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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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william from USA said:
Kurt rocks, Nirvana rocks... smells like teen spirit is the best song in the world. love the site, keep up the great work!

Brandon Costanzo from usa said:
its a wild world, but we each have to live it as we want..

Decent from U.S. said:
Kurt Cobain was good looking i'll say that maybe too good looking to die the way he did. so 'hobo' go ahead and do it, i would say your wel fucking ugly and only wish u were as good looking as kurt.

hobo from England said:
im going to kill myself at the age of 27 two

adrienne b from u.s. said:
hey bitches

joe from alkida said:
i think jill might have down syndrom

JILL from England said:
you guys dont know anything about kurt - i do - i love him hes a straight up rocker and hes rad!!

joe from alkida said:
we did an altrasound and its a BOY!!!!!!!!!!! me and courtney love are goona raise it together

kjwhefgwqkhdfgw from england said:

Dookie pants from niger said:
kurt sucked my toes last night.

Joe from Alkida said:
Shut up dilin

dillin from tenesse said:
dont make fu of kurt - i love him!!!!

Joe from Alkida said:
Dont do it suzy, Kurts a bad boy!

Suzy from Alkida said:
umm...hahahahaha. i know Bill from Alkida... and his name's not bill... its...get this... KURT! lolz. and he's a lying little bitch! Kurt isn't his lover...atleast not anymore!!! Kurt left "Bill" for MEEEEE! We...umm...FOOL AROUND EVERY night! there is just one problem...i am not sure how to tell Kurt that i'm not actually a woman...i mean...i could never live up to the standards a woman like Courtney Love could...especially because Kurt keeps trying to go All The Way with me...and i don't have a woman's parts... so it would be a little difficult...i gtg...BILL is gonna show me KURT'S favorite position... wish me luck! Love, -not a girl but not yet a woman...getting a sex change soon! yay! ... [snipped]

kajal from England said:
"............IT'S BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN TO FADE AWAY !" Great website.....a truth dedication to Kurt Cobain!! Keep it up!! Kajal...

Bill from USA said:
Shut up Joe, you dont even KNOW kurt, stop making fun of him you big...big JERK!!!

Joe from England said:
You dont know how muck I cared for him, Bill!

Bill from USA said:
Joe, I told you to get off this site!

Joe from Alkida said:
Well, Kurt moved out, and now im alone. The baby was a miscarage. I dont know what to do now. i am alone. My heart feels like it has been shattered like cheep glass.

james from England said:
we haveno proff who killed cobain so all the wanna b bitches in the black tops wid 'punk' in sparlky writing fuck accusing courtny and go get there avril lavigne cds nd piss of if u got a rebuttle add my hotmail account james _mckendry13@hotmail.co.uk

totally sane from England said:
i agree with :-) from suoth africa. get a life u twats, if he was such a fuckin hero why did he take his life the fuckin sewer rat. hes supposed to be a role model for all u sad twats, hes left all u freaks on ur own, & u all still love him like god? oh wait a minute, oooh he was murdered by that bitch courtney! is what ur all screamin at this message. bull fuckin shit, u all dont like courtney because she got to ride his dick every night & all u pathetic twats can only dream of doin that. jealousy is a motherfucker, just imagine her fuckin the ass off him & none of you will ever experience that cos he blew his brains out the fuckin weasel. u lot all think hes god? hes a fuckin shit head waster. why didnt he deal with his shit like millions of others do every day, thats how much he thought of all u freaks. GET A LIFE... [snipped]

Bill from USA said:
I hate you Joe you big Jerk!

Joe from Alkida said:
I said that hes a jerk and he broke my little old heart.

Joe from Alkida said:
Kurt was a dirty little firecracker!

Joe from Alkida said:
When me and Kurt were he showed what true love is, and how to bring around town

Joe from Alkida said:
Me Kurt got in a fight last night it was real sad He told me he didnt want the kid anymore and he wants an abortion and a divorce, Im heartbroken. We were in love.

Brandon from Canada said:
I'll have to admit, I didn't listen to Nirvana all that much growing up, but since an ex of mine introduced me to their music, I have realized that Nirvana is the best band ever, and always will be. Thanks for puttin' this site up, it is awesome.

Robbie from US said:
It's better to burn out than to fade away...

Michy from England said:
Love, forever. So much to say..maybe i'll say it sometime. Much love, you're my empathy xxx

daneil from England said:
were da burn outs

Paul Anderson from USA said:
Hey I wanta say thanx, for making this a little more clear to me, about Nirvana, actually like courtney love and her big thumbs up to her fan club, I hope the TV show about em goes well and stays on track.

Ariel Cummings from USA said:
this web site is awsome!! i've been inlove with kurt since i was lil..and i've never been the same without him (producing music, and hearing all about him)...I ADORE AND LOVE THIS WEBSITE...THANKS FOR BRING OLD MEMORIES BACK!

breezy from USA said:
You guys are fucking stupid. i agree that kurt cobain was the coolist and most influentual person in my life but what is you fucking problem. How can you bad mouth courtney love for killing him when she was in a different state at the time of his murder. how can you treat the mother of his child like that. like i said you guys are fucking idiots. and to those of you using fake names to bash or bad mouth nirvana or kurt and courtney should just get a fucking life i dont go to your britney spears fan site and make fun of that talentless bitch, so stay away from these sites or get a fucking life no ones going to pay attention to you.... [snipped]

karen from England said:
you still rock baby!!!maybe burnt out but will never fade away! x x x x x

Abby from England said:
hello luv ya xxxxxxx xxabbyxx xxw/bxx

ed from England said:
i hate courtney love so much

Nirvana Fan from Canada said:
There is one thing i admire about Kurt,Like he had the best dress sence ever, LEGEND.

Ashley Ailion from United States said:
Kurt was an amazing person who will always be remembered!

Abraham from Mexico said:
We'll never forget you Kurt Nirvana Ruls

Kurdt D from England said:
Kurt lives on.

Kate from USA said:
...I drove by your house today, can't believe it's been 13 years today since your flame burned away. Times passes on but a whole generation still doesn't forget.

James from Alkida said:
No ur not Joe From the sounds of it ur just faking it god i hate posers Nirvana is the best techno band ever deal with it u jerks!!!!!!!!!!

Joe from Alkida said:
Im having kurts babey soon

leilani lawrence from ? said:
well, todays the fucking anniversary, or how ever the hell u spell it, of cobains death. cobain... i love u and always will. words cannot express how much i wish to meet u. my heart is aching as i think of the tradgety exactley 13 years ago. the world hasnt been the same without u and you definetley left your mrk on this world. i just wish i was aware of you when i was very young, born a year before you died. but as soon as i could start understanding my thoughts, im pretty sure it was about nirvana's music. peace out cobain.... and happy fucking anniversary- leilani lawrence-14... [snipped]

leilani lawrence from ? said:
well, todays the fucking anniversary, or how ever the hell u spell it, of cobains death. cobain... i love u and always will. words cannot express how much i wish to meet u. my heart is aching as i think of the tradgety exactley 13 years ago. the world hasnt been the same without u and you definetley left your mrk on this world. i just wish i was aware of you when i was very young, born a year before you died. but as soon as i could start understanding my thoughts, im pretty sure it was about nirvana's music. peace out cobain.... and happy fucking anniversary... [snipped]

Whitney from United States said:
Kurt Cobain lives. Rock on!!!

a from denmark said:
i love kurt coubain


leo from England said:
good sit thank you

leilani lawrence from united states said:
courtney did kill him.

leilani lawrence from ? said:
kurt cobain is my savior, my god, and my life. ive devoted my whole life 2 learning kurt cobain's ways and aout nirvana. so for all u on this site who r just a bunch of fucking posers... fuck u

Noel from Ireland said:
Hi great site. 13 years have passed but Nirvana and Kurt live on.

keith from u.s.a said:
hey way ive got something to say kurt man we miss u i just wanna know was it worth it man

sherry from England said:

Noel from Ireland said:
Nirvana are simply the best band in the world. No band in this era or the in near future would be able to replace there sound and lyrics. RIP KURT.

ESS from Finland said:
Hello. I've started to listen to Nirvana even more and more after I understood that I have somekind of despression. Nirvana's music has really helped me with that. And your site is cool, I just wanted to say that. Kurt Cobain lives! :D

Mat Grove from England said:
Check out this cool Nirvana / zombie picture: Nevermind the zombies!

raymond from England said:
hi this raymond your are good band i like shehate me song

Niall from England said:
Kurt is a legend! he is the most influencial person in my life!

Joe from Alkida said:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. kurt was WONDERFUL LAST NIGHT!!!!!! uhhhhhhhhhhhh i still feel the orgasims

Valintino said:
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Joe from Alkida said:
Kurt showed me stuff ive never seen before, hes was WONDERFUL in bed

Tom from Iraq said:
Hello.nice site

huytghtdftrd from England said:
nirvana are the best band EVERRRRRRR I think they r sooooooooo ace and mint lv em lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwds Kurt Cobain is a ledgend a lv nirvana!!!!!!!

LaLa from USA said:
Yesterday was my 18th birthday and to celebrate, I went and got Kurt's autograph tattooed on my neck. Its awesome and I'll never get nervous or scared again because my guardian angel has stained my skin.


Stephen Townsend from USA said:
DIDOS to Milton u rock man!!!!11

Stephen Townsend from usa said:
Cobain is the best ever!!!!!!!!!

milton from india said:
oh my god...........he was just briliant.life cannot be completed without listening nirvana.They were just simply superb.

Joe from Alkida said:
You dont know what true love is!

Joe from Alkida said:
Youre just jelous of what me and Kurt share together!

Joe from Alkida said:
Stop hatin on my man whatever!

whatever from South Africa said:
Get a life!

whatever from South Africa said:
Get a life you freaks! The idiot is dead. Good riddance to bad stuff! You are all a bunch of pathetic losers, hanging on a dead guy like that. Besides, he KILLED HIMSELF. Probably to ge away from assholes like you!

Gordo from Canada said:
And Joe and James, they're not a techno band or a slow band. They're 100% Seattle Grunge.

Gordo from Canada said:
Great site, it's really helping me with a project I'm doing at the moment.

James from Alkida said:
Stop being posers guys you dont know him STOP IT UR MAKING ME REALLY MAD GOSH!

Joe from Alkida said:
Stop dating my boyfriend fetritasicomore!

fetritatsicomore from England said:
me and kurt yesterday- went to the all you can eat buffet at the breakfast club

Joe from Alkida said:
Wow me and kurt are having so much fun at the fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alex from England said:
nirvana is the best relaxed slow jazz eveeeeeer-oooh

James from Alkida said:
Nirvana isnt a slow band Their Techno

Joe from Alkida said:
Nirvana is my favorite slow jazz band

Joe from Alkida said:
YEEEEE-HAW I love KURT!!!!!!!

Mr Boston from England said:
kurt cobain is AWSOME dudes-hes my hero dudes oh hes so cool YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH

joe from Alkida said:
Kurt Cobain is my lover

skippy from the U S of A said:
man this man is really demented and sick its a good thing he killed himself!!!imagine what a psycho like that could have done to society!!!

from said:
dismemberment it!courser aplomb absolutes:rigorous characteristic projection

imran from England said:

imran from England said:
there is a place that all pakistani go to to pay respect to the holy gangees monster its this skinny coon with a circle on his fore head

K8e Jones from England said:
Kurt Cobain was, and still is my inspiration for music. I love his music, how I can relate, and how nice he was. Everyone has problems, and Courtney that fuckin slut took advantage of him. In LOVE HONOR and MEMORY of one of many most loyal miracles of the world- RIP Kurt I LOVE U!!!

Zoe Guatella from England said:
I thought you were fabulous and you made a difference to alot of people lives. Thanks for all your giving

Richard Cipollone from Australia said:
I have to agree with Juxatpose. What happened to Kurt Cobain is tragic. He could not handle being famous. He died because he was contradicting what he stood for.The irony is that this is the exact reason why grunge per se had to self destruct. I can simpathise to his friends, family and fans, even though I am neither a Kurt Cobain fan nor a Grunge fan. Despite this, I have to admit that his name will forever be found in the musical history books as the guy who made rock music accessable once again for the novice or amateur. ... [snipped]

shaun kerry from usa said:
ok everyone is obsessing over a dead rock star.. i love the things kurt cobain did and of the person he was.. but would kurt ever obsess over a rock star that died 12 years ago.. if you realy want to respect kurt lik you want to, go start your own band or something

greg from England said:
nirvana are one of my favorite grunge bands but we all have to respect the other bans that inspired kurt like greenriver the melvins and mudhoney. r.i.p kurt cobain and r.i.p grunge

greg from England said:
i love grunge bithc4es

khyati from England said:
kurt 2day life sucked balls like courtney omfg every1 was disin u propa bad in ma science class bunch of fuckes but onli i no da true mean n 2 u n ur life man i miss u no1 can eva take ur place in ma life cum bac we all miss u n show all da otha rockes wat u all about miss u bbz xxxxxxxxxx

fat coon from England said:
come to nigeria and suck my black testicals

alyssa from U.S. said:
ok i may not know a lot about kurt but i know that he did not kill himself there was no possible way he could have and it kills me every day to hear that he did when it is not true that is all i have to say!

iut from England said:
hiye all you sxc people