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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Ann-Kathrin from Germany said:
I love you all. And I think Kurt Cobain dead is not good.

Rach from England said:
Oh my god its so cool to see this guestbook back up n runnung :D have missed it so much, n kinda havent been back on here for months Hope all the old regulars r still posting.....Dani, charlotte, crystal, 666, kurt, etc....u guys rocked sooo much n probs still do :D Rach xxx

reece from England said:
i was just wondering of you knew any werthat they seel the Vandlasium:as beautiful as a rock in a cops face... sticker?

Kendall from USA said:
I love Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I wish that I could\'ve met him before he died.

ryan from usa said:
wat a waste of a great mind

Hrafnhildur og Frigg :D from Iceland said:
This is very cool homepage.... we dont know who did it but its cool!!!! Go to our homepage and check it out... Frigg : www.blog.central.is/friggaa_flottaa and www.folk.is/thelittlebigones Hrafnhildur : www.folk.is/hsif_korn Thanke you...i hope that you will not minde....we are not good in English! :$

Natalia of Glasgow from SCOTLAND said:
Ihave pics i want to swap 07773 619124

hannah from England said:
the site is mint. anything to do with nirvana im intrested in, and kurt and his misterious un rounded life, make me feel close to him and what i know about him just blows me away! R.I.P babez the true fans will never foget you!

britty the bitch from bitchland said:
im the bitch.. im fuckin stupid.....brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

Lool from England said:
i like your site, very interesting and useful, good work:)

Britty from u.s.a. said:
haha i know im a bitch!!

Ashley from USA said:
rest in pece Kurt!!! All of your fans still love you much and are fighting for you more and more everyday.

britto i cum from just below my belly button said:
if u want me cum & get me

zzz from zzz said:

britty from u.s.a. said:

Kurt from England said:
Hey britto whos up?

kurt from England said:
you are fuckin stupid bitch

Britty from u.s.a. said:
wtf!i know thats not charlotte im not fuckin stupid!

Kurt from England said:
Hey charlotte whats up?

charlotte from England said:
i would love to be your girlfriend britto. i know you love lesbo sex. get rid of kurt.then you can keep those panties off sweetie .X X X X X WE CAN HAVE A HOLE LOT OF FUN BABE.

Britty from u.s.a. said:
lol your fuckin pathetic and how do you know im fuckin ugly?maybe your just sayin that b/c your jelouse your not my boyfriend

Kurt from England said:
its not funny spreading your legs bitch. ugly fucker

Britty from u.s.a. said:
haha im a tart thats coolio!

KURT from England said:

bucky from England said:
first of all congrats but ur info is wrong \'fecal matter\' was kurt and dale crover of the melvins, jason everman didnt join the band till after \'bleach\' came out, his name is on the back as he lent kurt the money for recording and it was kurts way of repaying him, and to all the people below, courtney spent days triin to find kurt after he escaped rehab, some one assisted in kurts death, the proof lies on the gun as the finger prints were almost wipped off and the gun was to big for kurt to fire at him self, courtney is a money greedy whore, but she didnt kill kurt unless she has mind powers, she was in a completly different state, krist (chris novoselic) was sed to be his wife shelly and there was no word with dave(grohl)so let it be sed kurt committed suicide he always sed he would tried a few times and finally succeded bless his soul and may he riff for ever at god speed - bucky boy (god bless the fans)

kurt from England said:
get ur panties back on n behave u fucking tart

Henry from England said:
You earned my respect folks! Yau made a nice, intresting site, someday i will have a site like this too.

Paul from England said:
Very interesting and userful site. Thank You!

Britty from u.s.a. said:
i didnt do a god damn thing to you so shut the fuck up!

Kurt from England said:
& u piss me off

Britty from u.s.a. said:
how do you know im a fucking slag and how do you fucking know that im a slut?you guys have never fucking seen me before so leave me the fuck alone...god childish people piss me off!

Francis Grant from USA said:
a175385b7f7a06294f9f2c66ab1a52545a Good work, nice webpaqe.

John Jacoby from USA said:
a7c9477d50a94473828045a3702c14e37a Good work, nice webpaqe.

Kurt from England said:
But you are a slut britto

Xx Becki xX from England said:
yes u do your just a well used fucking slag

Britty from u.s.a. said:
i dont have to shut it if i dont wanna

Paul from England said:
Your website is very nice! I enjoyed visiting it.

Xx Becki xX from England said:
shut it bitch

Britty from u.s.a. said:
dont call me a bitch and just because hes dead does not fuckin mean he doesnt rock!i have ppl in here that fuckin agree with me so back the fuck off!

Sarah Jayne from New Zealand said:
Hey all this is an awesome site.Does anyone know where I can find the Suicide note??

Xx Becki xX from England said:
does he fuck hes dead bitch

Britty from u.s.a. said:
what are ya talkin about he still does!!

Xx Becki xX from England said:
Hey Kurt Cobain rockz. well..he did :(. x xx

juk from india said:

MariaCarlos from England said:
NIRVANA rocks! 3 kurdt cobain!

arian from America said:
its sad that such a genius could have ever had to go through this. to endure the pain he did.. whether he did it or courtney.. its horrid.

arian from England said:
its sad that such a genius could have ever had to go through this. to endure the pain he did.. whether he did it or courtney.. its horrid.

Britto from u.s.a. said:
dude i have had precences of him!!!

Mary from America said:
My friends and i are obsessed with nirvana we shall start a band... we wont be famous because our voices all suck but we can play music i love music... i can get in touch with the other demenion...(ghost worlds) and i think we talked to Kurt Cobain.... well thank you soooooooooooooo much your site rocks.... I LOVE YOU..... BUT I LOVE NIRVANA MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLOVER from usa said:
courtny is a pig , her music sucks , I really wish no one would help her but they do , shes a dirty scank . It sickins me to even look at the slob!

CLOVER from usa said:
courtny is a pig , her music sucks , I really wish no one would help her but they do , shes a dirty scank . It sickins me to even look at the slob!

britto from England said:
fuck off kitty your just a slut

kitty from mexikop said:
anti -nirvana well,let me see, I dont know how to explain you guys, nirvana isnt a religion, i like nirvana but im not an idiot...in fact if I tell you who Im you wont belive but Im sure that you know me . Im doing things for the world guys , Im not just sit and writting shit like you...I agree that everyboy write what everybody feel,about anything.but have you ever think why do you write that?, I mean, you are the kind of people that sucks...what do you want?..ohh i know , you want that we say \"ohh anti-nirvana is right, he knows the best music, he is grate , he opened my eyes and i wont lisent nirvana anymore.. hes nice, h change my life\"..But thats not gonna happen because we know what we are , we dont need a person telling us whats right, and whats wrong..wake up guy...youre a BLASFEMIA

Britto from u.s.a. said:
i am not a slut

kristina from mexico said:
Im a mexican girl , i think that this is a nice page,I dont talk english very well, but I would like to stay , I would like to keep visiting this page .. IM A BIG, BIG NIRVANAS FAN , AND IM PROUD OF...congratulations...peace.....kitty princessa hija de la luna..my e-mail: kijadelaluna@hotmail.com

Kurt from England said:
I Agree she did do it

Courtney Hutchins from U.S.A said:
My whole lifes based on tryin to pin Courtney Love to his murder because I know she hadf something to do with it and if any of ya\'ll think your bad then e-mail me and i\'ll prove you wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Hutchins from U.S.A said:
My whole lifes based on tryin to pin Courtney Love to his murder because I know she hadf something to do with it and if any of ya\'ll think your band then e-mail me and i\'ll prove you wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Hutchins from U.S.A said:
I love Nirvana it was probably the best band ever and i freaking miss kurt cobain and for all you fuckers that think he died from suicide then fuck ya\'ll

Kurt from England said:
But you are a slut britto

Amethyst from Hell said:
Nirvana rawks!!!!!!!!

Peter Harris from USA said:
o7c9477d50a94473828045a3702c14e37o Good work, nice webpaqe.

Britty from u.s.a. said:
i know*

Britto from u.s.a. said:
ok you fuckin asshole im know your not kurt b/c kurt would never say ne thing like that to me and i am not fuckin gay!oh and call me a fuckin slut one more time i will hunt your ass down and fuckin bring backup and if you ever fuckin seen me you would know im not a slut and i have never ever slept with 20 fuckin guys they were my boyfriends but i never slept with them im fuckin 13 peeps now grow the fuck up and get a god damn life all of you!

Kurt from England said:
Britto, whats up?...e-mailed u from college..just thought i\'d see if your still on this site.

Kurt from England said:
your not straight britto your as bent as a spoon.your into gay pride n everything slut

Carly from U.S.A said:
i love this site. ive been a nirvana fan since i was 4. i can\'t believe that only recently i found this site. but its great.

Britt from u.s.a. said:
hey im not gay...im straight

Kurt from England said:
always ga ....pride

Britt from u.s.a. said:
haha NIRVANA kix @$$!!!

Kurt from England said:

Amy from England said:
rock on always

Kurt from England said:
i\'m not gay

Kurt from England said:
n am a real cool dude am a no..gay but still cool.

Kurt from England said:

Britt from somewhere screwy said:
well duh every1 knows NIRVANA rox..well not every1 only the cool peeps know that NIRVANA rox!!

Kurt from England said:
Nirvana rocks

Nicola R from England said:
Nirvana were and are still legends! Their lyrics were fantastic and related to real life situations! I love and cherish their albums. RIP Kurt Cobain

jizn dermo from text said:
Very interesting site!respekt!

Catherine Miller from USA said:
\"Don\'t take life to seriously, you\'ll never get out alive.\"

david from scotland said:
get to fuck britto