples comments and was appalled at the amount of arguing! Why can\'t we just get along because pretty soon, this guestbook will become a guestbook of insults and arguements and we will all forget the real reason of why we are here:Nirvana. Oh yes and on Kerrang(the music channel) all this week it is dedicated to Nirvana so go and watch it!

Charlotte from England said:
Hey everyone! ummm to that Joseph dude, Katie is right. You will never ever get laid if you continue with that path of life. To whoever who thinks that using peoples names on here is great, its not. You need to get a life and stop pretending because it is not funny. There have been more arguements on here than I care to remember and I don\'t particularly want others because some friggin chav wants to slag people off whilst pretending to be other people. Why dont you just come out and say who you really are because it takes a real man to be honest and a freak to hide away and cower in the shadows. I hope everyone is okay and I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Charlottexxx

Rach from England said:
Hey again, To Katie, yeh it seems as if some mystery person has been coming on here and posting as many of us..............it sucks i wish it would stop! Hope everyone is okay, and not taking these fake comments to heart. Rach xxx

England said:
Great site!

not tellin from us said:
Chris,I want to fuck your brains out and you can beat the hell out of me and ill still suck your cock and lik up and down your back

nunya from England said:
just playin

nunya from England said:
No Ray,so suck my fucking cock.

Ray from England said:
Does anyone actually get along here?

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Well this guestbook kind of sucks,especially since half of the words on here don\'t make any sense. Why do you people say m8 ,and ur, and u instead of you,its just too confusing.

Katie from USA ,TN said:
Oh, no I live in Tennessee.

nunya from England said:
I think they are English insults. I thought you live in Michigan?

Katie from USA ,TN said:
What is a chav or prat? I see alot of people on here use those words but I\'ve never heard them anywhere else.

Katie from USA ,TN said:
Good,shes a fucking bitch.

nunya from England said:
I don\'t think she comes here often.

Katie from USA said:
Yeah,I think that was it.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
You mean Jessica or jessi?

Katie from USA said:
Its probably that one bitch that said I talked bad about Nirvana.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Someone used my name too,but I\'m obviously not sexist so it doesn\'t really matter.

Katie from USA said:
Everyone that commented back to you I don\'t think that that was really them either.