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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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666 from England said:
ok guys n gals im gone nd claire your cool so dont apologise for being you

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Claire what the hell are grungers? Kurt dressed the way he did back in the 80s and when he got famous he hated people that made the so called grunge look famous.That is a big part of why he hated being famous.I did not come on here to argue either, I just think some of the things here are stupid.

claire from England said:
ok. I apologise for any miss spelling i might type, I am not the best speller in the world and i am only humans and humans make mistakes, i\'m sorry. Should i apologise for being human?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Charlotte I really respect you now for being called those horrible things by me and handling it in a classy way like you did.From now on nothing bad I say is directed at you.

claire from England said:
I said what i did because of what you said and thats what i thought. I didn\'t come onto this website to have fights with people, i don\'t think anyone did apart from the townies who come on and take the piss out of grungers, nirvana and kurt. The reason people came onto this website was to remember Kurt Cobain and his life and i think that some people have forgtten that.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Okay Claire you might want to use spellcheck if you expect to be taken seriously.

Wil from United States of America,FL said:
Yes Charlotte I said that because you called me and Christian gay I\'m sorry,I\'m not making you stressed I hope.

.....claire from England said:
..... As been me, hi charlotte, will charlotte don\'t need to get a life you do, charlotte is the biggest fan of nirvana and kurt cobain i no, yeah she specks her mind and thats one of the great things about her

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I hope you weren\'t meaning that the people I named earlier were the other artists and bands.I listen to more music than you have probably ever heard of so I don\'t think you want to get into that with me.

Charlotte from England said:
And by the way i am not homophobic. i have nothing against gay people. I am also not a lesbian or a whore. I am sorry Will. Im just stressed. Can u forgive me? Please?

666 from England said:
thick means stupid hey i z i was from ireland! neway its 7:30 pm n ireland.people can say what they want least they know who kurt is

Charlotte from England said:
Im sorry Will. Can we start over?

Shut up dumbasses from England said:
Who the fuck cares.Nobody asked you.

..... from England said:
That was to Will by the way

..... from England said:
What their fans go on chat rooms like this, they listen to their music just like you listen to nirvana, they buy merchandise, they are just the same as you but your acting like you are totally different to them. Yeah i like nirvana but i like other bands and artists aswell. Your acting like you only like nirvana and hate other bands and artists i haven\'t been a nirvana fan probally as long as you but i think that Kurt liked different bands and artists and never compared nirvana\'s fans to others!

Will from usa said:
Have a go at me bitch, you are a dumb loser who needs to get a life.

Will from usa said:
Yeah, Charlotte is a contradicing lesbian whore.

Someone from England said:
Oh Charlotte but I thought you were against homophobes.

Will from usa said:
If having a brain makes me stuck up then fine, but I\'m sure there are people in this world that bug eveyone so we all are stuck up in someway unless noone bothers you which obviously is not the case.

Charlotte from England said:
Oh sorry Lindey, i was just having a go at Will. He is a sexist, rascist homophobe, who needs to get a life. I ment my distant family live in BC!! Hiya Rach r u kay? Claire, Zario, Rach,Lindey..hello!! how r u guys?? u r nice people. the others (Will and Christian) are gay!!RIP Kurtxx

Will from usa said:
I love Nirvana, it doesn\'t bother me that they have fans,it bothers me that their fans are all the same as everyone else.

..... from England said:
Will you sound like your a stuck up bastard sorry but it\'s true

someone from England said:
Look jenny, their chatting you better come and tell them that it isn\'t a chat room for old times sake.

someone from usa said:
What time is it in England because it is 1:30 P.M. here.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I\'m using Avril Lavigne to symbolize all the bands and singers that suck if you want me to use Good Charlotte or Linkin park I will.I just think she is the epitome of terrible music.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I don\'t know you,but read this whole page and I guarentee you that you will read alot of the same shit after awhile you just hope to read something new read Katie\'s thoughts hers make sense and I am assuming if she reads this she will know how I feel, or Rach made some good points and their are a few others.What does thick mean?

666 from England said:
ok whats your deal with avril lavigne coz thats not the first time you`ve mentioned her tonight oh and i hope you`re not comparing me to her fans.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
It just reminds me of how Avril Lavigne\'s fans are. I just wish there were more unique people on here like Kurt was.

666 from England said:
so what you`re saying im thick now are you?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I never said one bad thing about Nirvana, I can\'t think of one time Kurt Cobain said things like The Beatles rock or the pixies are god! Kurt had some brains.

666 from England said:
ah hello do you like nirvana? if so then why does it bother you if people say kurt rocks coz like he does!

Will from United States of America,FL said:
666, does it not get tiring to you at all to read all this shit over and over,I\'m sorry I\'m human,I judge but so do you .

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Oh I\'m sorry then Zario\'s hoe is a nasty gutter slut with no brains and seven stds.

666 from England said:
hey i agree its a cool site but god who are you to say what are good or bad comments? i get enough shit round here for saying nirvana are fuckin awesome i dont need to hear people giving out about them or their fans on a web site dedicated to them!!

Relly from England said:
Will, I think that Zarios hoe is a chick.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
the same shit would be stuff like \"Kurt Cobain is god\"or \"Kurt Cobain lives forever\" or \"Kurt Cobain rocks\".

Will from USA said:
Actually no,I just think that this is a very well done web site, and that all of the people, with the exception of Rach,Christian,Katie,and maybe Crystal,are making this guestbook sound like Nirvana had a bunch of dumbass fans which is not true.There are some reasonable comments but how many times can people say the same shit over and over again?

Will from you know where said:
passionate sorry.

666 from England said:
oh i just wanted to know are you just trying to annoy everyone or wat?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Claire will you make passinate love with my dog Skip? Please?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I\'m sorry 666,what was your question I had to reply to the dumbasses.

claire from England said:
anyway dnt realli wnt 2 tlk bout u. hi charlotte

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Zarios hoe is a butt fucking faggot,he likes to ram his tiny erected penis into 8 year old boy\'s assholes.

666 from England said:
ah will you never answered my question am i not good enough to talk to or what? i even spelt all my words right for you do you have a problem you`d like to share? yo zanio/`s hoe will`s jus a fuckn prick

claire from England said:
woteva no fnks fuk off so ur da kinda guy hu finks wiv iz dic not wiv iz head yh makes sence

Will from United States of America,FL said:
zarios ho, suck my dick, how about you come over here and be my ho,and give me a nice rim job.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Alright you can keep on thinking your doing slang when really you just can\'t spell, how can you be Nirvana fans?Kurt was smart you bitches aren\'t.

zario\'s hoe from England said:
how bout no u fukin retard

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Okay,from now on only people that can spell can talk shit back to me.

zario\'s hoe from England said:
hi arlene u sound kl hey charlotte zario as gone now! no i aint avril lavigne n y wud u say dat?

zario\'s hoe from England said:
fuk u u motha fuker u seem like a fukin dic head its called slang u dum arse fukin retard

666 from England said:
yo claire names arlene from Ireland (2 lazy 2 change it from england)oh nd will r u jus ere 2 annoy every1 r are u always lik dis??

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Goddamn Charlotte you can\'t spell either,you all need to be at school right now instead of being little posers on a Nirvana guestbook.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I bet that Claire is really Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson.

Charlotte from England said:

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I asked because of your mispronouncing of every word it\'s (that) not dat,and (the) not da,you look uneducated and only little wannabe posers say someone (rocks) so grow up.Learn how to spell too,and I am not racist I just hate dumb,ignorant people.

im a chav from England said:
poopy ass u r a retard kurt rules

zario\'s hoe lolz from England said:
yh i kinda guessed it woz u! lolz iz any1 else gunna tlk?

im a chav from England said:

Zario\'s Hoe lolz from England said:
i\'m a chav iz dat u z?

im a chav from England said:
will ...my fuckin friend is not a fuckin nigger taht is so out ur so fuckin raciast.........do u ask every 1 u talk 2 a nigger

Claire from England said:
hi 666 do u ave a name? hi zario!!!!!!!!! lolz

IM A CHav from England said:
kurt cobain is the biggest legend, if it wasnt 4 him then rock music wouldnt even excist and will all be townies lol................read his diary u fuckin dick wads

Claire from England said:
hi 666 do u ave a name? hi zario!!!!!!!!! lolz

666 from England said:
ah sorry 2 but n on d convo bt will ur a stupid cunt

Claire from England said:
no i aint n \'wdf y u\' means \'wot da fuk why you\' so ur da dumbass

Claire from England said:
we dnt! KURT COBAIN ROCKS! do u fink dats a stupid n pointless comment!

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Claire,are you a nigger by any chance?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
yeah its a stupid and pointless comment thank you for proving my point.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Read your fucking comment, what the fuck does wdf y u mean?you can\'t even spell you dumbass.

Claire from England said:
we dnt! KURT COBAIN ROCKS! do u fink dats a stupid n pointless comment!

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Why do all you bitches think that your opinions mean a fucking thing? Your comments are stupid and pointless.

Claire from England said:
wdf y u sayin stuff bout girls?

Claire from England said:
wdf y u sayin stuff bout girls?

Will from United States of America,FL said:
I don\'t listen to anything with a vagina you can\'t trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn\'t die.

someone from England said:
Jenny suck my cock you stupid bitch,You\'ve said its not a chatroom about a million times and people still do what they did before so shut the fuck up already.

666 from England said:
\"joe 4rm ur ass\" ur a little wank stain who doesnt ave a clue what dey`re talkn bout so lay off rite?

Claire from England said:
\'joe 4rm ur ass\' ur a fukin gay lil retard, u must ave ur head so far up ur arse u aint finkin right. I agree wiv u rach 4rm england Kurt was n always will be a legend! hi stu lolz n hi evry1 else :D btw charlotte u no @ lunch u n phil were askin me dat fing well yh its tru n i did feel s..... if u no wot i mean lolz RIP KURT COBAIN!!!

Rach from England said:
Hey people, stop disrespecting Kurt, he is al egend and doesn\'t deserve your bad words against him. Hello to all the nice people :) xxx

Lindey from Canada said:
to the third testicle guy, I didn\'t mean that you have to have the same beliefs as kurt did to be a fan, but at least respect his. Also, its alright Charlotte, lots of people get confused by my name (i don\'t know why, but people call me lindsay alot). What do you mean you live in BC? I live there too, but i thought u are from england. Just wondering.

stu from England said:
fuck u u gay kurt rules

joe from ur ass said:
kurt cocaine is a gay cock sucking peguin shit eating arse licker who was so fucked up he shot himself retard

stu from England said:
hey claire - charlotte rock on and i agree dans a prick

Beverly from America said:
this web site is awesome....RIP Kurt Donald Cobain

Claire from England said:
wdf u on bout jenny we tlkin bbout sum1 bein out bout kurt

Charlotte from England said:
I meant Dean is chav not Kurt. Kurt was a fuckin legend. Dean is an asshole

Claire from England said:
Dean\'s so fukin gay e dnt no nuffin bout Kurt if e actually took da timew 2 read tuff on dis website e wud no how kl e woz n will always be!! dean as iz head so far up evry1\'s arse (like dan) tryin 2 be like evry1 else!!! dey judge us bcoz we different but dey r all da same!!!

JENNY from England said:

Claire from England said:
u so rite charlotte u rock lolz

Charlotte from England said:
Hey claire! im kl 2. Listen to any1 hu is wondering wot the fuck were tlkin bout there is this boy called dean and he is gay cos he sed Kurt Cobain was a knob, just by looking at him. yes he is a chav but i found it offensive to judge someone by looks.

Claire from England said:
i cnt fukin type i ment \'Not any1 in ere\' lolz

Claire from England said:
hiya charlotte i\'m kl u? hiya evry dnt no hu u r but hi! lolz yh i will aswell charlotte btw dean iz a gay prick (dnt any1 in ere) lolz