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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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wickedclown from United States said:
I am going to first start out by saying who ever put out this guestbook is now my fuckin hero. Kurt Cobaine has been the biggest inspiration in my life he\'s my role model. I regret to say that I am only 17 and wasn\'t around during the Nirvana period. But I well remember the hype and controversy that Kurt brought to the music world. I have recently bought the Kurt Cobaines Journals, although I dont like the fact that they invaded Kurt\'s private life, but hell I\'ll take all the Nirvana I can get. I am Kurts biggest fan. I even wrote a tribute song to him in my band.

Stephanie Taylor from North Augusta said:
Kurt Cobain..............He\'s here, we should have all learned a little from him, let\'s not let someone we know do the same thing, ar rather fall into the same vice.....

Krista Gertken from usa said:
I\'m doing a research paper on Kurt, lots of controversy. I have always been a major fan, the love will never die. If anyone has any interesting info. they would be willing to share, please email me at kjgertken@hotmail.com

Tolik from England said:
Cool site! please, add link to my site: http://drive.to/okno - music, rock, girls! :-)

Adam Gibbins from England said:
Kurt cobain was the best of the best guitarists in the world and i would personelly kick the fat idiot who bought him the gun. I think every nirvana fan would agree. PS. great site

Adam Gibbins from England said:
Kurt cobain the is best of the best guitarists of the world

Pippy from USA said:
Rest in peace Kurt. You did a great job while you were here. I know that the GODDESS will take care of you now. Love, one of your many fans Pippy.

Wayne Mclennan from England said:
Very Cool Site. Any Good Fans Of Nirvana Is A Good Freind Of Mine

Jack Whisper from England said:
Kurts Memory Will Live On 4eva. Nirvana Sill The Best Band In The World Then Its Pink Floyd. WAYNE MCLENNAN LOVES SAMANTHA CHRISTIE 4EVA

wayne mclennan from England said:
hi i dont know if cortney shot kurt but i know that she is one fucking bitch. she just doesnt care about his death and is just living in his money

gean from North Carolina said:
over here i havent come into contact with any people like me. its better to know someones out there than all the answers.

Kayla Pursley from Canada said:
Awesome Web Site And Great Pics Of Kurt To Whoever Made this Shit.. It Fucking Rocks.. And Kurt Is A Sex God! Rest In Peace Kurt* God Bless

dick from canada said:

Jonathan Champion from USA said:
I love kurt and i miss him so much! If he were alive, he would still be rocking! We miss you and love you so much Kurt!

gean from England said:
Within this correspondence I have obtained various moral reasoning why the Disney adaptation of Fantasia should be classed as an 18 certificate. 1. The fairies have barely any clothes on. This is obvious indecent exposure not appropriate for a childrenís film. 2. That dirty crocodile was so obviously trying to rape the innocent hippo. He at many stages during this overly intimate scene indecently assaulted her. 3. The mushrooms are blatantly advocating the use of magic mushrooms for recreational purposes. 4. You can clearly see up Mickey mouseís dress and see his balls! 5. The strings are purely there for promoting vibrators, as the strings vibrate! 6. The violent broom scene is promoting violence and other criminal acts against the conformist society.

chuck from usa said:
its all about lithium

sohail kahtar from pakistan said:
i wanna die like kurt i missss kurt i loveeeeeeeeeeee u after some month iwill die yeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i will c to kurt cobain i love kurt cobain i daly cry for kurt

Will Fullerton from United States of America said:
I think that Curt Cobain was one of the most clearly and greatest expressed artists ever, and i think that bitch Courtney Love Killed him and its some Bull Shit.

sharon solinski from united states said:

Tash* from Bristol, England! said:
Hey, your sites amazin! It pays a great tribute to the greatest rock star ever. \"Peace, love, empathy\".

Nele from Germany said:
Nirvana 4ever i love kurt cobain

stupid punk-gaby from England said:

joshua myles from canada said:
Kurt didn\'t commit suicide because it is impossible to put a shotgun to the back of your head and two different writers writing were found in the note and that is how i can prove he didn\'t commit suicide. Josh Myles

Iliya from England said:
Cool site! please, add link to my site: http://scroll.to/amounter - Amateur russian and ukrainian fotos. Girls and naked Girls.

Matt from USA said:
Sorry to tell you that, but... man, your website sux. The pix don\'t even work!.. But besides that, it\'s cool :)

charlene pearce from England said:
this site is brilliant and good it takes my mind away from evrything

lizzie from united states said:
I love kurt and he loves me. I hope. In a way.lol hehe

Brian Duffy from England said:
Kurt sang truthfully and emotionally{and also in A tantrum!}I wish there were more like him, so R.I.P to kurt and his no:1 fan my friend, Danny Potyka 1980-2002.\"Its better to burn out than fade away\"

Valarie from united states said:
Courtney love is a stupid bitch who was nothing before KURT and is nothing Without him. Behind her FAKE hair boobs and nose shes just a stupid evil wench who was always jealous of him. lets just hope that FRANCES gets some of her DADS traits. Gotto go .

RoO from U.S.A said:
hey. just wanted to tell you guys that me and my band \"Fix\" WILL save grunge. and since at the of \"God Gave Rock and Roll to You\" Alice says, \"Save rock and roll,\" the band will save that, too. :)

Jessica from USA said:
I love kurt, he is awesome, his songs are awesome, awesome!!!!!!

Ashley from United States said:
I love Nirvana, this is an excellent Nirvana site

heidi from norge said:
hey... its a \"norsk\" person here.. NIRVANA ROCKS! LOVE THEM.. kurt will NEVER die!

anders joddleik ottesen from utvorda said:
hello i like nice balls. i hate nirvana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think that statland gospel choir rockz! takk ska du ha

Jenna from England said:
It is a shame that Kurt Cobain shot himself but he was not a happy person, he did not want to be on this earth, he would have done anything to kill himself and his childhood was messed up. we miss him but i guess it was better for him that way, because he was miserable here on earth.

Sascha Liedtke from Deutschland said:
I find my self cause K.Cobain is wacking up my body . T think cobain was the best leader of the world. I`m 13 I find him cool I wil be a rockstar too.

danielle from England said:
nivarna ROCKS!!! Buster is such a dickhead for saying different.

Kelly from USA said:
All i got to say is Kurt Cobain is the man! His music inspires so many people. Even though he\'s gone in reality, he\'s still alive in my heart! *Kurt Will Always Be Remembered*...............PS,Great Site!

nicolas from Chile said:
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anti waR Deb from United States said:
hello from Texas, like the music and site. peace

Femke from England said:
great site!! very cool

bill from England said:
rock on

Jay from USA said:
The other night there was a Nirvana special on MTV2, it was people that were at Unplugged talking about how big of an impact it had on them. It was one of the sadest things I\'ve seen in my life. I cryed the whole way through it. Nirvana is the greatest band ever. Kurt\'s my Inspiration! Peace, Love, Empathy! We love you kurt!

blue from England said:

brandon shock from potleaf said:
smoke smoke smoke 420

brandon shock from us said:
nirvana kicks ass great site

molly kurt from belgium said:

Keely from England said:

Keely Mcgrath from England said:
I really liked Kurt i thought he had a lot going for him, but when i heard he killed himself i was well gutted. I love all his songs they were all really good and i love them all, It must be terrible for Courtney and Frances they must be devastated. Hope things are great for them but i know it must be hard for them. Keely.

britney from united states said:
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britney from none said:

siobhan from England said:
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siobhan from England said:
hay evry1 wot reads this wot i wanna no is how francis cobain feels with noin her dad was one of the graitest rock stars eva. an also what she thinks about her mums ways i mean i am a big big big courtney love fan but miss love is really liveing the life of sex drugs rock n roll who can blame her i wod if i could. and also like to no how she fells about the allagations made against miss love when kurt died.but the big question DOES SHE LIKE NIRVANA? do we no email me if you no or just email me coz you wanna to fire_of_hell2003@hotmail.com goodbye from the biggest hole and nirvana fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tim ackerman from us said:
kurt is my favorite artist and i love his music and i wish he were still alive but he will alaeays be a ledgend

Nelly from United States said:

Kurt Griffith (i go by TOmmy) from U.s said:
this site is kick ass man but why isnt there a officail nirvana site?

rUSTY bOB from usa said:
Kurdt Kobain for ever \"Punk rock is freedom\" Kurt Cobain -67-94-

Samantha from USA said:
I agree. Courteney either did it herself or had someone else do it. I am a forensics major and they should have never closed the case! Too much evidence against suicide!!!! E-mail me:)

Samantha from USA said:
Really awesome pictures of Kurt Cobain!

mcharcowsky from usa az said:
need to find some drugs

Heather from Usa said:
Nirvana will never fade away even if Kurt is dead. I dont know what he was feeling and im not exactly sure if he knew but it had to be sumthing not too good or he wouldnt have killed himself. I wish he could have knew how many people honored him and loved him adn still today their is so many people that honor and love him. Anywayz, Nirvana Is one of the best bands this World has ever received if not ThE BeSt. We\'ll always remember you kurt...now and forever. As for this website, Rock on, it kicks butt!

helen from England said:

Jodie from England said:
Bestest website ever ever ever. i like it sooo much, i went on it at school and printed off a load of cool stuff, then got shouted at and banned fro the computer room :D. one thing tho, on sliver where u couldnt work out part of a lyric, it sounds to me like Kurt\'s saying \'shut your gob and stop your crying\' ..... ho hum.. apart from that, am ur biggest fan ever!!! and KURT COBAIN IS GOD!