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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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jason from England said:
who cares about greenday i want some creamday. katie from the usa can i have some of that i can fuck like a bunny. and lindey you can spin on the end of my cock any time you want.i take all are you bbw by any chance. email me

Katie from USA said:
Thats Ok Lindey its time we all stuck together & i would love to get it together with you. i want to to feel you going down on me & licking out my honey pot!69 sounds fine.are you shaved or do you have a hairy bush?? mine is smooth just waiting for you to give me some head babe. mmm

trinity from united states said:
and yes if you are asking i do fuck on first dates!!!!!!

trinity from united states said:
and yes if you are asking i do fuck on first dates!!!!!!

nunya from England said:
Phill, you can nibble on my ass hairs.

phill from England said:
Hello nunya dont get so wound up at the simple statement of greenday sold out because they did, you know you have your opinions i have mine. But i do appreciate your superiore musical knowledge to mine, buttmuffin, no hard feelings Hey lindsey hows it goin

trinity from united states said:
i just fuckin\' read all the shit-eating messages on here and you people are fucking retarded as hell. The only one on here who even has a clue about what they\'re talking about is NUNYA, but that still doesnt make him 100% right. you all are taking a site that is supposed to be a tribute to the honerable KURT COBAIN and the whole of NIRVANA and turning it to nothing but shit. i hope you\'re happy, and i hope you people dont actually think that you are NIRVANA fans because, otherwise, you wouldnt use the site to fight with people, make yourself feel better, and try to get attention. most of you dont even seem to know what nirvana was all about. i would bet that you couldnt even define NIRVANA. so all you people need to chill down, recooperate, and think before you speak. now, with all that said, lets continue with NICE AND POSSITIVE things about KURT! is that to much to ask for???

trinity from united states said:
kurt cobain is like the kick assest of all kick asses!!!!and total sexiness!

Errin from the US said:
I think I\'m getting sick. It\'s them bad Russians. Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians. The Russia wants to eat us alive. I\'m really starting to wonder what\'s going on? Kurt Cobain\'s been murdered and I\'m still at large. America where are you? Somewhere with my woman. Does that make the both of you happy? America I need whiskey now, and benzodiazepine, I hope Michael Moore can run it all for me. Or call in the big guns, America. The ones killed Celia\'s brother and shot my mask off not 20 miles away from Littleton. Or else there\'s always them bad Turks, them Turks and them Yids, can\'t let em closer America. Can never get too close. Too emotional. Dat\'s clingy. Dat\'s bad business. Dat\'s not da personality we\'re lookin\' fer at America Inc. America needs cold hearted bosses tadrive the da young hearted parents 16 hour shifts, make um stand up straight. I think I\'m getting sick America, when can I afford some drugs? I saw the lady uptown has em, takes em in her car fore she speeds off to the laundry and the grovcer and the side lover, drops off the kids on the way after ice cream. Maybe my girlfriend needs them too, does the Army come with free school and free smart drugs, where do I sign? Give us some Nazi amphetamines and high powered rifles, no other way to counter the terror. They must have all been spies, the authors they let us read in Catholic school. All those papers burned when I was 13 and angry. Maybe we could all find ways to be angry without burning our shooting, America. Maybe we could keep our factories here, liberate us America. Free us, give us elections, keep our factories alive! I think Ben-zo-diaz-epine has eaten a hole in my head. I keep turning the channel, seeing all this reality. All the sedation and tranquility. Tranquil\'s not the place for us America, I must be hallucinating. Take back to DXM and give me back my thorazine. I\'m still obsessed by Time Magazine.

Shea from England said:
Nirvana is one of my favorite bands, they have inspired me to quite a bit of things. Like be my self, who cares what others think if you. And every one is different in theire own way. Thanx Shea

crystal from usa said:
um..u kno u guys have the EXACT same words as another site..if ur gonna copy stuff at least interpret it to ur own words. thank you have a nice day baby doll goodbye

Lindey from Canada said:
hey katie, It\'s ok I understand you wern\'t saying anything agaist me. Yeah, and im wondering where everyone else is too! I hope rach doesn\'t stop posting, and im glad to hear from Dani again

Truth in security from United States said:
What is there to say that hasn\'t already been said? Kurt was an amazing man and I am so grateful for the many fans (old and new) who will never let His memory vanish. We need to stick together and remember forever.

Dani from England said:
Hey! Well a lot has happened on this site since i loas posted! Rach, you cant stop posting, you seem realy cool! I understand you though about not wanting to, this site it starting to get full of unwanted people! Its people lioke Rach, Kurt, 666, Will, Chris, Charlotte etc who keep thsi site alive! Please all come back soon! -DaNi!-

Katie from England said:
Lindey, I just wanted you to know that I wasn\'t saying anything against you, I just understood what he meant and I knew that you don\'t like arguing and misunderstood what he put. I\'m sorry to hear that Rach isn\'t coming back, where the fuck is everybody?

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey nunya, im sorry that i really misunderstood your post, but to me it just sounded like you hated underground music because people pretend to like it just to be cool or whatever. so im sorry that i didn\'t get your point. also to phill, thanks for standing up for me.

aylin güler from germany said:
kurt cobain 4-ever. Nirvana is the greatest band all over the world!!!!!!!!!!

Katie from USA said:
I agree with you nunya. I was looking at pictures on livejournal the other day and someone said they liked Nirvana and all the people were like \"they aren\'t underground enough\" like they aren\'t as good because people know about them. I thought it was reaaly stupid. Then I went and read all the bands that they liked and none of them were main stream. That includes great bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Queen, the doors, led zepplin, sublime, rancid anything. I was like what a coincidence that every single band they like happens to be underground. Its not, they just want to seem so punk rock that they are just too cool to like bands that alot of people like. Well while they are to busy being just like every other mother fucker like them I\'m going to go listen to Alice in chains with no fucking appoligies.

nunya from England said:
To Lindey, I wasn\'t angry at your opinion on bands, it was how badly you misunderstood what I was saying and then said \"who is the real sheep now\". I am absolutley against people that follow what other people do. No matter what kind of crowd it is, you can\'t spend your life trying to please others. That includes the fuck up punk wannabes and the people that try to be thugs, preps, whatever. Since I like Green day (their older stuff) people are all like \"well they sold out\" and they never really can give me examples but they all say it. It starts to seem like they just say it because they heard their friends say it. When someone is a \"sellout\" it pretty much means they abandon their true opinions and musical sound to please the masses so they can make money. In my opinion, green day has not done that. Bands like good charlotte, and such never were good to begin with. Green day was very good and still sound the same but the songs haven\'t really been good enough to go buy the album. I don\'t think that makes them sellouts, everyone could make a bad album.

nunya from England said:
Phil, don\'t go assuming shit. I probably know alot more about music than you. You don\'t even know what kind of music I like, I agree that their music latley isn\'t as good, but I don\'t see how they sold out. Did Nirvana sell out when they hit it big? No. There are a whole bunch of good bands that make money but did not sell out. I just happen to have a mind of my own and don\'t have to like bands just because they are underground, but it\'s not like I\'m buying the Avril lavigne, Goodcharlotte, blink 182 shit. I\'ve just listened to Green day since the early 90\'s (before alot of you were even born) and they are a good band. They just haven\'t been doing good music lately, but some of their old stuff is very good. In my opinion, maybe you don\'t like Green day, but I really would like to know how exactly they sold out.

phill from England said:
wow cant type! Nunya people like you suck because you think your right, i think its safe to presume you very oppinionated, your a funky punky new ass loser who doesnt know much about music, which is fine but keep it to yourself because your anoying.

phill from wales said:
NUNYA reenday sold out. there on cheesy posters and laping up all the comercial crap that ppl like you go for. the days of slappy hours are well forgotten. Lidney is cool nunya is a buttmuffin

emma from England said:
hmm like nirvana rule and i would sacrifice my life to get kurts back xxxlove you kurtxxx

Angel Dawn Sullivan from U.S.A said:
Cobain didnt kill him self and we all know it and its time the truth is noticed and courtney goes to jail. Im a 13 year old nirvana fan a huge fan of cobain and i know he didnt kill him self...even though we was suicidal...he didnt do it (Bring courtney to her fait)

Rach from England said:
Oh and seeign as this is A nirvana tribute page, and you guys are (mainly) cool i just want to say R.I.P To Bryan Ottoson of American Head Charge who was found dead of the 19th April 2005, exactly a month after i saw them live in Exeter. R.I.P Dude How come its always the really cool people that die??? Rach xxx

Rach from England said:
Tis a big shame to have to say this and very unfortuante but yeh i agree this guesbook is beginning to suck! Its a real big shame because it used to be so cool coming on here and speaking to othjer Nirvana fans, but now it seems as if people just argue all the time which is disrepectful! Im outta here and probaly wont be back for a while, i dont see the point in bothering anymore. To Lindey, 666, Crystal, Charlotte, Danni, Will, Chris, Kurt and everyone else, hope you are all good, maybe speak to you soon if this site calms down a bit Rach xxx

Lindey from Canada said:
ok nunya, you don\'t have to get all upset about what i said, i was just saying my opinion about underground bands. i understand your point about people saying that they like underground bands just to try to be different or whatever, and i agree. i was just saying that i think that bands that are popular have people who are like that to, who only like them because they are popular. I wasn\'t trying to argue, i was just saying what i thought about the \"green day sold out\" thing.

nunya from England said:
Lindey, I just read your comment again and FUCK YOU. If you don\'t know what the fuck your talking about then don\'t fucking talk. \"I don\'t want to argue with you nunya, but I\'m just going to completley misunderstand what you put and try to make a big flowery speech to make myself look smarter than you\". That sheep comment was fucking stupid. Allot of so called \"underground\" bands are just bands that are trying to make it big. Some aren\'t about the money and fame but I never fucking said... Whatever Lindey, I already fucking explained what I meant and if your too narrow minded and dumb to figure out what I actually put then just don\'t fucking try to respond back.

Katie from USA said:
Yeah Lindey, I do like you, but you kind of took everything he said ass backward. No offense, but he wasn\'t calling underground bands sheep he was saying that people that only listen to underground music because it is underground are sheep. You are not unique if your trying to follow a crowd of any kind. Even if its goths, punks etc. A mind of your own means you like what you like and don\'t give a fuck what others think, not because your following the cool thing to do.

nunya from England said:
I like some underground bands too, you really didn\'t get the point of what I said. Maybe read it again Lindey and this time try to actually pay attention to what I wrote.

nunya from England said:
Its completley image Lindey, they purposley listen to only underground music so they will be considered different. Not everyone of them ,but the kind of jackasses that don\'t even give famous bands a chance just because they are famous not because their music sucks.

Lindey from Canada said:
Also to nunya, im not trying to argue with you, but i dont understand how people who like bands that most people have never heard of are mindless sheep. Mindless sheep like what everyone else likes and dont like things because they actually prefer it. And right now most poeople like corperate rock like Greenday, not underground bands. I think that underground bands have nothing to do with an \"image\" like you stated. Nirvana was an underground band before they signed on with a major lable, and liked underground bands, so you should know that. Greenday and all those bands are on MTV and other channels like that trying to sell an image, and haven\'t you noticed all those people going around nowadays thinking they are punk? Underground is for people who know what they like and are not like everyone else and really understand what music is truly about: Passion, talent, anger, intelligence and standing up for all of us lost souls who don\'t fit in. So whos really the mindless sheep now?

Lindey from Canada said:
I don\'t really like Green day at all, and I don\'t see why it is so bad to say that they \"sold out\", because they did. There were great bands that \"sold out\" (although, in my opinion, there hasn\'t been any of thouse for a really long time), and there are lots of great underground bands. I think that underground band are cool, because it shows that they don\'t want all that money and fame and crap like that, they are just about the music. I don\'t see why people get so upset when told that a band they like sold out if they really did sell out, its just a fact, and everybody knows it.

jelie from England said:
today i read a article saying that greenday are the next nirvana! i dont mind green day but that was way outta line. if u dnt like nirvana then wat r u doing on their site? - TO JASON FROM ENGLAND - u just dont know is all.and rach from england - its kinda rude saying that all the peops in the guest book these days are shit! when i first got into nirvana (way back) someone told me they would soon start to depress me with their lyrics and the fact alone that kurt cobain is dead. but the music makes me happy and inspires me with everything. i just love nirvana - they rock the world and so do the coolies who remember them as the wonderfull geniouses that nirvana are!

Katie from USA said:
Hey Chris, how are you? Was that really you in your last post? I don\'t come here much anymore because I\'m tired of reading my name used by someone else talking shit to people.

nunya from England said:
I fucking hate people like you. Let me tell you the reasons why your kind suck balls. First of all, just because a band makes a record that the public recognizes does not mean they sold out, secondly, people like you would drop your so called \"favorite\" bands in a heartbeat if they put a song on the radio, third, I have never heard a green day song in a commercial, your fucking stupid. You are a mindless sheep who has to follow the herd to every \"underground\" band just long enough until they actually make it big, then you all are disappointed because you can\'t go outside your group and not be included in the so called \"minority\". If you don\'t like their music then that\'s up to you, but I\'m assuming your one of the gay mother fuckers that likes bands that nobody else knows about so you seem misterious then when people hear about them your like \"Oh they sold out\". You don\'t like music for the music, your all about the image, so whos the real sell out?

phill from wales said:
Greenday sold out

Amy Bex and Rosie from England said:
hey u guys do u like green day?

Bex & Amy from England said:
hey u guys do u like green day?

Lindey from Canada said:
Yeah some person keeps posting as me too, i didn\'t call you a bitch. but im also very board of this guest book, its really gone to crap

gaby from Wales said:
Lindsey, I lost interest in this site when i realised how shit its really gone. i havent posted on this for ages its some funny guy posting under my name. I guess some people other than dwelling lingering on this site still going on about the same things that have been said for the past 10 years, dont have lives outside there little computers. I havent ever said anything to offend you so dont direct anything at me, because it wasnt me who said all tat stuff to you.

Nikole Angevine from America said:
I Love The Red Hot Chili Peppers So Much I Would Kill Myself If It Ment That The Band Stayed Toghether

Mike Esrom from USA said:

Rach from England said:
The people on this site are beginning to suck! We need Charlotte, Will, Chris, Dani, Kurt, Lindey, Katie, Christian, 666, Crystal etc back. They seem to be the only people who post regulary who are capable of having decent convos and interesting things to say. Rach xxx

Gaby aka FUCKING CHODE SUCKER from England said:
my god, gaby you must be fucking stupid or some shit, i mean, my god.

Taylor Hamilton from In the Pines, in the pines, were the sun dont ever shine. said:
Such a man can never be forgotten due to his insprational music, his beloved character, and his wild soul.

Jason from England said:

lou lou from England said:
i jus strated listenin 2 nirvana n ive had a lot of shit in my life, his songs hav really touched me and the music is so powerful. RIP kurt. youll always be loved

Marylou Marin from U.S.A said:
The first Time I Heard Nirvana I Had Just Turned On The Radio And Smells Like Teen Spirit Had Just Started Playing And For Some Reason I Just Fall In Love With There Songs Becaues It Thats How Life Really Is.I Really Miss And Respect Them And Hopefully Kurt Is Happy Now.

Sabrina from Canada said:
KURT COBAIN ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!!! His music (to me) really expressed the pressure of teen life I WE ALLL MISS HIMM SOO MUCH and .. His Music Does Live On and it will 4EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!