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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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nunya from England said:
I haven\'t heard from that bitch latley.Maybe she got a life.

Katie from USA said:
Hey Jenny,isn\'t it time to bitch about this not being a chat room again you repeating piece of shit?

nunya from England said:
Hey to everyone that said hi to me the last few days, I haven\'t been on.

nunya from England said:
Sounds like the only \"serving\" Chris gets is throbbing cock in his loose asshole.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Katie,your right. Chris is a buttfucking bastard so don\'t listen to any of his dumbass comments.

Katie from USA said:
Grunge was not a category of music before Nirvana,and the whole reason Kurt wore the clothes he did was because he wanted to be real,and for it to be about the music and not the image.When Nirvana became popular though,people adopted Kurt\'s style and called it grunge and eventually it was a trend which Kurt was so against. Everything he stood against, he then seemed to be part of. He hated the \"celebrity\" concept and did not want followers and to be like Axl Rose who was conceited and trendy. The other two felt the same way also.

Katie from USA said:
I don\'t think there is anything wrong with being gay, unless they sound like a dumbass like him, that hates chicks just for having a fucking vagina. There is bad in everything,but how are you going to judge the whole female gender when you haven\'t even met over half of them. I agree Chris,that I have met a bunch of really stupid females but I\'ve also met dumb males too. Hating specific females is fine, but not all are the same.

Katie from USA said:
Yes Will, Chris sounds like he as plugged lots of dudes\' ass.

Will from USA said:
Oh Chris,so I\'m assuming since you hate women so much that your a fucking faggot. Have fun buttfucking other homosexuals you fucking queer.

Katie from USA said:
Oh, and the only thing I would ever serve you is a big ass punch in your dumbass face, or possibly a brick to your dumbass face.

Katie from USA said:
Chris,I find it very hard to believe that your 27 with the dumbass comments you make, especially the ones about women make you sound like possibly the dumbest person alive.You have the right to an opinion, but when it\'s that stupid maybe you should just not voice it. If you really are 27, then I really feel for you,I\'m sorry that you have not developed any intelligence by now. Good luck at life with such stupid thoughts.

666 from England said:
so i guess theres nobody here tonight???

666 from England said:
couldnt agree with ya more ghfh

ghfh from England said:
us females have more of a right to speak than u do chris!

666 from England said:
yo chris so none of us females are aloud to speak??

Chris from USA said:
I\'m 27 katie, which i stated before. Damn bitch. I really hate females. Fuck all the females on this site! U have no right to speak.

666 from England said:
hey guys hows everyone doing today??? good im hoping....

elise from England said:
why did kurt say that he liked anything that wasn\'t grunge when nirvana was a grungeband? and nunya, i guess u guys who can remember him kinda have a feeling when u think about kurt something people who are 14 can\'t have... thorry :)

elise from England said:
haha chris! :)

elise from England said:
hey nunya! i\'m really pissed for not being old enough to remember kurt, but i love and respect him just as much as u do, and u dont have to remember him to love his music! dont think you knew kurt so fucking well just because u were alive when he still was rocking!

Chris from USA said:
stop using my nickname!! women have no purpose in life except to serve and please men! stupid whores!

Katie from USA said:
I think somewhere along the way we may have forgotten what exactly this website is for. I\'m pretty sure that it has nothing to do with old women\'s panties and dogs tossing human salads.

Rach from England said:
Hey Hey! Ewwwwness to whhat some of you are saying, need i remind u this isn\'t meant to be a slagging off-trying to say sicker stuff than you message book, its meant to be about Nirvana and harmeless chat, but weird comments seem to be taking over! A big hello 2 Dani, Charlotte, 666, will, christian, katie etc etc etc sorry if i forget any1, hello!

Chris from England said:
There was this other time when my friends dared me to eat the crusty shit out of my grandmother\'s panies,so when I did it they told everyone and now I have no friends.

Chris from USA said:
One time I spread peanut butter all up and down my ass crack and I had my dog lick it out.

jt from England said:
Chris,your a stupid pussy.

Chris from USA said:
I\'m sorry Katie,I agree that I am a moron,and that racist people suck and that your alot smarter than me,and yes I am 12,I have no life and I\'m just making fun of the people on here because I have nothing better to do with my time.

nunya from England said:
Okay Live, thank you for quoting me,but I don\'t understand what your point was.

Live from Norway said:
nunya from England said: Live, mostly all the \\\"gay\\\" and \\\"lesbian\\\" comments are directed to someone that was disrespectful in something that they posted.I,myself don\\\'t mind homosexuals,but those words have more of a meaning that the person is stupid rather than their sexual preference. Well yeah, I do understand why you juse those words. But it provoces me a bit, because it is someones sexual preference. But what I haven\'t understood yet is what this argue is about? :P

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Thats alright Chris,I don\'t talk to little dirty vaginal cavity,cum guzzling queefs like yourself,but I\'m sure that one of your Good Charlotte boys would love to suck your little prick.

Chris from USA said:
Hey Will,I actuallly would like to know where you live because I\'d rather get my dick sucked by a dude,but if your older than 10 forget it.

Chris from USA said:
I love bands like maroon 5,creed,Good Charlotte,sum41,and Ashlee Simpson rocks too!

Chris from usa said:
My dick is really small,so I always have to beat off because chicks usually stop talking to me once they see it.I really like sticking my tiny prick in dude\'s assholes.My boyfriend likes it.

nunya from England said:
Whoever Chris is, they aren\'t very smart.

Katie from England said:
It\'s funny to be threatened by a little kid on a Nirvana website. I\'m sure he is probably never even gotten head in his life. People are strange sometimes. Or maybe its a 38 year old fat bitch that lives in a trailor with 5 kids.

Katie from USA said:
I like pretty much all the 90s\" alternative grunge\" era bands. With the exception of a few.

nunya from England said:
I\'m sure that all the people on here will talk shit about this comment,but I don\'t think you can appreciate the impact of these bands unless you were aware of the way the world was at the time.

Katie from USA said:
I was, thats why I like them, they remind me of my favorite time.When the music that was being put out was still good,and you didn\'t just have to listen to old music to hear talent.

nunya from England said:
Most of the people on here probably are.It\'s funny how all of these kids say they are such Nirvana fans,but they probably weren\'t even around when Nirvana was a band.

Katie from USA said:
That is why I asked how old he was because he acts like he is about 12.

nunya from England said:
He just wants you to think that he is some psycho,so people won\'t make fun of what a dumbass he is.

Katie from USA said:
Yeah, but I don\'t think dude is going to answer me.

nunya from England said:
Why the fuck are you asking people where they live? You know damn well you aren\'t going to do a goddamn thing.Are you still there Katie?

Katie from USA said:
Oh yeah I meant forgot.

Katie from USA said:
Oh, sorry and I forot to ask how old you are?

Katie from USA said:
Chris,are you actually a Nirvana fan? Or do you just find websites that do not require email addresses to talk shit to people on?

Katie from USA said:
Ooooh,so I guess your either trying to threaten me or you really need head.I live in Michigan where do you live?

Chris from USA said:
where do you live katie?

Will from USA said:
Katie,did you recognize the fact that Chris\'only responce was to call you a whore instead of actually defending his intellegence? Thats because he doesn\'t have any,and all he can think of is to call you a whore.

Katie from USA said:
Is Nat and Natalie the same person?

Katie from USA said:
No, hes not. He wants some head, Chris you\'re invited to bring your sweet ass over here for some anyday,and I\'ll show you who\'s the fucked up whore.

nunya from England said:
Katie, I think that Chris guy is a homosexual so don\'t listen to him.

Katie from USA said:
Keep talking shit Chris you little bitch,every goddamn day,I\'ll have alot of fun with this.

Katie from usa said:
Chris, keep taking advantage of the fact that you can\'t see me face to face,because I know if you did you\'d shut your IGNORANT cock sucking,salad tossing mouth the fuck up.Youre a stupid shit.

Chris from USA said:
Excuse me, you immature bastards. No, I don\'t think I\'m ignorrant, thanks. Katie, suck my dick you damn fucked up whore. Alex go to Hell! Nobody likes you.

ass from England said:
assassassassass Hye my dick is 1 inch wide and long

Kelsey from US said:
Kurt Cobain is the greatest artist of all time. I eat,sleep,and breathe Nirvana.A good biography of Kurt Cobain is \"Heavier than Heaven,\" by Charles R. Cross.

elise from England said:
oops... :)

elise from England said:
why are u grounded frankie? krmt krmt... :) and 666 in a interwiev kurt said that when the same people are stuck together making the same music then the creativity one day will end and that they probably would realase about 2 other albums and then choose their own path... but it\'s a shame that we missed out on all that great music he would have made if he was still alive... :(

elise from England said:
why are u grounded frankie? krmt krmt... :) and 666 in a interwiev kurt said that when the same people are stuck together making the same music then the creativity one day will end and that they probably would realase about 2 other albums and then choose their own path... but it\'s a shame that we missed out on all that great music he would have made if he was still alive... :(

elise from England said:
why are u grounded frankie? krmt krmt... :) and 666 in a interwiev kurt said that when the same people are stuck together making the same music then the creativity one day will end and that they probably would realase about 2 other albums and then choose their own path... but it\'s a shame that we missed out on all that great music he would have made if he was still alive... :(

Charlotte from England said:
To \"Bea Bauw\" from Belgium, I do know what you mean. Kurt had a unique voice that just makes you tingle when you hear it. Songs like \"Man who sold the world\" and \"Heart Shaped Box\" make you tingle all over. His voice, his style and his music made him so special but Krists talent and Daves talent along with Kurt made Nirvana special

Frankie from Scotland said:
Saturdays are so boring when you are grounded! I am so bored so I decided to come on this cool site to talk to people who are online but you all have lives especially at the weekend so you are all probably out with your mates! X*XFrankieX*X

Bea Bauw from Belgium said:
Sometimes when I just sit it my room and listen to Nirvana I just wanna cry. There\'s something about him, his voice and those beautiful eyes that I can\'t explain. If you are a true Nirvana fan then you will know what I mean. I love you Kurt, I love you guys! .::ooit zal ik bij hem zijn::.

666 from England said:
but i think they would have stayed together for a many a year....

Charlotte from England said:
Aww that\'s okay Dani! I mean, I did wonder where you had gone! Hi to everyone else, with the exception of Nat, who by the way is a right bitch! Nat- you have no right to judge us. I think it is really pathetic how you can get kicks out of insulting everyone on this site with the exception of a few. Everyone has the right to an opinion I know but next time, lay off the insults and keep them to yourself instead of sharing them with people who don\'t particularly want to know. By the way, I totally agree with Will on the subject of Nat. Speak later, Charlottexxx

elise from England said:
hallo oda! :)

elise from England said:
i actually think that even though kurt were still alive, nirvana would have broken up and that they would have started on their own stuff... and thanks stu! :)

nunya from England said:
Live, mostly all the \"gay\" and \"lesbian\" comments are directed to someone that was disrespectful in something that they posted.I,myself don\'t mind homosexuals,but those words have more of a meaning that the person is stupid rather than their sexual preference.

Live from Norway said:
Ehrr. If you guys want to argue and discuss why can\'t you be more polite. I mean, if a person isn\'t having the same opinion as you, you don\'t have to call him/her hoe, lesbos, gays etc. Thats so immature.

nunya from England said:
Okay,Nat,Kurt just called, he said that using all capital letters is gay.Oh,and he also said that he doesn\'t bother to haunt pathetic,imbred,dumbasses such as yourself.

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Lindey from Canada said:
Hey everyone sorry i havent posted in such a long time. Not to offend anyone, but people on this site seem to get really pissed off about spelling. its actually kinda funny to read what people say (although I do agree, people who can\'t spell worth shit do get quite annoying)Hey Rach, Charlotte, Dani, Will, ect how are you? talk later

Jess from The United States said:
I\'ve really come to admire Kurt Cobain for his musical talent and as a person. I enjoy Nirvana\'s music and I think its a shame he\'s still being misunderstood. Great site by the way, it really helped put things into perspective. L8R.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Katie is right,Nat sounds like a little girl trying desperatley to sound funny but only succeeds in looking stupid,anyone that says Kurt is haunting them can\'t be a day older than 9,Lauren and Nat,in fact,would be the vaginal cleansing products.

Jared from England said:
Definetly going to have to agree with Katie there.

Katie from usa said:
Nat,your not witty,your posts aren\'t funny,your responces don\'t really offend anyone since they sound like they are coming from such an uneducated source,so your pretty much wasting your time here,learn some good insults that don\'t just make YOU look like the dumbass and then maybe you\'ll be taken seriously.

Tom from England said:
Awesome site, you have everything. Great pics by the way!!!

666 from England said:
yo dani i forgot to say yo before sorry!!!

oda from norway said:
dum di dum.... i have nothing to do right now......... im soooo bored! hehe, nirvana is still cool.

Dani from England said:
Hey. Awww thanks for the kind words Charlotte, i really appreciate what you said about me. Yeh i tend to back down from the arguments, i dont want 2 casue trouble on here, its better just to get along with everyone i personally think. Anyway, hello 2 Rach, Charlotte, 666, Kate etc. -DaNi!-

Alex from England said:
I am so damn bored.

dannielle from England said:

666 from England said:
yo hows everyone doing? namely christian rach,charlotte, alex and everyone else i may have forgotten........

oda from norway said:
okey.... why do evryone fighting on this internett side? hello! i dont think that kurt cobain want us to fight...!

Alex from England said:
Hey! Look, I didn\'t mean to make anyone mad! im sorry if i pissed anyone off. i dont have a problem with christian, i think he\'s cool. Chris dude, get a life.

stiff man from England said:
go eat peguin shit u badger ass!

stu from England said:
i mean not a site for chavs