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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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whitney from australia said:
yur thanks 4 all the stuff iv alwaysed loved and respected kurt thanks heaps

Lils from England - Cambs said:
I LUV KURT! he is the gr8st. i want a cardigan like his. courtney love didnt no how lucky she woz... well i spose she did but neway. KURT ROX SO MUCH!

Clarissa from United States said:
\"..it\'s better to burn out then to fade away.\"KURT Kurt Cobain is a fuckin legend. How does something so terrible happen to a man so ingenuous. Listening to his music is an inspiration to... LIFE! After his death many loving fans committed suicide, only to leave society to relize,Kurt\'s soul lives within each one of his fans heart. With his music left behind, he\'s still here.As Admirable as before, maybe even MORE.. REST IN PEACE KURT COBAIN

Andrea from USA said:
I am the biggest NIRVANA fan, and I think your site is great because it taught me things I never knew about NIRVANA and it was very helpful, I appreciate it! Andrea 13, MA
not done yet

Ryan George from Tri-County said:
Kurt was murdured,may his soul rest in peace and may Courtney LOve burn in hell

Christine Quinn from Western Australia said:
Kurt was a fucking legand!!! And no matter what he will always be in our hearts. Loving & missing you Kurt Donald Cobain. Christine Quinn =)

ROGER OFFNER my fucking pniaguas gay boy: from from the peanus of macho hec.. said:
hey fucking midle guys, my name is roger from the long island #100 in the daily boulevard... in new york aND if you wNT THE BEST HOMOSEXUAL SHOW trhat you have seen in your tire lives please mail me in my horney mail: hec_24@hotmail.com

macho jec... from the sick mind of Roger offner from from the hell said:
hey fucking roger wassup... now here in mexico your die will be celebrated in the deads day, kurt cobain also will have a stan. november two, died`s day.... kur cobain day... and waitin for the new cd of nirvana.... fucking roger abnswer me.... hec_24@hotmail.comç

BRIDGET from united states said:
Nirvana was the best and will always be the best i dont care what anyone else says kurt was awesome he is a god and he is still missed today so he technically is not gone to some of us. LET HIM LIVE ON THROUGH US !!!!!

Tom Jarvis from England said:
Kurt Cobain is my hero

tim from USA said:
tell me all the things i am for loving you its cold now i\'d like to eat my soup... Kurdt you\'re my inspiration(frustration)

Holden Caulfield from USA said:
You all are the reason Kurt Cobain killed himself. You give Courtney crap and give him this \"bigger than jesus\" image. He killed himself. People do that . he was depressed and thats the way of the world.

Brenda from England said:
I heard on tv that a test is available over the internet to see if you have the symptoms of this by-polar disease. The commercial shows alot of the symptoms that I am experiencing now. Please send test. Thank you.

Natalie from USA said:
I would just like to say this page is really good and Nirvana will always kick ass.

Giddy_InCeSt from Latvia said:
who kill kurt ? oh my god i love he :(

GgGgGgGgGgGgGgGgG from Scotland said:
I picked up the ashes of his 27 year long burning fire. I want to be like him but I can only afford a Squire!

Muhummad on my balls from Afghanistan said:
oh eh oh uh uh ching chand walla walla bing bang

kurtdcobain311 from England said:

matthew garcia from united states said:
I loved nirvanas music and kurts words

The 1 said:
PEOPLE I JUST YOU KNOW YOU\'RE RIGHT VIDEO ON TV!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! LONGLIVE KING KURT! by the way courtney will get hers for killing him give 8yrs! watch!

Bryce Keller from USA said:
I love Kurt Cobain. I do not own all of his CD\'s but I do have some of his Underground work. Worship Kurt!

Chris said:
Kurt still lives on in every teenagers mind, looks down on this fuck up world and still remembers why he left it....

jess from England said:
i love kurt

Hu from England said:
I love you.Kurt rocks!!!see you in heaven.bryl cream rocks!!

fart face from Australia said:
This is possibly the most fucked up waste of internet technology and space a man has ever seen.
shut ya fucken face .com

Georgi from Australia said:
hey this site totally rulz Kurt is a legend, even though i was only 7 when he died i still remember it i didn\'t really know who he was but now i know and i cry for him i love him so much this sit is pro and really helped me on my progect thingy. oh and how pro is \'you know your right\' the best of comes out on the 11th Nov and he\'s diarys on 12th nov thanx

birdie from England said:
this site is really cool and well kurt ruled.

zoher from united arab emirates said:
i want to know about homosex plz send me few pic thanks

myles hamilton*!! from £England.* said:
[I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!]

myles hamilton from England said:
[I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!]

Sere from SWITZERLAND!!!! said:
hello, hello, how low?! kurt cobain will never fade away!! our little tribe has ALWAYS been, and will ALWAYS UNTIL THE END!!!! don\'t forget this!!! seine seele ist nicht tot!! frieden.liebe.mitgefühl dark greetz from SWITZERLAND!! :-) sere

Amber from USA-Spokane said:
I would just like to say to my x-husband Cory- let Nirvana play their music the way it was meant to be played...don\'t ruin it by trying to play it yourself-cuz your THE WORST GUITAR PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!! And I can say that on this sight cuz the owner of it knows why I make the big bucks! Hey Z-man, keep up the good work ;) I\'ll be watching

Amber from USA-Spokane said:
I would just like to say to my x-husband Cory- let Nirvana play their music the way it was meant to be played...don\'t ruin it by trying to play it yourself-cuz your THE WORST GUITAR PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!! And I can say that on this sight cuz the owner of it knows why I make the big bucks! Hey Z-man, keep up the good work ;)

Nicole Mae Losee from United States said:
In my eyes, Kirt Cobaine was the best singer ever born. And if it weren\'t for Kirt Cobaine, Nirvana would have never evolved, but I love that band, I always will. And for Kirt\'s sake, please don\'t listen to \'Smells Like Teen Spirit\' because he never even wanted to sing that crap... he never even liked it. And FUCK courtney love, that bitch. She ruined Kirt\'s life... and I feel the same way he does... too much empathy... to little feeling...\"It\'s better to burn out than to fade away.\" We\'ll will never forget you Kirt Cobaine.

myles hamilton from England said:
I think nirvana ar so wickid im in year 7 at lvc (linton village college)and im doing a bio on kirt and this site has been a real help [THANK YOU!!!!!!]

Greg Hardie from Scotland said:
Great site. Just wandered where u get ur bootlegs from and singles? If u could let me know via e-mail, i would be extremly greatful. Im a Nirvana fan who is in great need of rare material. Thank you.

triona from Ireland said:
kurt and the rest of the band rock. Dead Or Alive. i was 6 when kurt died but if i was old enough to know who he was and what he was about i would have cried. my luv 4 nirvana livs onxx

Rach from scotland said:
Have you gone? My eyes so red! I am going! I beat the feelings dead! Why did this have to be now? Why did it have to be me? My heart can’t take no more of this pain you pass to me! man! ill see you sometime! the world loves you! rememeber our love and carry it with you always! BLIND ANGEL You are the stars and you are the sun, you\'re the happyness inside of everyone. when people laugh when people cry, you are the twinkle glimmering in their eye. you killed yourself in depression and vain, you didn\'t realize all of the pain. now it is over and now it is done, but i still wish that you hadn\'t shot that gun. R.I.P

kyle from US said:
i\'d just like to say thanks. thanks to the people who run this site, and to kurt for helping me trough rough times.

Will from England said:
Hi dude this is probably the best nirvana site on the net. good work man!

Heather from Australia said:
Alls i want to say is thanx soooo much to everyone who contributes to putting up these sites. Kurt is my hero and was and still is the best musician ever. He didnt have a talent he had gift. An irreplaceable gift. I just hope they find out what really happened to him and kill all those fuckers who refer to him as just a dead head junkie. He means everything to me. Peace and remember its all real!

Sarah from Belgium said:
When I look around in my hometown I am glad to see that there are still a lot of people who admire Kurt Cobain. He is a person who may never be forgotten. He lives on in my mind and heart forever!

rouel from philippines said:
dawnload lyrics with chords and tab

karla from Dallas FW said:
hi this is Karla i just want to say that Kurt was a really good gittar player and also he sings really cool and if i could be with him i won\'t kill myself but i will be with him i love him so much he was incredible

beth from England said:
hi, im not gonna rant on bout how much i luv kurt cuz u probably get bored of it, great site, luv the pics,asny way not much else to say e-mail me if u can, love-peace-and empthy, beth xx

jodie cotgreave from England said:
hey great site lots of nice pictures and great information well done!!

alen from united stats said:
linkin is the best group and singers in the world

Minnie_Nirvi from Spain said:
I just can say that I miss you so much,Kurt,my Sweet Blondie Angel, I love you,and I know you´re inside of each of us...singing your favourites songs...I love you,I love you, I love you... I´ll never forget you,\'cause you\'re the only one who makes me feel like flying.You´ll always be at my altar,Kurt,always.

alex from Germany said:
Hey all fans in the great world,i\'m a german girl who is going to write a paper (kind of a project) about Kurt Cobains life and his death.So I have a great request!!Everyone who really loved and still admires Kurt Cobain has to send me an e-mail (mysister@gmx.de) and answer me following question (please,please help me to persuade my audience and my teachers, that Kurt Cobain was a great and genial person who had a great influence on our generation!!!) the question is:how did the person and the music of Kurt Cobain change and influence your life and how did the tragedy of his death? I would be very happy to get a great response!

Jón Gunnar Stefánsson from Iceland said:

Lárus Gunnólfsson from Iceland said:
We All Love You Kurt Donald Cobain and your family !!!!

mike from England said:
he lives, i swear i\'ve seen him.

Joe from U.S. said:
Nirvana is my inspiration for every and all music and life in general. His suicide is not a bad thing, but a legacy that he left and a tribute to music everywhere.

ya mamma from nowhere said:
i just wanna see kurt dammit. CUt the bulshit

andy drury from canada said:
man ur rad site site rocks dude i liked nirvana since nevermind and will never go back to the sid vicious again although he acted like kurt courtney we know u killed kurt!!!

ella from England said:
i think courtney love killed kurt cobain because what i have read in the cobain case it all points to her plus the owner of the site said she paid him not to tell ne one so he put it on the net UNTIL THIS IS FOUND TRUE KURT WILL NEVER REST IN PEACE thankyou xxx god bless the legend!!!

paul bailey from England said:
once again anyones top five bands?????? mine are 1) nirvana oasis,beatles foo fighters pink floyd.

PAUL BAILEY from England said:
I think Nirvana are in the top 3 bands of alltime. Im in a band myself and we are signed and i will always refer to the song writing genius of Kurt Cobain. People say Dylan was a great poet but to be fair their was only one true genius over the past twenty years and that is Kurt. R.I.P Dude see you in heaven.

mikhail from france said:
c mieux comme ca

mikhail from france said:
j aime ta musique, merci pour tout, on t oubli pas. a bientot. mikhail un petit francais

mikhail from france said:
j aime ce que tu as fais merci on t oubli pas a bientot

Gareth Berry from England said:

Gareth Berry from England said:
Kurt Kobain will live on forever !!!!

alicia from USA said:
i need 5 important places in kurts life. i need them for a school project and so far i have seattle, if ne one could email me id really appriciate it

Zohn MANDEL from America said:
Kurt Cobain lives forever and then some and Dustin.... your exactly like him .i swear.......REINCARNATION

Hannah from England said:
Kurt is GOD.He is the best musical icon in the whole world. Although he is gone he will be remembered forever. Peace,love,empathy. Hannahxx

caitlin from usa said:
I would think it best if you were to know that you made several mistakes, in your biography on kurt ok, just to let you know. Read the book \"Heavier than Heaven\", youll find your self to be poltically correct after you read thati dontmeanto soundrude,but i just dont want you to seem like a jackass to the rest of the internet (although i doubt youare) :-) have a nice day, btw i love your accents(Typically new yorker)

scott matthews from us said:
Nirvana sucks Scott Matthews 800 Heinz Ave. #15 Berkeley, CA 94710-2747 USA

Derk-Jan from Netherlands said:
Nirvana is the best music of the world. I LOVE NIRVANA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE KURT COBAIN!!!!!

Scipio from England said:
The world is a quite nice place, enjoy it!

x from England said:
i love u

Maurits Hafkamp from The Netherlands said:
Love your site. I don\'t know If you made the Midis yourself but I think they\'re cool. I think Nirvana rocks, so whatever things I can find about them on the Net is way cool. I hope this site keeps up (I put it to my favorites).

Nicole from England said:
it still sucks

kelly mcgihon from England said:
ok so therez evidence kurt was murderd but therez also evidence it was suiside leave courtny alone and please just leave kurt to rest in peace still enjoy his music which he left behind and learn to love each other kurt was a great man so lets just remeber him for his music and the passion he bought around the world! RIP

elizabetta sabrosa from England said:
Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law. 93/93

mere from usa said:
wow. this is a bad ass site.

oneth valderrama from philippines said:
Kurt, your a genius!!! noone can make beautiful songs like you did.

Mindaugas from Lithuania said:
I love Nirvana

ed from England said:
we luv u all rebel agenst the system luv u rosso rite 2 us we luv u and kurt 2