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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Kendra from U.S.A said:
awesome website. its a wonderful remberence of Kurt! rock on!

Nemanja from S&M said:
You need to bee given a Medal of Honor...

Nemanja Ratkovic from Serbia & Montenegro said:
This web site is the best web site in all world. This site is a very sad story about one young life who is too early turn off.

Fiona from N.Ireland said:
A poem for Kurt Cobain: Call me anything you like Slap me, cut me, beat me till I\'m black Swear at me, tie me down, rape me till I bleed Branned me your\'s, lock me up and throw away the key Do whatever you like to me Destroy my body and my mind But after you have done all this return me to mankind Tell them I\'m a monster Tell them I was bad Tell them I was crazy Or tell them I was sad For I will led their children to a better kind of place Where music flows like wine and everyone feels in place. For Kurt Cobain, Never forgotten, You still live everyday through the kids that listen to music you will never die. copyright 14.11.2004

With Us Anymore We All Still Remember Him. Im Not Gonna Say Anything About His Death Because I Dont Know If He Was Murdered Or If It Was A Suicide. Until Its Proven What Has Actually Happened The Only Way Im Gonna Look At It Is That Hes Gone But Hopefully To A Better Place. NIRVANA ROCKS . RIP Kurt Cobain. We Love You So Much. Gone But Definitly Not Forgotten. Kurt Was An Amazing Singer And Songwriter And I\'ll Love Him and Nirvana Forever. Whoever Is Coming Onto A Kurt Fan Site And Posting \" Hate \" Shit About Kurt Shouldn\'t. Its A \"FAN\" site, Not A Site To Be Dissin Him. Hes Gone Now And Really Wouldn\'t Appreciate It. We Should All Respect Him And His Music..Even If You Dont Like Nirvana ! It Still Gives U No Reason To Diss Kurt or Nirvana. I Love You Kurt Cobain And I Hope That Youre In A Better Place Now. Awesome Site ! It Musta Took Alot To Make A Site This Amazing About Kurt But WoW ! Its Amazing ! Kurt Will Live Forever In The Hearts Of His Fans. I Love You ! .RIP Kurt. 1967-1994

graham from England said:
i read the notes written and im sick this is a tribute page to a god not to a whore i hate courtney but love kurt as a hero as a god R.I.P kurt

graham from England said:
kurt cobain lives on aslong as you belive in him so let him live by beliving in a god like kurt cobain

graham from England said:
I have already wrote a note but i have one more thing to say R.I.P Kurt Cobain my hero my icon my god

graham from England said:
I hardly knew you yet i belive that you are my hero. I used to belive that all things great have an end but you have changed me now i know that the great don\'t die they live on in are hearts in are love so you live on kurt as a god as a hero to me and i will always look up to you as what you are a god surrounded by people. I miss you and will always but then i remember that as long as i belive in you, you will never leave you will watch over all of your fans as a god should and no matter what happens next i will still belive in you no matter what. My name is graham and i canmot say any more but this i will miss you kurt but you left behind your music for us to remember you by. BY GRAHAM D

Sammy from England said:
Hey Kurt this is 4 you, we all love you, you are a legdend that will go on living forever in our minds, your happy now and forever remain to be. as i said b4 R.I.P mate may your memory live forever

Heather from USA said:
i alredy wrote somethin just fixin country Kurt Rules!

heather from England said:
Kurt Cobain was awesome and so HOTT! I love his voice, he was such a great singer. I have even read his journals they were awesome.

sammy from England said:

eric knotts from usa said:
kurt is right now reding naked lunch smoking a cigarette. what a good man

kellie rogg from usa said:
this site kicks a$$ and i love kurt cobain he will stay rockin in our hearts for life. i love jason for life

Gytis from Lithuania said:

Amber from United States said:
Kurt Cobain rules!!!

Agent48 from Canada said:
Nirvana\'s coooool.... just kiddin\' Nirvana rocks!

cantarella from Germany said:
@ me: its right that no one of us knows what happened.but some people feel better, when they get an answer if its right or not doesen\'t matter, they think. but i think its good to think about it, because he goes on our mind and we never forget him. cantarella

rinon from England said:
nice site

Brian Sharninghouse from USA said:

Me from Cheeseland said:
No one here knows Kurt. No one knows what happened to him or if he killed himself or not. You can\'t say that someone killed him or he definitly killed himself. I dont know what happened and no one but kurt will ever know. I am a huge fan of kurts and i miss him more than my own boyfriend sometimes. I was only 4 when he died and i never knew he existed until this year. But I love him and no one is ever going to know the truth about him. Why dont you ppl shove it and stop making judgments about the greatest musician ever because he doesnt deserve this. Why dont you respect him a little more and stop being so uptight and pretending that you know so much about him when you never even met him. I just want to say that you ppl are extremely judgmental to kurt. If kurt was killed then obviously the person who killed him knows how he died. But other than that, no one knows except kurt. If anyone has a problem with this or anything relating to kurt, they dont even deserve to listen to Nirvana, obviously the greatest band to ever play. I love you Kurt. Thanks for your music. It literally changed the way I look at everything. I love you.

cantarella from Germany said:
@sharon clarksom: its a very good poem it go to the heart and tells us something. bye cantarella

Ellie from England said:
Hello all! I\'m a year 13 media studies student and as part of my course we have to complete a research project centred on certain aspects of the media. I am looking into popular music and youth culture and especially how the image of Kurt Cobain affected the youth culture of the time. I chose to do this as I am a big Kurt Coabin fan and as this project has to last all year I wanted to do something i\'d be interested in researching. I\'m posting this in the hope you can all help me with my research. I would be interested to know your views on how the media distorted/affected Kurt\'s image and in doing so how (if at all) you feel this affected the youth culture of the time. Any information or opinions you have regarding this topic or anything else that may be beneficial to my research would be greatly received. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you. Ellie