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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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abz from England said:
i knew a lexi once ........................................ she was a slut

Lexi from U.S said:
Wad up peolpes Kurt Cobain is fucking awsome and it sucks rats ass that he died i love you kurt and smoke weed everyday peace out!?!?!?!?!?!?

chris from usa said:
jessica will you cum on me

chris from usa said:
katie will you suck my bellend

katie from usa said:
ok fuck off jessica

Jessica from England said:
I\'m not gona come on here much more but i wana say sorry for fucking bout with all your names i dont have much of a life you know so i do stuff like this, im a tosser Later oh yeh kurt was pretty gay, wat a bender courtney love fucking rules!!!!!!

katie from usa said:
fuck off chelsea your a slut

Chelsea Knod from England said:
i love u kurt

anon from where said:
katie have you been given the all clear at the std clinic yet? I hope you have i want to move on with my life and just forget about the extra present you gave to all us guys

CHRIS from USA said:
Katie..............why you shit in me greenhouse

chris from usa said:
is this guestbook not getting a lot better know. wel im just glad kurt came out the closset before he died. it was realy nice to know he was GAY

katie from England said:
Juliana from Iceland... what do you meen he is the coolest cunt in the world he is fucking dead you daft fucking bitch

anz from England said:
kill the cunt

katie from usa said:
chris has that bitch of yours knifed herself yet? i cant wait i will piss myself when she does.

jessica from England said:
this is awesome keep it up for fuck sake

abz from England said:
vis page is on my favourit list! ha

abz from England said:
juliana i no wot u mean!!!

abz from England said:
PRETEND KATIE get a grip

Juliana from Iceland said:
Kurt Cobain is the coolest guy in the world:) He\'s so cute and great I looooove him=)

abz from England said:
hey REAL katie im sorry, & i dont mean it 2 u! ok??

katie from usa said:
you are just wasting my guestbook now get to fuck

abz from England said:
& i do no who i love, i love Kurt Cobain cuz hes v coolest guy in v world so IN UR FACE

abz from England said:
hahaha im aint goin & if u wana email me & say abuse 2 me email me on fuck_u_bitch@hotmail.co.uk

abz from England said:
u suk u shithole i aint goin no way

abz from England said:
i agree wot francis is sayin u dont rule vis place, Kurt does so shut ur face u freek

Katie from usa said:
you dont know who you love abz so get to fuck and dont come here again

abz from England said:
Kurt still rules, & is sadly missd :( i love u Kurt

Katie from usa said:
Here is another one fuck off alison give us all pease you bitch

alison molyneux from England said:
kurt cobain was murdered, cortney love did it and i can prove it!!!!!!!!!!

Katie from USA said:
Francis, you don\'t understand that some asshole on this website takes our names and talks shit. It wasn\'t me. You can pretty much bet that anytime anyone on here talks shit its not the person that\'s name is posted. It\'s some childish fuck face that doesn\'t have a life, but I wasn\'t the one that said that.

francis from united states said:
katie who the fuck do you think you are telling me to fuck off? do you think this is your guestbook? this was the first time i had posted on here & this will be my last with idiots like you katie i just think you are a bitch. i only came on here to say how much i liked kurt & nirvana then i just get abuse from you katie . well with people like you nobody will come back to this site & it will all be your fault!

Katie the real one from usa said:
Sorry Chris that wasnt me. but i would put the bastard down?

Katie from usa said:
shoot the fucker

colez from Austaralia said:
Kurt Cobain rox!!! ima at skool so , gotta go! use rock! go nirvana. kurt cobain R.I.P

Katie from USA said:
Alright I did not ask if she did herself in or any of that bullshit, I didn\'t call whoever else a wanker either. Goddamn you people. Chris, if that really was you, I\'m glad that things are well with your girlfriend. I miss talking to you also, but everytime I come here people take my name to talk shit to everybody. I haven\'t said half of the shit on this guestbook that has my name on it.

Katie from USA said:
Fuck off Francis what the fuck do you know you are just a wanker now fuck off and dont come back or i will sit on your face you tosser.. see what i mean Chris here is another fucker.

francis from united states said:
hey ur site was awesome i love nirvana and kurt cobain is so kewl ilove him i so think courtney love killed him

Katie from usa said:
Hi Chris i see that bitch Jessica is at it again.

This.Is.The.Real.Me from .The.Real.Me said:
HI This.Is.The.Real.Me Me Yes The Real.Me
WWW.This.Is.The.Real.Me .COM

This.Is.The.Real.Me from .The.Real.Me said:
HI This.Is.The.Real.Me Me Yes The Real.Me
WWW.This.Is.The.Real.Me .COM

This.Is.The.Real.Me from .The.Real.Me said:
HI This.Is.The.Real.Me Me Yes The Real.Me
WWW.This.Is.The.Real.Me .COM

This.Is.The.Real.Me from .The.Real.Me said:
HI This.Is.The.Real.Me Me Yes The Real.Me
WWW.This.Is.The.Real.Me .COM

marley :) from canada said:
KURT I LOVE YOU!!!!! and nirvana rockz my world:),i miss you kurt!

nial from England said:
sorry phill a thought you were fuckin chris g/f anyway does she take it up the arse chris.

nial from ireland said:
and while you,r at it phill give her one up the arse

phill from wales said:
chris give the bitch a lot of asprin that will do the trick

phill from wales said:
Alanah do want to do me do you fuck on first dates?

phill from wales said:
give her a length from me as well crhis

chris from usa said:
no, i think she still cuts herself. but i just try to make her happy..i love her.

phill from Wales said:
Again i havent said anything bout you katie, i wouldnt use language like that i just hope the silly moo that keeps being us stop because its pointless becasue were just saying its not us!!

Yvonne from Deutschland said:
nirvana, ich liebe dich, vor allem du kurt, doch warum musstest du sterben?? WARUM?????????? Nirvana, i love, why must you die! WHY?? I love you so!!

Alma from Holland said:
Courtney is a murder! Kurt love you so much.....nirvana rulezzzzzzz KURTKURTKURTKURT

Alanah from USA said:
Kurt Cobain is f-ing sexy and i want to do him... too bad he was murdered by that whore Courtney. I resally miss him even though i didnt know him personally. I love you kurt!!!

fucker from fuck land said:
i love ***

sarah from England said:
this site is almost a gd as the bad p.s kurt is a god!!!! 4@va

Katie from usa said:
has she not done herself in yet chris

jordan lovins from U.S.A. said:
dude- Nirvana is the coolest band ever! God Bless Kurt.

chris from usa said:
everything is good. ive been spending a lot of time w/ my g/f. im trying to ignore her..odd tendancies. how\'s life treating you? i do miss talking to you.

jessica the bitch from fuck u all said:
ha ha ha ha

Kurt from usa said:
Ilove you to Julie do you take it up the ass

Julie Baudisch from Germany said:
we love you kurt

nunya from England said:
Katie, it is probably still that jessica bitch. You can tell by the way she spells all the nasty shit she writes, fucking learn to spell bitch.

Katie from usa said:
Goddamnit, Phill that was not me. I\'m not quite that disgusting. Fucking stop it already, fucking douche nozzles taking people\'s names, it\'s stupid. Chris, how has everything been?

chris the cunt from usa said:
now now chaps lets have no more of this and i meen it

phill from England said:
well katie i have tould you it was not me but i donnt think you you believe me so you can just fuck off you are just looking for attention you slapper.

Katie from USA said:

i love nirvana from canada!!!!! said:
i am from canada not england

i love nirvana from England said:
i wrote that last post and didnt put my e-mail so you could all e-mail me..peace out nirvana fans!!

i love nirvana from canada..the best place in the world! said:
hey nirvana fans, i love nirvana to...i wish kurt was still here...i would go see all of his concerts! and to all the nirvana haters out there, you can all go to hell and burn! oh and get a life if you hate nirvana why would you be reading this now.!. well i better be off....e-mail me nirvana fans plz! bye

niall from Ireland said:
absolutely superb site, a true fans site. i was looking for aparticular picture of Kurt had great difficulty finding it until i came to your site, i knew i had to find it here. Im working on a piece of artwork on Kurt, if it works out ok i will send you a print, thanks again

Marley from canada said:
nice site and i love nirvana3there music is the best!3....if there is any one out there that wants top e-mail me..go for it... and i will try to e-mail you back... well i better be going...got to go listen to nirvana now ;)bye

NATALIE from USA said:

Natalie from USA said:

Natalie from USA said:

Billy said:
and doll parts was written on holes 1994 album live through this, released a week after kurt died duh

Billy said:
Courtney also wrote the Lyrics \"leave your money when you die\"

Phill from Wales said:
Wasnt doll parts written before kurt died?

phill from Wales said:
again Katie that wasnt my post, and the courtney thing was directed at anyone whos still going on about it

phill from England said:
the only thing i will direct to you is my big fat cock Katie

chris from usa said:
hey katie. ignore those bastards. all the good people are pretty much gone.