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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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Frances from Germany said:
It's almost 7 years ago. 7 years! I can remember the 8th April 1994 like yesterday. It was a rainy day in Germany and i saw MTV. Suddenly that headline came "Kurt Cobain made suicide" I was shocked, so shocked! I couldn't believe it, but it was true! But he didn't make suicide, he was killed by somebody. I don't know, if it was his wife Courtney, but I'm pretty sure, he was killed. It's still unbelieveable for me and I'm still sad. We only can remember, how fast a life can be stopped by somebody. I'll will always love and think about you! Yours, Frances

Morgan from Germany said:
SARAH!! It`s a fact that Kurt was murdered by anyone. You`re right in sayin that nobody knows if it was Courtney but I`m sure cos she`s definitely a whore! She is not able to love anyone and if she even was, she wouldn`t have had sex with Evan Dando such a short time after Kurt`s dead. Nobody could ever be so sure at all but you should think about it. If u do this you`ll get it! When Kurt died, he even wasn`t able to kill hisself cos he had consumed kind of much heroine! Moreover, a part of his suicide note wasn`t written by him. So u should see that it HAS to be murder! Please don`t try to make people a bad conscience in sayin Kurt would be sad if he knew etc. It`s a fact, so u should see

darkfaerie808 from usa said:
I Love You Kurt

james from England said:
groovy site!!! Cobain was the man and his music kicked ass and always will...

leanne from England said:
it is a great site to find out about a great person

Sarah from The Netherlands said:
Hey!! What a great site! Well done. And how I love Nirvana...Man..their music is like so fucking brilliant. I really don't see Kurt as a fucking god or a saint or idol but I do miss him. He was a real talented man who died too young. I don't think Courtney killed him. Kurt loved Courtney and Courtney loved and loves Kurt. I think Kurt would be very sad if he knew a lot of his fans think his wife killed him. Please...don't blame Courtney. Kurt wouldn't like that. Kurt, your music lives on and your memory will be kept alive. I would like to email with you guys so please...email me see you..kiss Sarah

peace, love, empathy, Kurt Cobain from Earth said:
Dead or alive Murder or suicide, I will alwayz love Kurt Cobain

M2xU from Holland said:
www.nirva.nu (its not mine, but it rulezzzzzzzz)

roger from the fuckin usa said:
kurt is the fuckin best and if u have a problem e-mail me

PSYCKO SUCKS from England said:

PSYCKO from Ur ANUS said:

KIzz My Fuckin Bitch Ass from from ya mothafucking ass said:

i HaTe Me from aLBania said:
i Hate Me,i luve the way i hate i hate the way i luv but i luve the haters that luv me I hate the luvers that hate the haters I the world cos its full of the majority BUT WHY?????????????????????????????????????????????

Morgan from Fuckin`Germany said:
I`m sure that Kurt was murdered by Courtney!!! There are a lot of facts which are supposed to make sure that Kurt did not commit suicide!!!! Courtney`s definitely a kind of bitch and she didn`t really love Kurt at all! Even if she didn`t do it herself, I`m sure it was her idea!!!

Nick from England said:
hi.If any one wants to be e-mail pals with a 15/m/stirling and talk about Nirvana or anything else mail me.Thanks, Nick.My address is nirvana1@nme.com

Anton Broenink from The Netherlands said:
I am doing some research into the medical state of Mr. Cobain. He has written a sing called 'lithium'. Lithium is a well known medicine for a disorder called 'bipolar disease' or manic depression'. When I translated the lyrics I considered it a poetic desciiption of the 'manic state' of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious bussiness. Suicide-rates with untreated bipolar goes up to 20%, high alcohol and substances abuse etc. So I like to ask - did Mr Cobain use lithium - Why did he give the song the name lithium - was Mr cobain diagnosed bipolar ? If you cannot help be please introduces me to someone who can. Kind regards Anton Broenink

smurf from usa said:
this is one of the best fucking nirvana sites i have ever visited thank you for providing this loving memories site for kurt r.i.p anywaypeace,love,empathy

cassandra from us said:
i fucking love kurt cobain. i just finished reading 1 of his bio. it was a fat ass book.

Erifin Shyron from USA said:
To the me a god is a person that we look too for help when we need guidance. Someone who in there own why understands you personaly and makes you feel beter. Kurt was all of that and more to alot of people. So I take no offence when people say that he is there god. Kurt was not a god to me personaly. but that doesnt give me the right to tell someone they are wrong for seeing him that way. Yes we do love him. When you people who dont understand, have the displeasure of being totaly alone, for years then find one voice that tuches your heart and makes you want to cry, with joy. then you kan understand the true feelings that we have for kurt. Kurt is one of the only, very few people that I do love. I dont care If he doesnt want me too. I cant deni my love for him. If anyone wants to talk kurt to me E-mail me. Go to my site and submit your memories. I kan talk kurt as long as the sunshines. Kurt You are my friend and mentor thank you for your showing the world your mind. PEACE, LOVE, EMPATHY.

julie from England said:
nirvana is super! just cool en great! It"s very stupid that he killed his self!!!!!! greats julie

Lithium from United States said:
Look, it doesn't matter who killed Kurt. He is gone, and I think if he could say anything to us now it would be get over it, he wouldnt want people cryeing for him. Hell I am the Biggest Kurt Cobain and Nirvana fan you will ever come acrosse but I don't hold a grudge against Cournty Love or anyone else because there is some evidence that they might have had something to do with his death. I don't want to say that it is time to get over his death because it's hard to get over the losse of someone so great. It was easy to see that Kurt was in pain those last few years, any real fan could see that, and all I know is no one wants to live in pain.

Kurt Cobain from United States said:
Anyone who thinks kurt cobain killed himself is a fucking dumbass it is so obvious Courteny Love had him killed and if you dont think so read a book on it there is no true evidence he killed himself!!!!!!!!So fuck you all!!!!!Ohh and this site kicks ass but you have to finish the time line on Kurt!!!NIRVANA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mone from germany said:
i friend told me about this site an it's a very damn cool one.I just wanna say,that i'm not a kurt cobain freak,but i like him,the band and his songs,but i listen to other cool bands,but in my mind he's a kind of hero,and i don't know what would be happenend if he wasn't born and made this music. cu greetings to all freak, especially to morgan(the biggest fan i ever have known)

SUCK MY DICK! from USA said:
everyone who claims courtney killed Kurt GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!what does he think about you after you say things like that about the love of his life!!so Kurt i understand you..and really love you!

johanna adolfson from sweden said:
How can u be so fucking sure of that? I mean Kurt i think was thinking about suicide, and so on. But sure i think it's very strange with his "suicide"-letter and that, and he had a lot of heroin in his body, and can you really do so much with that in your body? But i do think to that courtney had something to do with that. she's a real bitch.

NirvanaFreakkkkkkkkk!!!!!! from England said:

Morgan from Germany said:
This is one of the best Nirvana-Sites I`ve ever seen!!! NIRVANA IS DEFINITELY THE BEST BAND EVER!!! Kurt is will go on living in our hearts! R.I.P.

Dan Cobain from England said:
cool site. NIRVANA are the best band ever! go to my website!

A Punk from U.S.A. said:
I just wanted to say Nirvana was the best band ever and still is. I don't like Mudhoney cos' they put Nirvana down and that's stupid. They just said somethin' cos' Nirvana got famous and they didn't. So I leave saying Peace Out. R.I.P Kurt Cobain,Nirvana,and my Uncle Tron. Kurt Cobain 1967-1994 Nirvana 1989-1994 Troy Deion Young 1964-1998

arne vajse from sverige said:
Iwontto suck you all

frances said:
listen u bitch jackie ill fucking kill u bitch if u fucking think your so cool saying that load of shit!!!! i swear ill stab you....kurt means everything to me and a lot of people i live for kurt i think of kurt all the time .love you kurt always and anyone who feels the same email me.........peace-love-empathy

daniela from Italy said:
kurt will live forever in our minds,he isn't dead,he still sings in my soul....PEACE-LOVE-EMPHATY...and i want to give a FUCK to Courtney!!!!!

bajsberra from England said:
there was no fucki´n suicide it was courtney love who did it becouse Kurt had it all i mean a kid(frances bean cobain)and alot of money (but i think it doesent matter).......But he had alot of FANS All Over The World And as i said before A KID SO FUCK YOU COURTNEY I KNOW IT WAS YOU OR YOUR FUCKIN DRUG-FRIENDS God(i Dont belive in god but i say it anyway) Bless Kurt And Hes Doughter PEASE =) AND PEACE

HelenaB from Sweden said:
Hej Fraggel! Nej, jag bor inte i gbg-omr. Blir nyfiken varför du undrar...

Mike from USA said:
I've heard the song Face Down by a band Unloco, does anybody know more about Unloco? I think they're awesome. Their debut CD is out March 20th you can check them out at UNLOCO.COM or STREETTEAM.NET. Tell me what you think.

lou rain raymundo from Philippines said:
this site is one of the best sites i ever saw about kurt!!!! especially the picture gallery the one pictures looking for the long time i found it here well, if you don't mind please email me if you have any new news about kurt/ nirvana. this is really cool. ui have to congratulate you! keep up the good work. question: do you have the lates picture of frances? i hope you'll get it soon... i can't wait to she her!!! well, that's all.... thank you and congrats!!!!!

jordan from England said:
this is a rad site

kunal from india said:
kurt still lives in my heart he rocks

EDWIN SAHAT H. GULTOM from Indonesia said:

chris gooley from usa said:
Nirvana rocks. If I could trade kurt places I would!

chris gooley from usa said:
Nirvana rocks. If I could trade kurt places I would!

twiggy from Austria said:
nice site with pretty photos! grunge is dead but it can rise up!we have a new band in Austria called Soma. shure, we cannot be as good as NIRVANA, but we try. rock on

Chris H from England said:
Well done man, the site is a hit...the best i've seen so far...if u know of any other's, get back to me...PLEASE He may be dead....but the music lives on in our hearts... Peace, Love, Empathy

Lucy from England said:
Hey all! i really love Kurt Cobain and i wish he was still alive! I LOVE YOU KURT!!!! R.I.P Kurt! p.s, cool site, its really useful! Lucy

Danielle from USA said:
I love Nirvana! I'm glad to know there is a good site on the web I can go to. Dave Grohl is the MAN for starting a band after Kurts death! We need more people like that.

mitch rosser from England said:
words cant explain how much Kurt and Nirvana ARE missed and loved Goodbye Kurt

mitch rosser from England said:
words cant explain how much Kurt and Nirvana ARE missed and loved Goodbye Kurt

Allan from Copenhagen said:
It`s nice to see that i am not the only on that loves Nirvana, an Kurt. I think that he killed himself. GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!

johanna adolfson from sweden said:
Stay with me, kurt And I'd take you anywhere NIRVANA-RULES

NIRVANA KICKS ASS from England said:

mizz from England said:
wow....love the photos,some ive never seen b4....im so into nirvana that i have to play certain songs b4 i go out ,or i feel crap!this is a good site!

Linnda from SWEDEN said:
Kurt Conain Rest In Peace!!

jen from canada said:
kurt was and always will be. enough said.

aNdReA from usa said:
i think that this site has some bombass pics their cool as hell man i love nirvana and i absolutly LOVE kurt d. cobain ......so uhhhhhh..........nstuff.........this one stoned night at band camp.......

sean from USA said:
Hey nice page... Does n e one know where i can download nirvanas music videos?

angel from England said:
hey, this is one cool site. thats it buy.

Rocío from México said:
nice page. i love nirvana, specially Kurt, so, i loved the site, good work, if any nirvana fans want ti write me, my mail is available. bye. rociodevil@correoweb.com

mansi from England said:
our memory of kurt and his music will never die......... thank you, kurt.

namy said:
thanks for all Kurt

smiley from GRANTHAMEngland said:
go on my amazing site

johanna adolfson from -sweden- said:
"Take a step outside youself And turn around Take a lock at who you are It's pretty scary So silly It is revolving You're not much If you are anything" Iäm nothing, but this site is really something, so listen to the sound of teenspirit.

Fraggel from Sweden said:
Helena B - bor du i göteborgsområdet?

Helena B from Sweden said:
Now I'm visiting again as I told you I would. It's great to see that there's been more visitors since only yesterday! I've been searching for better Nivana-sites But haven't found any... Does someone have something to recommend?

Helena B from Sweden said:
Now I'm visiting again as I told you I would. It's great to see that there's been more visitors since only yesterday! I've been searching for better Nivana-sites But haven't found any... Does someone have something to recommend?

sean from US said:
THIS SITE KICKS ASS!!!! Nirvana is the best band ever and always will be. Kurt is my god i live a life similar to him i know the shit he went through and courtney did not help his life at all. COURTNEY IS A BITCH (No offense to any courtney fans)

Sadia from US said:
hey, nice site... love the layout. peace to kurt!

rubens bertogliati from switzerland said:
mtv unplugged in new york is a very good record you can feel what nirvana were and still are...

sarah from England said:
It's wild to seethat there are ppl. out there that still love Kurt and his music. I will never stop.

Heather from us said:
after Kurt Cobains death, i have felt a big part of me wanting to get revenge for him. he did not kill himself. he simply wanted out of the music part of the buisness.he had no intentions of death, because he had Frances to live for. if you want to see the evidence, go to the tom grant section. Kurt, you will always be in our hearts.

Helena B from Sweden said:
I visited this site for a specific reason: I'm supposed to do a website analysis for my academic studies on popularculture and fandom. Since I'm a big fan of Nirvana, I chose this group for my fandom studies. This site is so well done! I'm so happy I found it and I'm sure I´ll visitit again. I'll always remember *the* day, where I was and what I did when the news struck me...

Sarah C from Canada said:
This is an amazing site for pictures of the man I admire most. I love him very much. I think that if he could see this he would be happy to know that he touched so many lives and that he will never be forgotten. Today is his birthday, he would be 34, 7 years since he left us and still so many care. He is my GOD. Happy Birthday Kurt!

Sarah C / Blondie from England said:
This is an amazing site for pictures of the man I admire most. I love him very much. I think that if he could see this he would be happy to know that he touched so many lives and that he will never be forgotten. Today is his birthday, he would be 34, 7 years since he left us and still so many care. He is my GOD. Happy Birthday Kurt!

Austin Gregory from USA said:
This is the best NIRVANA site i have found!! And NIRVANA is the best band that there there ever was and will be!!

Lynsey from USA said:
Hi. Nirvana is the best band I have ever heard. Their lyrics are so sincere...so heart felt. It's amazing that even though they "broke up" six years ago, their fans are still going strong. I love you guys and I always will. My kids(when i have them) will know and love Nirvana. Happy b-day Kurt!

Lindsey from USA said:
Hey. Even though I wasn't old old enough to appreciate Nirvana's music when it was popular, I love it know. It's really painful to think about Kurt sometimes because it just reminds me how great he could have been today, ya know? Today (Feb 20) I found it really hard to function cause all I could think about was Kurt. I love Nirvana's music, and I always will. It's just to bad are kids wont know their greatness.

Sarah from England said:
Hey, it's Feb. 20th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT. He would be getting f*ck*d up if he was still alive. Party hard for him today!

Struan Mackenzie from scotland said:
good sight i like the stuff about kirt! he is god!

jon from England said:
he was a child of god. not a god, or an idol. he's been dead some time now leave him be

johanna adolfson from sweden said:
I just gave to agree very good site. Alweys and ever Kurt with Nirvana. -And I´m not scared Light my candles in a daze Cause I´ve found God-

kelly from usa said:
awsome site!!!

Marcel Caron from Canada said:
Sorry about that. I'm from the armpit of the universe(Sarnia).

Marcel Caron from England said:

Ilja from The Netherlands said:
Great site

Devil from AMERICA said:
happy birthday Kurt!!!! feb 20, 2001 34years old

Brittany Kurian from Ohio said:
I love Kurt Cobain(nirvana)my mind has made its way throught the death and break up of kurt cobain.its still hard to listen to his music and rembering that we cant go to another consiert or see him on telivishion again.kurt ha got throught many lives and still continues.

kurts biggest fan from England said:
kurt changed my life in so many ways. he touched peoples lives all over the world. his memory never fades away hes in our hearts forever.nirvana rock

kate from England said:
i love u forever Kurt. Your never fade away.

claire overy from England said:
kurt cobain lives on in my thoughts and my heart forever,nirvena changed my life in a way i will never forget. i commit myself to hell if i ever forget about kurt or stop listening to nirvanas music

vision from u.s said:
it is a shame that kurt had to blow his talent away,because he was the best thing that came around

emma from England said:
Kurt is not a God, nor should he be anybody's idol. From what I understand the reason he is dead now is because he realised that was what he was becoming. He didn't want to control people's lives and tell them what to do, he just wanted to make music and be a normal bloke like everyone else. How can you love Kurt if you have never met him. You can respect him a great deal for the music he wrote but you can't love him. If you met him when he was alive he might have been a complete jackass. Please, all you people who say that you are true fans, and who think he is a God, you are wrong. That's not what he wanted to be. If you are a true fan you will respect him for what he did and how he did it, not idolise him.

AnnaMy from Sweden said:
I really like this page! Good work. I just love the pictures! Love Peace Empathy

kim from England said:
kurt is my idol

bounce from usa said:
kurt was great he should always be remembered not for what he did wrong. he should be remembered for the great music he brought into peoples lives. hey sis great to see your on this too (pucker) love ya

Robert from U.S.A said:
Whoa. I have my own site called Burnt Out on angelfire.com. I wanted to see if anyone else had the url with BURNT OUT in it and sure enough there is. AND- it features one of the best bands, Nirvana. Sweet site. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana kick!

james from Korea said:
One of the best Nirvana site around. keep up the cool work. p/s: do you happen to know what 'Aqua seafoam shame' means?

KURT COBAIN IS LIKE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pucker from usa said:
i loved kurt. he was beatiful, his gorgeus blue eyes, his amazing voice, his moth eaten sweater, his converse all stars, they all made up an intreging person that will forever be in my heart. he left us with a wonderful blessing, his music, and for that i am enternaly grateful and one day i will hopefully be able to thank him.

b from usa said:
kurt is a god and i love him

Karina from USA said:
I feel Kurt's pain -- With great vehemence I am distantlypreoccupied, living in a world full of hatediscrimination affects those especially lowin classes I walk in and seek no workWhat can I do, what can I seeTerrified in my own wayI don't know the person I should beEquality is shoveled awayUnbalanced, fortified with none otherthan golden ringlets traveled from afarmonotonously people swing in dancebut my eyes are fixed in a tranceWhat can I do, what can I seeterrified in my own wayI don't know the person I should bedesperately I cannot findthe walkway that leads to life.I wrote it...AIM name is ryokothepiratess if you want to contact me right away.

seth pazza from England said:
dan peters also played drums on sliver, you also forgot that a guy called dave frost played with nirvana just before dan peters joined. are there any drummers who want to join my nirvana-esque band, e-mail me.

Ronia from the Netherlands said:
You were crazy, sexy and cool and I refuse 2 let you fade away...