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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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melissa from ireland said:
we luv u kurt i died for u

Kurt from England said:

g from England said:

b.n.c. from u.s.a. said:
What does that have to do with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?Oh this is to Jonathan Craig!

Jonathan Craig from Australia, but I wish I was in England said:
I believe that we should never pollute the ocean because it would harm all the fish! Fishing is also an act of murder as well! So make sure that you don\'t put your rubbish in the sea or down a drain because it is very dangerous for all the little fish! Always put your rubbish in the bin! I also believe that watching the Simpsons and Listening to Avril Laveen and Brittany Spears is very bad! Never watch the Simpsons or the Rugrats because they are silly shows! Listen to Patsy Cline! She\'s got this really good song out now called Walkin\' After Midnight and I absolutely love it! I\'m sure that all the kids at school love it as well!

Vicky from USA said:
Okay, kurt cobain was murdered. any tard-o should know that. 1:Kurt was injected with 3 times the leathal dose of heroin. 2:Kurt was fearing his life, thats why he bought the gun. 3:Courtney had made another attempt on kurts life before. 4:There were no legible finger prints on the gun. 5:The suicide note wasn\'t a suicide note at all, it was telling about how kurt was quitting the music buisness and it was for the fans. The last part about courtney and bean is questioned to even been his hand writting. Thanx and good night

chris roman from us said:
About a year and a half ago i started listening to nirvana with curiosity. As soon as i put in Bleach for the first time i was hooked. If i still had my car that cd would still be in the or some other nirvana cd. nirvana has shown me much more to an ordinary day. Be unordinary be yourself and fuck who thinks anything you do is weird. nirvcana is and will always be my radio candy and i\'m so glad kurdt and krist made this band. i wasnt suisidal or anything but i knowe what its like to wanna destroy somthing even though its not a human. im rambling but i never had the oppourtunity to express what i feel for the band because noone enjoys this band like i do. once again thanks for the music nirvana created and ilkl rock them on my radio till i fuckin die. seriously!!! ps fuck the Journals of kurdt cobain. whoever purchased that book is a sick bastard that has nothing better to do then read a dead mans thoughts.RIP kurdt Cobain 1 love

claire from England said:
i just want to say i thought kurt was the best.i wish i could have been in the same room as him 4 just 5min

Chloe from England said:
I admire Kurt Cobain, as some one who suffers from cronic depression and suicidal tendicies I know that It is much easier to live then to commit suicide

sam from England said:
dr bennet is off hulk so dont listen to him ok,ok u got that then

VK from U.S. said:

Kurt from England said:
not nice is it! when people steal your name...stupid fuckers.we shud kill them..or stop them..Dr Bennett is gay..with mr.T

CJ from England said:
I ment Courtny LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!.

CJ from US said:
First all you who have nothing to say about Kurt Cobain- dont even write anything in here. It is really pointless!! But yeah I did not reall read any of that becaus all you fags wrote things not even about kurt...so im gunna say this and of any of you already wrote it...more power to you. And for all you who dont know a lot about Kurt Cobain and want to. I will tell you a few things...well the most important thing....Kurt WAS murderd....so I hate Courtney...(what ever the fuck her name is)is a lil whore who doesn\'t deserve to live!! I do belive she had some one kill kurt for her!! peace

Whoever keeps usin my fuckin name better stop!! from U.S.A. said:
Okay for the people who keep usin my fuckin you better stop and im not jokin!Wtf Dr.Bennett at first you say he was suicide now your sayin he was murdered!Make up your god damn mind.

Kurt from England said:
hahahahahaha Rach..god thats classic! haha..excellent..good attitude..Dr Bennett..okay, gimmie some proof??..If you\'ve read Kurt cobain suicide or murder (dunno if dats the title tho) you\'ll know that the amount of heroin in his body was loads and he wud have been unconcious in seconds..not enough to shoot himself

Dr Bennett from America said:
I worked beside some people that handled cobains death and he was murdered now does that kill any furthering theory that he died of a suicide attempt ?

rach from England said:
fuck megod, i see my masterbation behaviourisms of cumming under false pretenses and lame 84 year old insults are still a feature of this shite.....its fucking magic, so so groovy. People on this site really need 2 get a wank, i will give u one i mean, if u have nothing better 2 do than toss urself & innocent guestbook users, then i will fuck you. Im on the game this shite is being used in such a respectful way, its really great on the person who created it, not 2 mention the true doggers who cum here. Some of you guys fuck so much. To the rest of u fuck off, who r a gang bang with nirvana and kurt, please continue and dont let anyone else join in....nirvana fans will pull ur plonker:) rach xxx ps got any nude pics?

britto from England said:
neva mind kurt you can send ur nude pics to me here. brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com .........& i dont want any sick pics ....weirdos.......britto................. brittanee_cobain93@hotmail.com

b.n.c. from u.s.a. said:
No.Everyone in here knows that he was murdered and they (the people you work with) are just sayin he commited suicide because they are dumb people that need to learn how to actually do a flippin case.

Dr Bennett from America said:
I worked beside some people that handled cobains death and he died of a suicide attempt now does that kill any furthering theory that he was killed by someone

Stuart Mockus from Morrisons said:
Seriously, someone can celebrate the opening of Sainsburys where clowns think their gods, and they operate on the basis of craigster behavioural patterns watch your doors, morrisons gimps are coming!!!!!

Mark from Royal Mail said:
I have a rocket attached to my backside ps vicky I can recommend counselling as I had issues of the same nature!!!

Stu P Paxstona from The Jwsc said:
I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky, where no limitations of W Mowbray and Alan Mockus\'s heights will jeopardise the corrupt running of the Jwsc

VLouden from Sauchiehall Street with the Police Officer said:
I really need to sort myself out and seek counselling anyone got any good recommendations????????????

Pramsay from America said:
Mary you need to realise that we cant just allow you serve and use the guestbook abusively for that your getting no allowance for a week and dad will maintain that!

Matthew from Flying high above the clouds said:
Hey again, I totally agree with Rachel all the sad behaviours displayed by angry english or american conspiracy theorists that Cobain actually killed himself. Contain that theory unless you otherwise have evidence then I will progress and see otherwise you will never understand the ethical reasonings of grunge itself. True Nirvana fans are entitled to sign this book instead of silly teenagers, in England btw Reading sucked, this year I hated it, T in the Park all the way!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew from Scotland said:
Oh dear god, i see the childish immature behaviourisms of posting under false identities and lame 4 year old insults are still a feature of this site.....its pathetic, so so pathetic. People on this site really need 2 get a life, i mean, if u have nothing better 2 do than annoy innocent guestbook users, then more fool you. Its such a shame this site is being used in such a disrespectful and wrong way, its really not fair on the person who created it, not 2 mention the true fans of the band. Some of you guys suck so much. To the rest of u, who r serious about liking nirvana and kurt, please continue and dont let anyone get in your way....nirvana fans will pull through :) rach xxx Cheers I second that motion idiots with an internet connection that think they understand the true ethic and reasonings of grunge and its catalyst ethical reasonings. Kurt Cobain 67 94

Andy C from Scotland said:
Anyone want to lift my kilt wee billy wanted to, but he never got the time to ;-)

Alan C from With the Eagles said:
Yeh willy and Gary I challenge you to a game of pool

Steven Sanjay M from Murrayfield said:
Anyone for haggis tonight ;-)

Gareth Martin from England said:
I only can compensate for you jackasses and laugh at your timely flaw\'s and you think you know Kurt I knew his stuff better than anyone you all are a bunch of halfwits and need a reality check. Love Gary xxxx ps anyone want a game of snooker with me and Willy W the challenge is their

M Ramsay from Timbucktoo said:
I love you Kurdt xxx

William McLean from Scotland said:
Hey again I am supporting Matthew\'s views Kurt was a timely genius, and half you people from the Usa are morons. I hate Americans and I detest people that try and think they know it surrounding Cobain you Americans eat my Lard Ass!

Melissa from Canada said:
Your site is very informational. As a Grade 8 student, I was very pleased because I could get so much info on Kurt to put on my Biography... don\'t worry I didn\'t plagerize :) I quoted a lot of things..thanks for the info. Love you guys 3 :)

Emmy, from Finland said:
Otherwise this site is great, but Kurts art, the link won\'t open.......

Robbin Ramirez from America said:
this site rox! i love it! and i still luv Kurt! RIP KDC \"its better to burn out than to fade away...\"

Marta from Poland said:
...Nie wiem po co to napisalam, przeciez i tak nie rozumiecie beczy

Marta from Poland said:
Hm. Pewnie nawet nie rozumiecie co pisze. Ja jednak nie znam na tyle dobrze angielskiego zeby nie popelnic gafy(My English is poor - to umiem xD). Bardzo lubię Nirvane. Nirvana to moje cale zycie (Nirvana is my life).Kocham Nirvane. To najlepszy zepsol pod sloncem :)

Kurt from England said:
Britto they blocked outgoing mail...sorry

kenneth from US said:
u suck

b.n.c. from u.s.a. said:
omg grrr!

Kurt from England said:
awsome site

tasha from England said:
this site rockz! kurt we love you so much!! i love his song hello.

franny from England said:

Lea from serbia and montenegro said:
oooo my god you are special human in the world LONG LIFE NIRVANA(it isn not dead)long life for GRUNGE...big kiss from dirty world,your Kurt\'s Angel!

polly from croatia said:
hey kurt is the best.i am 14 and I adore kurt.kurt,we will always love you,and we will never forget you.my favourite songs are:polly,dumb,very ape,you know you right(my favourite)all of them...kurt we will miss you....

tako from England said:
I love you kurt

kurt from England said:
britto they blocked outgoing e-mail..

b.n.c. from u.s.a. said:
ok matt.....lol

sappy from Austria said:
... wow... you´re so stupid... i love cobain......m totalllllllllly in love with him....wish he was here... you couln´t be in love with him... man ... you haven´t known him.. .. fuck you

raschel hutton from united states said:
Kurdt. Beautiful man. His sounds. Holy shit. He knew how to put himself on the outside. For us to listen to. And try to understand. I appreciate him for that. His life experience gives me goose bumps. And inspiration beyond what the word can possibly convey. I hope I can share with this world half as much as he. I hope I can be as brave. And as true. And as fearless. And as alive................

sharmila from india said:
i love cobain......m totalllllllllly in love with him....wish he was here...

eric kenndy from canada said:
I first heard nirvana when i was in junior high and the music changed my life i find kurt and the band to be an insperation to us all not to let the comercial side of the worl eat what is pure to us and he said it best its better to burnout than fade away thanks nirvana

carla from U.S.A. said:
I just love Nirvana and Kurt taht i wrote a research paper and speech for college on them.!!!

matt from England said:
courtney love did kill kurt she is full of shit she needs to die and never have killed kurt

matt from England said:
this website is freaken awsome

b.n.c. from u.s.a said:
hey matthew what the fuck are you tryin to say man lol?

Kurt from England said:
Dylans last name better not be calvert, he pissed off one of my comrades..we\'ll find him and make him pay oneday

reece parnell from England said:
im pissed that i have never met him.

George from Canada said:

George from Canada said:

laker from England said:
this site is shit

????? from England said:

louisa comerford from ireland said:
i love curt cobain

nirvana from usa said:
cobain\'s all lyrics n videos are awesome........... you are gr8 kurt.....i love u so much n miss u like hell out here .u\'re always in ma mind n heart.....bless me kurt

{[ jessie]} from Canada said:
i cry lil evil tearz of revenge i think y did this sexy man have to die :\'( ? fav C-D nevermind latazz ppl all i can say o how he kiked ass with his ban nirvana

Katharina from Germany said:
I must say, I\'m the same oppinion like dylan.I read the same book(Heavier than Heaven) (german titel: \"Der Himmel über Nirvana\" - the Heaven over Nirvana)and so I think it was really suicied, because he allways want to die in this way, and he was really sad in the last years. He was not happy about his success (you also can read this in his last letter, (I don\'t know the English word for \"Abschiedsbrief\") But I must say too, that this Biography was wrote by man, who can only collect informations from other people, nobody knows how it really was, but(I must say it again, sorry) I really think it was suicied, yes.

anwar from indonesia said:
fuck the trend boy may they wrote in hell like fucking shit asshole, dammed for allof you there

O-nilla from text said:
Nice...! Verry Nice! ))) Onilla from NY!

Charlotte from England said:
Go on my web sign ma guest book

joker from England said:
grungers suck cock

gunner from England said:
this site sucks