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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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ryan from canada said:
my email is posthumus6996@hotmail.com nicole

Jessie Ramos from U.S said:
Kurt Will you come back to me as an incubus and fuck the hell out of me!?

ryan from canada said:
AMBER do you have any pics?

AMBER from US said:

Nicole Johnson from united states said:
hi ryan send me some pics i will return some of me

Lindey from Canada said:
sorry i ment to type that i \"didn\'t say that last post\".

Lindey from Canada said:
haha your so fuckin funny gaby. how origional, pretend you are me and say i fuck on first dates! gee i never heard of that one before! note the sarcasm. it was fuckin obvious that i did say that last post. I agree with nunya, you do not know what kurt thought gaby because you are retarded.

ryan from canada said:
i will swop pics wht are your guys email

Nicole Johnson from united states said:
17yo bi/fem

Nicole Johnson from united states said:
anyone want to swap pics

rover from the doghouse said:

kate from England said:
yes im wet i have just been fucked by my dog

Lindey from canada said:
yes i fuck on first dates and second im just a slut

adam from canada said:
kate can i see your camel toe

gaby from wales said:
Lindey i bet you fuck on first dates

adam from canada eh said:
who ever rote that is fucken gay and ryan you suck about kate

ryan from England said:
kate is your pussy wet i love wet pussy kate how big are your boobs i like tits

nunya from England said:

ryan from England said:
do you have a camel toe kate because i love them

Lindey from Canada said:
damn. People like gaby from Wales are so repetitive

gaby from Wales said:
I used to come on this site loads a couple of years ago, and i just read a post from jessic from the USA whoever that is but she makes alot of sense. Get over Kurts death, it doesnt matter now yeh saying kill courtney is great but what about their kid, nice she sees crap like that. you people are so pathetic, dont you realise kurt hated all this anyway? he hated the media and people vocusing on him. This site is a great idea, shame about all the anoying little people

ryan from England said:
kate do you do it on first dates??????????????

ryan from England said:
but id fuck Katie on the first date

kate from England said:
i love Kurt Cobain I hate Courtney Love Give me info on Frances Bean Cobain. Pictures anything thanx u guys

Nicole Johnson from United States said:
You did a really good job on this site. I love the pictures, but I was dissapionted because you don\'t have the lyrics for \'Downer\'

ryan from England said:
im fucking crap at first dates

jhggdd from England said:
your site is wicked

Rach from England said:
Ahhhhhhh where has Charlotte, Kurt, Dani, Lindey, Katie, Chris gone??? (the real ones i mean!) Hope u guys are ok, im doing my best to ignore the spamming and annoying people! Nirvana rock! for ever! Rach xxx

Zoe from England said:
I want to know what happened to Frances, I mean I know about all the custody shit with her grandmother and Courtney \'Junkie\' Love, but you start to hear the rumours about how and where she is at present and I just get curious... does anyone know what ever happened to Frances Bean Cobain?!?!?

Jessica from England said:
saturday fuck is it. k8ee r u not usualy working the streets on an a saturday

Selwas from Indonesia said:
this site was very awesome for me.long live the memory of kurt !!!!!!!!! thanks to keep the Nirvana live in your head.

Katie from USA said:
Jessica, grow the fuck up and get a goddamn life. Is this really all there is for you to do on a saturday night? Fucking get a job or something.

Thalia Jurez from Calexico said:
I love your songs they totally rock so if they rok you totally are a rocker chick i love you yuo changed my life from boring to glad with you singing go on mt email so i can chat with you bye.

jennifer from usa said:
nothing wrong with wanting a fuck but is this the fucking place for fucking. or is everyone just fucking about. i think i am going fucking mad?????????

chris from usa said:
just the town bike Katie?

Katie from England said:
OKi fuck on first dates it does not make me a bad person

Katie from England said:
anyone want to give me a length

Katie from England said:
do you fuck Jennifer

Katie from England said:
do you want to fuck Jessica

chris from usa said:
jennifer do you fuck on first dates

Katie from England said:
Jessica, I\'m not going to fucking date or fuck you, so stop asking.

jennifer from usa said:
I don\'t think this site is about blaming others for Kurt\'s death. Would anyone who\'s doing that just stop? Just because Kurt hated someone doesn\'t mean that you have to automatically hate them too. I\'ve read a few of these posts that say \"Kill Courtney! Fuckin\' bitch slut! She did it!! REALLY\" I mean, just let it go. No one cares about who you hate. And, if you like Kurt so much, do you think he\'s looking down on you now and thinking \"good, good, they\'re plotting against Courtney or so-and-so\" Just let him have his personal life, and you have yours. Nobody here is getting up in your buisness about why you did/do what you do. I\'m sorry, but c\'mon. He died just a few days ago 11 years ago. Let HIM be. Then remember Nirvana AND him. Not just HIM.

fred west from heaven said:
just seen Kurt he said can you all get a life

chris from usa said:
emilee you on drugs you stupid cow

emilee from usa said:
Kurt Cobain is my hero he is so sexy if he hadn\'t of died i would be stalking him right now!!!! courtney love deserves to die why on earth would she have someone kill him!!!!

chris from usa said:
just katie

chris from usa said:
who fucks on first dates in here?

zozo from England said:
k8ee do you fuck on first dates

jessica from England said:
cum on lets not get relijous now

fuckin taig from ireland said:
there is no pope in ROME

the tarrier bastard from scotland said:
what a lot of shite.can we have a minutes silence for the dead pope

james davies from England said:
kurt cobain i think is the greatest icon and musical genius i think personally that has ever been on this earth and all the things hes sed i tottally agree on. kurts gone but he will never be forgotten hes greatest man who ever lived id compare him to god hes gone but not forgotten , better to burn out than to fade away, long live your soul kurt .......

jelie (england by the way) from England said:
i think its good that you all have such strong opinions of kurt cobains case, and it would make him feel a little more loved. it is said, that he always searched to be loved by someone and it was a mistake to do so in his fans. i dont know about that. i dont really know anything much though. i really dont think what some of the people on this site are doing is good. dont discuss ur sex life on this site please its out of place. (tip: get msn or something). now that i have taken more time to look at the site, i agree to it even more, also am more confuzzled. i agree that he did not kill himself, it was easyer for who ever did it to get away with it because he was suicidal. somebody complained about bad spellers... i dont meen to, im just to young and not very brite, dont meen to anger anyone. and complaine about slagging off kurt cobains loved ones, well i take back that i said i hate courtney love because i dont think someone as deep and beautifull on all sides like kurt cobain could love someone who was not a nice person. then again i dont know because he really was looking for love more than anything, maybe in all the wrong places.the reason i believe he did not kill himself is because many people on this website, including the author state on this page convincingly that there is more and valid evidence to support this theory than that he did it himself.but maybe its just what we want to believe. i only just started liking nirvana. i usualy only like hip hop and r\'n\'b, but nothing i have ever heard is better than nirvana. ironicaly, i started to like them much on the day that kurt cobain died. if he did it i dont understand how he could kill something so beautifull. if someone else did it i dont understand how they could kill something so exquisite, stunning, beautifull on the inside and outside, something so fragile. who ever did it shouldnt have in my opinion, but then again i dont know how it is to have no way out like he did or the person who murderd him, or , i didnt even know kurt cobain. my fave quote of his is when he sais \" you guys were really...neat\" - on the tour promoting nevermind i think. and dave grohl, when he quotes his fans \" ur genious man\"! someone wrote that they hope that frances bean becomes the amazing person that he was, but dont say that. yes he was absoloutly amazing, someone and to look up to in many ways, and as his doughter if anyone it would be her to look up to him. but it contradicts his will. in his suicide note, he states himself, that he doesnt want her to become the deathrocker that he has turned into. there can never be anothe kurt cobain i dont think. there can also never be another frances bean cobain.

jelie from England said:
i totaly agree, it was obviously his wife. i hate her and i want to say that i think its relly big and bold wat ur doin. dont stop watever

jelie from England said:
this site is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool. yeah, way cool! i luv nirvana and kurt cobain abouve all else.this is the best site. lurrrrrrrrrrv it. i no kurt cobains life story to evry detail... its sad i was too joung to aprciate him when he was alive.

nunya from England said:
That girl from england was probably jessica.

nunya from England said:
A girl from england is just like everybody else that can\'t except different opinions and can\'t spell. Stupid bitch.

zozo from England said:
hey i just figured on one of the last song written you know youre right it said nothing really bothers here she just wanst love herself - does this refer to courtney not caring about kurt \"wanting\" to kill himself and that she was just wrapped up in her own fairyland world....?

to a girl from England said:
look ok great but maybe YOU dont know the facts deary..... look kurt and courtney were gonna get a divorce anyway would have he wanted a divorce if he loved her? NO I DONT THINK SO... if u r a true fan look into the facts

Lindey from Canada said:
to A Girl from England, i think that your post was really annoying because, although the suicide theory is a possibility, the murder theory is also a posibility. You were so forcefull of your opinions. its not like we haven\'t heard the stuff that you said in your post before. Not everyone wants courtney to die on here. And i don\'t recall ever seeing someone say that they were Nirvana\'s or Kurt\'s biggest fan (well none that were mentally stable anyhow). Lots of us here accept that Kurt was a complicated person, and lots of us liked that about him because it really set him apart from everyone else. But you seem to be to judgemental to notice that. You cannot know for sure that he was not a murder victim. Lots of cool people on here don\'t worship him, just really look up to him and respect him for who he was. You need to learn to look beneath the surface and realise that everyone on here has different opinions. Sometimes things that appear to be the obvious answer arn\'t.

Rach from England said:
Stop the stupid spamming of worthless shit about yourselfs! we dont care \'Mike Seabrook\'!!!

Bruna from usa said:
Kurt is god!!!!!

I AM IKE from mikeland said:

afwg from England said:

Mike seabrook from England said:
OOHHH mike\'s uggs. i like maths. I HAVE a tee shirt saying i love maths on and it makes me want to march down the high street with my flesh wobbling in my sandals with my pink duffel bag with beads on, feeling cool and important. OH YES. xxmikexx I AM MIKE AND WHAT I SAY GOES.

Mike seabrook from England said:

A Girl. from England said:
You claim to be great fans of Nirvana, and there you are insulting Kurt in a great way. Almost all of you have mentioned the fact the it was \'not a suicide\', and a great deal of that number have said how much they hate courtney and want her to die horribly. You seem to be forgetting that this was the woman he loved. You also seem to be forgetting tht kurt was suicidal all his life. ?! if you were his \'biggest fan\', you should surely know this and put two and two together. Maybe you cant accept that he was a more complicated person than your average \'celebrity\'. Or is it just plain jelousy? Whenever someone commits suicide people just cant accept it. MURDER MURDER MURDER it must have been murder. And whos the closest suspect? His wife, of course. Always the same story, and im seriously sick of it. How would he feel if he could see how much you were slaughtering his family. And he\'d hate all this media attention, the poems, the young girls claiming to love him, the shrines. Why cant you just leave him alone. I could spend hours and hours explaining why you should believe it was suicide. but i feel i dont need to. this is supposed to be a site for fans. Kurt Cobain was an artist, a feminist, a musician, a father, a husband, a malcontent, an addict, a role model. He was not a murder victim. Having written all of this, i feel i should say more. If you want to discuss (i said DISCUSS)this, my email adress is thebrightsideofsuicide@hotmail.co.uk. Yes, i know its ironic. Thank you. x

nunya from England said:
Mike Seabrook, who are you talking about? You sound like a fucking dork.

mike seabrook. from England said:
MICKY PERRAULT. Your grammar is appalling! You were obviously trying too hard to look intelligent. Now, this isn\'t usually my area, mine is maths. But even i, MIKE SEABROOK know better than you. You claimed to mourn his death. That does not even make sense. You mean you mourn HIM? And what the salmon do you mean by \'I represent his grunge style to many\' ?! haha. Mike is amused by your lack of education. OH RATS i left my pud in the microwave. I must go now, i need to have a dump in the sink XxX

666 from England said:
yo rach im grand thanks...so any crak with anyone??.....

Rach from England said:
Hey 666! Doing good thanks, you? Its a shame you dont visit this site as often, your input is missed! I know what you mean though, the fighting, bitching etc is putting me off a bit too! Hope veryone is okay :D Rach xxx

emilee stark from america said:
Kurt where ever you are u are missed i will remember u for ever R.I.P Kurt Cobain

666 from England said:
alrite guys n girls hows everyone doing these days??... dont really come on too often anymore.....too much fighting getting quite boring but anyhow yo to all esp. dani,rach,charlotte,chris,kurt and all the others as well....so?? ..........

micky perrault from united states said:
today is 11 years since kurt died and i mourne his death.... i love his music and represent his grunge style to many.... R.I.P Kurt Cobain.......you\'ll always live un

chris from usa said:
goddamn thats not me!

liz from USA said:
i think u did a wonderful job on this..i think nirvana was one of the greatest bands alive. but juss like kurt said, its better to burn out than fade away

Chris from usa said:
katie do you fuck on first dates though

Chris from usa said:
do you fuck on first dates though

Rach from England said:
Hey Marissa, sure i remember you from ages ago! Its cool that your still posting :) Hope everyone else is okie :) Rach xxx

Marissa from The netherlands said:
heey, I see some names here that I haven\'t seen in a while! rachel and chrystal, how are you guys? don\'t now if you remember me, it has been a while, but nice to see some formilliar names, because so much is changed here, it\'s like a realife soap, arguments and stuff, pritty depressing...let\'s not forget that this site is here for Nirvana, atspecialy KURT COBAIN!! jezus.... love to those who now, marissa

Katie from USA said:
Chris, I suspected that wasn\'t you, yeah I\'d like to see Jessica in person too. I\'d probably just beat the fuck out of her though. Fucking bitch.

bob from England said:
loves a hoe huh

glutiniusmaximus from pensilvania said:
this was avery intersting site.I thouroughly enjoyed it and deffenitely wioll be returnoing