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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Crystal from England said:
Oh and to Neutron - Thanku I try my best!! And keep posting I enjoy reading ure comments too!! Crystal xoxox

Crystal from England said:
To all u lovely guys, u guys are so great,I can see alot of faith for kurt in all of you. To Rach - dont worry about your comment to Ben, to be fair he kinda deserved it, dont feel you have to explain yourself to any1, ure thoughts are your own and its nice that you share them. To Malcom - Wow its great to see enthusiasm from a different perspective, I think you should definatly introduce this into some kind of aspect of teaching, it would motivate alot of kids to learn. To the person from Crystalville!! - ure amazing! thanku lots and lots for saying such nice things about me, Im a little lots for words, probably cause Im in the shadow of all ure praise, please keep visiting this site beause kurt deserves to be remebered!! Thanks again love to all crystal xoxoxox

malcolm from England said:
im an english teacher and im always hearing about this kurt cobain, he seems very intriguing, i may try some media work on him with my students. also i run a counselling service, crystal, life sucks is right, foget about them scrots who are afraid of your ability to be intelectual.

life sucks, its good to know kurts w8ing 4 me though! from Crystalville said:
to crystal, u shud have ue own site. ure so strong willed and believe in what you want to, dont give up. i believe kurt has us you from a higher place. its good to know ure mind is immortalised here, forever. i believe kurt has a special place in his heart for you. dont listen to them sickos, they dont deserve wot we have here (you). dont u all agree every1????? rip kurt dip miss love, i thought that was quite good, well done (if you think tahj from neighbours is spunyk say wayo! from crystalville), are we neighbours????

Rach from England said:
Hey! yeah sorry about reacying how i did Ben, its just that i hate when people make stuff up about u, iv\'e had 2 deal wiv alot of that in my life already lately, so i hav my reasons, but still i\'m sorry! im bored, how be everyone? rach xx

rock on nirvana from England said:
nirvana will always be alive as long as ppl remeber them

marissa from The netherlands said:
LONNIE....FUCK OFF....your being pathetic!

marissa from The netherlands said:
JIMMY,JAMIE, NEUTRON,INGE AND CLOR, sorry that I havenīt been here for a while..I had some problems that stopped me from coming here,but donīt worrie, I\'m fine. So how are you guys? I heard that cobainīs case is going to be reopened? anyway let me know how you are doing!! JAMIE, have you changed your email adress? ttyl! kind off missed you guys! love,peace Marissa

I\'d rather be anonomus at this stage from Eire said:
clor i swear on kurts life i did not pretend to be you!!!!!!!!!!! Just deal with it, don\'t flatter yourself

Al from USA said:
Kurt Cobain R.I.P. You\'ve helped me through so much in my life.And to me you\'re still alive in my heart. Ill see you when i get there....

Neutron from England said:
Again I welcome another deeply thought out comment from Crystal, well done for holding restraint. This forum is a dedication to Kurt\'s life and work and should not be some sort of slagging match. I try to bare that in mind when I\'m on the defensive. RIP Kurt xxxx

CRYSTAL from England said:
Hey Rach! TO BEN- seems to me that although I pride myself on respecting people\'s opinions ures is waaay out, and although I kinda try and be a nice person, what u sed wasnt a nice thing and so I just hope that u have a better life than what you\'ve shown us all on this site, I truly hope that u dont spend everyday dreaming of a life that doesnt so closley resemble hell, try and remeber this is kurts site and its saved for those of us with respect. Anyways, thanks to all u guys especially Rach and Neutron 4 bein sooo nice!! to Rach - I always wonder what it would be like if Kurt was still with is, in a way Im glad that he\'s not, he was a tortured soul and he needed escape, this world wasnt right for him, and I wouldnt have wanted him to go on coping, to have to deal with the love of too many people, share the lives of too many people. Of course I will always love him though and wish eternally that he is happy where he is now. Oh and thnaks to the person who was so nice about me from crystalville!! hehe, luv u all never fading.....Crystal xoxoxox

Rachel Downey from U.S.A. said:
Kurt Cobain was tghe best. Nirvana was a great group.

cobains-bitch from England said:

dr.dolots from USA said:
did you know that the month kurt died/was murdered the us teen suicide rate reached an all time hight. was this good or bad; was it really worth it? theres dedication and stupidity right?

Rach from England said:
I\'m listening 2 Nirvana right now...Silver-an amazing song! i loves it dearly i do, along with the rest of there songs :) Aww Kurt had such an amazing voice, he was so so talented, and v.lucky in the looks department! i wish he was still alive. if he was alive, i suppose this sie wouldnt exist!?

if you think tahj from neighbours is spunyk say wayo! from crystalville said:
power to crystal, more people should be like her. rip kurt. dip (die in pain) courtney!

Rach from England said:

Rach from England said:
hey Ben, you can shut up, i dont even know Crystal, i was just standing up 4 my beliefs and agreeing with her. And note that there was other people saying the same, so dont you think people are saying it for a reason- to make idiots like you shut up! I just think Crystal made some good points and didnt think it was fair when people started saying rumours aboyt her. im not the only one who feels this way!

imstillinmourning from kurtsville said:
beacuse of kurt i will always smell like teen spirit, noone can have as much influence over me like he did and still does. if i could marry anyone it would be kurt, i think i may kill myslef to be with him. kurty baby, here i come, get the preacher ready!!!!!!

ben from England said:
rach and crystal are lesbians who make out to nirvana, woohooo!!!

Valerie Ducharme from Canada said:
I love Nirvana Baby!

Rach from England said:
Hey, ur welcome Crystal, its good 2 know that sum1 feels the same as me. and as 4 u other liers posting comments, just shut up and stop writing a load of rubbish about her. ur only doing it coz u cant handle the fact that she sticks up 4 her beliefs and is strong minded! Anyway, sh\'e a Kurt fan so dont diss! :) i wonder what it would be like if he was still alive?

Garry from England said:
Hey hows it going nice page

Crystal from England said:
Thanks neutron!! and every1 else who\'s stuck up for me, I appreciate it more than you\'ll know. luv u all keep rockin xoxooxox

Crystal from England said:
Thanks neutron!! and every1 else who\'s stuck up for me, I appreciate it more than you\'ll know. luv u all keep rockin xoxooxox

john cody from amerca said:
nirvana was the best ever and i thint that kurt was mured

Neutron from England said:
Crystal, don\'t be put off, just keep writing your thoughts of Kurt on this board as I\'m enjoying reading your deeply thought out comments regarding the Legend Kurt! luv yah, Kurt RIP! xxxx

Kurt Forever from Canada said:
Canada SUCKS!!!!! anyway, kurt was awesome, and anyone who doesnt think so will burn in hell so fuck you canadians(yeah i realize i\'m from canada)

crystalrules!!!!! from kurtshometown said:
kurt will be w8ing to judge those aforementioned evil doers when they die thier very soon,very painful deaths, with the image of kurt h8ing them in their minds, they will die just from their ashamed feelings!

Carlos from Brazil said:
What\'s up, ah.. I don\'t know Whay to Say...

h8ersofthebitchers from England said:
burn in hell sicko cocksuckers! the place where kurt is remembered should be cleansed from you evil beings, he is higher than we meer mortals, if there were a god, we all know hu it would be!!!!!! praise to kurt in the highest of high!!!!!!!!

crystal from England said:
I just wanna say, that i dont know what those ppl r on about but they should back off and keep their sick jokes to themselves, this is a sight for kurt, have some repect. crystal xoxox

sirsimon from England said:
i would like to say that i know crystal and she is not a prostitute, not at all, in fact i believe her to be very angelic and nice. also she has regular health checks and has not been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted infections of diseases. also the heartless joke about our almighty one, was very low and pathetic, i urge every to give those three sickos their opinions of them. praise to kurt!!!!!!!!!! rock on death, though u may be silent the ground still shakes around you!!!!!!!!!!!!

crystal from England said:
I just wanna say, that i dont know what those ppl r on about but they should back off and keep their sick jokes to themselves, this is a sight for kurt, have some repect. crystal xoxox

thesecondmessiah from England said:
didnt miss love give our messiah clap, it wouldnt surprise me, or was it bang, ummmm?????

yoyo from England said:
i thought that name sounded familiar, remeber me crystal, i made you scream, but you know gave me the clap!!!!!!!!

yoyo from England said:
i thought that name sounded familiar, remeber me crystal, i made you scream, but you know gave me the clap!!!!!!!!

melvin from England said:
i heard crystal is a high school drop out prostitute who lives in a caravan! she has good rates i also heard, ring her 07696969696!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal from England said:
Thanks Rach, glad to know sum1\'s backin me up, keep rockin hun. Chin up all Nirvana fans, Kurt lives with us, Crystal xoxoox

Rach from England said:
Hey, i\'m back and ready 2 comment once again! I agree with Crystal, no1 shud argue on this site, i just thin that if u wanna diss Kurt u shudnt be on this site. this site was made so people could praise Kurt, not bring his good name down. im sorry but it had 2 be sed ?(any1 agree?) well, Kurt may be dead, but certainly not forgotten, R.I.P Kut ( Rest In Peace AND Rock In Peace)

CRYSTAL from England said:
NEUTRON - thanks wat u sed was way deep, and Im glad that sum1 read my opinion, but I couldnt help but notice afterwards how it looked like I was siding with that jamie guy and pitching at the other person, I truly wasnt, i was telling them to cut it out and stop yelling!! On a different note I wrote down some stuff last night when I was listening to -Dumb, it was nice I think, and I wish I could fit it on this, but its waayyyy too long! But this was a bit of it - NIRVANA FREAK - that lable scares me but I also embrace it because I\'m proud of the way I love Kurt but in a way Im repulsed by it, because I know that Kurt wouldnt be happy with my undying love he\'d loathe my fucking adoration, because it would suffocate him and make him feel raped, but I cant stop it, my adoration makes me sick. ....pretty deep huh??!!! anyways luv u all....and remeber respect eachother!!! crystal xoxoxox

STUUPPPIDDIA from Iraq said:
Kurt cobaine sucks balls

Tourettes from England said:
kurt is ultimate. he is the best songwriter ever. krist is lanky BUT good and grohl just sucks. Hi kim

Ryan Harvie from Canada said:
Kurt cobain is god

Neutron from England said:
Crystal & jamie I sooo agree. We all have different tastes but we all luv Kurt & Nirvana and what they did for the music world and that is why most of us come here to this brilliant site to keep the legacy of Kurt & Nivana\'s name alive! I think Kurt IS happy where he is knowing that he made such a BIG IMPACT on the world and even though he had his vices (just like all of us in this sinful world) he had a good heart and cared alot more than what some might think about his surroundings and how his life was affecting others. Kurt was deep, deeper than the ocean a LEGEND! A message to Courtney: Whatever you do in life, you will never,ever,ever get what Kurt still has. Fan\'s who will carry his name to the grave and not before exposing their teens to his legacy too! True Fan\'s! Not some passing fad. You\'re real lucky that you came in contact with such a caring man as Kurt and I dread to think what most of Kurt\'s fans will remember you for! lolol REST IN PEACE KURT, YOU\'RE STILL ROCKING!xxxxxx

Crystal from England said:
hey guys, I dont want this comment to be met with a torrade of angry abbuse so maybe y\'all should just read it and reflect a \'lil bit - u guys shouldnt come on this site just to pitch at eachother, jeez respect eachothers opinions and dont start fighting or getting angry or anything! whats the point? You need to chill out and remeber what this site is about, never fading Crystal xoxoxox

Jamie from Canada said:
hey, I just wanted to say...why the HELL would you care what other people like? just concentrate on your own tastes. dont critize man, fuck, who the hell are you too say? all that matters is that this site is for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, not anybody else. If you care about him and his music, then why are you bitching about irelivant bullshit??!!?? anyways, im gonna stop wasting my time on you. Love ya Kurt, RIP. JAmie

Elle Rayburn from united states said:
kurt cobain was and still is the best !!!!!!!!!i cant courtney love did that!!!!!she is such a bitch!!!!!!!!!

Nirvana was awesome from U.S. said:
hey, you may hate pop, but little do you know Kurt Cobains influence was mainly pop bands of his day, and Nevermind had a lot of pop influence so before you say you hate pop think of what Kurt Cobain liked

Death to sumbliminal pop from England said:
hey all, i was the person that logged on aaaggggeeesss ago as - hating pop forever more, my outlook still hasnt changed, cause none of these psycho-sympatic bubble-gum wrapped pop finatics have shown me anything to disprove my theory, I have so much hate fro them and how they dont appreciate decent music, Nirvana was more than the best, so surely it\'s only right that the memory remains undisputedly so? and that fans like us should be unquestionably aloud to speak the truth on such a subject. To anyone dissagreeing with my \'theories\' please tell me - do u wear barely anything on friday nights and stand in line worrying about wether you\'ll make the nightclub \'nappy night\'? do u hang in your room with your girlfriend and swoon over sum suck-ass greased up boy band member.....your fucking sick. ROCK HAS BEEN SUCCESFULLY SUCKED AND FUCKED BY THE COMMERCIALISED WORLD, DONT\' STAND BY AND WATCH IT, VOTE THE PIXIES, MUDHONEY, PEARL JAM AND UNFORGETTABLY NIRVANA, KURT WAS BEAUTIFUL, RESPECT HIM OR GET THE FUCK AWAY. PULL IT OUT BEFOR IT TAKES ROOT. xoxoxoxox

Kurt is from Heaven said:
broken wings will help you fly, broken arms will help you reach out, blind eyes help you see, flaws make you perfect

I hate canada from England said:
Canada sucks!

doused in mud, soaked in bleach from United States said:
If you believe everything in heavier than heaven, you don\'t know shit, it was authorized by Courtney Love, A MURDERER!, so if you wanna know something read Come As You Are it was authorized by Kurt Cobain, just a helpful hint

Jas from England said:
Tamra from Candada..............I think we\'re soulmates............that sounds creepy like a stalker guy, just lettin u know that I feel the same way as u do. Jas

Rach from England said:
Kurt Cobain, well what can i say? He was gorgeous, talented, insperational and loved my millions. He had a great life, a great band, and a great future. He was troubled becuase Courtney Love (bitch) tried to change him. she thought he should be more the way she wanted him. she pushed him to an early death. i hate her, i really do. Kurt was the best person in the world. R.I.P Kurt, by me you will always be loved!

freddie from England said:

Rachael from England said:
KURT - I love u and always will! that Courtney Love so didnt deserve u, she killed you baby! Kurt was GOD

dave williams said:
courtney killed kurt r.i.p kurt.d.cobian[1967-1994]

Tamra from Canada said:
Whenever I am crying because I have been beaten, I go here because it makes me feel good, nirvana is the ONLY thing I love, besides my best friends. I hate my family.

Stain from U.S said:
New Wave Polly SUCKS!!!!! just telling those who might not know, now that i\'m done with that, i love Nirvana (even though new wave polly really sucks, incesticide is a great cd) and Kurt is my God!

Jas from England said:
Hey every1, Jas here, I really wanna add something that will make people really wanna read my entrie, but Im blinded by love for kurt and nirvana so its a \'lil hard, but I just wanna say, I dont think of Kurt as this super-human heroe guy, he was a person same as us, and I can just imagine that he\'d hate of us to think of him that way, (I think I read it in a book somewhere that he\'d said that sorta thing) anyway, even though thats not the person he is to me, it doesnt mean I dont think he was incredibly talented, beautiful and special, I love you kurt, I always will Jas xoxoxoxox

Tamra from Canada said:
I was just wondering neutron, its nice 2 know cuz you post a lot.

Clor from Ireland said:
BRENDA SOROHAN GET OFF THIS WEBSITE AND STOP IMPERSONATING ME!!!!!!!!!!! (cuz i presume dat was u) And while ur at it get a life. sorry bout dat, anywhos mily hasnt been on this website in ages. Tamra i was just listening 2 very ape. luv u kurt xxxxxxxxx

Katelin Maynard from USA said:
Desiree Luker just to let you know NOT EVERYONE fucking likes 50cent or G*Unit! Don\'t get on a Kurt Cobain website and diss him b/c that\'s just fucked up. So why dont you go get on the internet pull up a pic. of 50cent and fuck yourself b/c NOBODY on the Kurt Cobain website gives a shit about 50cent. And if you are going to get on this and diss him at least learn how to spell bitch!!!! K mother fucking *T

Katelin Maynard from America said:
Kurt Cobain is the best ever and thanks 2 his music hard rock is growing faster and faster today!

Rae Barker from United States said:
Hey,I just wanted to say that even though NIRVANA (hte greatest band ever) isn\'t one anymore, I still think you guys will always rock. Kurt Cobain was the spark the turned it all into fire. R.I.P Kurt Cobain. Love u guys!!

Matthias Witt from Germany said:
It is a tragedy. Kurt is and was the greatest musician in this world. I\'m very proud the read book\'s with opinions to his death. I think that this death is courtneys guilt. Best wishes for all Nirvana fans and for Krist, Dave and Frances

jHes (stoner) from England said:
kurdt ur a legend babe i wud do anythin 2 c u perform live one last time even let dat bich courtny shoot me i love ya babe

Neutron from England said:
Tamra, no I\'m a lady. why? Jhank, that was deep, very deep...I\'m sure we\'ll get some answers somehow, maybe Courtney could feel it in her heart (if she has one) to confess or at least say what really happened the week running up to his death. Rest In Peace Kurt. xxxx

I said:

Tamra from Canada said:
Neutron? Is that your name? You are a guy right?

Tamra from Canada said:
I love the song \'very ape\', but all the nirvana songs are great!

Jhankarlo from Mexico said:
I love nirvana but more i love Kurt. IN the years his not here I lost al my fears, my wing has gone away, for him i leave my heart and fame, and Cortney love i wish for her to die in flames. Grunge is dead, Grunge has gone away with his spirit drowned in pain. Ihate my self and i want to die but there is no reason for you to say good bye, we missed you, we dream you , but mostly we cry and cry at night wishing for you. I have dream that one day I would die the same way you did that way i can found out who killed you that night, and feal the pain that you have insede living your chield behaind, plaease come back at least say your good bye, and courtney i wish no life. WE MISSED YOU KURT WE LOVE YOU KURT GOOD BYE

Rebecca from USA said:
Great website! I like how you do the organization on here and the materials that you have. Buh-Bye!