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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Vicki from England said:
I like the version of \'\'Smells like teen spirit\'\' that they did with The Chili Peppers\'\', its fucking amazing, the chilis are amazing, they are so different to Nirvana but in the same league totally, another favourite Nirvana song of mine is Big Cheese, i think \'\'Bleach\'\' is one of my favourite albums........

Richard from England said:
Nirvana Inspierd me to play guitar and everytime i hear them it makes me wanna sit in a room by myself and play guitar for hours and fuck the rest of the world. Floyd the barber,Heart-shaped box,Aneurysm and Opinion are my favorite but every Nirvana song rules. Nirvana Rule

Richard from England said:
Nirvana FUCKING rule. Kurt rules!!!!! kirst Rules!!!!!Dave Rules.

Nicholas Martin Pereira from UnitedArab Emirates said:
You are the greatest and my inspiration to become a musician.

big bird from England said:
heyyyyyyyyyy kattttttttt

kat from England said:
sos charlotte only just got on this site to see your message. okay, dave with short hair or long. um, not sure, probably medium. when he had really long hair it looked okay, but when he had really short hair it looked too different. so i say sorta in the middle, just above shoulder length. what about you?

Amy from Canada said:
I love Come as You Are and Heart-Shaped Box. But i love like all of Nirvanas songs but right now those are my favorites. also i would like to thank chris from england for putting new ideas in this guestbook thing. the whole murder subject was getting repetitive! hehe! NIRVANA KICKS EVERYONES ASS!

VICKI from England said:
\'\'Negative Creep\'\' is a real favourite of mine as well, i keep thinking i have a favourite but its soooooo hard, ive decided just to love all of them and have a long list of \'\'Extra Special\'\' ones, whats everyones favourite album????

VICKI from England said:
I think one of my favourite songs is \'\'Rape Me\'\' and another is \'\'Floyd The Barber\'\', i have loads i cant narrow it down, i hope i didnt offend anybody with my words for Courtney, its just my opinion....:-)

Rach from England said:
I dont really know what my favourite song by Nirvana is, all the songs ae amazing. At the moment i\'d say silver, lithium and heart shaped box, but my preference always changes! Rach xxx

chris from England said:
whats everyones favourite song then? i think it is time to move off the subject of death - he did many other things apart from arouse mystery about his death

Vicki from England said:
For Courtney Love:: We don\'t need to be angry at you, But we are you motherfucker we all hate you!! An angel died, Now your happy, Do you really think this makes FB happy? Because of you shes got no daddy, did you tell her how he really died? You conspired with the nanny!! One day, Frances can meet her daddy once more, Until then, i hope she hates you to the core, Heaven above is where hes lying, Hell below is where your going...

Jessie Jensen from united states said:
I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! I SO UNDERSTAND IT!!! Kurt Donald Cobain shall live on for ever. love ya

Strarlight from U.S.A said:
ya know Kurt is a amazing inspiration. he\'s my biggest insperation i must say. hes my role model actaly. my band \"Heartless\" is now startin up and is doin well. we\'re hoping with in the next two years we\'re be ready to land a recored deal. it gonna be great. cuz we well rock. and ya know Kurt Cobain may phsicaly be dead. but his \"Teen Spirt\" wil always live on. the memorey of him and the way he changed the defition of music will always be rembered. and ya know i\'ll make damn sure he\'s never forgotton. he is one of the awesome human being thatv walked this earth. ROCK ON KURT! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Starlight

Strarlight from U.S.A said:
ya know Kurt is a amazing inspiration. he\'s my biggest insperation i must say. hes my role model actaly. my band \"Heartless\" is now startin up and is doin well. we\'re hoping with in the next two years we\'re be ready to land a recored deal. it gonna be great. cuz we well rock. and ya know Kurt Cobain may phsicaly be dead. but his \"Teen Spirt\" wil always live on. the memorey of him and the way he changed the defition of music will always be rembered. and ya know i\'ll make damn sure he\'s never forgotton. he is one of the awesome human being thatv walked this earth. ROCK ON KURT! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Starlight

Sarah from Netherlands said:
Hi! I\'m a HUGE fan of Nirvana!!! If you have any questions, you can - of course - email me...
www.freewebs.com/true-nirvana-story (under heavy construnction!!!)

Rach from England said:
Yeah lets show our respect to Krist and Dave too, they were essential parts of Nirvana.xx

chris from England said:
cheers for the response, i have been reading the tom grant page - i have done before on a different page but not the full thing like this is - and i understand to some extent why many of you are \"anti-courteny\" but i dont think we should be saying stuff so horrible until it is proven. Anyway, turn up your nirvana albums with full bass so the floors shake and you will understand how amazing dave and krist were! Their ability to work together and produce that thump that makes our hearts all pound faster has to make you respect them. I think, from a guys perspective that dave looks way better with his hair like it is in the Q.O.T.S.A video, he is like the coolest guy in rock. He doesn\'t feel the need to do drugs anymore, he plays drums better than anyone and he is amazing at guitar. keep talking about dave and krist, and i reccomend when you write you have on a nirvana song, full bass so the floor shakes. it is immense respect to dave and krist, and of course kurt

Nicole Matthews from Canada said:
courtney love is a bitch and did not deserve kurt

Rach from England said:
Im reading \'heavier than heaven\' and all i can say about it is wow! I never knew so much about Kurts life, its amazing. And about Frances hating Kurt thats really awful, he loved her so muich and would do anything for her...in the biography it states that he was willing to kill himselff if sumthing was wrong with frances when she was born.......how could she hate him after hearing that? xxxx

Kayla Coates from Canada said:

sophie-jayne from england/wales said:
awesome website but you should put more on the other members in the band not just kurt even though he is a legend i mean dave grohl is an awesome drummer n the bassist, chris novoselic hes awesome too like

Emma from England said:
that picture of kurt with courtny is fucking distrubing - smothering bitch. great site

Charlotte from England said:
Kat, do you prefer Dave with long hair or short hair?

kat from England said:
just wanna say, again. that nirvana are great. oh, and dave is a fantastic drummer, my bro is learning drums and to get tips he watches dave drum. in my opinion the foo fighters are good, but dave should stick mainly to drumming, he is phenomenal! watch him in the queens of the stone age video - no one knows - and you will all see just what flair and enthusiasm he has. he looks fuckin\' possesed, but in a good way! hail dave - the best drummer in the universe!

Charlotte from England said:
To \"I hate myself and I wanna die from Scotland\" - Kurt sed this for a JOKE. He even sed so in his journals. His exact words were \"My next album will be named I hate myself and i wanna die, this rather negative album title is something I conjured up to confuse people cos they already think Im about to OD at any moment, why not play on it? It dont mean anything though cos I am not about to kill myself\" so no, it was his warped sense of humour that made him think of that title not anything else

dnc from hellas!!! said:
nirvana rulez cobain did NOT suicide

Lindsey from US said:
thanx for keeping this site going.....its the only site i\'d found that gives info about all the stuff that i\'d want to know about kurt and nirvana and also has space about tom grant and the possible murder.

Nuetron from England said:
Yes, Chris you have a point about Dave & Krist, of course without their help there would\'nt be Nirvana. But let me say I agree wholeheartedly with Vicki, I will never respect that Courtney bitch for what she has done to Kurt. In one way or another she was directly responsible for the DEATH OF A LEGEND! I just hope Francis will listen and read to her dads lyrics and come to the conclusion to love her dad like so many fans have done. RIP Kurt.

I Hate Myself and Wanna Die from Scotland said:
I Hate Myself and Wanna Die. Its a bit of a clue. Personally i think that he did kill himself but hr ws certianly driven to it by Courtney.

Vicki from England said:
The thing that hurts the most about Kurts death is that, he isnt the only one who knows what really happened, deep down, Courtney knows that she was a contributing factor to his death, whether she killed, or paid someone else to kill him, or whether he killed himself because of her. I think that she is a selfish bitch, who only thinks about herself, if she loved Kurt so much, she would be bringing their daughter up to love, respect, and remember Kurt for what he was, a true, warm, real man, who, most of the time was battling his demons, but always loved his daughter with all his heart and soul, instead, she decides to let her child go into care because all she cares about is getting smacked up all day and night, fair enough, Kurt was no angel especially when it came to drugs, i respect him for all his work, and equally the rest of the band, i dont respect Courtney in any sense of the word, one way or another, she was the reason for Kurts death, i wish she would just admit the truth to everyone. I think in the beginning, Kurt thought he had found his true one, his soulmate forever, but in the end, he saw her for what she really was. I dont know if he killed himself, police reports say it couldnt have been anything other than suicide, but there are alot of things about that day that dont add up, so why is no body admitting the possibility of murder except for the fans???

charlotte from England said:
Also, after Kurt died she insisted that he was suicidal and shit. IF HE REALLY was why didnt she say anything when he was alive? He aint here to defend himself and i reckon if courtney has something to hide she should say it cos Kurt doesn\'t deserve this at all. I also agree with amy cos krist and dave are great. after all nirvana really wouldnt be nirvana without them!! Peace, Love Empathyxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh, I can see ur point Chris but from what I read in his journals and what I heard from interviews with his friends. He HATED courtney towards the end of his life cos she was over possesive and only really cared about the money. When he didnt want the money or Nirvana anymore, she got together with the nanny and killed him before he could divorce her and exclude her from his will. So yes, he probably loved her at the beginning and shit but then after unplugged in New York was recorded, he started to despise her cos she was practically organising his life!! she was organising tours and slagging him off in interviews. EVEN though he never EVER said a bad word about her, not once. If that is not a reason to hate anybody, I dunno what IS. FACT - Kurt hated Courtney from 93 onwards. simple. She couldn\'t handle the fact that Kurt didnt wanna be famous anymore and so she killed him while he was till worth millions and while she was still in the Will. Also, Courtney poisoned Frances\'s mind and has admitted that she HATES her father. Peace, Love, Emapthyxx

Amy from Canada said:
Ya chris your right YAY KRIST AND DAVE!!!i never ment when i talked about kurt that i didn\'t totally appreciate the rest of the band as well. and also i tried to not say so much bad stuff about courntey, but its kinda a hard thing to do,i mean, its courtney love, damn. lol

chris from England said:
look, i like nirvana more than is thinkable but lets all give some credit to dave grohl and krist noveselic. what all you \"kurt fanatics\" need to understand is that without the mental support of krist and courteney, there wouldn\'t have been Incesticide or In Utero because he was too wasted to produce what he did. he was suffering from drug withdrawal and they managed to boost his moral enough to get him back on his feet so he could carry on producing the music we all love so much. nirvana wasn\'t the solo effort you are all insisting through your comments, there wouldnt have been a nevermind, or anything else if it was. Look hard at the lyrics on In Utero, they are all about courteny and frances, so next time you slag her off remember how much respect kurt, your idol, had for her and how much it hurt him when she did receive abuse. why dont you all imagine that kurt was watching down as you all wrote this stuff about his much loved wife and mother of his daughter....... and you\'re sticking up for him??? lets leave it with the \"courteny killed kurt\" thesis, innocent until proven guilty right? if your true fans, then read \"heavier than heavan\", it will explain to you how suicidal he became, to much points to suicide. His best friend said himself \"kurt committed suicide, i know it, if i thought that someone had murdered him they wouldnt be alive now\" think about what kurt would want you to be saying about him before you write in future please. AND LETS HEAR SOME MORE MENTIONS TO DAVE AND KRIST!!

Amy from Canada said:
If it was Courtney that died instead of Kurt, even though she treated him badly and stuff he still loved her, so i think he would have just became more unhappy. Everything happens for a reason. Kurt died when he did for a reson. PS what a bitch that blows that cortney gets the money from nirvana muchendise, why doesn\'t krist and dave get the profits? grrrr rip Kurt

Charlotte from England said:
To \"Some Girl\" from England - Everyone hates Courtney for what she has done to Kurt. She paid someone - in my opinion the nanny(michael cali dewitt) to shoot Kurt, Now anything to do with Nirvana - The journals, the boxset, the cds the posters etc, all the profits goes to Courtney. Even though I despise Courtney sooo much - to the point of dreaming that i am killing her- i still buy Nirvana stuff cos its good. Peace, Love, Empathyxx RIP Kurtxx

COURTNEYS ASSAINATOR (Charlotte) from England said:
ROCK ON NATE!! let\'s ressurect grunge!!! Have any of u guys evr wundered what life would be like if Kurt was alive today? or where Nirvana would be? KILL COURTNEY!!!!! Peace Love Empathyxxx

peace love empathy kurt cobain from England said:
no i think your right he wouldn\'t have wanted to be seen as a god and peoples dedicating there life to him .... but am afraid its gonna happen ... it cant be helped, and it doesn\'t help that no one exept kurt cobain knows what really went the night of his death and people are obsessed with the fact that they probably will never find out x-x-x

Charlotte from England said:
I miss Kurt soooooo much. I mean I know i didn\'t know him personally but I feel I can relate to him through his music and I can relate (in a way) to the pain he felt through childhood. Thats all i wanted to say. Oh well, whatever, nevermind!! xx rip Kurtxx

inge from belgium said:
Yesterday, i watched the DVD from the box for the 3th time. I just wanna say that the whole box is great!!! The first 6 songs or something are recorded at Krist\'s house in 1989 or so. There, Kurt is singing in the microphone, and the microphone is standing against the wall, so when you see him, it looks like he is screaming to the wall...i don\'t know, it\'s just nice to look at. At that time, Kurt was so trully passioned by music and he really wanted to achief something with the band...i think, at the end, he kind of lost that passion (like he wrote in his suicide/ leaving the band/ whatever-note). I just think, that, back then, he was still pretty happy. by the way, the 3 songs: teen spirit, pennyroyal tea and .. are so damn good at the DVD!!! peace, love,...

Axl from Scotland said:
Kurt Cobain Rocks! This is a great website. I do want to know though, why you can\'t look at Kurt Cobain\'s artwork any bigger. That is the only problem. I have read Kurt Cobain\'s biography and it is really good. Kurt Cobain will always be a legend and a hero to me and all the rest of his fans. Dude, Kurt Cobain is great!

nate lennon from usa said:
keep the music with us resurect Grunge

some girl from England said:
\"Why can\'t Courtney be dead instead? Peace, Love, Empathy\" quote, quote, quote---Charlotte. Quite contradicting. Oh well. I love Nirvana, it\'s my favorite band of all time. I agree that Kurt was murdered, but there seem to still be too many people that hate Courtney. Just my opinion.

kayla from canada said:
this is a great site for kurt cobain and nirvana fans. kurt cobain was the most talented artist ever. he will always be in my memory. peace,love,empathy

Christie F. from United States said:
Dude this is an asume site. You have done a great job. Kurt was anazing. I think everyone who nows him misses him like crazy. people who havent heard of him should get smaked upside the head. christie

Charlotte from England said:
Hey guys just using skool computer to write this short message. Next month is gonna be so intolerable and so is April!! God i wish he was here!! why cant courtney be dead instead? Peace,Love,Empathyxx

Charlotte from England said:
I\'m soz Kat did I offend you in any way?

Neutron from England said:
If Francis did say this it must be influenced by courtney\'s evilness. We all know this Love chick is trying to hide her own guilt of what she did to Kurt. I wish Francis would come on this site and see how her father influenced other ppl\'s minds and spirits with his music and lyrics. His name will live on forever, he had so much love to give if only that Love bitch could have appreciated that because I know he loved her once until she got overly materialistic of worldly possessions, something Kurt was dead set against. anyhow RIP Kurt, you are still remembered in many of ppl\'s minds and lives.

haley from United states. said:
i love kurt cobain and i also love nirvana they are one of the best rock bands that i ever heard off.and the biography thing is pretty cool.mm well im out 3haley

Tessa from Canada said:
I know I\'m a little late here but I was browsing the web for Nirvana stuff. I\'ve been a big fan for a while and came across this site. I was just reading over some interviews etc.. and would like to start a band next year. I play acoustic and electric guitar. I listen to rock, metal and classical. Ex: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Nevermore, old Iced Earth, Old Metallica, Beethoven, Chopin.

Erna from Iceland said:
Wow..this stie is so cool..!! Nirvana are the best..and I love Kurt Cobain..

Ross Smith from N.Ireland said:
Every song touchs a different part of me.rest in piece.

kat from England said:
as i have said, although he PROBABLY commited suicide, courtney love fucking drove him too it and i have to admit she has probably poisoned his daughters mind, coz she is a complete hoe! hat courtney love and her stupid band. she was obviously jealous that nirvana made it big and her band sucked.

Charlotte from England said:
Yeh I know! He wrote in his journals that he was too scared to take Frances out in the car cos he was afraid they might get in a accident!! Hpw can she hate him? I know I don\'t understand cos Ive never lost a parent in suspisious circumstances filled with lies and conspiracies. I mean maybe she doesn\'t know what to believe? I believe it was murder and Kat for instance believes it was suicide. Thats our opinions and people should respect that, but I bet Courtney has filled her head with SOMETHING!! Come on guys its Courtney Love!!! Everyone knows she is a manipulative calculatin psychopath!!- who in my opinion killed her husband.

Amy from England said:
Aww thats so sad that Frances said that because her dad loved her more then anything in the world. It is understanble why she would say that, because it must be pretty depressing to be her.

ashley from u.s.a said:
kurt shall live on forever in my and others hearts forever. kurt where ever you are i just want you to know all of you fans on this crummy earth still loves you and your wonderful music. RIP kurt you will always be missed

kat from England said:
cant believe francis might have said she hated her dad!!! but then he did \'kill himself\', so i guess id be pretty pissed off 2, and he did give her the worlds gayest name! (not francis, her middle name - bean, who would want to be called bean??)

Charlotte from England said:
I would do anything for Kurt!! If I had to choose between Courtney and Cali shooting me or Kurt, it\'d be me so\'s all the other fans could still have that precious flame that was Kurt today. Even though I was gonna be four that year!!! Peace, Love, Empathyxx

Charlotte from England said:
Just got Kurt Cobain Journals. Absolutely brilliant!! the other day i read somewhere that Kurts daughter Frances said she HATED her father!!! I bet its that psycho Courtney poisoning her mind!! Peace, Love, Empathy xx

Rebecca Johnston from Canada said:
KURT COBAIN is the best person in the world I LOVE HIM!

Rebecca Johnston from Canada said:
KURT COBAIN is the best person in the world I LOVE HIM!

Leatherrr from US said:
Nirvana was and always will be AWESOME

vujadin from serbia said:
kurt cobain was great man who save the grunge.cobain is best

kristine from canada said:
i am a big fan of kurt cobain i love him i love him so sososososososoosososooso much he is my idol and my hero kurt cobain u will be miussed and we all love u!

Rach from England said:
Hey my lovelies! At the moment i am reading heavier than heaven (christmas pressie from a friend), and so far it seems pretty good, really detailed and captures so interesting points in Kurts life. Only upto chapter 7 so far tho.....ut the biography makes me understand Kurts life a bit more

Charlotte from England said:
Thanx I just respect peoples opinions thats all!!

kat from England said:
am glad you are cool with my opinion charlotte. usually people just argue with me and try and convince me that i am wrong, they dont seem to realise that im not gonna change! am so glad this site is here, finally there are some fellow nirvana fans out there that dont think im going on about budhism!