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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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666 from England said:
yo dani.......

Hannah from England said:
11 years Kurt, long time no see :) Love ya dude, miss ya x

Dani from England said:
Hey, havent been on here for a while, Just want to say Kurt, r.i.p dude. 11 long years since that fatal day occured, and your still remembered and loved. R.I.P Mr Cobain. -DaNi!-

Vera-Kurt Cobain from England said:
Hali!!! Én magyar csaj vagyok,és csak azért írok hogy tudjátok magyar országon én vagyok a legnagyobb rajomgója!!! Kurt imádlak,szeretlek,...

666 from England said:
yo.....kurt will live on in all our hearts and never be forgotten..............yo charlotte ya well???..

Vera-Kurt Cobain from England said:
Hello!!! I love you Kurt!!! Happy birthday-febr.20 Deht Kurt-apr.5

ryan from canada said:
Kurt donald cobain was the best singer in the world and he is a god i love kurtit is his death today and he would 38 and still a hard rocker on he will always be

Kurt from England said:
No offense Heather, but if someone was taking ur name, wouldn\'t you be arguing? we almost always talk about Kurt you friggin dumbass so just get the fuck off here cos you are chatting too! Dumbass bitch......fucking dog! I bet u is a cheerleader.

heather lyn from usa said:
This website is supposed to be for kurt, not for all of ya\'ll fuckin jackasses talkin shit to eachother so i think if ya\'ll are on this site just to fuck around you need to go to a chat room, geeze! R.I.P. kurt donald cobain 2-20-67 ~ 4-5-94 27 years too short this is the 11th year to the day w/o him him i love ya baby! peace, love, and empathy and always remember it\'s better to bun out than to fade away...!

Cris Loew II from U.S.A said:
This is one of the best Kurt Cobain / Nirvana site i\'ve seen

Simone Ascenso from South Africa said:
Kurt will always be a legend. Love u Lots!

Charlotte from England said:
Thanks Katie for explaining. Man, Rosie is right. They really sound like nice people. Also note the sarcasm in that. I would hate to be involved with some of them people....

ryan from canada said:
today is kurts death and it has been a long time i wach his video all the time he is my idal

Rosie from England said:
Wow, they sound like a nice bunch of people! (if you could hear me saying that, then you would hear sarcasm in my voice!) xxx

Katie from USA said:
Charlotte, the reason Kurt hated \"rednecks\" was because they usually as a whole are very racist. They really don\'t like black people or homosexuals or pretty much anybody that isn\'t exactly like them. They are pretty much people that are pissed that slavery is over.

A friend from my heart said:
Goodbye my friend its hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky, now that the spring is in the air, pretty girls are everywhere. Just think of me and I\'ll be there.

Katie from USA said:
A redneck is a really southern trashy person. Usually lives in a trailor, eats road kill, and drinks alot of beer. Mostly imbred.

Charlotte from England said:
Thanks Rosie, I just wanted to know..Where is everyone else? Is anyone online? Hey 2 everyone.. hope everyones April 5th is going okay :-( Charlottexxxxxxxxx

Duncan from England said:
i remember kurt 4m school he was a glue sniffer

marissa from The netherlands ° april th5 2005° said:
BLEACH,a stuff junkies use to clean there injector, it cleand my way of living. NEVERMIND, a thought i always had when people took me for granted that i loved NIRVANA, and yelled at me to call me ŕ fucking punk.FROM THE MUDDY BANKS..I had to come, to be where I´m now.A MODERN FAIRY TALE, is what is told now, how Kurt died. But THE UNTOLD STORIES, is where i believe in. We all tohgetter, that fucking TEEN SPIRIT!! WITH THE LIGHTS OUT, the howley eyes of our beloved, are clossed now for awhile, to long and to soon, never to be seeing our light to him. UNPLUGGED are the days now, without him...and will be, RAPE ME, is probaly what he is thinking..JUSTICE IS COMING KURT!! LOVE YOU MAN! MISS YOU, WITH LOVE, marissa

Rosie from England said:
hey everyone, charlotte dont\'t worry about it, you weren\'t to know. Nice words Rach rosie -x-

Charlotte from England said:
Well said, Rach. Well said..

Charlotte from England said:
Okay, I am not familiar with American terms. Can someone from the USA please tell me or explain to me. What exactly IS a \"redneck\"? I would be grateful for a reply because Kurt was against them and most of you Americans mention them once in a while and I was just wondering. I hope you don\'t take offence in this message. Love ya, Charlotte-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Rach from England said:
The day that we all dread has approached. 11 long years have passed since a true rock n roll/grunge god\'s life was drasticaly ended. Kurt, R.I.P, You may be gonem but you\'ll never be forgotten. Your life was short, but meant so much to so many people and you touched lives of thousands. You were an inspiration, a role modeel, a hereo, a son, a brother, a friend, a husband, a dad. Your memory remains and always will. R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain. Rach xxx

Charlotte from England said:
Well, the dreaded day is here unfortunately and it is now 11 years since Kurt died, yet his music flows through people as if it was written yesterday. Kurt, wherever you are, I hope you are happy and that you are looking down on Frances and are proud that she is your daughter. R.I.P Kurt Donald Cobain - 20th February 1967 - 5th April 1994- You will always be missed but never forgottenxxxxxxxCharlotte-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Emil Hellman from Finland said:
I really liked your page allthought I didn\'t find anything NEW that I didn\'t allready know about Nirvana and Cobain. Keep this site up because we all know that Kurt will allways live in the deepest place in our hearts.

kunt from cokain said:
am a dead

Katie from usa said:
jessica if thats you just fcuk off

Charlotte from England said:

Katie from USA said:
Isn\'t it so weird that a baby that was born on that day would now be eleven! God, it really does not seem that long ago. I remember that day perfectly. How could anyone forget it?

Katie from USA said:
April 5th sucks balls! See you on the other side, old friend.

ryan from canada said:
11 fucken years since his death and people still remember him he was like a god of music rest in peace kurt i will always remember him

Renee from Canada said:
Well tomorow is when Kurt was murdered and I know that i\\\'ll be praying for him and hopping that his doing just fine up there. Well he changed the way that i think and he will always be apart of me. I just can\\\'t believe it\\\'s been 11 years since his been gone. You\\\'re always with in me Kurt......Kurt Donald Cobain (1967-1994) RIP I\\\'m sure Frances is doing just fine too.

Renee from Canada said:
Well tomorow is when Kurt was murdered and I know that i\'ll be praying for him and hopping that his doing just fine up there. Well he changed the way that i think and he will always be apart of me. I just can\'t believe it\'s been ten years since his been gone. You\'re always with in me Kurt......Kurt Donald Cobain (1967-1994) RIP I\'m sure Frances is doing just fine too.

adam from Canada said:
11 years has gone by since his death and ppl still love and prase him he was amazing

Clor from Ireland said:
MARISSA!! nice to see ur back! its eleven years tomorrow. RIP Kurt. peace, love, empathy xxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Yep...11 long years and jack shit has been done on the case. I reckon the Seattle Police Department are too embarrassed to come out now admitting to their mistakes..... I just wish I could do something about it though. I am seriously going to start crying if I continue to write about Kurt so I am going to go now. Hey 666, How are you? Peace Out, Charlotte -x-x-x-x-x

666 from England said:
yo.....so 11 years....but he\'s still missed and always will be.....r.i.p kurt....

kristina from america said:
i just want to tell you that ur sight rox and that kurt definatly deserves to have this sight in his honer!!! tomorrow is a sad day and it will suckl it sucks every year going througvh that day...april 5th...r.i.p kurT!!!!!!!! I LOVE U MAN~~~

Charlotte from England said:
But... luckily for me, I have a reminder of Kurt everyday. My boyfriend, Phil. He has his hair colour and eyes and is a constant reminder so then I know that Kurt will always be alive as long as Phil is. Sorry about this I just wanted to let it out. Oh yeah and in answer to somebody\'s question, my favourite Nirvana song would be \"Something in the Way\" although all of their songs were absolutely brilliant. R.I.P Kurt. Us fans will NEVER forget you...

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Rosie, I am sorry that I said those things. It was wrong of me and I was only sticking up for a friend. i should of known that you would never say those things! I am really sorry, can you forgive me? Tomorrow is the dreaded day! 11 years tomorrow, Kurt was killed and no one could do anything about it. I miss him even though I didn\'t know him, I just miss him because he was a musical genius. His songs are mesmerising yet fast paced and truthful yet controversial. It is weird but when I think about Kurt\'s death, it feels like I have lost a friend. Not just any old friend, but a best friend. A true friend. Someone you could talk to, someone you could confide in and he would keep your secrets. I miss him more everyday and it feels like a hole has been stabbed into my heart. I hate Courtney.. I fucking hate her. She only cared about the money and I just wish I could kill her... Oh yeah welcome back Kat, it has been too long girl! Peace out, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:-P

Larisa from Holland said:
Dear Nirvana fan\'s, 2morrow 11 years ago it all happend, a sad day in history, in memory of all nirvana fan\'s, we will never forget, And remmember: I\'ts better to burn out than to fade away, Rest in Peace Kurt, All my love, Larisa

jluie from England said:
kurt is god wats all yalls fvourite nirvana songs eh?

julie from Canada said:
Kurt Cobain is so AMAZING. rHiannon or w/e dont even say ur his biggest fan like ur probably just a poser. WHO likes Courtney Love? all the Kurt FANS I know think she killed him. i no like Courtney shes a mofo

julie from canada said:
i love nirvana Kurt Cobain is god!!!!!

julie from canada said:
i love Birvana Kurt Cobain is god!!!!!

Amy from England said:
i totally agree wid Rhiannon. Kurt gave so much to the world of music, he is purely a God of grunge/rock music. He will always live (if I have anything 2 do with it)! *KURT 4EVA*

karolane from canada said:
salut super le site de kurt cobain continuer lbotravail
grunge is dead

ryan from canada said:
kurt was a god off singers .If any one will make fun of him it is just because you are jealous that you can not sing like him and dont make fun of him fuck you guys if you dont like him

ryan from canada said:
hi add me if you want posthumus6996@hotmail.com peace out

rhiannon from England said:
whoever made this site is fuckin awesome. kurt was and still is a fuckin god! hes my role model, and even tho im too young to remember the nirvana days i can still recognise the controversy that he brings with his music. is it just me who feels like he puts all my unexplainable feelings into words? his biggest fan rhiannon

rhiannon from England said:
kurt cobain is the most amazing person to ever live hes so influential and hes made music what it is today. there are no words to describe what it is that i feel for him, its like an idolisatoion in a way. weird i know .kurt lives on.

Marissa from The netherlands said:
Sooooo, muchis changed around here..ok. Clor! man nice to see you still hanging around here! i hope when now it´s coming down to the 5th of april, all of our old friends will come by to, just to leave a message, as a tribute to our MAN up in Heaven, our beloved KURT DONALD COBAIN. witch i doubt if they see the state of this site...Anyways KURT YOU ARE STILL MY HERO INTO MY EYES, ALTHOUGH I NOW YOU WOULD NOT WHANT ME TO PUT IT THIS WAY, YOU ARE! LAST NIGHT I DREAMED THAT I HAD A TIME MACHINE TO GO BACK TO THE NIGHT OF 4TH TO THE 5TH OF APRIL 1994, TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN MURDERED...AND I COULD NOT DO ANYTHING!WONDER WHAT THAT MENT..STIL I MISS YOU AMMAZING EYES EVERYDAY, BUT NOW THE ARE MY PRIVATE LIGHTS TO LEAD ME THE WAY TO THIS ROTTEN LIVE. IN LOVING MEMORIE, AND IT HURTS ME MORE EVERY YEAR, I MISS YOU! LOVE MARISSA

S Coker from Texas United States said:
well all I have to say is an angle has fallen and will always be missed . I will alwqys see that man as great life that left use to soon

Katie from USA said:
Hey Chris (if that was really you) how is everything? I\'m glad your giving women a chance now. I\'ve been fucked over by guys quite a bit too, and thought I\'d always hate them all. Its hard to overcome your anger, so it shows that your strong for being able to. I hope everything is better with the girl your seeing now.

Lindey from Canada said:
this \"fuck heads pretending to be someone else and posting stupid messages\" crap is really getting ridiculous.

kat from England said:
hey, cant beileve whats happened to this guestbook. i havent been on here in ages, coz a lot of arguments and insults starting getting thrown about and when i finally decide to come back and see whats going on, i find its worse than ever. i really hope that this is rock bottom, as if it is, then the only place left to go is up. i also hope that we can all join together, with our love of nirvana, and stop all of these problems. and stop the culprit from ruining this site.

Rosie from England said:
Charlotte it seriously wasnt me that said that, i havent been on here for a few days and i can promise, hand on my heart, that it wasnt me. But whoever used it, then you have no right to take my name and use it to cause trouble. rosie -x-

Clor from Ireland said:
Hey i hope this site gets back to normal soon. it sucks the way all this crap is going on. hope everyones ok. peace, clorxxx

chris from usa said:
im still here, sometimes anyway. what the fuck is up with you guys?

adam the real one from canada said:
but i really dont no who was it could have been neone but w/e i read down and i saw u guys were talking about trying to get ppl to give a tribute to kurt and nirvana and think thats awsome ever since i started to like like them ive seen one show on tv and i no kurt wouldn\'t care but i think its i good idea

Rachel from Germany said:
I don\'t know what kind of problems you have and I can\'t understand all your comments because I learn only english at school and there I don\'t learn some expressions =) but I think you shouldn\'t make trouble think about the words from our god Kurt Cobain : PeAcE, LoVe, EmPhaTy I\'m glad that I found a page where people talk about him.. Maybe I visited the page from time to time.. Lovely Greetings yours Rachel

adam from canada eh said:
hey watsup i dont no who the fucking bitch was that was being a twat and impersonating me it sounds like it was jessica so fucking stop it its not funny i just wanted to tell people that Nirvana rocks and kurt was awsome

jessica from England said:
now that is realy sad you idiots have put everyone off

nunya from England said:
No wonder so many people aren\'t coming back here.

Katie from USA said:
Thats just it Charlotte, I don\'t know if Rosie was even the one that said that. I can\'t tell anymore who says what, and it\'s stupid. It is starting to piss me off. Thank you for your support though, It\'s actually starting to get difficult to tell who is who.

Charlotte from England said:
Hey everyone. Where have Rach and Kurt and Bex gone? Katie, just ignore Rosie, I think now that she knows it wasn\'t you, she might apologise. Rosie, I am not having a go at you, I am just saying that it was a bit out of order of you to assume that that nasty comment made by \"Katie\" was her - the real Katie. I know that Katie doesn\'t ask her friends if they have topped themselves because she is too nice and she is not ignorant at all. In fact, she knows a lot of stuff about Kurt and Nirvana that I never knew existed. She also has very interesting and amusing posts. I don\'t want a fight with you Rosie because you seem like a nice person too but I don\'t like people saying horrible stuff to other people when they don\'t deserve it whatsoever. Oh well, hope everyone is okay. Love ya, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:-P

Katie from USA said:
Alright Charlotte, maybe we should contact the webmaster and get whoever this is banned. It is getting really annoying and I\'m even starting to feel like I should stop coming here too because I\'m tired of having to fucking tell people that it isn\'t really me posting all that shit. Plus, I don\'t know when to respond or not because I\'m not sure if it\'s just jessica or whether the actual person said it. What is the point, whoever keeps taking our names? Pretty soon nobody else will even be here, so you\'ll just be talking to yourself. If your having fun fucking with us, fine, but Why this way? Eventually noone will even come here for you to fuck with, so it really is pointless. At first it didn\'t bother me, but I\'m getting sick of it now.

Katie from USA said:
Goddamn you Rosie, that wasn\'t fucking me. What the hell do you mean I come here to cause bother? Me and Chris are friends you don\'t know what the fuck your talking about and until you do, why don\'t you shut the fuck up. Also don\'t fucking call people ignorant when you don\'t know how to spell it.