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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Ashley Camacho from U.S.A said:
I Think Nirvana Is The Best Band In The World!!! I Love Nirvana & This Damn Website!! It Fuckin Rules!!! I Love Kurt Donald Cobain And May He Rest In Peace.1967-1994.

Ashley Camacho from U.S.A said:
I Think Nirvana's The Best Band In The World!!! I Love Nirvana& This Damn Website! It Fuckin Rules!!!! I Love Kurt Donald Cobain, And May He Rest In Peace. 1967-1994

Ashley Camacho from U.S.A said:
I Think Nirvana's The Best Band In The World!!! I Love Nirvana& This Damn Website! It Fuckin Rules!!!! Do You Have Any Idea Where I Can Find Nirvana Unplugged In New York On Video? I Love Kurt Donald Cobain


Tom Jarvis from USA said:
Kurt Cobain Is My Hero

amy from England said:
i agree with micaela HOW IMATURE. I love kurt. KURT=GOD

micaela from sweden said:
to mads: how imature! if you hate nirvana why are you on this site? grow up.

Mads Grande from Norway said:
ÆMy name is mads, i hate nirvana, kurt cobain can go and suck satans dick, i hope he had burn in hell.My adress is 7960 Salsbruket, Norway

Gwen from USA said:
Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that Bush has a new record out called Golden State. If you liked Sixteen Stone, then you will love this new cd from the gus in Bush. You can even hear clips of the songs at their offical web site, www.bush-music.com I think that this is their best cd yet, and people need to hear it to belive how far they have come. I hope you get a chance to hear it, cuz it's really awesome!

j from England said:
i love kurt cobain

Sanna from Finland said:
Thank You,Nirvana. (this site is cool!)

Lacky from Austria said:
I am a big fan of Nirvana since 3 jears.

brandon from U.S.A. said:
nirvana kicks ass]

Heather from Canada said:

Mallory from United States said:
I love the site. Mine sucks, but I don't care, it was made out of boredom.

Franzi und Lucie from österreich said:
Wir mögen ku´rt cobain sehr gern unser größter Wunsch wäre das kurt lebt und das wir zu einem konzert gehen können. Aber er wollte es so und wir müssen es wol agzeptieren! für Kurt

Devin from USA said:
this site was very useful for my research on Kurt Cobain.

soph from England said:
i love kurt he was the best this site rocks. if any1 wants to chat e-mail me. its better to burn out than fade away xxx soph xxx

rach from England said:
nirvana are wicked i have 5 of there albums and listen 2 them loads!!!!any1 who wants 2 e-mail me go 4 it !!!!!cyaz soon

fabien from England said:
im a skater

Ian Masters from USA said:
This is a great site for the greatest man that ever lived. We'll keep him alive forever. Kurt Cobain was an earthbound angel. We need more like him but there will never be another. Grunge Forever. Kurt Cobain 1967-1994 FOREVER IN DEBT

dj bekkis from australia said:
i love kurt even though i didnt know him he haz a place in all our heartz!!

dj bekkis from australia said:
kurt rocks on 4 eva and so doez nirvana RIP

BEKK from australia said:
kurt rocks on 4 eva and so doez nirvana RIP

Nathan grady from AMERICA said:
I will never get to live out my dreams i can not meet kurt cobain

Gyða Lind Gunnólfsdóttir from Iceland said:
me and my friend Anna Rósa just want to say..... WE LOVE NIRVANA!!!!!!! and we just want Kurt to bee happy where he is now.....LOVE YOU, KURT!!!! kiss,kiss :*

Ieva,Indrė,Virga and all Punks of Lithuania from Lithuania said:
It's so good,that you can't say it in words.We love Kurt and we will love him forever. NIRVANA is...nirvana! All PUNKS of Lithuania love NIRVANA. NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA, NIRVANA...

Brandon from England said:
Kurt Cobaine is God

oh, they are soo my hero's , nirvana. They made me love music and I'll carry them near to my heart untill the end. When I go to a lake of fire. I hope the people here that love nirvana aren't as stupid as some in belgium. I've met somebody who liked nirvana while her favourite group is the backstreetboys/ Creeps. I hope I can meet people who understand me(sorry if I made mistakes in this text, but actually I don't care and if you don't like it, you can go to hell)greetings from belgium Butterfly

Sarah Johnson from U.S.A said:
Kurt Cobain was a god!! Through his music he will live forever. We will miss him, and damn Courtney Love for her shitty comments about him.

tegan shields from England said:
I read your site along with the book "who killed kurt cobain"! i am a massive kurt/nirvana fan, and i think that your work is amazing! keep up the good work,re-open the case and find the truth!


emily from usa said:
i love you kurt and i dont beleive u killed ur self i think that bitc* courtney hired some one to do it i love you

Eva from Ireland said:
Always remember & never forget - Kurt Cobain 1967~1994

Masha from USA said:
I love kurt forever, i was really sad when he died and now my life logo is "fuck everyone kurt is died"

/\/ / R \/ /-\ /\/ /-\ FAN from Scotland said:
I am a big fan of Nirvana and grunge music on a whole. And everywhere I on the internet lokking for tabs, lyrics and midi's there is a link to Burnt Out thank god for Nirvana,Kurt and people that keep his spirit alive Peace, Love, Bug Spray Euan

Vampet from England said:
Hey people, I was browsin' through the site and was just thinking about how effin' great Kurt was and how much i would give to have been at one of his concerts when he was alive, as i was only ten when he died. Kurt was this beautiful man, with a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart, It just hurts to think about the fact that he can no longer share his thoughts, feelings and emotions with us. Kurt will always live on in our hearts and for genersations to come, so never forget the best band ever, * *Nirvana* Peace and love to you all, Vampet XxXxX

annilyah from England said:
this is kewl

Shaina Gibson from United States of America said:
I just wanted to say thank you for making this site because Iam one of the most biggest fans of Kurt Cobain I was definitely sad when he past on(rest in peace) and now as I sit here the song re-made by staind "outside" plays over and over in my head. Like I said Thank You for this site it's great and I love the pics. -Love Always- Shaina Gibson R*I*P Kurt Cobain

Linnieson from The land of dreams said:
R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Linnieson from England said:
R.I.P Kurt Cobain

nev from Croatia said:

Jasmine from U.S.A said:
Nirvana rules and always will. It's cool to have websites that are dedicated to them.

Dan Newsham from United States said:
My Coments are that Courtney love totaly killed him and that she should burn in hell because Kurt Cobain Was a Father to me and I know that he would never do anything to hurt any of his kids

TANJA from RUSSIA said:

kclover4evertilldeath...soon! from England said:
kurt i love u...u r my blood,drug,alcohol,soul...life!i live 4 you to protect u from assholes and bitches,dumb jokes(actually 4 me they aren't jokes)and courtney...she really hurt u she really hurt me...when she killed u she killed me...i don't have the passion anymore...i hate this world...i hate myself and i wanna die 2 join u and to stop all my pain and suffering...my life's really screwed i'm desperate and crazy in love with u...u r my pain killer...i will die 4 u soon and be with u 4 ever...i love u...she'll pay 4 your death,she'll pay 4 murderin u...i hate her...PEACE,LOVE,EMPATHY yours 4 ever...I LOVE U,I LOVE U!!!

kirk from usa said:
kurt man u were the bomb i dont know y u had to kill ur self man u were the best.

purple chic from USA said:
hey i want to say that together forever Kurt lives in us. keep the GRUNGE alive. i love you guys. -me

me myself and i from ausi said:
kurt will be ith us for ever and ever

Malin Berg from Sweden said:
Hello everybody! I Want to whrite in this book beacuse I love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain so fucking much! I really miss the band but the music and memories are still in my head!

Lavender from USA said:
if any believes kurt was murdered please e mail me i want to find this out! i believe it. thanx fellow grungers. deadmaiden18@yahoo.com

clare from san francisco said:
me and my boyfriend are going as Kurt and Courtney for Halloween this year and i need to research your photos

Rob Mannie from netherlands said:
Kurt that hurt

ashley from usa said:
i honestly believe that this was the greates group that there ever was and ever has been. they have actually affected my life when i listen to the music. i wish i would've had the chance to actually go see them but unfortunatley i was to young. my sister was also a very big fan of them. we shared a room when we were younger and it was covered in pictures of him and them. she was the one to open me up to them and to see how great they are. now, everytime i hear a song, i have to stop and listen, remembering how great they were and always will be.

IAN MASTERS from U.S.A. said:

dyer from Wales said:
what a site man. keep it going its superb, so much info on everything, hell yeah

apit tokai from malaysia said:
NIrvana will not be forget kurt is the best .live long nirvana GRUNGE is the best FREe your Mind .MUSIC IS LIVE .

Amber from U.S.A. said:
Kurt's music and life has forever made an impact on my life. It is sad that such a talented man is no longer here with us. But this world is not all there is. Souls do not die.

Derk-jan Louwes from The Netherlands said:
It's the best site of all popgroups. I have all CD's and posters! It's a really good popgroup!

kpradeep from England said:
it is the best ever i have seen

Linnieson from Sweden said:
Nirvana 4-ever!!!

stavan jadhav from india said:
i think KURT COBAINwas teh best singer i have ever heard of and whose pictures i have seen.although unfortunately i only became his fan,so long after his death i dont think that coutney killed him.i am so sure that he kiled himself,because he earlier tried to suicide as well.nd i thik hwe was so sick of his life.the grunge thing had completely eaten up his soul.well ,but still.KURT was KURT.and i think no one would ever be like him ,except me...........................stavan

Robb Halischuk from Canada said:
cool fucking site.

Homer Simpson from Germany said:

claire h from England said:
I Love You Kurt, R.I.P

Michelle from Denmark said:
First of all I want to tell you, that your site is just PERFECT !!!!! And then I want to tell everyone, that I just love KURT DONALD COBAIN !!!!!!! Rest in peace.

Andrew from England said:
The greatest band ever created!!! Nirvana will never die!!! never!!! Fuck all their critics!!! rock on.

kim m from USA said:
load up on guns bring your friends,becuase im worst at what i do best and for the skill i feel blessed ,theres nothing on top but a bucket and a mop so rape me. P.s. for all the people who claim to be fans you could at least spell his fuckin name right it is k-u-r-t- c-o-b-a-i-n thankyou kim

dibyendra from Nepal said:
This Website is Just Fine !!!!!!!!!!!

sophie from england said:
id just want 2 let Matt Powell know that ive bin tring 2 e-mail him but cant i wanna talk 2 u so e-mail me plz.

vyron aguila from philippines said:
kurt was the great guitarist i see. RIP kurt.fuck them all NIRVANA's "critics" PUTANG INA NYO SA LAHAT NA AYAW SA NIRVANA

jenny from united states said:
nirvana is really cool and curt cobain

Melissa Edsell from USA said:
Noone compares to Kurt!!

john from England said:
hahahahaha kut funkin killed himself get over it you bunch of losers

brenda from England said:
for my kid

Jennifer from USA said:
Hey.. I like the website.. Kurt Cobain was(and still is) the best singer/guitarist/songwriter ever!! He knew what some teens were going through.. and he spoke for them! I agree with everyone who thinks Courtney had something to do with Kurt's death! And now she's trying to keep the new Box Set from coming to our, the fans, hands! I think she has no right to do anything with Nirvana's recordings! For God's sake, it WASN'T her band! Hole is, so she needs to keep her own damn business in her own band and stay out of Krist and Dave's way!! But Kurt will be truly missed! He was awesome.. but remember GRUNGE IS NOT DEAD.. IT'S JUST SLEEPING!! RIP KURT COBAIN!!!

Shockwave said:
What about us Father, why did you leave us alone? -Neogrunge generation 2000-

Hrc from Croatia said:
Whenever I think of you, it realy helps me get trough, Whatever I'm supossed to do, I'll bet you'll do it to, So when I'm alone once more, and life is cruel again, I remember you my God, I remember Kurt Cobain

Psycho_Chihuahua from USA said:
Courtney's a whore. She should be put through the sam fucking shit Kurt went through. Even if she had nothing to do with hs death, she just milked it for her fucked up band, ohh I'm gonna fucking watch a band named Hole, fuck that. Kurt should still be alive.

marcus jacobsson from sweden said:
i really like this midi files its pretty cool ohh and the art pics .dosent work by for now.

Matt powell from united states of america said:
I like kurt cobain because he music realates to my life. my life sucks the big one and on top of that my parents might divorce like him. i am only 13 and i dont think that i matter to anyone. Kurt lives forever in me, in you and in our lifes. he will always be remembered throughout the world. Matt Powell

matt powell from USA said:
This site is great!!! i am obsessed Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. people say that atleast. Email me at nirvana4lyfe@aol.com

David Kennelly from USA said:
i don't know

Mathew Middlebrooks from United States said:
Kurt was a talented person, he will never be forgot.

homo from Afghanistan said:
i think i rule

amanda from the good old U.S of A said:
Kari is crazy!! chiken is good chiken is great i smoked my crack and cleaned my plate. i want my babyback babyback chilli babyback ribs bbq sauce.