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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Katie from USA said:
Trust me Rach,I definetly knew that you didn\'t say that shit. Its probably the same person that took Christian and will\'s name.

Rach from England said:
To whoever posted the last message using my name need to get a fucking life you skrew up!!! Honestly guys, thats wasnt me who said that, i hope u can beleive me! So whoever is stealing our usernames and posting as us really needs to sort themseleves out because its so pathetic that we cant come to a site without the fear of someone stealing our idendity and turning people against us! Rach xxx

jessica from USA said:
Chris,how can you be such a fucker and like Nirvana at the same time?I bet you really listen to country you stupid ass ,I bet you dont know a thing about rockn roll.

nicy from slovenia said:
i just love Nirvana. I will always love you Kurt Cobain

Katie from USA said:
Thanks nunya.

nunya from England said:
I think that pretty much everyone on here except maybe Will and Katie say the dumbest shit. I guess there are some others but why are all you people so stupid?

Katie from USA said:
Joseph,I can pretty much guarentee you will never ever get pussy.Ever.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Okay Chris,I know your using me and Christian\'s names ha ha funny now please just pull your penis out of your dog\'s ass and use your own name. I love vagina. I\'m sure Christian would agree.

Katie from USA said:
Oh my fucking god. Why do people try to push their opinions on others? Nobody gives a fuck what your perception of god is,and if he loves everyone equally I\'m sure he could give a fuck less what music we like.This is a NIRVANA site. Chris,i\'ve never been cheated on but I\'m sure it sucks thats why I don\'t even date people unless I\'m sure they are worth the bullshit. You probably were better off without her if that was the kind of bitch she was. You will more than likely find someone that will make you happy one day,just refrain from talking about sodomising her or beating her untill she atleast deserves it.

Alex from England said:
Hey, Nirvana is NOT still performing! Kurt is dead you dumbass! What the hell is wrong with you people? everyone has suddenly gone bloody crazy!

Christian from U.S.A. said:
I agree, Will. I\'m beginning to agree with Chris, actually. All females are stupid, useless, lesbian whores. I hate them all. They are good for nothing. Rach, you are a Jesus slut.

Will from USA/Florida said:
Rach your a fucking whore who needs to die! Your a pussy and a cunt! Fucking lesbian. Ill come kill you myself.

Rach from England said:
Okay, I totally agree. Joseph is right. Its good that kurt killed himself. I can\'t believe I didnt see the light sooner. I dont wanna go to Hell! Im only 15! Guys, we should really stop. I love Jesus!

Joseph from United States of America said:
I just wanted to say that Jesus Christ loves you, no matter how sinful you have been. Go to your local church and get saved and pray the blood of Jesus over yourself. It saddens me to know how many of you listen to this Satanic band who sings of rape and drugs and destruction. Its a comfort for me to know that Kurt Kobane is burning in Hell right now. It was a blessing that he took his own life. It gives all of you children of God a chance to cleanse yourself. Please, give your life to the wonderful God whom we all serve and shrink away from the temptations of Satan. Jesus saves and loves you all, even though you are sinners. Have a blessed day.-Joseph-

Bobby Jean from my personal hell said:
Nirvana is the !!! best band ever. !!! I cant wait to see them in concert! i hope to get kurt\'s autograff.

Chris from usa said:
how was katie trying to be nice to me? i was married, and she cheated on me actuall. fuck off jessica! yes, i like nirvana. good band, but i dont fucking know.

michael s smith from England said:
lets see whats going on this sits

nunya from England said:
Okay,Laura,its pretty obvious that Kurt\'s eyes were in fact blue. Oh,and I think you might want to keep your day job. Your not going to be a great poet of our time.

Aj from England said:
Hey charlotte r u on now im in ict ict 2 yh r teachers r retartds they prob fuck each other in the arse wen there in the staff room lol xx

Charlotte from England said:
Hello again! It looks like no one is online right now.I am in ICT at school and my teacher is trying to block this site because it is \"unsafe for young girls\". Great i have retards for teachers! lol! Charlottexxx

Jackie from England said:

Charlotte from England said:
Ummm. to Laura from the Usa, ummm if you were that obsessed with Kurt, you would know he had BLUE eyes. Just to let you know! Hi to everyone ie. Claire, 666, Will Christian, Katie, Rach Dani etc. Sorry if I had missed anyone! Charlottexxx

Dillon deDiego from United States Of Hypocracy said:
Uhhh...this is the biggest joke of a Nirvana guest book i\'ve ever seen. You\'re all fighting like little immature babies. \"I\'m nirvana\'s biggest fan and no one else is\" what a fucking joke. Kurt Cobain would be disgusted with you all. I\'m outta here.

Nicole Kidman_Lover from USA said:
U guys are fuckers!!!! U no Nicole Kidman is the great n the best person in the world. Not like U fags get a life if U have a promble with me then shovled it up your ass.

Nicole Kidman_Lover from USA said:
U guys are fuckers!!!! U no Nicole Kidman is the great n the best person in the world. Not like U fags get a life if U have a promble with me then shovled it up your ass.

laura from united states of america said:
Kurt Cobain is the love of my life,and one day i will be his wife.He lives in my heart and in my soul from the top of my head and to my foot soles.I dream about him and pray every night that someday we can make it right.He sings to me everyday,and cuddles with me as i lay.i wish he was here to make sweet love all the time and he will forever be mine.Id change everything to bring him back and my love he would never lack.in my dreams hes always there in my arms like a teddy bear,i smell his hair and caress his thigh untill i wake up and want to cry oh why kurt why did you have to die.i never will be alright ill always miss you i hate life without your smiling face and beautiful brown eyes.

Les from England said:
Hello.....anybody out there?

Katie from USA said:
I probably should stay out of the arguments too,but its hard when you try to really talk to someone and then someone else reads what you put and judges you. I think some people come here just to argue,but I wonder why a Nirvana site? Have you heard Kurt sing seasons in the sun? I absolutely love it. Nirvana makes it sound sad and its hard not to cry when you see the video.

Rach from England said:
Hey again.........Katie,I do still come on here often, but when people post messages like they have been recenlty, i dont know what to say. I can never think of what to say because people seem to just be arguing/critisising each other all the time. I\'ll try to post more, but sometimes its really hard when things get out of hand and it leaves me empty, not knowing what to post. Rach xxx p.s- Hey 2 Christian, Dani, Will, Katie, 666, Charlotte and everyone, you guys still make this guestbook worth visiting!

Lauren from USA said:
Kurt and me will be married in the next life. None of you like Nirvana half as much as me,so fuck off.

Katie from USA said:
How the hell have you ever been married if you hate women so much Chris?

Suckmyballs from England said:
Jessica,learn how to spell if your going to talk shit. How are you going to call others stupid when you can\'t spell worth a shit,and when the hell did Katie say anything negative about Nirvana? I really don\'t think that Katie or Chris give a fuck whether or not you like them.Why don\'t you go clean your rotting dirty vagina you nasty little skank.

Suckmyballs from England said:
Whoever Jessica is,get the fuck off this site because noone here likes you,your a dumb little bitch with no life.Go to hell you nasty little worthless slut. I hope you get raped repeatedly over and over again you whore.

nunya from England said:
The world has changed alot since slavery days,there is a reason for that.

a person from England said:
Chris,everybody are people just like you.You should judge by their actions,but not their gender or race. If a black person in particular bothers you then fine,but you have not met every single black person in the world. The same with women,how are you ever going to be happy in this world if the only people you can stand are white men?If your not gay,then you\'ll be lonely untill you die.

Katie from USA said:
Why don\'t you come here very much anymore Rach?

Will from USA said:
Hey Katie.I bet jess is a fat gothic 12 year old bitch with no friends.Don\'t listen to her stupid shit.

nunya from England said:
Chris,Katie was trying to be nice to you.Why are you being such a dick?

Rach from England said:
Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh lot\'s of comments to plough through! I agree with Christian, why are you all talking like this? Tis not the best use of tiem reading worthless argumentative post......not meaning to offend anyone or anything tho....altho i think its good to defend yourselfs and friends. Tata for now Rach xxx

Rach from England said:
Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh lot\'s of comments to plough through! I agree with Christian, why are you all talking like this? Tis not the best use of tiem reading worthless argumentative post......not meaning to offend anyone or anything tho....altho i think its good to defend yourselfs and friends. Tata for now Rach xxx

Will from USA said:
Jess,I have never met her,but just reading what she puts Katie is one of the only chicks on here that provides useful info unlike you,so why don\'t you go ahead and shut the fuck up. Katie is obviously alot smarter than you\'ll ever be.

Christian from England said:
Why the fuck are people talking so much shit?

nunya from England said:
Katie,don\'t listen to that jess bitch,she obviously hasn\'t been here long and doesn\'t know what the fuck she\'s talking about. Jess if your going to talk shit why don\'t you go ahead and post where you live so that Katie can beat the fuck out of your stupid ass.

Katie from USA said:
but first why don\'t you tell me what I said bad about nirvana?

Katie from USA said:
Chris,I don\'t understand why you would see your father be horrible and then want to go and be the same way.Since we are on a Nirvana site,I\'m going to mention that Kurt Cobain hated racism,stereotyping,and especially sexism.Chris do you come here just to start shit or are you interested in the band? Ive listened to Nirvana probably longer than youve been alive jessica and I am here to talk to the nice people about the band.Like,rach,claire,will etc. but what i am not here for is your shit so either don\'t direct any of your bullshit comments at me or don\'t bother because I\'m ignoring all the rest of the shit you put.

Katie from USA said:
jessica,shut the fuck up you stupid bitch. You werent even in this conversation and i\'ve never even seen you post here before. If you knew what the fuck you were talking about,you\'d know that I usually do talk about Nirvana,but I\'m defending myself and it\'s really none of your goddamn business,your the loser butting your stupid ass face in other people\'s conversations you fucking bitch.

elise from England said:
chris, your father was an ass... so please forget everything he said!

jess from usa said:
you have no right calling me a stupid whore. I agree with bob with the whole being on this site if you hate nirvana.Your a fucken stupid cock sucker who thinks he can put every one down when he cant. Fucken lowlife loser.

jess from usa said:
Katie your a fucken stupid bitch and you need to grow up and avril does suck so give that up. its a nirvana site and i dont like you for saying shit about nirvana. Get a life and grow the fuck up. if you wanna fight with your cool boyfriend do it on your own site.

bob from England said:
Fuck you penis dude, Nirvana were an amazing band and you have no right slagging them off on here, go get a life, if yyou even know what one is you bell end!! How the hell did u get to this site if u hate Nirvan so much? Stupid god damn people!

Chris from USA said:

Jessica from usa said:
Chris and KAtie you def. need to stop fighting your not cool and never will be. Fucking stupid people piss me off. Just cuz you were taught slavery dont mean shit. This site is for people who like nirvana not for people to fight and say stupid ass shit. Get over your self you fucken losers.

Kayla Whippie from USA said:
The best band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla Whippie from United States of America said:
Nirvana ia one of the best god damn band there ever was. Kurt was also the best singer and gutarist there ever was. Dont ever forget it.

Chris from USA said:
prostitutes are a good thing. i married and divorced, katie. every woman i meet i learn to dislike and eventually hate. open my mind? whatever. ur a fucking bitch who could never understand.

Chris from USA said:
and i was taught slavery was good by my father. but, since ur a yankee, u wouldnt understand.

Chris from USA said:
im not a neo nazi, i just have my opinions which usually come from my father teaching me stuff while sodomising my sisters and mother.

Chris from USA said:
i just don\'t like women. they are good 4 sex and cleaning,but thats pretty much it. i like watching girl on girl for a while, but i usually get pissed off and beat them because they don\'t deserve pleasure.

Katie from USA said:
I guess I forgot to mention that I am definetly not a dike Chris,not at all.

Katie from USA said:
Okay,before I have all of you chicks bitching I was not referring to every chick on this site. Where have all the usual people gone?like Rach and Christian,Will?

Katie from USA said:
See the difference here is that I don\'t mind homosexuals,I am very partial to the penis myself,but you claim to be some self righteous neo nazi,but then you say you hate women too.Chris,honestly right now your my favorite person on here,I\'m glad your on here to talk shit,because I\'m tired of the same bullshit being repeated over and over by pre-pubesent little girls,but I don\'t understand where your perspective of women came from. Some women suck,yes I definitley agree,but some are different. Maybe you should open your mind a little bit,because if your 27 then its probably about time.

Chris from USA said:
r u gay katie? u sound like a dike.

Katie from USA said:
Chris,you sound like a flaming homosexual. What is with all the categorizations? Do you think that the world should only consist of men? Probably,so those damn bitches wouldn\'t be competition for your boyfriends. That is probably why your such a douche bag.

Katie from USA said:
No I\'m not either. I\'m white. I really don\'t care who would fuck Avril Lavigne,I\'m talking about who listens to her \"music\". Chris,I don\'t think I can help being a bitch to you because your such a dickhead,and if you are a 27 year old male that owns an Avril Lavigne cd then I think I\'ll leave you alone now because your not worth making fun of.I\'m sure alot of people would rape her,but anybody that would stay around to listen to her whiney ass or shit music is not someone I want to waste my time making fun of. Last time I checked this was a Nirvana site not the latest teeny bopper, bubble gum, pop punk, shitty, talentless bitch.

lydia from USA,TN said:
hey, whoever is using christian\'s name is really uncool! he simply stated his opinion, which was that there shouldn\'t be fighting on a Nirvana site.

louis from England said:

christian from USA said:
hello, my name is christian and im a fucking dumbass. im sorry for being rude to u guys. i admit i was wrong. ill go kill myself now.

Alex from England said:
u tell em christian. :)

Christian from usa said:
I\'m tired of all you peoples fucking bullshit I bet kurt fucking thinks you all need to get a life and grow up Im\' not saying it to everyone just the people that come here to start shit with others and leave and come back and make it a repetitive thing

Dr. Penis and the Blisters from who cares? said:
Why would anybody listen to the worst band of all time??? Namely Nirvana - a band that had no passion, no talent, no originality and was nothing more than simpleton commercial plagiarism

Chris from USA said:
katie, dont be a bitch. i think you are either a kyke or a nigger. and you are female, so therefore, you are a whore. i\'d fuck avril anyday.

lydia from USA said:
it doesnt really matter. who likes avril? this site is for nirvana, not avril.

amy from England said:
nirvana was the greatest band ever! omg i love kurt!

lydia from USA,TN said:
hey christian! are you on?

Katie from USA said:
Chris,I\'m really not jewish,not at all,and I\'m also very far from a whore too. Not saying anythings wrong with jews,but thought i\'d let you know.

Will from United States of America / Florida said:
Kurt Cobain would absolutly be horrified if he knew that the same people that like him like that avril chick. That is like saying that their music is alike,and its not.God,I like Courtney love better than avril.She sucks so much,please tell me you people are joking,please.

nunya from England said:
Okay whoever likes Avril Lavigne should not be here,or sum41 my god what the hell is wrong with you people,this is a Nirvana site not the shit bands of today.

Katie from USA said:
Godamnit people how the fuck am I supposed to read what the fuck you say? Half of the shit you people put does not spell anything. Please no mentioning of Avril Lavigne on a Nirvana website that has got to be the worst insult ever.

Katie from USA said:
Chris,my love,just tell your dad to come get his pants.

elise from England said:
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elise from England said:
er du kristen allan svensson?

dildo didi from England said:
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sam from australia said:
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elise from England said:
hey taxas-guy! this is not a advertising-site! fuck off!

Alex from England said:
I agree. We shouldnt argue on a Nirvana site. Hi to Christian, 666, will,etc if i missed anyone. how are you guys?

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man who sold the world from England said:
you guys piss me off, talking shit to eachother on a Nirvana website.....fucking disgraces, you are not nirvana fans, fuck you guys.....Cobain lives on!

Lindey from Canada said:
Sorry Claire, i just read that you said that someone was pretending to be you, so im sorry if that is the truth. also, i hate all new music it does suck that we have to look to the past to find talent, but its worth it.

Lindey from Canada said:
Claire, if you like Avril Lavinge, get off this site.

Chris from USA said:
so, katie my love, how are you today? did you have a nice time whoring around last night? you are a fucking kyke.

RYE from undergorund said:
i hate you losers
dont have one got a dick tho

summer from america said: