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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Ben Gemus from canada said:
Kurt Cobaine can die again for all i care. ahahahahaah. and to al the ppl who liked him......EAT SHIT....2pac 4 lyfe homie!

Charlotte from England said:
Whatever Mena, Whatever! How do we know you are NOT Jessica in disguise?

heather fiora from united states said:
i love kurt! his spirt will never fade, he is one of the best artists who have died just like janis joplin, jim morrison and jimmie hendrix! kurt rocks! lost now but forever in our hearts. peace,love,empathy. *kurt* RIP 2-20-67 4-5-94

Jessica from USA said:

heather fiora from united states said:
kurt cobain is the greatest man who ever lived, granted he may not be my idol janis joplin is, but i am still in love and very inspired by his wonderful talent that he had and never even realized ha\'s going down in history w/ jani, jim and jimmy who all died talented and inspirational at the age of 27! *Heather* 18, palm bay fl

Mena from England said:
You are all gay!!! Jessica sounds so koole and i wish I could meet her and get to know her. YOu are all so weird and stupid for not liking her! What do you look like Jessica? Do you look like Courtney Love by any chance? I think Courtney is really pretty and if you look like her then I am soo jealous! I want to look like her! She has the most gorgous hair and those lips are to DIE FOR! Kurt was defintely a lukky man.!! I bet she was the perfect wife to him! When i turn 21, I am going to change my name from \" Mena Abigail Tonika Logan Trinity Harding\" to \"Courtney Mena Abigail Tonika Logan Trinity Harding - Love\" I love her name although it was originally \"Michelle Harris\". If I have a boy when I am older, his name will be \"Kurt Frances Cobain Harding - Love\" What do you sons o\' bithces think? I just wannta you to know that I hate you all except Jessica. You rock, ppppplllllllzzzzzz keep posting! Love you Jessica, hate the rest of you especially Charlotte - she should be shot dead and eaten by rats cos she is a dumb shit who is gay! MENA ABIGAIL TONIKA LOGAN TRINITY HARDING X0X0X0X0X0X0X0 - NOT!! YOU FUCKING LOSERS!! HA HA HA HA HA AH AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Charlotte from England said:
I meant \"one of\" not \"on eof\" Sorry!! charlottexxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Why thank you Bex! You make me laugh to. You all have very entertaining posts! To Jessica- No one cares what you think on this site so why dont you get your fat ass off it! WE all like Nirvana and if you find that so hard to understand then just do one! I also think you have some sort of mental problem. I believe in on eof your posts you wrote that you may have schizophrenia or something? I mean you act like such a retard and no one wants you here! So just get lost! If you cannot say anything nice, dont say ANYTHING at all!! Hint Hint. Lol. Luv Ya! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

clayton seider from united states said:
jessica from the usa britany spears is dumb fucking ho. don\'t talk shit about nirvana you fucking slut.

clayton seider from united states said:
This web site was very good.

nunya from England said:
what the fuck

Mat from England said:
I have changed the guestbook to reduce the amount of comment spam.

jay from England said:
Kurt Cobain ?? is he dead someone might have told me thats just great that is im always the last one to find out all the gossip never mind we still have elvis & freddie mercury

CARL from England said:
thanks for the work here. great perversion

jessica from usa said:

bex from England said:
My favourite songs are tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, retorn to sender and we are the cheeky girls.....and of corse chirpy chirpy cheep cheep!! The site of sooty crying would rip me apart aswell. I cry when I see him anyway let alone sweep crying too

kati from usa said:
Choosing your favorite abba song is like choosing which of your children you hate the most. I don\\\'t actually have any kids, but I\\\'m assuming. I guess right now dancing queen is my favorite, there isn\\\'t an abba song I can think of right now that I don\\\'t like, though.

rosie &jim from barge on the canal said:
can you help am lookin for rosie & jim???????? rosie & jim rosie & jim

Rosie from England said:
i dont like cortney either, i think that she was malipulative and thought that happiness came from the material world. but i fell sorry for frances, i mean, having a mother like her, and being in a home.....

Lindey from Canada said:
I agree with that too. I think that everything Cortney does is to get attention, and i think that she cares too much about money and material things. I think my favorite Nirvana song is the un-plugged version of Polly. I love that song so much. But I hate answering what my favorite Nirvana song is because they are all so amazing.

Bex from England said:
Charlotte, you make me laugh! I agree with you about Courtney though. I think that everything she does is to get attention in some way. I think she definately had something to do with Kurt\'s death aswell and I wish the case would be re-opened. But i vey much doubt it ever will be.

Clor from Ireland said:
for some reason i like the welsh accent.... anyway, i dont like courtney love, i think she\'s extremely messed up, but im not saying anymore cuz like charlotte said i dont wanna offend anybody! clorx

Charlotte from England said:
I meant *thank* you not \"tahnk\" or whatever I said! Excuse the spelling mistake! lol!! Sorry! :-D

Charlotte from England said:
Hey again! In answer to your question Bex, I don\'t like Courtney Love whatsoever! I absolutely despise her. I think she is an extremist, who, if she doesn\'t get her way, will use violence to ensure that something is kept safe (i.e. Kurts death). I know some people on here like her and her band, Hole so I won\'t exactly say anymore as it may upset them and I don\'t want to do that, but you get the jist of what I think of her, I hope! Also, tahnk you. I hope we can build a cool friendship on here as I have with some others, Bex. You sound totally cool and I enjoy reading your posts and answering (or try to at least) your questions. To Clor - Thank you :-D. I was just speaking the truth. Soooooooo, what does everyone want to talk about now? Luv Y\'all! Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;-Dxxxxxxx

Bex from England said:
Hi Clor! Sorry I wasn\'t quite sure! By the way I love the Irish accent lol! What Do you think of Courtney Love?

kirsty from England said:
hi there i think ur site is grate in fact its the best i love nirvana and kurt! keep it up xxx

Clor from Ireland said:
helo! hey bex im a gal!! thanks charlotte :) my favourite Nirvana songs are somthing in the way and heart shaped box. but of course thats a very hard question to answer!! clorxxx

Bex from England said:
Thanks a lot Charlotte. Your views are really interesting and I really enjoy being able to talk to you (write to you!) I just want to ask you what you think about Coutney Love?

Charlotte from England said:
Hey again! Oh and I do like the other songs aswell but that one is just...............beautiful. Unlike the other songs (which are amazing, don\'t get me wrong!) it had this true and powerful meaning. Does anyone else get what I am saying? He wrote about his experiences in his songs and this song just makes me cry because he ACTUALLY went through living underneath a bridge and having \"something in the way\" which is ironic really as he had Courtney in his way when he died, but I dont really want to talk about her in a bad way as there are some people on this site who like her. Bex, you have some amazing views, keep posting girl! It is people like you, Rach, Katie, Chris, Will and others who make this site worth coming too. Luv Y\'all! Charlottexxxxxxxx

Bex from England said:
My favourite songs are Rape Me, heart Shaped Box and You Know Your Right.....and of corse Smells like Teen Spirit!! The site of Kurt crying would rip me apart aswell. I cry when I see him anyway let alone him crying too!

jennifer from usa said:
favorite nirvana song? hm, that\'s hard. I\'d have to say Drain You. Although I love all the songs =)

Jennifer from usa said:
I just wanted to comment by saying that Kurt Cobain WAS and always WILL be a great musician. His music will always rock the best on my list. Even though he\'s gone, he\'ll never burn out in the hearts of millions of fans.

rosie from England said:
yeah my favourite would have to be somthing in the way aswell, for exactly the same reasons, but i also like ones such as lithium. rosiexxxxx peace out

Charlotte from England said:
Hey! Thanks to Bex, you seem pretty cool too and it is nice to talk to other Nirvana fans as my friends aren\'t that keen on them either! In answer to your question Bex, my favourite Nirvana song would have to be - \"Something in the Way\" because it is soo eerie and beautiful and haunting. I do like the other Nirvana songs too, but this one is the one I cry too as it is so emotional. Call me a freak or whatever but I am being honest! To Katie, umm yes, the sight and even the THOUGHT of Kurt crying would rip me apart too. He was an extremely sensitive and emotional person who genuinely cared and appreciated everything around him. He was one of a kind, unique and special. There will be no one who will EVER walk this earth who would be like him. I mean, my boyfriend reminds me of him. He has Kurts hair colour (dirty blonde) and those same haunting blue eyes that you could just swim in. But no one will ever be like him. I am rambling now so ignore me. lol! Luv Ya All!! Charlottexxx PS Jessica, if you didnt apologise, who did? It is not like we would accept your apology even if you did because you are a bitch and I dont forgive bitches especially when they are mean and horrible to innocent people! Also, at least us guys can learn to spell before we cuss others! I cannot believe you got a \"A\" for spelling! A blind dog could spell better than you and I bet it looks better than you too.

Bex from England said:
What are everyone\'s favourite nirvana songs???

Jackz from England said:
This site rules! Kurt cobain was the greatest singer ever and the tributes towards him are well sweet. GOD BLESS YOU KURT!!! XxX

kurtney loaf from England said:
hello i am a girl from germany and i am sitting at school in a boring lesson at the computer. i saw this webside and was very happy that i found a homepage or whatever this is, where i can see and read about things, in which i am interested. greetz from germany, sorry for my bad english!

Katie from USA said:
Can you just imagine the site of Kurt crying? I think it would rip me apart. I wonder if she still sees that? I wonder what all his friends and family think of Courtney?

Katie from USA said:
I\'m sure Kurt could have had anyone, I really don\'t understand what he saw in her, looks aren\'t everything, but she\'s a selfish, jealous bitch. I have never understood that ever.I read that Kurt was quoted saying that he thought Kristen Phaff from Hole was a beatiful person, but that he could never tell Courtney that because she\'d freak. I think it was her very outspoken, fearless attitude that Kurt liked. He was shy and quiet, so she was kind of the ying to his yang. I still wish he would have found someone else, though.

Will from England said:
Kurt hates you Jessica!

nunya from England said:
Jessica, you have no life.

Will from USA said:
Jessica, nobody here likes or gives a shit about you.

Lindey from Canada said:
To Charlotte, I never heard about the Kurt crying in the corner thing. That is so sad. It really wasn\'t fair to him, that he really didn\'t get most of what he wanted out of life, but gave us so much.

nunya from England said:
She probably is screaming from the pain of her dad ramming his cock in her asshole.

Chris from usa said:
hey jessica, i think you need to learn how to spell and you need to get a life. im pretty sure that everyone hates you more than they hated me when i first got on here. so why don\'t you go masturbate for a little while and then go kill yourself. you are a GODDAMN WHORE!! oh, and do you write in caps because you cant see or something? that makes it appear like your screaming all the time.

jessica from usa said:

Bex from England said:
Thanks for that Charlotte. You seem really cool! It\'s nice to be able to talk to someone about nirvana and kurt as not many of my mates are really into them. *********AKA clor, I hope you don\'t mind me asking but are you are lad or a gal? You seem pretty cool aswell!

Charlotte from England said:
What can I say? I love Nirvana more than arguements!! lol!! Hey to Rach and everyone I hope your\'re okay!! Hi to Clor -I read your messages from like down the bottom of the page and you had very entertaining posts, welcome back!

******** aka Clor from Eire said:
yeay see these are the type of conversations we used to have!! nirvana will live forever xxx

******** aka Clor from Eire said:
yeay see these are the type of conversations we used to have!! nirvana will live forever xxx

Charlotte from England said:
I meant *his* will not her will

Charlotte from England said:
In answer to your question Bex, I think Courtney hired somebody to do it. I think she was jealous that Kurts band was doing better Hole. I, personally, think that she is a talentless, stupid, plastic, druggy hoe who needs to get a life. She was ugly too. Kurt genuinely loved her but she only wanted him for the money. I checked out that site that Katie suggested and found that Courtney got an ex boyfriend (who is now gay) to come round and sort Kurt out. He did and when he got there, Courtney was fuming and Kurt was sitting in a corner crying.. Bless him soo much... She was like the ruler of the marriage. Kurt wanted love and a family and she wanted money and nice things. I dont want to speak outta turn about her because Kurt did love her until about 2 months before he died when he saw through her. He then wanted to divorce her and get legal custody of Frances Bean. Before he could exclude Courtney Love from her will, he died. People who have been on here a while would have seen me write this and are probably bored with it so I am sorry to put you through the same old shit again! lol. I hope I answered your question Bex! You rock totally

Bex from England said:
I reckon it was Courtney that killed Kurt. I really like her band hole aswel but I hate her more than anyone in the world. She made Kurt\'s life a misery and was the one that got him back on heroin.

Charlotte Anderson from Scotland said:
i love kurt n all but i think the reason he comitted suicide is because of courtney love, i love her band hole but she is a psycho hore beast!! i wish he was still alive

Bex from England said:
Thanks Charlotte! Going back to Rosie\'s question I find it hard to accept kurt\'s \'suicide\' aswell. Who else believes it was that BITCH Courtney Love!?!?!?!?!

rosie from England said:
ooooooooook..............back to my question?????

Charlotte from England said:
hey!!! To Bex and Amy - Thanks you rock too. I only say what I think needs to be said and I think I just used basic commonsense. What IS the point of coming on a Nirvana site if you dont like them? It just doesn\'t make sense!!??? Thank you for agreeing with me and I appreciate it. You two also have some good views. To Mena - Katie is right. You can hate us but at least people LIKE us on this site. I think you and Jessica should meet up if you like licking her ass so much

Katie from USA said:
Mena, Good thing I don\'t give a fuck what you think. I\'m honored that your dumbass hates me. Anyone that appreciates Jessica\'s stupid shit should hate me. Your just saying shit on here, because you know if you actually got the chance to meet me I\'d beat your fucking ass. Keep on talking shit that you can\'t back up.

Rosie from England said:
so amy, i agree that we should talk about Nirvana, i find it really difficult to accept the fact that he killed himself, but weather thats just me not being able to let go or not i dont know, how about you? luv to all, rosie x x x x x x

Rosie from England said:
Mena, you shouldnt say things like that, its not fair.

Amy from England said:
Mena, if this site is really for dumbasses, then what are YOU doing on it!!!??? Because your obviously REALLY \'intelligant\' and \'clever\' aren\'t you!!!! Just shut your mouth, or GO AWAY!!!!!!!

Bex & Amy from England said:
hey, just to say that we totaly agree with Charlotte, if you dont like this site, then you can fuck off because your point is invalid. Mena, no one was having a go at you, and there is no need to say thing like that. Charlotte, you rock!!!!!!!!! **WE LOVE KURT COBAIN MORE THAN ANYONE!!!! HE IS SOOO AMAZING!!!**

Jessica from USA said:

Mena from England said:
Stop having a go at me as I did say *make* just above it you twats. I was only agreeing with Jessica because I admire people like her because they speak their minds. This site really is full of dumbasses. I mean Charlotte and Katie need to be shot. They really do. I just want to line them up and shoot them because they get on my nerves telling poeple what to doo and shite. Its gay I hate you charlotte and I hate you katie

Charlotte from England said:
Hey everyone! I hope you are all okay. To Katie - Thank you, I consider you too as decent and cool. You have great views and some of your posts are pretty entertaining! To Amy - Yeh sure, why not. So what exactly about Kurt or Nirvana do you want to talk about then?lol. Hey to Rach! How you doin? Speak soon Love ya! Charlottexxxxxxxx PS - I know this post must have been written ages ago but Jessica, if you REALLY hated Nirvana and you REALLY thought they were a bunch of queers (which they weren\'t) then get the fuck off this site as we dont want some dumbass bitch coming on a NIRVANA website and having a go at really decent and interesting and dont forget INNOCENT people who have done fuck all to you to deserve the verbal abuse! and actually if you like all the bands you said you liked, you really really dont have any taste in music. They were all influenced by Nirvana you stupid pum and if you really were a \"FAN\" then you would know that you friggin asshole xx

Amy from England said:
I have been reading all your comments, and I agree that there should be no more arguments, and that Bex wasnt meaning it to come across in a bitchy way. So anyoe got any comments on Nirvana or Kurt Cobain 4 once?

Bex from England said:
Sorry for implying that you weren\'t decent people. That wasprobably the wrong word to use. I just meant that their was finally someone who agreed with me about everyone arguing all the time. Also, when I said that stuff to Lindey that wasn\'t in an argumentative or nasty way. Can we please not start another argument over this????

Katie from USA said:
There is a website called find a death, anyway there is something pretty interesting there about Kurt, and for all you people that hate Courtney, but there is also a picture that \"claims\" to be of Kurt after he died. Its really gross, and I don\'t beleive its him but whatever, the article with it is still interesting. It talks about how jealous Courtney was, and is written by someone that knew them both I think.

AJ from US said:
There is no way I\'ll ever believe Kurt commited suicide! There is more evidence to say he was murdered than there is to say he commited suicide. Stupid Seattle Police...

Lindey from Canada said:
Thats a good point

Katie from USA said:
Just because we don\'t want people talking shit, doesn\'t mean we aren\'t decent people. I consider myself, Rach, nunya, Will, Charlotte, chris, and Lindey all decent people. Your right, it isn\'t a chat room, but as long as I read hate at me I am going to respond to it. I\'ll also add that if ****** really didn\'t like arguments she would have never mentioned anything about it at all, she would have just simply put a positive remark about Nirvana. Bex, you wrote something back to someone that was pissing you off too, does that mean you aren\'t a decent person?

Katie from USA said:
Bex, What the hell was \"finally we have someone decent on here\" supposed to mean?

Lindey from Canada said:
And also, i didn\'t mean it in a nasty way, i was just pointing out that what i thought u said didn\'t make sence

Lindey from Canada said:
Sorry Bex, i read the post wrong. It was someone called bogga who said that. But still, you said that \"Know-one should argue anymore\". and then u started aguing with me.

Bex from England said:
Lindey, for your information I never said anyyhing like \'I have only liked Nirvana for a few days\' thankyuo very much. And I know that kurt wouldnt of wanted us to argue because he didn\'t like any form of bullying o being horrible to one another. So, before your going to write something nasty get you facts right first.

Bex from England said:
********, i totally agree with you. Finally we have someone decent on here. Know-one should argue anymore we shoul all just remember that this site is dedicated to Nirvana and Kurt and amazing they were and still are.

******** from Eire said:
oh my god youre all so sad. listen to yourselves. this site used to be good when people like Neutron, Marissa and Crystal were on it and now its just full of people hating each other. word of advice?? ignore the ads, the bitches and the insults. eventually they\'ll get bored and piss off. this is a guestbook! try saying something positive instead of something mean cuz ur all as bad as each other then. seriously guys, chill! Nirvana=LEGENDS

******** from Eire said:
oh my god youre all so sad. listen to yourselves. this site used to be good when people like Neutron, Marissa and Crystal were on it and now its just full of people hating each other. word of advice?? ignore the ads, the bitches and the insults. eventually they\'ll get bored and piss off. this is a guestbook! try saying something positive instead of something mean cuz ur all as bad as each other then. seriously guys, chill! Nirvana=LEGENDS

Chris from usa said:
jessica is really weird. i havent been here for a couple of days, but man. thats one bitch id like to shoot. sounds like your having fun with it katie.

Rach from England said:
I agree with u Katie, it is annoying having these advertisments on this site, i dont come here wanting \'poker chips\' or \'paper shredders\'. I dotn actually think they reliase that altho they post on here, they ont encourage people to go to their sites! Tis pathetic! Rach xxx

Katie from USA said:
These ads are becoming ridiculously annoying.

Katie from usa said:
I know I come to Nirvana sites for paper shredders, how about all of you? God, I wish we could stop those fuckers ruining this site(including jessica), which by the way I\'d like to thank for proving my point a couple of lines after I said it, that she has only the stupidest shit to say.

Bex from England said:
Jessica, if you don\'t like nirvana then what are you doing on this site?