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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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louise from England said:

Lauryn Thompson from usa said:
I Love Your Music And You Really Express My Feelings In Alot Of Your Songs. No One Will Ever Be Able To Fill You Shoes And Never Again Will There Be Another KURT COBAIN!!!

lewis from scotland said:
most of your tabs r ok

Lewis from Scotland said:
i love gail

Lewis from Scotland said:
No offense but did you just make up the lyrics for tourette's cause there aint no lyrics for it even kurt didnt know what he was saying. in the in utero album cover there are no lyrics lol.

Lewis from Scotland said:
Like i say your site is cool but most of the lyrics your have are wrong

Lewis from Scotland said:
think your website is cool nirvana were the greatest band ever in my eyes. kurt was and still is my idol and he was murdered by the seattle police thats a fact. dosent everbody know that nowadays it makes me so mad to think they have got away with it and won but the truth will come out one day im sure of that. i hope frances grows up and fights to find out the truth about her father my only fear is she has been brainwashed all these years since kurts death by that scabby junkie money grabbing whore bitch courtney love. i live by these words from kurts song radio friendly unit shifter. "hate your enimies any save, save your friends, and find, find, your place to speak, speak the truth. ... [snipped]

charlotte from England said:
hiya i dnt have a clue wot 2 rite!!!

Jon Day from Canada said:
hope u rest in peace Kurt love the song u wrote for your wife called All Apologies i love the song

wendy from NY. Usa said:
'You know your right' is the best nirvana video ever, sorry i just had to say that, I was living in san francisco at the time it was released, and it brought back all the memories of kurt and the nirvana era. I still enjoy listen to there music and always will untill the day i die, from a true Nirvana fan.

nick from England said:
this site sucks majorly - kurt cobains a loser!!!!!!!!

bill from England said:
its not impossible - kurt dateraped me lastnight

Elly from England said:
ya, im here

Carsey from United States said:
hey is Elly Morningstar on here?

fan from England said:
bill thats not possible, kurt is in heaven looking down on us throwing his hair over his ears and smoking, so stop makin up shit dat aint true man.

bill from England said:
kurt raped our family dog yesterday - hes out of control - i dont know what to do! HELP!!!!!!!

raju we luv u! from india brap brap said:
hi sexc wts up? R.A.J.

Joe from Alkida said:
oh me and Kurt had an ORGY last night

mAtT from Canada said:

Laura from Canada said:
hey, looking for Axel Rose's email. I know sounds weird but im trying to do something here. ty

Joe from Alkida said:

hebie from usa said:
if you look at alot of pics of Aaron carter with long hair he looks like kurt cobains twin except that kurt has blue eyes

Sugar plum Fairy from Scotland said:
Nirvana wiz the best btw!!!

pinhead and pastor gay this is me from England said:
Gayband playing with wet dicks,They probably met around 1989 in a gay SM club in Sweden, did some SM performances together,enjoyed, and started the fagband. Pinhead and pastor gay.

Ben from The states said:
I think courtney has really lost it this time, i mean why would she want to sell all off kurts shirts and stuff, the man was her husband and father to her daughter, and this charity thing is only a cover up, its all about GREED, her day will come.

Joni from United States said:
Though I sincerely appreciate someone out there who has the respect and admiration of such a tortured brilliant sole such as Kurt Cobain, nearly as much as I do, I find many of this things on your timeline and biography to be merely hearsay or rumors that are just that, rumors. About 82% of this site reads to be true, however, I have recently read a biography about Kurt and many of these "facts" are things that Kurt would tell interviewers to stir things up. If any one has questions please email me!... I am not trying to "one up" you, merely setting the facts straight!.. THANKS!... [snipped]

Joe from Alkida said:
Me and Kurt are together again YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!

jenny from Germany said:
Hey everyone! This is a great site I think!Kurt Cobain was the best!!!He was so fucking good looking!!! In our haerths he keeps still alive!

HERM from England said:
R.I.P Kurt!

Mackenzie from United States said:
kurt cobain was the best. rip

guy mackenzie from England said:
Kurt Cobain will live forever. Check out the guitars he used: Epiphone E270T in the "Bleached Years" and "In Bloom" video also the Fender Jag Stang he designed. Both at www.theguitarcollection.org.uk

Moe-Gun from U.S.A. said:
cobain rocked

Shadow Lamb from USA said:
I despise Courtney Love, b/c i think she killed Kurt. he was georgous and talented he was loved and known around the world... its a shame that he is gone but everyone will remember forever and always. With Love to the Loved, Shadow!

Dani Rouge from USA said:
kurt was awesome and still is...i love him...he was the best of the best...kurt i love you!!

Aaron. from England said:
Kurt was a legend. And his music will always live on. I don't see the point in people having all these conspiracy theories etc. I mean, yeah, maybe you wanna find out the truth. But he's gone, thats all that matters. Rest in peace, Kurt Cobain.

Brandon from Canada said:
I love emma. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6

Emma from Canada said:
Kurt Cobain. (L).......................

Karie Ruddle from U.S. said:
Every time I hear their songs, I start to get a little teary- eyed.

Musa from INDIA said:
I really don,t know whether he sucide or he was murdered ,Infact my message to all *KURT* fans would b "It's better to burn out than to fade away" he definetly was a icon for the younger genaration,because of his incredible creative music,it was the beautiful ever....If god grants me a wish,I want kurt alive back again.....Peace, love, empathy. Your alive in my heart Your lovin fan*MUSA*

Fan from unknown said:
Yea and it sucks, we want kurt and nirvana back.

Noel from Ireland said:

ashley from unknown said:
i have all these Kurt Cobain pictures on my name he's so cool i luv Kurt R.I.P

Glaspop Holland 2007 from The Netherlands said:
Just check the English section of te site for the details of our rock/metalfestival. There are more bands to come. Greetings to you all and do come when you're overseas!

Simone from England said:
i love all of you. so much.

Unkown from Austria said:
Kurt, your voice is so fantastic... Some particular is in your body ´cauce erverybody love you if you live or if you don´t live. The way you have gone had been everybody angry and sad... You are so fantastic... It must be a dream to will hear you live. I don´t can belive it, that a chat to you, can not starting! You will have a particular place in my heard. Ps: I know, my englisch is not very well. Sorry! Yours Unkown

lewis mcshane from scotland said:
90% of the lyrics for kurts songs on this site are wrong

alondra from usa said:
kurt you are so cool the world is so cold with out you here

karen from usa said:
i am so sorry i mest up the state i am from.

karen from England said:
i want some of kurt cobains stuff i relly love him and i am only 11 years old

ky from England said:
kurt love u so much dat days without you are so dry dat i am sucked up wiv a straw for a drop of water. i want to be somewhere above you with all the candy in my hands. you smell like waffles and milk...i love you and miss your body and you twenty minute kisses. kurt your my world i can sometimes feel you connecting me from somewhere. oh stinking,bloody cum. your face is a memory of my heart coz ur face is stamped on my heart. i breath of u everysecond ur the key to my heart for ever. i love you why did courtney have to go n kill u y couldnt she kill her self. i love you for ever. i have even written your name all over the girls toilets in my school. you'll never be forgetten ur the king of the rock world. love you ... [snipped]

jon b. from America said:
kurt will rise again

Dan from England said:
I have great respect for Kurt Cobain.Rip.

willy from England said:
kurts my hot little love bird hes so good in bed he makes me sweat all night long

Svetlana from US said:
i love you kurt. you have touched my life and you will live on forever in hearts of all grunge rock followers. you defined an era and were the leader of a generation. we will miss you. Svetlana Checkov

Whitney from England said:

priyanka munjial said:
i loveeee kurt...

mike from usa said:
Kurt pulling the trigger was the best thing that ever happened to Dave Grohl's career.

Weirddude from Mars said:

scott martinez from bakersfield,ca said:
kurt cobain is a great artist fuck all of u emo kids! kurt will always live on but u fucking show respect little bitches but 4 now audio`s, peace -big cheese

ass face from fuckville said:
kurt is fucking hott. I want to fuck his dead carcass

Kim from England said:
I Can't stop thinkin about Kurt, he so so HOT.

bob the fucking hobo(likes to suck cock) from teletubbie land said:
kurt cobain rocks

Ashley from Nirvana county said:
Rape me,Rape me,Rape me my friend Kurt Cobain so hot he's fucking sexy and always will fucking be! R.I.P Kurt

Athena Dudley from the u.s. said:

Ashley from Nirvana county said:
Rape me,Rape me,Rape me my friend Kurt Cobain so hot he's fucking sexy and always will fucking be! R.I.P Kurt

Ashley from America said:
I LOVE NIRVANA!!!! there so f**king awesome i love that song rape me and Kurt Cobain is so hot!!! R.I.P Kurt we love's ya!!!!!!!

Athena Dudley from the U fucking S said:

Ashley from America said:
I LOVE NIRVANA!!!! there so f**king awesome i love that song rape me and Kurt Cobain is so hot!!! R.I.P Kurt we love's ya!!!!!!!

Rock Fan from Rockland said:
Nirvana Rules, Oh an watch out for 30 Seconds To Mars They rock, Jared Leto is on the same par as Kurt.

Athena Dudley from the u fucking s said:
kurt cobain is and was awsome. his memory will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU KURT

franky from america said:
i wouldn't wanted to have spent one day knowing him cause it would hurt even more to say good bye..a musical genius and he didn't know it...

Hayley from America said:
All I got to say is{God forgive you},(C)Kurt your a great musician and your band is great but I wish you would have held on,for us...your fans who loved you,discovered you,at least I would have been able to say that you were my hero,but heros are people who hold on through life...you didn't and you really let people down espically me a 14 yr.old girl whos a nobody and your music helps me, I wish that you had a friend to help you understand how great is was that "normal" people understood you and your music,God put me in the wrong era,I would have been your friend....one that listens and explains!!I love you Kurt and your story will always be in my heart because I to feel the( somewhat) pain you feel,your in my heart and thousands of other people.I know people will probably be mad for me saying this but hey i like Nirvana,and Kurt Cobain,but the truth MUST be told!!!! Hayley... [snipped]

George from England said:
AWesome work guys!!! gumu@removed.us

wade from USA said:
Good page, I love Nirvana! Like what you've done with this!

Devon from United States said:
Buy sweet-lookin, affordable guitars at www.prodigyguitars.com. Kurt shoulda used these.

Grunge Sucks said:
Cobain was an overrated bastard..good that he shot himself..or if Courtney Love was the one who got him killed,then for once..I will refrain from calling her a bitch! Nirvana sucks,grunge sucks cunt cocaine..LOSERRRRRRRR!

missxpiggy from England said:
my partner named our son after kurt so i thought ide better check him out.we called him Dickhead.

Taylor from Unitedstates said:
kurt cobain was the ugliest man in the whole world! I would have shot him if he wouldn'nt have died. I hated him to death more then the other fans out there! Just remember,I sweat P.S. No spam or fritters please!

khyati aka kurtty from England said:
kurt u fuckin suck cock ma man and if dat is illegal den throw ma fuckin ass in jail lol kurt id piss on ur music so badli ur a true leg end man u suck cock da world over fuckin chav goin 2 a nike shop lol i miss u so much y did courtney (sexy bitch ) have 2 go n kill u anyways ways anal wanna talk about kurt or nirvana am here 2 talk i am 67 a ladyboy n ma addy is khyatipatel7@hotmail.com

james bond from England said:
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Andrea from Slovakia said:
Thank you... You are in my heart...forever.... R.I.P

Alexandra from Sweden said:
~Nirvana/Kurt Cobain entered my life and world in the early 90s when I was a teenager...and even till this day, and forever, Kurt and Nirvanas music will be included in my life...cause their music has matter a lot to me. No words can express what I feel about the fact that Kurt has been gone for 13 years now! =( A young, talented, BEAUTIFUL and cool and funny human being... =( I will always love what Kurt shared with us out here-his music!!!~

gabrielle from united states said:
amanda this is ur #1 fan right here

Judy from USA said:
We miss you for yourslf and all you gave to rock'n'roll. Rest free and easy,love.

khyati aka kurtty from England said:
kurt u fuckin rock ma world and if dat is illegal den throw ma fuckin ass in rock jail lol kurt i miss ur music so badli ur a true legend man u rock da world like fuckin chav goin 2 a nike shop lol i miss u so much y did courtney (the bitch ) have 2 go n kill u anyways ways any1 wanna talk about kurt or nirvana am here 2 talk i am 14 a female n ma addy is khyatipatel7@hotmail.com

Ariel Cummings from inside my panties said:
im all wet babby

Britto from U.S.A said:
Hi all just a happy lesbo here.Anyone want to swap pics?

MEEE from England said:
I love nirvana!

sexi_ foxy xx from England said:
i totally love kurt he a legend!!

Jasmyn Schmid from United states of America said:

missxpiggy from England said:
my partner named our son after kurt so i thought ide better check him out

totally sane from England said:
how many wives does it take to kill kurt? none: the selfish pondlife did it himself ahhh hah hah hah hah aaaah ha hah hah good role model for all you freaks isnt he! i think not

beto from portugal said:
nirvana better rock

alberto from portugal said:
nirvana o meu mundo

serenaa from Canada. said:
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy add me if your kurt fan

Kristina from Croatia said:
I love Kurt very much....Nirvana is the best in the whole world....I'm very sad because Kurt died...Kurt rest in peace....

queerdemon from PHILIPPINES said:
hello! dude, this site is very cool to view, its interesting to know about kurt co'z i really do like his queerness....in fact i even relate my life from his.......

Heather MacLeod from Scotland said:
Cool site Im originally from fort william I am now a published poet please feel free to visit my website at www.freewebs.com/hippychic2001/ my poetry is modern and describes social and emotional issues. I am one of green days biggest fans and wish the lads all the very best rock on boys!!!!!!

Danielle from Canada said: