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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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DONJALEA from USA said:
KURT COBAIN WAS AND FOREVER WILL BE THE SHIT!!! and i guess im one of the fucked up peopl who thinks that courtny did kill him! becouse she did! and if you have something to say about it the suck my b/f 10inch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DONJALEA from USA said:
KURT COBAIN WAS AND FOREVER WILL BE THE SHIT!!! and i guess im one of the fucked up peopl who thinks that courtny did kill him! becouse she did!

emmerson abby eldicot from America said:
i love Kurt. he's my inspiration!

Randi from Canada said:
i love nirvana and especally Kurt Cobain he is so hot id kill just to meet him xoxo

Jacqueline from USA said:
Itis awesome what you have done. There is so much info i never know

keagan from canada said:
it is cool!!!!Ilike cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Casey Moore from united states said:
i have been researching stuf on Nirvana and kurt cobain for quit sometime now. my opinion is, kurt was murdered. Courtney love hired someone and thats why she faked the OD so she could have an alibi. i miss kurt and the rest of nirvana, but i am moving on and i still continue to listen to there music everyday.

Kaye from England said:
Absolute legend no other way to put it your muscic really helped me in parts of my life youve helped me in so many ways even though your gone if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here typing this messsage xx RIP !

.Malin from England said:
20 feb 1967 was the best day ever . I will never forget yuo kurt i lover you and i wish i could meet you beaucus I love you you will never understand what you have done for me whidoute your music i am not happy . Its so fucking depressed that you are dead . I will never forget you ilove you and i hope that i will see you in heaven you wate there for me . Rest in peace (L)(L) Love you . "its better to be hated for who you are than loved for a person your not" And to all pepole who write stupid things abote kurt on tis website go to hell i hate you hope you die ...

. from England said:
Stop write obute Kurt cobain on that way . This is a wesite to remember him he was the most amz guy in the world and i love him ,,..R.I.P i will always love you

Alexandra from Iran said:
Thanx thanx thanx for such great job done above your website!

Ustasa from England said:
Kurt legendo,ti si jedan od razloga zbog kojeg će rock i ljubav živjeti vječno na ovom hladnom svitu. LOVE LOVE LOVE rest in piece-we will never forget

nikkie from usa said:
ok this is refering to pg 99 there is some sick shit going on, on that page I hope the 3 people that wrote it die. stay of this web site we all hate you

breezy from canada said:
the only normal person on this website is eric from canada I hope the rest of u die

bob from canada said:
I hope that half of the idiots that say they like nirvana die!!! I have met people that realy do like them, but I think it is mostly a trend of idiots that say they like them but realy have no idea...........example..... if you have ever picked on some one KURT COBAIN HATES YOU if you play sports KURT COBAIN PROBOBLY HATES YOU. I HATE ASSHOLES AND I HATE U

nikki from USA said:
I love kurt cobain so much I need him to be inside me

alex from GP, OR, USA said:
I noticed alot of comments using derogitory turms for gays and if you all love kurt cobain like you say you do follow in his foot steps and listen to this Quote. " If you hate blacks wemen or gays please leave us the fuck alone" kurt cobain 1992 infact I think you can find that Quote on this web site!

breezy from USA said:
o.k DUMBASS i never thought i would ever have to tell someone that "polly" and "rape me" are both heavily ANTI-rape songs u dumb shit why dont u try listing to the songs once or twice insted of the tittle or listing to a kurt cobain quote

breezy from USA said:

anthoney berden from USA said:
I agree with breezy allthe idiots that keep getting on this site just to make fun of it should die and find something better to do insted of bugging me!!!!!

breezy from US said:
O.K I am sick of assholes getting on this web site and bashing kurt cobain you hate Kurt cobain. THAN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIS FAN SITE. what you have nothing better to do than go to the fan site of people you hate and make fun of them. GO to HELL

breezy from US said:
O.K. I read a lot of the comments before I decided to write mine, And I think that the most inportant thing to me was saying that everyone that says they hate Cortney love hates a part of kurt cobain to because he loved her. She is the mother of his kid and the person he loved enugh to marry. I hate all the idiots that think she is a bitch or she shot him. She didn't kill him she loved him. Please stop bashing the one person that a very angry and tierd kurt cobain loved.

melissa from america said:
its better to burn out than to fade away

xx_jai_xx from England said:
god bless kurt cobain xxx

Dakota from USA said:
i love Nirvana my ex looks just like Kurt

Macho from USA said:
Website is getting better and its good to see. hope to see it up and running fully in the near future

Jessica from America said:
This Site Is Amazing. It Really, Really Respects Nirvana and The Remebrance Of Our Saviour Of Rock & Roll, Kurt Cobain. Thanks Alot For This, Jessica. "If You Read.. You'll Judge."

Mary j [methlab mary] from US said:
always remembered

Girish from US said:
awesome site.. rock on, dude... I salute you for ur devotion to Nirvana, one of my favorite bands..:)

steve from united states said:
kurt i love and your work and dont worry courtney is a bitch rip man

ryan ramstad from canada said:
it is so sh*ty that you were MURDERED.

nikki from England said:
even though theres move evidence suggesting kurt killed himself i will never stop believing he was murdered by whoever it was weather it was that mother fucking bitch courtney love or any of the drug dealers either way grunge is ead

alex from usa said:

alex from usa said:
i've been and always will be in love (april 5,1994 sill sucks)

Verena Lukas from Austria said:
Kurt was and is allways the best, isn`t he ?

Marla from Canada said:
Cobain Lives Forever.

noah from USA said:
kurt, you fucking suck! ilove you! i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you!!!

tasha from usa said:
omg its been so long since ive been on here i love it well ya all should add me if u got msn urgurl52@hotmail.com

Sanna from swe said:
Do you know where kurt cobains gravestone is I want to visit his grave beacuse he means so mutch to me ..

Jamie from Canada said:
I agree with you Eric. I used to think that courtney had something to do with it but I was just obsessed. As I grow up and learn more about it all, it's easy to see.

sarah from Spain said:
Cooooooool web! Love Nirvana since I was a child!

Eric from Canada said:
Kurt Cobain was not murdered and Courtney Love is innocent. Fuck all the bandwagon jumpers who think theyre smart because they have an uneducated opinion on how he died. Kurt Cobain, is my idol, and one of my heros. He was a lyrical genius and whether he liked it or not, one of the largest icons rock has ever had. R.I.P. KURT!

bob from England said:
oh my god i love him

william from England said:
he rokes and he is so cool he rock my lifer

angeey from England said:
what a man what a legend it should never have ended the way it did and i still believe the truth has yet to be told.I always wonder how he would feel now noing he is still influencing peoples lives years after he has gone one of the most loved and respected alternative artists ever. If it wasnt for kurt would music be as main streem as it is today [i think not ]rip one and only x angeey

scentless apprentice from England said:
why are people writing gobbledegook?

anna marie briand from Canada said:
hello, this is just another path i have taken along my journey of getting into Kurt...thank you so much! :( we all miss him so muchly...if only...tks...shine on....hope you got your PH. D now...:)

sarah from England said:
even though am not that old a still love his music and it will never die out i just hope that one day this conspiricy theory will be solved rest in peace

Blaze from England said:
oi hold it dwn bout slough skatty kids ill punch u up u prik

scentless apprentice from England said:
kurt was the best! i miss him r.i.p :-(

zornica from England said:
Kurt e moq idol i az mnogo go obi4am i mnogo sajelqvam 4e e po4inal tolkova mlad toi e edinstven zatova Nirvana ne sa mu namerili zamestitel

Jim Dobson from United States said:
cool site.

It's me from USA said:
Kurt, how you've inspired us all, and you'll shine on even if it's in the stars!!! Hey, this man taught me how to sing and for that i am forever in debt.My baby,I love you Kurt! I fucking love that man.

Andjelija from England said:
I love Cortney Love!

rocky from INDIA said:
life sucks lets rave & have sex

kurt cobain rules from usa said:
I think that the band Nirvana should NOT have another lead singer inless it is my boyfriend .

rosie from united states said:
hi I was wondering how did kurt cobain really die just wondering I would like to know. Because I have been fussing with people for weeks about this they said that he oded and that he shot his own self in the head. But his as so called wife Courtney Love really shot him in the head with that shot gun.

Isaac Coard from K-TOWN GERMANY said:
Kurt Cobain is the illest! the greatest rock song in history is WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT?, and LAKE OF FIRE!

odb from England said:

dtxplorer from England said:
takin it easy ;-)

indigo sheehan from England said:
as long as fans remain faithful, Kurt's music will never die. He'll never be forgotten. XxXx indigo xXxX

amie from England said:

sue from England said:
special people are only visiting this world for a short while peace be with you.

scott smith from England said:
peace at last

madbob from England said:
kurt will always be alive within all the fans and within his music.

lilly from pa said:
i love kurt cobain i new about him since i was like a couple mouths old when my mom listens to his music h isnt dead in our minds i hope

Stephany from Peru said:
Kurt kobain u grunge my world, never fade away u still in my heart

Stephany from Peru said:
Just know that i will love u until the end of time just bury me in black! Saint kurt,the man who sold the world

Stephany from P eru said:
oh i love cobain,still i am a fan of him,still my fav song come as u r as u were as i want u to be,im happy to write on this book.kobain i miss u and your beiutiful songs.

Malin from Swe said:
Rip kurt love you forever

Joanna from Polen said:
I love Kurt Cobain and I always will. Nirvana forever!!

PEARLCOPPER from England said:
well, I'm working on one of my songs... and while playing often think about all those gone somehow like Kurt, hurricane katrina or World Trade Center... 'Missing you a lot' by PEARLCOPPER

mungky from indonesia said:
i love you kurtis... i hope you will wake up again to play guitar anymore

Kathy Gallagher from Ireland said:
A true musician and he'll never be forgotten.

monica from bolivia said:
ama al rock y amaras a nirvana siempre con kurt el nos espera hasta el ultimo suspiro de nuestra vida para que lo acompañemos solo el nos ama a los seres incomprendidos como nosotros

Nirvana Fan from USA said:
KURT COBAIN LIVES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kurdt wasn´t one of this dumb rockerstars who only scream into the micro and have nothing to tell the people. Yes, he´s always been honest to him AND his music .I love him !!!!!!! Nirvanan was the best band and it will always be the best band in the world!!!!!!! KURT COBAIN WILL NEVER FADE AWAY!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Marycruz from United States,California said:
Hey sorry i know i'm bugging but i just came up with a perfect idea for your website you guys should put a chat room so NIRVANA FANS can talk to each other and shit like that,that would be awesome if you guys did i'll be here all the time = )

Marycruz from United States,California said:
i love your website its pretty fuckin' cool.NIRVANA ROCKS!!!!and kurdt kobain will stay with all of us in our hearts and although i wasn't lucky enough to meet him i love him for what he did and and for what he was eventhough he wasn't in such good steps with the drugs,but i admired him alot and i just may be 15 but fuck it.I know that courtney love treated him like shit but was sort of badly in love with her that when you are you don't give a fuck no more i just hate the fact that she had him and then she didn't know who to keep him and what sucks more is that i kind of believe that kurdt didn't committe suicide i even believe courtney love had something to do with it!well i don't know and i guess the world probably won't either!but NIRVANA FUCKIN' ROCKS AND STILL KICKS ASS LOL = )

Marycruz from United States said:
i like your site especially the photos about kurt and the ohter ones but you should get more. Do you do the favor i'll tell my friends to check this wedsite out well bye dude keep up the good work lol =)

nicki from canada said:
this is a great website and alot of info!!!!!1 GO NIRVANA U KICK ASS!!!!!!!

grungey from canada said:
i love a song by nirvana called COCAINE GIRL but i cant find it anywhere! can u find it and send it to me?? or tell me where to find it!!! pleeeeeseeee!!!

dead with him from Romania said:
Kurt is a victim.He was never one of that guys!Kurt is pure like a dove.even if u`re dead,kurt,u`r shadow is still here and will live forever in my heeart.NIRVANA FOREVER!!!!U`RE THE KING!Rest in peace!

kurt's wing from Roamnia said:
Actually,what is the reason why he died?I do think it was somebody else behind this scene,hmm,maybe Curtney

Robert Tusler from England said:
This is an amazing site. The pics part is awesome, i love kurt cobain and Nirvana, that's so much. The site is epic. :)

michael harvey from N.I said:
A great man who belived in his music at the best of times mettlica missed him greatly Cobain we salute you

Miriam from Croatia said:
Hi! Can anybody who knows anything about Frances Bean Cobain send me e-mail? I want to find her e-mail adress. NIRVANA lives 4ever!!!

Timur, fan of Nirvana from Finland (but im russian) said:

nada from England said:
KURT COBAIN RUUUUUULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! coz hes like so totally gay man .. like gays r like our specialty man coz like yaaaaaaaaa btw im not stoned im just a lil unwell i no rite now u dnt care

banby from England said:
banby is no more smoking

illaya from usa said:
kurt was kool! But a God Come ON!

shauna from England said:
i love kurt cobain and some of the lyrics on that page are wrong

Bot Cobain from Philippines said:
Kurt's my personal hero, he is an example to everyone of his fans. Specially in being honest, to HIMSELF, MUSIC, ACTIONS. He really changed the world, i know he's happy right now.

sharni prunster from australia said:
i am the biggest fan of kurt cobain i love him so much this web site is the best and you have done a really great job on it xoxoxxoxo

abby from australia said:
hey this site is pretty kool and i think its awsome for kurts fans to check out

chelsey from tennessee said:
kurt was a gr8 man and noone can say other cause he is and he will be a part of me 4 ever and always nirvana was a gr8 band i will always love him kurt cobain will rip!!!!!!!!!!!

hatty and beth from England said:
we love u so much kurt!! ur so fit n such an inspiration to us grunge 4eva hatty n beth

ALISON from England said:

heather from united states said:
nirvana was and still is the best band in the world kurt rocks forever

Maj Akshay Kumar Singh from India said:
i feel that it was such a tragic end to a legend. there may be more to it then what we know. if its a suicide then we really need to know about the things leading to it...

Vanesa from Argentina said:
Grammar and spelling mistakes, not a problem but Maybe you should try to gather some more relevant info about Kurt Cobain before writing a "not so true" biography