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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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sherri from London, England said:
very good site!! i love nirvana, & kurt cobains jesus, evengot his name carved into my arm, favourite songs:- come as you are, smells like teen spirit, something in the way, heart shaped box, lithium... i could go on all their songs are great, kurts a left handed genius!! all the best luv sherri

sherri from England said:
very good site!! i love nirvana, & kurt cobains jesus, evengot his name carved into my arm, favourite songs:- come as you are, smells like teen spirit, something in the way, heart shaped box, lithium... i could go on all their songs are great, kurts a left handed genius!! all the best luv sherri

maygan cantu from United States - Dallas, TX said:
Kurt Cobain changed the music industry for the better... His death totally devistated me... To me it's like he's still alive... Not in human form, but spirit... His songs and legacy although short, will live on forever! Nirvana Rocks...

maygan cantu from England said:
Kurt Cobain changed the music industry for the better... His death totally devistated me... To me it's like he's still alive... Not in human form, but spirit... His songs and legacy although short, will live on forever! Nirvana Rocks...

Morgan from England said:
Kurt Cobain may be dead in body, but his spirit will live on forever...

przemek from dutch said:
kurt waarom ben je dood het leven was wel te goed voor jou nog een ding wij putten houden van je

Dr_Grunge from Belgium said:
Just want to tell you all that Nirvana was the first group I've ever liked.Because of Kurt Cobain, I started to listen to the better kind of music and I'm still sad he commited suicide To everyone who's as much in love as me with Nirvana, I say hello

Iwan Gallagher from Indonesia said:
I-ONE wants to die,because KURT COBAIN is dead too

Iwan Gallagher from Indonesia said:
I-ONE wants to die,because KURT COBAIN is dead too

Iwan Cobain from Indonesia said:
KURT COBAIN can die,but his spirit never die in my mind

Iwan Cobain from Indonesia said:
KURT COBAIN can die,buthis spirit never die in my mind

Davor Marjanović from Croatia said:
Kurt Cobain is not dead ! He leaves in euer hearts !!! I think that he is deserved to have a site like this. He will be proud ! With one word: great !

Frances Bean from usa said:

Lisa Williams from England said:
Cool Page enjoyed my visit be back soon respect to kurt luv lisa

flea from australia said:
Kurt Cobain is the best singer and song writer that ever lived he is the most influencial person in my life! Peace,love and Empathy Flea

Sophia Pearson from England said:
i'd just like to say i HATE smells like teen spirit for what it did to kurt and to nirvana, it turned them into what kurt had always hated, always rebeled against, a mainstream artist. It made him unhappy. Kurts short life was the saddest most tradgic story to read and must of been even woerse to live, i know he was the most influential person in my life and that is why i have this deep love for him, i feel i understand him, like i can relate to his poetry and songs and feelings, because ive been there.Rest in eternal peace Kurt Donald Cobain, peace love, empathy x

not a dork from England said:
everyone needs to get a life. this guy sucked at guitar,really his shit was never in tune,his riffs were lame as shit,and he coudnt sing for the life of him(hehe)plus im dead so leave me ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndsey said:
hi. listen-- i'm planning to go on a trip to Seattle soon and I want to visit kurt's gravesite. does anyone know where it is? only serious answers, please. my e-mail is mashedpotato15@cs.com please e-mail me soon. thanks.

monika from Australia said:
i idolise Kurt cobain and he's music he was my religion and i will miss him and he's music

monika from Australia said:
i love the music

Melissa from Curacao said:
Kurt Cobain is my God.I love him and is music! Listening to him makes my day much better, like when i'm having a bad day. This site is one of the best I've seen, keep up the good work! thanks.! Nirvana forever.....melissa.

Karen from Canada said:
I love Kurt, I love Nirvana and I love this site. One of the best, if not the best Nirvana site ever. xo

Kathleen from USA said:
I like your site. Kurt Cobain would be proud.

lizi (blaze) from England said:
groovy site, note sure about the name thought. i will always love curt and nirvana even though there gone.

Frances Bean from U.S.A. said:
Hello everyone, I would like some of you all to write to me on this guest book. I will write back if you want me too. Thanks. FRANCES BEAN.

Luxx_Angel_Cobain from United States said:
Once in a while you are able to see angels, if you are truely lucky. Kurt Cobain was one of them. his life much to brief. he left us his fans with a gift. the gift was his music. That gift we will cherish forever. kurt's soul and heart live on in his Lyrics and in our hearts. we will never forget you Kurt Donald Cobain. true nirvana fans feel free to e-mail me anytime to chat. peace,love and empathy. Luxx_Angel_cobain.

Adam "Amos" from England said:
Some one please go to my web sit it talks about kurt and nirvana in the MUSIC part.THANKS.

Amos from U.S.A. said:
Some one please go to me site it talks about nirvana and kurt in the MUSIC section.

Jorge Roca from Guatemala said:
Congratulations. It's an excellent page,. so keep going on. Cobain is still alive in our memories.

Timothy from v.s. said:
I love kurt and i always remember him he will always be in my mind.

shari from England said:
i love curt cobaine. and i believe that he did not kill himself.

Frances Bean from U.S.A. said:
Hey, Ive been reading everything you have said about my daddy and I would like to say thank you.Yes I have an email addresse but my mom won't let me give it out.But I only knew him for a couple years and I miss him alot. If any of you say that my mom had him killed I will hunt you down like a dog.If I even thought that than I would go to the police about it.Well I will try to talk my mom into letting me tell you my email addresse.I will be typing back soon bye.

Ida from Sweden said:
I like your site!! BUT, you should try to shorten up all the text into small pieces... Hope you understand what I mean, and DO IT!! I can assure you that more people will enjoy your site!!

Carolin from Germany said:
Really good site. And to all the fans out there: KURT COBAIN FOREVER!!!

Carolin from Germany said:
Really good site. And to all the fans out there: KURT COBAIN FOREVER!!!

Jeanette Cobain(---- I wish) from U.S.A said:
I just love Kurt! I am so in love with him. Some days I just think of Kurt and I just begain to cry. Courtny is a luckie girl. That is all I want to say right now, when I feel i want to write more i wil come again.

Amos from U.S.A. said:
I like this nirvana site it's better than all of the shitty ones, this one is pretty cool.I'm one of the biggest nirvana fan's from where I live. I have all of there cd's and alot of bootlegs and singles.well every nirvana fan email me if you have a question about nirvana.thanks.

Paulo from Portugal said:
Kurt Cobain is my GOD!!!!!!!!! Even though he's dead he will live forever in our memories... Thanx Kurt... Cya soon ok...

Jamie from United States said:

michelle from united states said:
I am sooooooo in love with my baby kurt!!!!

Sarah Joy from Federal Way, Wa USA said:
Kurt Cobain was the most memorable guy in the world. He influanced everyone. He changed the sound of music to grunge. He writes the best music in the world. We all knew that he was going to kill himself because his lyrics are so deep down in depression. Its all because that bitch Cortney Love...g2g....in my heart forever... Sarah aka insane 1

Kara from England said:
I dont know what excactly i wanna say but, its a great site and we all love the man himself KURT and he always will be with us.... thats about it from me...empathy.

James from USA said:
Smells Like teen spirit dont it. Though many of the teens this day and time probably dont remember Kurt Cobaine.He killed himself because he became something he did not want to became.Every since his death Courtny Love has been trying to get herself in the spotlight so that shows how much he meant to her.

HappyPipes.com glass pipes from US said:
I love your webby. Think Happy Thoughts! : )

I LOVE NIRVANA from Netherlands said:
Nirvana is the best band ever created. I like her song In Bloom very much because there is a nice drum in it. Nirvana is simply the BEST.

Eva from Germany said:
NIRVANA was and still is the best band ever!!!

Thom from England said:
Kurt has influenced my music and many other famous groups like bush. Kurt was a good man with a good heart, made popular by the stereotypes that destroyed him. His comments about blacks, whites and gays is a brave where and still are an honourable thing to do which should be praised not mocked. His music though was for everyone though not everyone can appreciate it and now mock Nirvana listeners as 'Greebos'and 'goths'. This is not so !!!Thank you Kurt from the bottom of my heart for letting me a 15 year old appreciate music and life. I never really listened to your music when you where alive but now I treat it like gold and cherish every lyric you wrote. I wish you knew that whatever happens it is bewtter to fade away than suffer the traumatic and stressful life you lived . Why couldnt people respect you for the most influencial musician that you are. Why did you have todie ??? Love 1 of your many fans Thom

damn fool from Finland said:
Im looking for Nirvana's true fans, people who listens everyday Nirvana and really have grunge-style. So,e-mail me, if Nirvana is your whole life. I'm from Finland. e-mail address : hangover__@hotmail.com thank you.

Zesty Hott Stuff me from usa said:

james bosley from u.s said:
i just wont to kno if kurt was killed cause mi frends dont think so so if you could e-mail me with any info please do so james bosley

Miles Lee Hoyle from USA (I wish England!) said:
NIRVANA ROXZ!!! (my site barely has anything on Nirvana) anyways, ya there my fav.! So, ROCK ON, and......

Will Coblentz from USA said:
Nirvana is my favorite band and Im trying to find info on them

hannes from austria said:
quite nice and very interesting

jh from usa said:
kurt cobain and nirvana are the best band robably ever. i have never been so wrapped up in one band. they saved my life itf it wasnt for them i would probably be with kurt rigth now which in a way i wan to. nirvana fuckin rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura from northern ireland said:
this website rocks, just like kurt does. thanx nirvana :-)

jose g. from USA said:

gunnza from iceland said:
i love you kurt cobain

Kat from US said:
Nice page. I like the way you have it set up...Good Job NIRVANA #1

Hannah from USA said:
You did a very good job on this website. it is the Best ive seen so far. I was interested in the so called suicide note because I had heard that he was actually NOT dead that he faked suicide. I thought this was interestin and wanted to find out about it. Thank you for helping me. Also i want to thank you for making this website because i believe that he is one of the most talented artists on the planet! ROCK ON!!

Ryan from USA said:

Tash from canada said:
Hey ... i just want to say your site is really cool, and there are some ggod pics of Kurt. He was an idol and I will remeber him forever!!!! I just wish they would find out what really happened to him.

Matt Lamere (H:M 4:2) from U.S. said:
I personaly think Kurt and Fred Durst of Limpbizkit should have kicked it together @ least @ one conert cause that would have been so bad ass!!!but they didn't but that okay...I am starting my own band and if anyone who reads this has any questions or coments for me about kurt fred or my band e-mail me @ limpbizkit10113@msn.com....it's all good peace out

Cara from U.S.A. said:
I love Kurt and I love Nirvana. And I can't even explain how much they mean to me in my life. And I probubly sound like a weirdo or something. But it's one of those things that make me happy. I really like this sight, and yeah, I really have nothing to say that hasn't been said before or over exagurated. And I don't think that he killed himself...and me and maybe 5 other people think that it was the CIA. He was a great guy and i love him.

duygu from Turkey said:

prometheus from Turkey said:
i think kurt's suıcide was a fault. I miss him...

ryan said:
i lover kurt he was a great person i listen to his music everyday what i loved what he was about and didnt care about trends and and crap like that its sad he had to leave and i hope i can be half the man he is

ryan said:
i lover kurt he was a great person i listen to his music everyday what i loved what he was about and didnt care about trends and and crap like that its sad he had to leave and i hope i can be half the man he is

clk-13 said:
-I HATE MYSELF AND I WANNA DIE- KURT D. COBAIN 67-94 ====N====I====R====V====A====N====A====

Jessy from USA said:
I love Kurt, especially his blue eyes. Nirvana is awesome, nothing else to it.

graham barnes from ireland said:
kurt was the greatiest muscian,he gave so many people houres of his great skill,his lycris were sometimes dark and then happy,but nobody really understood him,in 1994 i bought tickets to see nirvana,it would have been my first concert,i cried that i could never see him

Matt Fuchs from Austria said:
Kurt is a God!!! His kind playing the guitar is fascinating!!! In my heart he is still alive!!!!

lyndsey from usa said:
i dont think courtney killed kurt. how many people in the music business who dont get to stay home often would make themselves a single mother? that is so crazy. also i heard courtney just got engaged....it was on E news daily.dont get me wrong, i like courtney and i hope she is happy, but how can ou top a guy like kurt?

kArEn from Italia said:
Ti adoro Kurt...abbiamo parlato proprio 'sta notte...pensami sempre ke io ti penso...e amami ancora ke io non smetto di farlo...a 'sta notte..e a tutte kuelle ke verranno...la mia finestra è sempre aperta, le mie lenzuola ti aspettano...non mancare mai, torna sempre da me...so ke lo farai, ke non mi abbandonerai...ora ci siamo trovati...

LAUREN COBAIN from NorthernIreland said:
A very good site I wish mine was as good.R.I.P.Kurt Cobain

Bruna Cobain from Brasil said:
olá... sou fã de carteirinha dessa melhor banda q já existiu ou até existe com certeza em nossos corações... Eu amo o KURT ele foi o melhor vocal... guitarrista e nossa... ele foi d+++++++++. Sou um poko fanatica com eles q o Kurt te abençoe... Amém... ass: Bruna Cobain KURT TE AMO !!!!!!!!!!!

Katrin from Austria said:
Our hero might be gone from this world but in our hearts he and his music will always live on! I was 8 when Kurt died. The biggest mistake in my life is that i have never met the person who did so much for me. Can't explain what Kurt means to me. I hope I'll meet him one time. Thank you Kurt - for everything. I Love You. Nirvana - When Music becomes Religion Love, Peacy, Empathy Katrin

ashley from us said:
it is better to die then to fade away

Kelly from Deutschland said:
courtney iss e schlampe!

Katie from England said:
this is just something i noticed, dont blackmail me or anything, but everyone here thinks courtneys a bitch and she killed Kurt. yeah, she is the biggest bitch on earth, but i seriously doubt she killed Kurt. i love Kurt more than my life, fuck it, but he's dead damn it. i love u Kurt. RIP. peace, love, empathy,katie

Grunger from Greece said:
...grunge is dead...is more dead than dead...but Kurt still lives in my soul and my mind...Courtney is a fucking bitch...i'm sorry about Kurt's daughter 'cause he 'll grow up with the greatest bitch the world have ever seen...he was so a simple man...he did not mind about the money...fucking money ...he just want to be himself...and that was the reason which annoyed many people..."Peace,Love,Empathy"...

ZUZANA from Slovakia said:
People all over the world, who had singed this book - i love you a him - kurt is a king

darren from southafrica said:
i love kurt he rocks

yudi andri cahyono from indonesia said:
nirvana forever....

Jenni from USA said:
Kurt rocks!! Courtney needs to die. The fucking murdering BITCH!!!

I love Kurt Cobain because he is the greatest human being that I've ever met. He was a completely awesome, talented, and passionate artist. He's an imortal legend. He's my idol!!!

Marcela from Colombia said:
I love Kurt Cobain because he is the greatest human being that I've ever met. He waw a completely awesome, talented, and passionate artist. He's my idol!!!

ALYSSA from FL said:

bear from australia said:
i have been on a lote of nirvana pages and let me just say good work mate. 10/10 cortny is a fucked bitch

Martin from Uruguay said:
Nirvana es lo mejor que hay, arriba todavia...

Kerstin Marx from Germany said:
Hallo you all!!! This page is very good. I'm a big Kurt Cobain-Fan since 1989. Last year I visited the house where he lived. Courtney is in my opinion a bitch, sorry for this comment. If one of you is a real fan since the early years, please write me a mail. Cause it's important for me to have contact to real fans. Love and Peace for Frances Bean Kerstin

Muhammad Hadri from Malaysia said:
Make the best for Nirvana Mat Grove . This site is the best site for someone who want to know about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain . One thing I"ll like to say is can you add a Kurt Cobain chillhood picture into this site . OK that's all thank you and all the best for this site . (GRUNGE FOREVER)

Faith from England said:
This is a really good page with some really interesting stuff. Some really good pics, as well as all the lyrics. And the interviews. The interviews. I tend to collect stuff like that and you've got some I've wanted for a long time. Kurt's the best, where-ever he is.

daniel cervantes from usa said:
burnout has the best info and pics of the legendary kurt cobaine and his tragedy. you guys rock danny c.

Rachel from England said:
Reading some of the stuff on this site made me cry. It may be better to burn out than fade away, but you will always remain in our hearts Kurt.

Lyndsey from usa said:
It's really sad to look at this guestbook. This is a tribute to Kurt. You guys are like "fuck this", "shit that", and it should not be that way. We should be examples. We should try to keep the memory of Kurt alive!

ZMEI from England said:

Angel from Sweden said:
We miss you Kurt. All we want is you to come back. But you don´t... I love you!

lullan from sweden said:
Hello... I just love nirvana.. like most off you out here... i ame gona die for kurt cobain... i love kurt and nirvana ... i`am a negativ creep wen ame stoned.... teqila...

Marco from Italia said:
Such a nice site. Such a great singer. For so many years we'll cry Kurt? Sorry for my english. Marco

didi from indonesia said:

nirvanart from England said:
Loved the shot of Kurt and Courtney holding Frances. I'm a longtime fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, but new to the internet. Would like to get my Nirvana inspired artwork on the web someday. Particularly my take on the song "Lithium", about someone that wants to find God before killing oneself.

Dave Brewer from Ireland said:
Of course its better to burnout than to fade away...

adi pratomo from indonesia said: