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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Renee from Canada said:
Omg I fucken miss kurt like hell!!!!!!!!!1

chris from usa said:
hey katie, i just wanted you to know that i havent been on here in a few days and that was NOT me!!! i wouldnt ask you something like that. fuck off jessica. i would kill you if i could find your dumbass.

ryan from canada said:
fuck i miss kurt well he is gone but i will always remember him and you will remember to

Ima from USA said:
r there any rappers from or in england?

gari from England said:
i think it was brett michaels or vince neil.

hunt from England said:
I think that billy idol killed kurt cobain.

sean tuchek from England said:
he was murderd by his wife he dident commet suside i think he over dosed and then his wife shot him so that she could have all of the money that he hade and to put him out of his musery but thats just what i think so ya well im out later great song rape me

Erica Chang from Canada said:
I really want to hang out with you Kurt and see what would it be like. May you rest in peace.

rachel from England said:
hey ... I\'ve never heard Nirvana or something about Kurt Cobain,since the 5th of April.. I saw some interviews in the tv.. i understanded that he was the greatest singer and the best human of the world.. i hope you all will never forget him.. he maked so much for that, what the music is today.. what would we do, if we never knew him?! it wouldn\'t be a world with so good music as Nirvana! Nirvana rocks and Kurt.. we love you all.. but do you think, that it was suicide??? why he should kill himself?! i love him, for his music and lifestyle, but I hate him for his death, if he killed himself.. WHY ??? he had all what a men wants... wad he wants more? i can\'t understand.. and i hate this fucking bitch courtney.. he deserves better! i hope frances will became how his father.. he was amazing and we never forget him... peace love and emphaty and remember it\'s better to burn out, then to fade away

krist from america said:
i hate cortney so much that my band even made a song called kill cort

krist from america said:
i want kurt back

Katie from USA said:
If that really is you, its okay. If its not then GODDAMN YOU JESSICA.

chris the real one from usa said:
it was me katie im sorry i had a little drink i will not ask again

Crystal from England said:
miranda how can he kick ass he cant even kick up the daisies

Katie from USA said:
Chris, was that really you that asked me that a few lines down?

nunya from USA said:
Jessica quit fucking standing outside my window at night. Its over. Stop fucking being a stalker, move on. Buy some vaginal cleaner, breath mints, and lose about 400 pounds and maybe I will reconsider.

miranda from England said:
curt cobain kicks ass!

remo from Switzerland said:
the good die young....kurt was young

CHRIS from USA said:
Katie do you fuck on first dates

Katie from USA said:
Jessica, okay I\'m not stupid, and there aren\'t many other sleazy fucks like you that come here either. What the hell is wrong with you? God, I can\'t even imagine how you are in person, your just fucking ridiculous. Everytime you take our names you make the same disgusting, vulgar, trailor trash comments. It\'s really obvious so fuck off. You can\'t possibly be any older than twelve.

Fernando from us said:

the sad pink hippy from England( wow it guesed that) said:
rock on kwl site i think i need to go feed babs the tarantuala whered me lil cousin go he looks nice food for a giants spider bye peeps rock on this website!
i wish i knew wat a url was

Rosie (the real one) from England said:
Okay whoever is using other peoples names then just stop it, coz no one is laughing, apart from you! Katie you are right, it really wasn\'t me that was getting all stressed at Rach, so if there are anymore nasty comments from someone called rosie, then it probably isn\'t me. Luv Rosie -x-

Charlotte from England said:
can whoever is doing this please stop. you are getting me very excited ~&~ my panties are soooooo wet

Crystal from England said:
ok al steer vlear

Rach from England said:
Just steer vlear of Jessica and the fake poster

Rach from England said:
Right. Well its pretty obvious that the last few psts were fake again, so im just going to ignore them! Anyway, Crystal, its nice to hear that your good, and i hope you visit this site again more often and become a regular poster again :). I think the cool new regulars are Charlotte, Dani, Lindey, Chris, Katie, 666, Kurt etc. Rach xxx

Crystal from England said:
Heylo again! I haven\\\'t fucked about on here in AGES but I need to see how all yous cunts are doin! Hey Rach! R u still a fat slag ? Where has kurt gone? Crystalxxx Yesterday was a greatv day 4 all Nirvana fans, I hope you all had lots of fun ..xx

Katie from USA said:
Okay Jessica if it isn\\\'t really you than I appoligize, but you should understand why I assumed that. My name is spelled K A T I E. Oh, and I\\\'m not fat either just a sise 18. Where did that cum from? Anyway, Crystal you said when I first looked at you and it seemed like you were a regular goer, why don\\\'t you cum with me anymore?

Charlotte from England said:

Katie from USA said:
anyone want to cum and try my super duper dildo

Crystal from England said:
Heylo! Thanks Rach!! It is nice 2 spk 2 u again! Yep. I am good! Name sum cool ppl 4 me! i am lazy like dat! Crystalxxx

Rach from England said:
Crystal! It\'s good to see you back :D I\'m good thanks, you? A lot of the old regulars don\'t come here any more, which is a real big shame, but since then a load more cool people have been, whcih is good. Hope everyone is okie! Rach xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Hey...ummm the time is... 3:33pm in England right now. What about you guys? Katie, hey! Charlottexxxxxx Many people from foreign countries find it weird that the English eat fish and chips out of paper....

Charlotte from England said:
He he! Nope Nunya, not from what I have seen! Oh they sound really nice too..... so is there anything else you want to know about us \"fish and chips\" loving English?.. I know there is a heck of a lot I wanted to ask an American but never really bothered! Charlottexxxxxx

Katie from USA said:
Charlotte, I\'ll add to nunya\'s comment that people that look alike or dress alike instead of being called twins are sometimes called twinkies. Because the cakes are identical and two come in one package.

nunya from England said:
What time is it over there right now?

Charlotte from England said:
He he! Nope Nunya, not from what I have seen! Oh they sound really nice too..... so is there anything else you want to know about us \"fish and chips\" loving English?.. I know there is a heck of a lot I wanted to ask an American but never really bothered! Charlottexxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
He he! Nope Nunya, not from what I have seen! Oh they sound really nice too..... so is there anything else you want to know about us \"fish and chips\" loving English?.. I know there is a heck of a lot I wanted to ask an American but never really bothered! Charlottexxxxxx

nunya from USA said:
You guys don\'t have twinkies in England? Well, your not missing much (except maybe 500 extra pounds of fat). They are very bad for you, extremely fattening little cakes and they are full of cream. They usually come two to a package.

Katie from USA said:
Okay Jessica if it isn\'t really you than I appoligize, but you should understand why I assumed that. My name is spelled K A T I E. Oh, and I\'m not fat either. Where did that come from? Anyway, Crystal I read alot of the stuff you said when I first looked at this guestbook and it seemed like you were a regular here, why don\'t you come here anymore?

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Nunya - in answer to your questions, as an English girl, I will tell you what \"prat\" and \"chav\" are. Well, firstly, a \"chav\" is a person who wears a lot of fake designer clothes and lives in a house or a flat provided by a council or county. They are almost always broke and are borrowing money and never repaying it. We say Chav in a term that someone is a \"tramp\" or if you are at school and your school is divided into 2 groups (like mine is) with the \"grungers\" and the \"Townies\", grungers normally call the townies \"Chavs\" as by way of insult to them.. it is complicated! Next to \"prat\". A \"prat\" is basically a stupid person, a dumbass if you will.. we dont normally call people \"prats\" nowadays but will use it if specific people are around so you can\'t swear. ie. Parents or teachers... So there you are Nunya.. I hope I haven\'t confused you further! I was wondering if you could help me actually considering you are an American. it may sound stupid and really really dumb of me. You may laugh but what exactly are \"Twinkies\"? I hope someone can elaborate as in all films, an american person is eating a twinkie and I don\'t know what it is.... Charlottexxxx

nunya from USA said:
Hey, I\'m not very good with the terms used in England, so can someone from there tell me what a prat and a chav are? I\'ve been wondering everytime I see it used, I\'m assuming that they are insults?

Crystal from England said:
Heylo again! I haven\'t been on here in AGES but I need to see how everyone is doin! Hey Rach! R u okay? Where has Nuetron gone? Crystalxxx Yesterday was a terrible day 4 all Nirvana fans, I hope you all got through it okay..xx

JESSICA from USA said:

Julie from Denmark said:
nice site. I will use it i the school to a english projekt. its cool. love kurt cobain . I think everybody miss that man. Love his music.

Charlotte from England said:
Those of you old enough to remember will never forget where you were when you heard the news that Kurt Cobain had died - 11 years ago yesterday. It was your JFK moment- only Kurt meant more than any politician ever did. Those of us (including me) too young to remember have nevertheless subsequently been moved by the sheer force of Nirvana\'s music. Lets not forget this was a band who united all rock tribes in a way that no other band has managed before or since, who were just as much a celebration of rock music, of individuality and the triumph of the smalltown underdog. And lets not forget that Kurt Cobain was an intelligent man with a playful, goofy sense of humour, as irreverant as he was tearfully sentimental. While the tragedy is Nirvana were only just beginning to realise their potential, the triumph is they changed rock music - and attitudes towards rock - forever. R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain and may God keep you,Jimi,Janis, Jim and of course, as Katie mentioned, Layne Staley forever as His personal musical entertainers as your talents should not go to waste... Peace, Charlottexxxxxxx Ps Hey to everyone, I hope you didn\'t find my message to scary, I just felt that it should have been saidxxx

Romina from Deutschland said:
Kurt Cobain was and is the best!!!!Kurt,i miss you so much...

Katie from USA said:
I could be wrong, but I think those last messages from Rosie and Chris were jessica again. Rosie hasn\'t really come off as the type to talk shit over a typo. Jessica, we are all here for the same reason, Kurt and Nirvana. Today is an important date for the fans on here. Why are you so immature and disrespectful? If you have nothing to say about the subject of this guestbook, why do you come here? Its very childish and pathetic. There are other websites for bored, mindless, immature little girls such as yourself. Please find one and stop trying to cause arguments for your pathetic amusement. If you are in fact a Nirvana fan, and just like arguing, find a shitty band\'s website and bother people there, atleast there would be a reason for that. Better yet, why don\'t you find a chatroom that is for people that like to fuck with each other? Its just stupid, pointless and aggravating for you to do it here.

Katie from USA said:
I know this is a Nirvana guestbook and that today is a sad day for Kurt, but I\'d also like to point out another extreme talent taken way too early on this date. Today is also the third anniversary of Layne Staley from Alice in chains death as well. For those of you that aren\'t familiar with them, Alice in Chains was another grunge band from Seattle that had success in the 90\'s. Layne was very sad of Kurt\'s death in 94, but he himself also died on April 5th eight years later from a heroin overdose. May they both rest in peace and have nothing but joy from those tragic days on. I love both of their music and they both were very special souls with so much to give, I\'m deeply saddened of their passings.

lisa from United States said:
RIP KURT DONALD COBAIN. 02.20.67 to 04.05.94 he\'ll forever be missed. 11 years until forever...

cata from argentina said:
the best page ever.. love everything about it today 4/5/05 (11 years since kurts death) i thought i had to do something about it so im reading this whole page again and again... bye-

BEAN from CANADA said:


Renee from Canada said:
Today is the day that Kurt died April 5th, a day I\'ll never forget the day somthing went missing from me the day he just slipped away. Well he inspired me to do plenty of things like start playing my guitar again, sing, wright and so on. That\'s all I have to say I\'m just to sad right now and just feel like crying over and over again. The legendary Kurt.D.Cobain ~1967-`994~..............

Rach from England said:
Ahh sorry, im being a real thick shit tonight arenti. PAYING. not Maying, or Saying......i mean Paying! Sorry for the confusement, its been a long day and im tired, i\'ll be more careful next time. Sorry :P Rach xxx

Rach from England said:
Saying* Sorry about that, they \'maying\' was meant to be \'saying\', please ignore the typo. Rach xxx

Lindey from Canada said:
today really sucked. im always ignored at school,but i really didn\'t care very much today because i was sad that it has been 11 years since kurt died. he was such a great artistic, talented, smart, funny, unique and sensetive man. he gave us so much, but never really got anything back besides his daughter who he loved so much. im so sad for him that he never got to watch her grow up. im so sad for her that she never really knew her father. im also sad that nothing has been done on kurts case for 11 years. it sucks that, in my opionion, no really good music has been made since Nirvana. Kurt has inspired me to paint and draw more, to play guitar, to start listening to some of the bands he liked, to stand out (although ive never really been like most other people), to not care what others think and to be more openminded. i love his songs so much, expecially Polly. He was an amazing artist, guitarist, singer and song writer. he was so much more then just all of the things i\'ve said before. when i listen to Nirvana, you can hear in his voice that he is still alive. not in the way we are alive, but alive through his music. he had so much in him. you can see it in his eyes. R.I.P Kurt Cobian 1967-1994

rosie from England said:
rach maying ?? are you a fuckink sheep or something

CHRIS from USA said:
katie im more of a what you call it ........ a wanker

Rach from England said:
Hey, tis good to see people maying their respects to Lurt today. It is a sad day for us all but it is good that people still remember Kurt for the goodness he brought to the world. Hey Dani, long time no see :D Hey Charlotte, 666,. katie :D how are u all? R.I.P Kurt 3 Rach xxx

Rosie from England said:
i was just reading the evidence that Tom Grant has gathered, and it is really interesting(i have no doubt that you have all read it before). And i was just wandering if Frances remembers him at all, or do you think that she was too young? R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain -x-

ryan from canada said:
hi this site rockes rip kurt

Toni from United States said:
I love this site. I have been completely addicted to Nirvana, Kurt Cobain and learning about the for about 4 years now. this is one of the best sites i have found with the most information

Denise from Canada said:
I think Kurt Cobain was one of the greatest men, ever to walk this earth. He cared so much about humaity, one of his best quotes was \"If you are hate any who is of a different race, homosexual, or different in any way, I hate u, dont buy our cds,i hate you.\" he was also an amazing father, he cared soooo much for his daughter, and of course the music, 11 years after his death, and there are still ppl like me, praising his work! to kurt, i miss u baby, i wish u were still here,....R.I.P Baby! Today is the 11th year anniversary of Kurt\'s death, today try to listen to one cd, or read one thing about him, to make sure his spirit in us never dies...thank u all for loving probably as much as i do!

Katie from USA said:
I hope frankies okay, wasn\'t his/her birthday today? Didn\'t they say their birthday was the day Kurt died? I hope your having the best time in heaven Kurt and I\'m sure your up there entertaining all the angels with your wonderful talents. We all still love and miss you here, though.

Katie from USA said:
I don\'t think your a redneck Chris. I live in tennessee and I\'m not a redneck, its not so much were you live, but as in the way your mind works. I don\'t think I\'m a yankee either (I was born in Michigan)I just try to be nice to everyone, unless they don\'t deserve it. Is everything going well?

Dani from England said:
Hey 666, hows it going? (Hey 2 Rach, charlotte, chris, katie, lindey etc) -DaNi!-

chris from usa said:
hello katie. oh i just wanted to let u know ,im not redneck. how are things?